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mike1412 Jul 5, 11:37 AM
if you want to catch upto Detective conan but have less time you can skip the fillers in the anime using the xerblade guide from google . its the 4th highest selling manga of all time so it must have done something right
Tannhauser Feb 27, 11:23 AM
I have to agree about Haruna’s hair color not matching her eyes. I think she’d look way better with the same hair color as Kongou. A shame she doesn’t, because they’re sisters and nothing prevents them from sharing it, unless colors are related to the original ships, but in this case gotta blame the engineers. Still, I’d say that Haruna has the best name, eyes and voice (this may sound strange considering they share the same seiyuu, but you get what I mean). I can see Kirishima with longer hair being better than the current one too and yeah, Hiei is probably the weakest among the four all things considered. Speaking about names, I have a weird experience with Kirishima. Remember I once told you that I used to be a game master for forum RPGs? In one of my settings there was an evil cult who worshiped a goddess with the same name. Priestesses of this cult were similar to succubi and they had the power to enslave and corrupt others. So whenever I find a character with this name I chuckle a bit. However, Japanese language is much more varied compared to English and my native one and kanji for character names usually have different writings even if they sound the same.

After what happened due to Ishuzoku Reviewers controversy I'm not sure what "integrity" MAL's scoring system has left. Averages are of no concern to me mainly because I don't pick what to watch next based on the score anime has and I don't care about how high or how low my favorites are placed. The fact that niche shows (all-girls, ecchi, etc.) almost never rated high on average (8+) doesn't help my enthusiasm either. That said, even for my apathetic self the changes they did sound terrible. If they're not going to count votes from specific users or users that changed their score/voted during specific time, there's no transparency in the system at all. The way I see it, you only need to do something about bots and MAYBE inactive accounts, but anything above this is excessive. Also, if they had resources to make something like this, they should’ve used them to do something about database update frequency instead. That’s the main function this site has and it’s mind-boggling that not just some, but many titles aren’t updated for years. If it wasn’t for the fact that I’ve been using MAL for almost ten years, I’d switch to AniList because as a database and list manager it seems far better.

Well, character design for Okaasan Online and Ane Naru Mono is done by the same person, so visually this OVA should feel familiar to the former. I just hope that the screen time, which is unfortunately limited to 30 minutes only, won’t be wasted on Masato and other useless characters from Okaasan Online.

Oh wow, I just realized that ERASED is from early 2016, I thought it was 2018 for some reason. But yeah, I feel like the earlier shows tend to be appreciated more compared to the latter ones, but that should be true for most things where you can accumulate experience. It’s not always the case, though, for example I’ve watched Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann more than 10 years ago and I didn’t like it as much as other shows, but I think I’d like it more if I watched it now. That’s one of the reasons I want to re-rewatch many shows I’ve completed long ago. Hell, next year it’ll be 10 years since I’ve watched LotGH.

Whenever there’s a new character added to the game there’s also a wow factor involved. Sometimes you might think that this character is amazing, but after some time has passed you might realize she isn’t as good as you thought at first. Unless it never happens to you, I think it’s best to pick favorites after they’ve passed a test of time. In Azur Lane’s case, I used to like Minneapolis and Belfast, but I don’t really care about them now. Mikasa, on the other hand, has been my favorite since I discovered her.

There are many different fans of Touhou Project. Some never even played the games, so I guess it’s not necessary to get invested into the franchise, but it’s still very niche-oriented. Doujin-wise (R18), though, I think you’d find some to your liking, given how many different ones are there. I used to avoid them, but after my passion about the franchise gradually grew faint I explored this side of it and found out that it’s pretty formidable.

Both of us need (or not) to watch Kiniro Mosaic some time in the future. From what I’ve seen, Kujou Karen is essentially the same as Kongou personality-wise (they share the same seiyuu and manner of speech). I have to wonder which one was the first.
I agree that Yuudachi improved a lot after the upgrade.

Hmmmm… You know, strangely enough that’s the first time I’m using filters in anime list. Oh wait, Ane Naru Mono OVA? I only knew about crossover with Okaasan Online. This could be amazing. Not sure if I should read it first though. Also, looking at your list reminded me that I need to continue Strike the Blood and finally pick up Strike Witches.

You’re right. Given how Azur Lane (game) is probably the closest thing to ecchi from big mobile games, it’s strange they’re not making anime dedicated to its main appeal feature. I have a feeling it’s related to the fact that this decade isn’t very nice to ecchi in general, but we’ll never know. Do you think Enterprise and Bismarck look samey or not? Don’t really like either one of them lol, in contrast with Zara and Honolulu. I think I like Lulu’s uniform more and maybe her figure too, but it’s hard to compare based on these images.

I'm done with the portraits for now. Changing to Japanese was the best decision I’ve made while working on them. This way I can put the whole name no matter how long it is without making the font size smaller, it also looks way prettier compared to Latin letters. The only issue is that names written in katakana are still long so I have to cut surnames. I might add some more later on, but overall I’m very satisfied with the result. They look simple (I’m not a designer unfortunately), but cool. Not too small, not too big, with solid golden letters and deep border color sorted by gender. However, idol portraits still need some work. I wanted to use their image colors somehow, but they wouldn't work well with the template I made for anime favorites.

I have no idea. Doctors here suck and I can’t diagnose myself. I think it may be a neurotic thing, but I’d still prefer this over real illness. Still, since I don’t know for sure, I can’t overuse it if I feel pain from loud sounds.

