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-Shizuna- Jan 4, 8:57 AM
Does Sabagebu! count?
-Shizuna- Jan 3, 4:12 AM

Mmm... Survive? :D

How about you?
-Shizuna- Dec 31, 2022 9:09 AM
Happy New Year man! Hopefully it'll be better than this one :D
-Shizuna- Dec 10, 2022 3:53 AM
Happy Birthday! I hope you're having a great day.

MALstinks Dec 9, 2022 9:00 PM
happy birthday
-Shizuna- Nov 18, 2022 3:08 AM
To be honest I'm not a fan of widespread digitalization in general. Seeing how humans are rapidly advancing towards cashless society soon you won't be able to buy bread without governments/corporations tracking your every move. Where you spent your money, when, on what, etc. Adding to it all these regulations on the internet, how the same governments and corporations try to de-anonymize it, sounds very dystopian and unlike something like Psyho-pass we'll be governed not by AI/brains in jars, but greedy, malevolent people.

It depends on how the loli looks like, I suppose. Ilulu was cute & funny, but not particularly sexy. Hmm... Can you share some examples? Somehow I'm experiencing difficulties in trying to remember oppai loli characters. Most of whom I can remember right now are short, but not loli-types per se.
Maybe women find shotas cute? Hard to guess since I'm not a woman lol. Well seeing how even Pixiv is being forced by American payment processors to ban requests for loli/shota fanart and some other types of work, I can bet even in Japan people will start to be less open about their preferences in doujinshi. The most hilarious one is that incest is on the list too. Let's say I draw a sex scene between two adult-looking characters and everything is dandy, but then I say "they're actually a brother and sister", will it make me break ToS and getting banned?

Oh, yeah, I suppose it's only better for those successful/extraverted types. I don't know if the data is true, but I saw stats about dating apps in North America and it was something like ~5% of men's accounts get attention from women and ~85% of women's account attention from men, meaning that top guys have better selection, meanwhile those at the bottom have no chance at all.

Nah, I don't know about other places, but in CIS countries you need to either be a friend/relative of someone rich/in power to get a position like this or be a super-duper professional with a very good record. Which is definitely a sad state of affairs, because most of the people my age I know remain in the same social status they were born into.

Ironically most people who say money don't bring happiness are rich in the first place so they don't even know what's it like not to have money. Maybe if they tried to live a few months in shoes of someone poor they'd start to think otherwise.

Well you can look at it like it: Yui is going to be just like her mother, just give her a few years lol. But yeah, Shizuka is great. I think I might like her the most after all among oregairu girls.

Do you mean crypto? It's been many years but I still don't get how it gets valued/trusted so much. Is there a way to prevent it from crushing like any other currency?
-Shizuna- Nov 6, 2022 4:57 AM
What also annoys me about these platforms is that ask you your phone number, most of the time lying about their reasoning for that. One I saw the most is "for your security we need to verify it's really you" which is just silly given that it popped up even when you try to register Gmail for the first time. As for Twitter and art on it, I don't like how it constantly nags you about logging in when you try to browse art.
The problem with Musk and Twitter is that even if he's genuine about his desire to make it a free speech platform, I doubt media/banks/government will let it slide. Most of agenda they push can only survive if you're not allowed to question it.

I think loli characters like Shuten Dōji from FGO are pretty hot. As long as they have curvy hips they will look attractive I think. Large breasts would look a bit weird, though. Btw I don't know if it's true or not, but I heard most of shouta genre fans are women.

Some people say modern hookup culture empowered women, but the way I see it it's the opposite. Back in the day if were are a man and wanted sex you'd normally have to commit to a relationship. Now nothing stops you from having casual sex and not giving the fuck about your partner at all as long as you're desirable enough (attractive/with good money). There's also the fact that women don't like dating/marrying down. Men generally don't care how much woman earns, she can be unemployed, with no education, etc. and as long as she has good personality and looks good it's all OK. Women, on the other hand, want their men to at least be on the same social level as they are. So all in all dating market is weird. Then again, I doubt I'll love somebody enough to commit to relationship unconditionally.

I learned some Japanese, unfortunately I'm far from being comfortable with my skill and knowledge. I don't have enough motivation to improve at this point.

“Money, if it does not bring you happiness, will at least help you be miserable in comfort.”

This is true...

Lol. I guess it's also fine. If you see a couple with tons of kids you sure know they had a lot of fun in bed.

As far as MILF go, he did a lot of great art with Yuigahama's mom, so there's that at least. I actually find her hotter than Yui to be honest.

Yeah. Sometimes I wonder if there is even a point in having savings if every currency's purchasing power decreases year after year. $1 in 1900 is like $35.33 today if we are to believe internet. It just feels like banks/governments just steal money from the people.
-Shizuna- Oct 28, 2022 2:34 PM
I never used Twitter actively, just a few times browsed anime-styled art, but maybe it'll be a better platform from now on if Musk keeps his promise to make it a free speech platform.

I don't like shota tag in general. Not even because it's "morally wrong" or something like that, it just looks weird and turn-offish. Then again it's the same with loli if they're too small or lack curvy hips.

Yep, that's relatable. Getting to know potential dates and spending time, money and energy on potential relationship looks like such a waste, especially in the modern society and even more so if you are tradition-oriented man. Avoiding drama is also one of the reasons I've stopped looking for a partner at some point, but man, I just don't know, most of the stuff I do nowadays, even hobbies, feel like such a chore. For example, there are only a handful of anime/video games I'm really interested in, the rest are there just to kill time. What's worse, not having any real goal in life has been really bugging me lately, because the older I get, the worse I envision my future on most fronts. Well, I'm 187 cm. so that's something at least, but still not as important as having financial prosperity. I also have decreased libido because of the antidepressants I'm taking lol.
As for doujinshi tag, I like when the heroine is shown pregnant in some of the last pages, like a conclusion to the story.

