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Dec 31, 2017 10:55 PM
Anime Relations: Fairy Tail
A Tip of My Hat To You


Satsugai De Atsu aka Founder Of Saturn ~ Desu.
I have had some pretty major changes to my persona and Lost vision of myself and my ideals so currently, my journey is to acclaim my lost self. <- Is what i first wrote when i started writing this blog. Now how would i continue this, how many times would i have to come and change information that is no longer true, fate knows, but right now, i do know this, its a cliche saying that people upon hearing, say " Meh ". But i personally like cliche stuff as they have a soul of something that brought it so into the public but at the same time so hidden under the critic of everyone that the real treasure stays hidden. ( Ok now i personally think im flexing to much philosophy so let me get straight to it ). INTO THE SAME RIVER NO MAN CAN ENTER TWICE. You see, i say i want to reclaim my old throne, but alot has changed, A chunibyou example i would like to state here, You read when i was introducing my name, " aka Founder OF Saturn ". This used to be " King" instead of founder. Saturn in short is everything that has been given birth inside me, my heart, mind, soul due to self pondering, realization or due to external environment, lessons and mediums of knowledge or entertainment. I realized that despite they were things i was the origin of, ideologies i wanted to infuse into my being, but couldnt, Mostly due to my own inabilities and lack of realization of my strengths at time, Or sometimes due to the fact that what i though would give rise to paradoxes. Hence why This so called King Of Saturn figure has not yet been born, hence why, the story of saturn that i brought up with me since grade 2, as king, today am just the founder, but here is a catch, this being JUST THE FOUNDER gives me the perks to imbued the qualities of a king into someone else, so they can take the throne. I cant be the person i was before, but i certainly can be someone who lives up to his merits and ways and rise the flame for someone else.

This trade of profession ( Being an Otaku ) focuses on one aspect of a persons life, His social life. What i am about to say may sound very ordinary and irritating but is true so deal with it. So i was a very socially active person until before i started the anime and all its related stuff, after that i kinda enjoy this more and realized the importance of few but true friends so munched down on my big circle. I am equally sociable person even now and can interact with anyone at any time and am confident enough to speak out whats right whether its in public, or on a platform. BUt when it comes to useless interacting, im not much up for it because i dont see much of a point. So im trying to be a 5D person, perfectly balancing my 3D and 2D life.

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Posted by SatsugaiDeAtsu | Dec 31, 2017 10:55 PM | 1 comments
ohddaeng | Jan 7, 2018 4:00 PM
Raj, I really miss you man ;-;