The ones I’m planning to re-watch sometime in the future are these: Shiki, KonoSuba, GTO, Madoka, Tasogare Otome x Amnesia, Full Metal Panic!, Koe de Oshigoto! The Animation, No Game No Life, D-Frag!, Akame ga Kill!, Sengoku Otome: Momoiro Paradox, Sakura-sou no Pet na Kanojo, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann.
I also re-watched Owari no Seraph a few days ago and raised its score from 7 to 8. It’s not very well received compared to other popular battle shounens, but it’s probably one of my favorite ones. Maybe the fact that I don’t care about cliches helps me to enjoy it more. I like how stylish it is, I also generally like vampires if done right (they aren’t portrayed as well as in Shiki, but still good enough for me for different reasons). Characters are nice too. Even Yuuichirou despite being “typical angry kid” doesn’t annoy me and I think he has more development in 24 episodes than many other shounen protags after a hundred episodes. My favorites are Shinoa and Ferid, though. One is smug, playful and cute, and the other is… Well, smug and playful one too. And... What’s the word in English for it?.. Mincing? Basically, the way he walks and conducts himself around others is very entertaining and aesthetically pleasing. It wouldn’t work well if he wasn’t drawn this attractive.

I’d like to say that Stella has an advantage over Mio mainly because she was the main heroine in a non-harem show, thus having more screen time and story revolving around her, but Mio doesn’t even perform well in her own show compared to other girls, so that’s not the case here. Judging by the number of Member Favorites Victorique de Blois has, Gosick should be a rather popular show, but somehow I don’t think I’ve heard this name often. Would you recommend it? By the way, it doesn’t seem like you have this anime in your alternative account’s list.

All in all I prefer simple ecchi to intercourse for aesthetic reasons. I don’t really like hentai, although after watching Araiya-san!: Ore to Aitsu ga Onnayu de!? (which is hentai, but for some reason isn’t tagged as such) I decided to add others I’ve seen. It wasn’t an easy task, because I didn’t watch it since 2015 or earlier with the exception of maybe one or two titles, so I could only recognize 20. I don’t see much point in the genre when doujins exist. I wouldn’t mind if they were added to the database lol.

For what’s it worth Raynare has a decent amount of character cards in some game dedicated to High School DxD. I didn’t play it and have no idea what it's about, but I’ve googled lots of character cards from it. Examples:

This is VERY good. Too bad she isn’t one of the main characters, could’ve been amazing otherwise.
The picture I’ve used for Akeno’s portrait is also from the same series.

Didn’t expect you to stay loyal to Rin/Ishtar after mentioning BB and Kama, but here we are... I don’t like 4-star BB that much, but her summer version is great. Not sure who’d I pick among the two, though, one thing I don’t like about Kama’s third ascension is that she’s floating in the air, but that only matters in the game.

I guess it all depends on the personal circumstances. If one doesn’t have such a good life to begin with, cutting it short in exchange for a waifu can make it more fulfilling than living longer but less happier life.

Thankfully, I didn’t watch much of Disney productions and my image of princesses is mostly shaped by anime related media. I associate princesses with elegance, good manners, innocence, kindness, fairness, etc.. I don’t particularly care if character is capable or not and I treat it more like a bonus, I guess to me femininity and caring personality come first.
If I had a daughter or a son, though, they’d be in for a rough time. Real world isn’t such a nice place to live in and I'm of the opinion that children need to get prepared for adult life from an early age. Sometimes I’m amazed at how many infants in the bodies of adult people there are.

Mmm, if Dr. Stone was anything close to LotGH that would be entirely different thing. Senkuu's and Tsukasa's confrontation would be so much more entertaining and meaningful, I'd probably like it a lot.

Interesting personality + beauty works much better than any other combination In my book, so I'd like developers to stick to beautiful characters regardless.

Your suggestion would work way better than what we’ve really got. The only thing I can add about Arata at this point is that I got a bit annoyed at the scene where Shou pointed his dominator at him and observed how in critical situation his Crime Coefficient went lower and lower. That’s what happened between Akane and Shougo in the first season and this time it felt cheap. Otherwise, he was bland. Oh, and I wasn’t very enthusiastic about his parkour, it was similar to hand-to-hand combat - flashy and unnecessary.
I still don’t understand what’s the big deal with allowing religious cults (which are allowed to be left unmonitored by Sybil for some reason), districts for latent criminals (why even use dominators on them in other places instead of sending them there?) and democratic elections (why Sybil’s job assignment even exists then?).

I expected the same resolution to Thorfinn-Askeladd relationship and I think it’d be better this way, but maybe it was unrealistic to expect Thorfinn to kill Askeladd at this age in fair combat and the story needed to progress without waiting for him to grow up.

You’d make for a good JPRG connoisseur with this mindset. Many people never explore outside the main story, but there’s often great attention to detail and world building they’re missing because of this.

While I do agree with all that you’ve pointed out about Babylon, I fear that 2-cour wouldn’t make much of a difference in the end. They’d probably add even more weird episodes about the characters no one cares about without ever explaining anything about Ai.
Hmm, I was under the impression that she either killed Zen during their last encounter or made him commit suicide later on. That’s why it was strange to see her with his son afterwards.