To be honest I don't remember the ones from Season 1... Well yeah, it's hard to find a woman which will love you unconditionally for a long time, especially if she has such a nice body as Maegami, so no reason to threw it away.

Wow, really? Only 1-2 scenes? I guess that doujinshi author appreciated her more than even the original mangaka.
belko/lolicept is very cool, I love paizuri. Especially when a girl has a smug or kind smile on her face.

An airplane ticket to Tokyo would cost around $1000 and as much for a ticket back, so that's not an option, ha-ha... As much as I'd love to go to Japan, I'd rather save this money for a car or something else. Rixia is such a cutie in-game, and very elegant and humble too. One of the best Kiseki girls.
-Shizuna- Oct 26, 2022 9:17 AM
If everything was up to the mods, there would be no discussions to be had at all. Then again, maybe it's better than other platforms where you're allowed to discuss things only from the point of view of one side of the argument.

Yeah, men blocking heroines isn't something I like, so it helps when in positions like mating press male is made transparent or semi-transparent. Speaking of which, I used to dislike impregnation/pregnancy kinks in doujinshi scene and R18+ art, but for whatever reason started liking it at some point. I wonder if it's just something primal speaking to me to find a woman and make a kid with her lol. Actually, jokes aside, it's been kinda bugging me lately. I don't particularly interested in getting into relationship for the sake of sex and dates, but I wouldn't mind starting a family, which is a bit contradictory. Not to mention, I'm a bum without a home, a car or a stable job, so it would be hard getting into the dating market.
But anyway, I've read some of Tifa's doujinshi many years ago, but not lately, and yeah, I still remember that most of them were about rape scenarios.

She also has the best end card. I'm sure you've seen it, but I'll repost it here nonetheless.
That teacher was sure lucky. Would be dumb of him to miss such a perfect wife because of social taboo ha-ha.

I want to watch Made in Abyss and maybe then I'll try to continue love ru after all. I've read a doujinshi with the alien queen not too long ago, by the way, and she was pretty hot.

Yup, his black and white works are amazing. I also really like how lewd he makes some of his works even without featuring anything explicit.

Oh, I see. I'd rank Saber Lily low even amongst other saber-faces to be honest.

Ha-ha, I'll just quote another friend of mine on that matter:
RIP Laura, she was the GOAT, but there's always someone better 😔

But then again, maybe things will change in the future and I'll come back to her crawling and asking for forgiveness...

It's going to be my second one since I came to Russia. The first one was Altina and the one I want to get is Rixia. It sucks that the shipping costs me ~$150.
-Shizuna- Oct 23, 2022 11:08 AM
Yeah, although I don't put too much effort into these topics. A few times I've tried to make serious argument, mods would close my thread for some arbitrary reason and kill my motivation in the process. Even taking this topic about beating the meat, even though it's low effort, I could argue it doesn't break the rules, at least not the ones mod outlined. It's not controversial, not liable to incite trolling/flaming/abuse and it's a discussion of anime/manga as an entertainment medium.

I'm fine with most genres with the exception of Scat and some other ones, but I don't particularly like rape/ntr stories with the characters I like. For example, I remember reading some Raikou doujinshi where she was getting destroyed by an orc and while it looked hot it still left a weird aftertaste. Oh yeah, Murasaki is amongst my favorite ones too.
Who is your favorite Tawawa girl? I liked the one with bangs from the second season the most, although her look in wedding dress was a bit disappointing. Ai-chan is amazing as well.
I still haven't progressed with To Love Ru. Last time I've watched it was in 2015 and that was To LOVE-Ru OVA, which is amongst the earlier ones. On the one hand, I don't remember much about it and need a refresher, but on the other I don't want to re-watch it.
Check out hex_D art if you haven't done sore already, he does absolutely gorgeous Morgan, Castoria and Nightingale.
I don't remember Carnival that well, can you remind me what's the deal with Saber Lily?

I guess tastes and preferences change over time even when you're old. I had a 5 year anniversary with Laura S. Arseid this year, but it ended up with another Kiseki girl becoming my number one girl ha-ha (you can see her on my pfp and in bio).

That's relatable. I've probably watched only 10 titles this year or close to it, which is absolute lowest amount in the last 12 years.

Having goals is nice. My current one is to save enough money for a figure and secure a payment & delivery method because it's a pain in the ass to make it work with all these sanctions at place.
-Shizuna- Oct 22, 2022 4:12 AM
Hey, it's been some time. Replying here because the mod decided to close the thread.
I think Musashi has some really sweet vanilla doujinshi, so it's a nice pick, same as Raikou. But have you seen Morgan? She's one of the newest servants and I think she's super hot. Also, great Belfast pick as well. Over time she replaced Mikasa as my number one AL shipgirl, although I haven't seen as much R18 content with her as with Atago.

But anyway, how are you doing?
ANDy342 Jul 7, 2022 12:47 AM
damn made respect dude.
ANDy342 Jul 6, 2022 9:04 AM
you dont have to answer this, but do you have a job?
ANDy342 Jul 5, 2022 5:41 AM
How do you have the time to watch that much anime?
TheMechaManiac Jun 2, 2022 12:13 AM
That I certainly am, I really do like the genre.
Eventually I might start adding non-mecha retro stuff too.