Some shows I’ve recently watched:
* Hibike! Euphonium (only first season + specials);
Had high expectations about this one and liked the first episodes, but at the moment it feels weaker compared to Kono Oto Tomare! (they are quite similar). Hope it gets better in the second season.
* Mairimashita! Iruma-kun (still 2 episodes to go);
I've been considering dropping this one because I've stopped watching it after 5th episode and after several months passed I wasn't interested enough to continue watching it, however I still wanted to see Azazel Amelie, so I decided to give it another try, and surprisingly it turned out very entertaining.
* Sekai de Ichiban Tsuyoku Naritai!
You have it rated 3 so I’m interested to know your opinion about it, ha-ha. I, on the other hand, have really mixed feelings about it.
- Sakura’s a cutie.
- Scenes are nicely done despite supposedly low budget, judging by CGI/Photo backgrounds, so all in all creators had their priorities right lol.
- Basically everything else. I didn’t enjoy Sakura taking those boston crabs at all and the situation she was in felt more depressing than most other stuff I’ve seen lol. Moreover, the main reason for me to continue watching this was to see how she’ll end up breaking this cycle, and to me it was disappointing when she decided to continue doing wrestling after achieving her goal. I don’t know, I guess it makes sense given how the story progressed and what is the show's name is, but it still felt unsatisfying after all those struggles she had prior this just to fulfill her promise and get back to being an idol. I didn’t like other characters and if it wasn’t for the MC I’d probably wouldn’t like it at all.
* Kimi no Suizou wo Tabetai
That's 10/10. You can read some of my thoughts about it in this short blog post if you’re interested. Long story short, though, Sakura carried the whole movie and I probably wouldn’t like it if it wasn’t for some personal stuff.
* Koe no Katachi
- Yuzuru and Shouko.
- It wasn’t boring despite the fact that I didn’t like most of the elements on their own.
- Shouko felt like a plot device for MC and suffered as a separate character because of this.
- MC was unlikeable from start to finish, but for different reasons. Most other characters weren’t interesting or pleasant too.
- It ended abruptly without a proper conclusion to many things.

Oh and by the way, I decided to make some calculations and it turned out that my average score for seasonals from 2019 is around ~4.0, but for out of season shows I've watched in 2019 it's ~5.88. I guess I should watch less seasonals, heh.
Tannhauser Feb 16, 5:20 AM
I'm done with Babylon a bit sooner than I expected. Anyway, while I didn't "like" it in the way it was intended, it wasn't a complete waste of time to me, mainly because I found philosophical debates hilarious with all those abstract backgrounds, but also because all in all I kind of liked Ai. It's a pity the story itself is rather bad and it wasn't ever explained what's going on with her, but nevertheless her image was rather interesting. Attractive, genuinely evil and crazy girl that makes people commit suicide via ASMR is a rather entertaining concept. Could've worked really nice if the story was better.
Not sure what the ending is supposed to mean, though.

I've finally tried to compile a list of favorite anime only characters the way I mentioned before, but I don't like how it turned out. For one thing, different font size for title names looks inconsistent and unattractive, for another - it's kinda weird overall because the level of how much I like the characters is very different. Maybe I should just listen to your advice and make top 20/30 instead.
Tannhauser Feb 11, 9:22 AM
Thanks! It didn’t go as I planned and was a disappointing day overall because of this, but whatever. I’ve been vigorously playing Zero no Kiseki and Ao no Kiseki and there’s Cold Steel III PC release approaching, so despite some issues related to health and other things I’m more or less content at the moment.

Every Kongou class sister is so good in her own way it’s hard to pick a favorite among them. Which one do you like the most at least design-wise?

Well… It seems no matter what I do, I’m never satisfied with the accuracy of my own scores. Even now it’s weird and incorrect in some places. For example, I like Strawberry Panic more than my 8’s, but less than some of my other 9’s, so what to do? In a perfect world I’d rate it as 8.5, but we don’t have it here. I guess I should just use 1-5 scale to group titles in a simpler way to make things easier for me lol. Actually, I’ll just adjust it little by little until I’m satisfied, if ever. Ironically, while I do care a lot about my personal scores, I don’t care about other people's or average scores at all. Because of this, understanding why so many people were outraged about Ishuzoku Reviewers score is beyond me.
As for Strawberry Panic, it’s not a new 10 for me unfortunately, so I’ll either remove it after some time or add other 9’s to favorites if I feel like it. But regardless of this, I really enjoyed it. I liked almost every character, setting itself was very cozy and music amazingly complemented both the setting and the story. It also had an amazing OP in the first half. As for the story itself, it had some noticeable issues, so unless you like characters and interactions they have with each other, you won’t like it to the same degree as I did.

I’ve been trying to read Ane Naru Mono raw, but it coincided with some physical and mental issues at the start of January, so it didn’t go well. Considering that I have lots of stuff to do know, I’m not sure when I go back to it again. That said, Chiyo’s design and personality are right up my alley and as you already know Mamako is one of my favorite anime-only characters, so I look forward to this OVA.

Ha-ha, I wanted to reply after completing Babylon, but I don’t think it’ll happen any time soon, so my knowledge about the show is limited to episode 8 at the moment. Still, I agree with you and the comparison with ERASED is on point. My experience with the show as a whole is more on a negative side, though.

Glad you liked Sounan Desu ka?. It’s not amazing, but I wish there were more shows like this. Shion reminded me of Erina Nakiri just a bit, by the way.

In terms of character design (appearance, voice, basic personality traits) Azur Lane is remarkable since it has lots of girls of every kind, so yeah in this department it’s impressive indeed.
Among the new ones I liked Kinu a lot. Then again, if it wasn’t for such a nice art, I’m not sure I’d notice her.
In KC’s case, basic art isn’t impressive at all, but despite this most girls are very charming and you have more ways to interact with them. Now that I think about it, it’s similar to Touhou. As you probably know, ZUN’s art isn’t that great, but his designs gave birth to lots of amazing works.
Actually, anime was the final push I needed to finally start playing KC and as far as I know many fans were unsatisfied with the adaptation. I, however, had a great time with it. Main points as to why:
1. Animation is pretty and consistent throughout the whole season with lots of nice shots (Fubuki's midriff and Nagato's whole body being the main culprits lol). CGI used during naval action, on the other hand, wasn’t intrusive and looked fine. Battle choreography is very nice and I also really like the ending song.
2. Anime explains a lot of stuff regarding how the world works and abyssals are genuinely creepy which, in turn, makes you more concerned about girls’ safety. After starting the game I’ve noticed it made a lot of sense considering that if your shipgirls sunk you lose them permanently.
3. Girls are wonderful and interactions between them are very entertaining.
I didn’t enjoy the movie sequel as much, though.

As for the sequels this year, the ones I’m going to watch are these:
- Railgun
- Isekai Quartet
- Re:Zero
- Oregairu
- Kaguya-sama
- Mahouka
- Yakusoku no Neverland
- Tensura
- Shingeki no Kyojin
And maybe some others I’m not sure about, including Shokugeki no Souma.

Currently, your alternative PP is Zara from Azur Lane, and I can’t recall if I asked you this previously: Zara or Honolulu? I wonder if they’re going to be featured in the new anime or not. As far as I know it should be a slice of life comedy, so it should be better than the one we already got. Considering it is based on manga, probably not, at least not Zara, not sure about Honolulu. As always, I hope for more Sakura faction ships and less Enterprise.
If I’m going to proceed with the expanded list (more than just a few top favorites) I’d still need to set some doubtful rules, such as limit 1 per franchise or else I’m going to face some issues. For example, if we’re talking males, LotGH has lots of characters I like more than male characters from many other shows. Maybe I’ll just pick 1 per franchise regardless of how much I like them instead. Regardless of the method, it’s still a lot of work to be done since I want to make portraits and add custom made names.

My ear still hasn't healed completely, but at the very least I can watch/play stuff on a 19 volume, which is enough for immersion if it’s quiet outside my room. It’s vexatious to suffer an injury with long-lasting effects because of someone else’s irresponsibility.

Yeah, Chinese outfits don’t suit him, but compared to his original clothes almost anything will look inferior.

On the other hand, if the show is fun but not very memorable, maybe it’ll be better suited for re-watching purposes?

Nah, Azur Lane has been on a decline for me for a long time now. From a player's perspective, the game, as an actual game, is atrocious. Well, maybe it’s a little bit harsh, but my overall experience with it is highly unsatisfying because it’s barebones. And then anime did everything wrong and I’ve watched KC’s one which I enjoyed... The way I see it, Azur Lane has great character design, but not much else. Essentially, looking at the pictures is the best possible experience you can get from the franchise at the moment. Not sure about Crosswave, though, but maybe I’ll give it a try once it’s ported to PC.

Mio reminded me of Stella from Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry and some other characters. I think there’s a tendency that some personality traits characters have are based on hair color and haircut, e.g. somewhat plain but beautiful and caring for brown, virtuous/graceful/honest for blue, hotheaded for red, green for weird ones, tsundere if haircut is twintails, etc. Obviously, that's not a rule, but rather a simple observation which can be wrong.
How do you feel about Chisato’s appearance in her Goddess form? There wasn’t much of it in the anime, but to me it was a notable downgrade when I saw it.
After considering it a bit more, I’ve concluded that Kurumi was the best for me in this title and also this was the best shot in all series.
If I’m not mistaken, all of the characters have an intercourse with the MC in the novels, so I can see how it'd be hard to adapt in a TV series. Coincidentally, I’ve been rewatching High School DxD recently and remembered some of the issues I had with it during my first time with it. While I think that Akeno is amongst best anime-only female characters and there are lots of others I like (Koneko, Raynare, Xenovia, Kuroka and especially Serafall), I’m not a huge fan of Rias, and there are kinda a lot of her in the story, considering she’s the boss.

How about other characters with Sakura’s appearance as a base, then? Parvati, Kama, BB. Not sure if that’s a coincidence or not, but same as Rin/Sakura, I like them more than Ishtar and Ereshkigal.

What if you had a short lifespan as well and there wasn’t a way to fix it? Would it affect your ranking?

Her loli form is a downgrade, but at the very least it’s not unattractive. Actually, she’s still pretty good looking lol, but more on a cute side. Overall, though…
- Beautiful long hair with an elegant haircut.
- Intense amber eyes.
- Nice figure, although loses a bit to Lilith and Lieselotte.
- Autumn gold/peach skin, which is my favorite.
With different outfits she can perfectly fit different kinds of roles, be it a housewife or a princess. You know, I started to appreciate her even more after talking about Trinity Seven lol.

Yeah, I missed that one, but I’m not in the mood to go back to this franchise at the moment. Maybe sometime in the future when I decide to complete all OVAs and specials I’m missing.

Didn’t he think he killed off Senkuu, though? From the very beginning I had an impression of him being an idealist, so I had hoped to see his side more as an alternative to Senkuu’s model rather than a villainous state filled with such brutes/ruled by warriors only. I’d like to see how people not suitable for fighting or hunting are treated in his domain, but I won’t watch the sequel, so feel free to tell me about it once it starts airing.

I don’t dislike Ladiva per se but getting such a character in a gacha game isn't a good experience. It also doesn’t help when they take slots in derivative games which could be filled with pretty girls instead. Well, I’m not very enthusiastic about GBF’s character pool to begin with, so that’s not a big deal in this particular case.

Heh. I think Schrodinger is one of Hellsing's best characters.

At this point I’d rather see some of the other franchises fully adapted and completed than Souma, but core issue is that most of them are based on novels and anime is made to promote them, so unfortunately there’s no point in sequels.

I wanted to rant a bit about Psycho-Pass S3 after finishing it, but a month already passed and I forgot most of the stuff I wanted to talk about, so I just point out some of the main flaws:
- Too many situations resolved via hand-to-hand combat and they almost never use dominators. The way I see it, the authors of the story wanted more flashy scenes and didn’t care about the quality of the story-telling. It was especially bad when a professional fighter smashed a guy's head and killed him and they decided not to use a dominator.
- Psycho-Pass is useless. It seemed like writers made their goal to add dozens of ways to avoid Sibyl’s control and undermine consistency of the setting set in season one.
- Characters were annoying. Kei and Karina especially.
So overall, did it deserve “1”?.. If it was a standalone story, then no, not really, but I probably would drop it lol. But as a part of the Psycho-Pass franchise yeah, in my opinion it did deserve it. Second season was boring and unmemorable, but at the very least unlike S3 it didn’t try to cannibalize the original.
I didn’t watch the movies because I couldn’t find them with appropriate subs, and since Psycho-Pass deals with somewhat complex themes I wasn’t sure my language knowledge would be enough to understand it correctly with bad sub quality.

I see. I wonder what Kirito's stance on their fighting is or will be.

Yeah, the last episode of Vinland Saga was very nice. Askeladd is a great character, so I have to wonder how the story will proceed without him, considering he carried the first season.

I don't mind cheesiness if I like character cast, so as with most things, whether I'll like Beastars or not will heavily depend on my attitude towards them. I don't think I'll watch it anytime soon, but maybe sometime in the future when I'm done with my current ptw. Or I might randomly pick it up if I feel so one day lol.

I wanted to drop Shiki during the first few episodes. It was so painfully slow and character designs didn’t help either. Glad I didn’t, because it’s one of the best experiences I had with anime to date. Shiki is also one of the few stories that features vampires the way they were intended to be like in Dracula novel by Bram Stoker and few others I’ve read.

That's pretty hardcore, especially in combination with your dedication to consuming franchises wholly. Considering my number of dropped shows, I'm not sure I'd be able to follow the same rules.
MakingTheMaouCry Jan 21, 1:16 AM
Love that pickle Rick dp. That ep was nice. Haha.
Tannhauser Jan 11, 6:39 AM
Mmm, Atago. She used to be one of my favorite Azur Lane characters, but I’m not sure she’ll get to my top-10 if I decide to make an updated list. Poor girl.
Speaking about shipgirls, I’ve started playing Kantai Collection recently (finally) and I’m having a great time with it. I won’t recommend it since it’s very time consuming, so just letting you know that I enjoy it. It also got me thinking that I like character design in this game more than in Azur Lane. Generally, I feel like Azur Lane has better quality art and more eye catching designs, but overall KC wins for me, mainly because there is more unity (?) between girls and they are perfectly fit for a game's setting.

Yup, if you consume too much of something you might get tired of it, especially considering that many stories have similar patterns. But hopefully you’ll find more interesting stuff to watch this year.

I have Pixiv Premium to browse better quality art and I also use images from the games I’m playing (like The Idolmaster series), thus I often find something I’d like to use a profile picture. I remember you said once that you prefer to use non-anime images on MAL, so that should probably be harder to find.
Nah, I decided to leave only one character there because she beats everyone else by a wide margin. I, however, wanted to make a separate list with anime-only favorites, but it didn’t work out well. The reason is that there are few characters I love, some I like a lot, and many I just like to some degree. If I go with the ones from the first category, what’s the point of that list if there will be 5 characters or so? But if I add second category as well, it becomes a mess.

I’d probably receive less damage if I had headphones on me. I still haven’t healed completely, but at the very least I can watch anime on a moderate volume. Used to set it to ~29-39 in my mixer, but now only 13.

I don’t know what else to contribute to the discussion about Inuyasha, so I just dump these here:

I used to like sci-fi settings much more than fantasy ones when I was younger, then I started to like fantasy more, and now I’m more of a sucker for everyday things, school, etc.. But I’ll add it to my ptw list nonetheless.
Level E is one of the shows I’ve been thinking about re-watching for a long time now. It’s a rare case when I don’t like characters in particular in the sense that the aren’t very memorable to me, but the show itself is still very entertaining.

That’s a tough question. Overall, I dislike the notion of thinking about children as some kind of pets which only need to go outside and play with friends to have a happy childhood, because if they aren’t prepared for adult life from, well, childhood, they’re going to have a hard time in life. The weird thing about managing from parents is that it can be a good thing if done right with the purpose of cultivating useful skills and personality traits which you need to have in order to have a happy adult life, but most, and by most I mean ~99%, have no idea what they’re doing and most of the time their parenting ends in traumas, broken relationships and unpleasant personalities in kids.

That’s an interesting point because I’ve never thought about the contrast, mainly thinking that it’s done for the purpose of shock value. But maybe design-wise that’s the same thing lol.
Yeah, and that’s exactly the opposite of what art is supposed to be - pursuing the beauty. Pursuing the ugly doesn’t even sound good, heh.

I’m not sure, but if I do that’s only going to be the first ‘season’ and maybe the one that aired afterwards, I don’t really like the latter ones, but we’ve already discussed it before.

I tried to search for a solution, but haven’t found one.

Lol. Now that I’m a KC player I guess it’s time for me to get on the Azur Lane hate train (⌐■_■)

I think maria was the most entertaining one and she’d be the most comfortable to be around if it weren't for her mischievous personality, which is paradoxical because that was the reason why she could enable many good things in the first place. Mio is probably the weakest among them, because the way I see it, she doesn’t have any edges over others. Chisato wins in appearance. Yuki was good during first episodes, but then we got other characters and they eclipsed her. Zest is nice, but not particularly in my taste appearance-wise if compared to others. So all in all it’s a difficult choice between voluptuous Chisato, fun Maria, and cute Kurumi.
Speaking about the show itself, one of the main things I didn’t like about it was repetitiveness of ecchi scenes. They are kinda limited in what they can do in a non-H series, but still, MC sucking on nipples or getting a massage from behind got old pretty fast.

Generally, I feel like characters from games and visual novels leave a much bigger impression on me, so limiting a list to anime-only makes sense to me, because my own would be dominated by VN/Game characters.
I'm not a fan of Fate's Rin. You’ve listed a good amount of positives about her, and I agree with them, but at the same time I’m not very enthusiastic about her appearance (she even loses to Sakura in that regard) and her tsundere personality can get fatiguing depending on her mood.
Realistically, Irisviel is a rather sad choice because she has short lifespan and has many issues caused by her artificial body. Despite this, I’d still choose her. If we’re talking about Fate franchise as a whole, there’s also Tomoe and it gets harder to decide.

In Trinity Seven?.. All things considered, that would be Akio Fudou. I’m not too fond of her default outfit choice, but by personality and appearance I prefer her to other girls.

I didn’t like Maken-Ki!, by the way. Main character was obnoxious (and looked like Shirou from Fate lol) and I didn’t like the story at all. Moreover, the only girl I liked was the nurse. Animation quality was very good, though. Also, specials were even worse than the main season: in the first season it’s 10 minutes of still frames per episode and in the second there was almost no audio.

Ha-ha. I guess I should’ve become a wood craftsman and build these things myself.

Did you watch Babylon episode 8? I’m really interested to hear your opinion about it.

I don’t think I’m going to touch BnH ever again, but after reading your description Chihayafuru sounds more appealing to me.

Don’t you find the way they portrayed Tsukasa’s empire a bit weird? Considering that he dislikes adults for their negative personalities and greed, random warriors from his empire look like delinquents. If it was intentional and not as a one time joke, it makes him worse as an antagonist because in this case he lacks proper judgement.

I do like crimson color a lot, but dark red not so much. The one used on MAL looks like ketchup and I don’t like it either.

Surprisingly, at least in terms of appearance I like Ereshkigal more. It’s strange because generally I like black hair color more than blond on females. She also feels less like “Rin”, so it’s and additional a plus to me.

Then I wouldn’t like it. What do you think about this character’s design?

In Hellsing’s case, I was okay with Alucard’s immortality and absolute dominance over his enemies for the most part, but his reappearance after Schrödinger’s suicide made it anticlimactic to me. But I agree, it’s not an easy task to implement such ability without mentioned issues.

I’ve been watching the Sin one when it was airing and dropped it when one of the episodes got delayed, just goes to show how much of enthusiasm I had towards the show. At the very least it was a bit better than Nanatsu no Bitoku.
The first season sounds interesting on paper, but that’s also true for most long-running battle shounens - good at first and bad later on, so yeah, I’d rather not invest myself in something time-consuming if it’s going to disappoint me later on and I know it.

Yeah, that Azami thing was really out of place. Technically speaking, losing one’s clothes because food is too good is one thing, because it’s just a way to show character’s excitement about how tasty it is. But when it’s turned into some kind of superpower it looks weird. I dread to think what’s going to happen in the next season.
I wanted to check my stats on malgraph (time spent per episode count/score, etc.) so I had to input scores for sequels and whatnot. I still think that rating sequels and prequels together (one score per franchise) is generally more accurate method.

You know what? After hearing all this, I think I’m going to watch Psycho-Pass movies and Season 3 soon. Thankfully, I decided to not bother with seasonals until they are finished airing, so I have my slots open. Worst case scenario, if it turns out to be really disappointing, I’ll just watch it on the second window while simultaneously playing KanColle lol.

Asuna and Alice are fighting over Kirito? The last time I watched it, there was Eugeo and Kirito had no romantic feelings towards Alice and was 100% Asuna’s guy. How did it come to this?

Hopefully, Thorfinn will get more development in a sequel because at the moment he’s rather weak for a main character. For comparison, I like Eren tens time more. Also, I’m still not sure how to rate it - either 7 or 8, it’s something in between for me, so ~7.5, but that’s not something we have on MAL here. In other words, one of your main issues with the site.

Are you going to participate in 2020 anime watching challenge? I’ve been considering entering it, but didn’t like what they did with “Medalist” thing, then noticed “Watch a Korean or Chinese anime” item and decided to skip the whole thing.
FMmatron Jan 4, 1:15 PM
Grounded as expected, if everyone had been sobbing like a baby it definitely would've felt out of place. Moreover, I really liked how nuanced the portrayal of the reactions was, with Federica taking the cake for breaking my heart again. Poplan's take on coping with the grief on the other hand hit close to home.

Then we had Julian who went ham. Don't blame him, tho. It must've been especially frustrating for him to lose Yang unser these circumstances.
FMmatron Jan 2, 3:17 PM
Well said. I'm still having chills from the episode. The fact that the narrator foreshadowed his death made the experience even more intense. My alarm senses were on and I perceived the events building up to his death as almost overwhelmingly suspenseful. Like oh fuck, will it happen now or oh he made it, but what's that? My heart rate definitely went up a bit there.

And true, humbleness in face of death added so much to the impact. He even joked a bit. I always adored this character trait of his and I'm glad that he kept it to the very end.

The decision to take him out at this point would've come off as disappointing in "traditional" storytelling where the hero has to pull through to the very end. LotGH didn't care about that. I appreciate that taste of harsh reality where plot armor doesn't exist( he still received a bit glory with that Joe hommmage, tho)Yeah, it's frustrating that he won't be around anymore, but at the same time it opens so many other possibilites, especially in regards to character development for others.

Speaking of which, I dunno if I'm ready for the reactions. Julian, Frederica or Reinhard himself. More feels incoming.

Looking forward to the Reuenthal arc.
FMmatron Jan 2, 11:03 AM
Episode 82...

One of the greatest episodes of all time. The narrating was building up so much tension and how the episode was executed was just masterful. I was still in denial till the very last moment. That's how much I didn't want it to happen.

May I excuse myself now, gotta continue crying..
FMmatron Jan 1, 5:53 PM
Oh shit. I just hope it will happen close to the end. The series has a fantastic cast, but something would miss, I guess.
FMmatron Jan 1, 5:43 PM
I can already guess why, the series is gradually building him up.

I actually read a spoiler comment on Yang long ago before even starting the series, but I still don't know when and how.
FMmatron Jan 1, 5:22 PM
I can't spend my entire time on LotGH and it's honestly too good to finish it that fast.

I hope the OVA's will have more of Reuenthal, Mittermeyer and Oberstein.
FMmatron Jan 1, 1:07 PM
Happy new year my friend!

And wow, LotGH is truly one of the GOAT series. I will give my whole opinion once I'm done, but holy shit, every single episode is simply great.
Tannhauser Dec 31, 2019 1:16 PM
Happy new year! I hope you discover even more things you enjoy in life!
Tannhauser Dec 28, 2019 2:45 AM
I’m glad to hear you’re doing fine. If your mental state is stable and good you can enjoy full value of things, including anime, and if you watch more series we can discuss even more things ヽ(~_~(・_・ )ゝ
I deleted my profile picture because I wasn’t sure what to use… I guess it’s a bit weird considering I could simply keep my last one. As you can see, I also removed my favorites, but that’s just something I had to do in order to emphasize things.
As for my recent activity, or lack thereof, there are several factors, but the main issue I’ve been struggling with for the last two weeks is my ear. Some crazy hag started screaming in a megaphone right when I was walking next to her so I’m still experiencing the aftermath of the acoustic shock. Thankfully, it’s not as bad as it was during the first several days and I really hope it’ll heal without consequences.

Naraku is essentially a mob of hundreds of different demons, so he is different from Sesshomaru. Or at least should be, because as far as I know growing body parts, transforming them and disposing of them is supposed to be Naraku’s unique feature. The way I see it, him regrowing his arm and getting new sword was made for plot convenience. Like many other things, including consistency of their father’s plan, but I’m just nitpicking at this point.

Yeah, I don’t think there was romance involved between them from the very beginning and Sesshomaru obviously had no plans for Rin either. If anything, like you’ve said, she helped him to understand his father’s circumstances and even changed his worldview in the process of doing so… Although, I’m not entirely sure if he changed his attitude towards other humans or not. At the very least, he probably warmed up to Kagome at some point, and I don’t think he would leave Rin in a village full of random humans if he still thought of them as worms.

I’m not sure, but maybe that’s the whole point about it. When you know that Kirito or other protagonist like him is lower level than his opponent and expect him to lose, author tries to show how amazing he is because he still wins. The issue here is that no, actually you expect him to win because plot armor is still stronger than numbers.

I haven’t watched Kanata no Astra, but if it’s going to be about an alien planet I hope it won’t be like in movies by the same name. For some reason I’m still a bit disgusted by facehuggers and other forms of alien life.
Hmm, isn’t Level E some sort of Isekai then, considering that protagonist essentially travels to a different world (Earth)?

Well, most authors couldn’t even predict we’ll be using lcd monitors even in a faraway future (sci-fi), so it’s going to be very different from our imagination.

I’m actually glad my activity wasn’t regulated when I was a kid. If it wasn’t for this, I’d probably wouldn’t discover anime and many other things. PC also can’t replace smartphones yet, and that’s also a gigantic market. Hopefully someday these games can be played on PC. This sound kinda dumb in a vacuum, though, because it’s not like PC games are worse. In fact, it’s the other way around, but still.

Speaking about crazy talk, if you ever feel like playing a game, and not anime themed one specifically, you may try Disco Elysium. It’s exactly this - crazy (literally). It was a long time since I appreciated a non-Japanese game.

Nah, I don’t really care about ugly bastards in doujins because they are made this way by the author intentionally. Being ugly is their purpose lol. What I was referring to is all this talk about oversexualization of characters and such. It’s not simply about high heels or skimpy clothes. Basically, beautiful = offensive/not realistic, because apparently people can’t immerse themselves in anything that is not their real identity. One of the recent examples would be Jill Valentine from Resident Evil. This is what she looked like in older games and this is her looks from the 2020 cover. Maybe I’m just seeing things, though.
But speaking about doujins, I kinda regret vanilla is on a decline.

It’d be amazing to live in Japan both in the city and rural area, but that’s implausible scenario, so no, I’m learning it for the sake of consuming Japanese content in its original form because I don’t like the way it’s being localized. Also, if you know the language, you can understand more things in better detail. References, puns, the way character talks, etc.

Thanks for your overview. I think that overall new design is too simple and unexciting. The first one made me interested in playing the original game, but unfortunately I couldn’t run it on my PC, probably the game is just too old.

I gave Azur Lane a “1” which is a rare occurrence. Reasons are as follows:
- Story is boring.
- Episode structure is poorly done.
- Enterprise is essentially a Mary Sue.
- Animation Quality is hideous.
- When I had hoped to finally finish it they postponed two latest episodes to march.
- (Not 100% verified) they promised to start showing two episodes per week from the beginning starting from February with fixed animation quality. So what was that I wasted my time on? Beta version?

Yep, these things ought to change after some time has passed, that’s why I don’t want to make lists in a specific order: I’d need to edit them frequently and that’s not something I’d enjoy doing.
You have Alice listed in your top-50 waifu list, but in franchise file Megumi listed as waifu, is it outdated? Or is it exactly that kind of error you’ve mentioned? Hm, since I’ve watched Shinmai Maou, I’m now familiar with your top-five. Only Maoyuu Maou Yuusha left to watch to fully know your top-15.

Oh yeah, in that sense pantsu was a bit anticlimactic, I agree. MC’s behavior didn’t bother me, if anything I thought it was funny. And you might think I’m crazy, but the most memorable part of this show to me was this scene:

I even used it for my profile layout some time ago. Guess I’m more attracted to Japanese architecture than women, huh?
I didn’t know the second season is currently airing, by the way. It seems like miko and nurse are missing. Too bad, because I liked their designs the most.

I liked Babylon after watching the first three episodes and some more afterwards, but at the moment it goes downhill for me. I hope they can at least explain all the mysteries involving Magase when the show ends.

What’s the reason BnH is less enjoyable to you compared to previous seasons? I stopped watching it after Deku was accepted by Mirai so I have no idea what’s going on there.

Chihayafuru is something I wanted to try for a long time, but after your review I’m not sure it’s going to be soon, ha-ha. Although, if my memory serves me right, a really long time ago I promised I’d watch it to someone I used to know.

Agreed on the tournament arc, but I didn’t like episodes about Senkuu’s dad either. I also experienced personal and very subjective aversion to the songs sung by Lillian, which kinda ruined impact latest episodes had on me lol.

Watching seasonals 1 episode per week doesn’t work for me apparently. I haven’t watched anything for a couple of weeks and when I tried to continue different shows I realized that I’m simply not interested enough to do so. Because of this I dropped Assassins Pride (5/12), No Guns Life (5/12), Honzuki (6/14), Saikoro Club (5/12), and also Enen no Shouboutai from previous season (16/24). My red bar is getting stronger and stronger.

The most important question about Fate/Grand Order: whom do you prefer - Rin, Ishtar or Ereshkigal?

What kind of crossdressers, though? To be honest I’m not sure why they have to be Sherlock and Watson in Japan (?) in the first place. Why can’t they be, I don’t know, Akira and Daisuke, and still be about detectives solving mysteries? Or is it some kind of adaptation of the original Sherlock Holmes?

One of the main issues I had with Jet Girls is character cast. Surprisingly, the only girl I liked was the main one (Rin… Inuyasha’s Rin, Fate’s Rin… So many Rins today). But yeah, I don’t like random serious episodes either, especially if they feel forced.

Yep, I have similar concerns about Manji and his immortality. I may miss some obvious examples, but I think the only time I was totally fine with such ability was in Naruto (Hidan). Considering that it was related to curse and every character was a superhuman, I accepted it without issues.

This Nanatsu no Taizai or this one? Judging by your history I suppose it's the first one. What’s it about?

After completing this season I know what’s my issue with current state of Shokugeki no Souma. It’s just unexciting. Every Shokugeki is predictable and every dish is uninspired, there’s no tension whatsoever, ecchi content is plain and jokes aren’t funny. You can probably skip entire episode and you won’t miss much. Still, it wasn’t THAT bad of experience, but that’s mostly due to my memories of previous seasons.

If you start watching Psycho Pass, Azur Lane or Beastars please share your experience. Is new SAO about Alice?

Vinland Saga is one of the shows I should’ve waited for it to finish airing before starting watching it. I’d probably enjoy it more this way. My only complaint so far is Canute’s sudden personality change. I think this change should’ve handled gradually.