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Shizuna May 19, 7:15 AM
If I couldn't block ads on Youtube I'd stop using it altogether, same with other services. My bigger concern is software/hardware getting obsolete, e.g. if the video-games I like become unplayable on later versions of Windows (or other OS) and new hardware being incompatible with older versions.

Right now I don't have the means to move, but on the "bright side" it looks like the whole world is become more and more totalitarian so it probably won't matter much where one lives in a decade or two.

I know for sure that it was fan artworks which made me interested in trying out most gacha games I've played, probably true for many other players too.

A friend of mine who is a big BA fan doesn't like its anime much... What's your opinion on Kikyou, by the way?
She's the one I like the most in BA.

Got it. Probably won't ever reach a point where I give this Goumon a try since I can't even finish Haruhi after more than 2 months. Also agreed on the slime issue, to me it was very interesting at first when the MC was exploring the new world and only started building his country, but afterwards it became all about him and his minions effortlessly destroying their enemies. Got stale very fast.


Man, you call it psychotic, but I on the other hand kind of jealous with your ability to express yourself in such a detail.

I wonder if Murakami was involved with the original visual novels or not because many of the issues you're describing were present there as well even in a form of static art. If he wasn't, then on the aesthetic front he's just being faithful to the source material, which has a lot of those themes. I don't remember how it was for Asagi and Yukikaze VNs, but for Kangoku Senkan I found only around ~40% of all CGs to be hot, others were a turn off instead.

I'm fine with tentacles but mainly as a restrictive mechanism, i.e. when they grab the girl's limbs or hold her entire body, but aside from simple penetrative sex there are not many interesting things that can be done with them. What you've mentioned (when tentacles play with tits) most of the time is boring, I agree. On the other hand, tentacles aren't as distracting as males, so there's that at least... For example, human on human double penetration scenes only work when they're shown from the side (because no one wants to look at a dude's ass), but with tentacles you can show whatever angle you want. Never was a fan of futanari and yuri is only good because you get to seem more female and less male, but any action is usually dull-looking. Anything related to shit drops my arousal to 0, I hate it. Urination depends on the context. Ironically, I find it OK in the romantic context, e.g. in Majikoi one girl of noble birth peed herself during sex with the MC, got embarrassed and grossed out because of it, but licked her thighs and said "if it comes from a pretty girl then it's okay" or something like that, was a funny moment. Still wouldn't work with shit, though. Also yes, not a fan of electrical scenes either. Wonder why do I even read Lilith Software works at this point lol.

Agreed on Sakura and Oboro, they don't look very appealing. With Yukikaze I think it's the matter of definitions because I don't see her as loli. If you haven't done so already, try googling Yukikaze VN's CGs. I think the ones with Rinko are super hot and better than what was in the anime.
How about Murasaki? I like her more than Ingrid.

There is also something special about Maya's personality because she's the only girl in Kangoku Senkan who is not a bitch, but instead naïve and good at heart. Adds her some charm points.
Aardvark face looking blowjobs
Lol. Well I agree on most things, but I'm fine with sucking tits scenes if there is romantic context in cases where the story made me invested in the characters, but it rarely happens. Also, I have an opposite opinion about the last point.

I'll tell you what I think when/if I find it, but from the cover alone (which I found in google images) it looks familiar... I've probably seen it before.
Shizuna May 10, 6:15 AM
I forgot, have we ever talked about the Taimanin series? I see you rated them very low, but can't remember if one of us ever brought this series up or not. I have weird relationship with it, on the one hand it's kinda stimulating and I like individual parts of it, but on the other there are many fetishes I consider to be nasty, i.e. the ones I can't get into no matter how many years passes.

I remembered it because I just finished reading Kangoku Senkan VN trilogy from the same developer (unlike Taimanin, however, I didn't watch the anime). Liked it more than Asagi, but less than Yukikaze. Also, a rare case of a truly villainous protagonist. Whereas I consider someone like Rance a charismatic hero despite everything he is infamous for, in comparison to him Kangoku Senkan's Donny Bogan is a total scumbag. It was interesting to see the story from the perspective of an ambitious lowlife scoundrel who uses his cunning to achieve what he wants.

As for the girls, Lieri > Beatrice > Maya > Kila > Naomi > Alicia > Kilia.
I wonder how would you rank them? I think you only know Naomi and Lieri, but you can check the others from the links above (at least their appearances). As a side note, Lieri looks worse starting from the second game (her main image on the wiki page), her looks from the first game is better.
Shizuna May 8, 8:33 AM
I like 4chan's model more than the one Reddit has, but it's essentially the same thing - people replying to specific posts instead of engaging in a broader discussion.

Yeah, that's how it was with the internet - old zombies in the governments didn't know a thing about it, so it remained unregulated for some time.

I suppose in a few decades we'll have to pay just to go from one site to another similar to how toll roads work (or every site having subscription fee)... Not to mention, only government approved sites will be available. It's messed up I can actually imagine this happening.

Torrents are also being blocked. The only way to access them without using VPNs is either magnet links or using torrent files saved locally.

Maybe they're just not enforcing their copyrights for some reason? Same with doujinshi being sold, i.e. it's free advertisement for them.

Yes, it is unlikely I'll re-watch anything AoT related. If it was a video-game then maybe. S1 > S3 > S2 > S4. Pretty much like yours, only with S1 and S3 swapped.

How about the uniform Roon has?

As far as I know they're animating Abydos arc, so you're probably won't be seeing many of your favorites.

How is the art style in Himesama "Goumon" no Jikan desu? Characters don't look too good on their DB pages.

Many sequels for me too, not sure if I'm going to continue watching them, though. Mahouka, Slime and Date A Live V don't ignite any passion in me at the moment. Are you going to watch them?
Shizuna Apr 28, 4:51 AM
Reddit's tree-like discussion structure doesn't help either. You can't talk to several people at the same time which is ridiculous. Forum format like the one we have on MAL (and preferably before the "conversation mode" update was implemented) is the best humans managed to create as far as meaningful discussion on the web is concerned.

The thing with restricting laws is that they add new ones over and over without cancelling the older ones. So the more time passes the less freedom people are going to have unless they dismantle the whole thing and start from scratch.

Fuck Fakku then (lol). I guess I was under the wrong impression that Nhentai didn't care about the legal state of things. Still, it's better than what's going on here, it is banned not because of some copyright infringement, but rather because it's "yucky".

Do you mean Bokutachi wa Benkyou ga Dekinai? It's been some time since I watched it, but I think the teacher has the same amount of screentime as the other girls. Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel anime isn't worth your time, it's a spin-off to the game and it had some noticeable budget issues.

Discord and some explicit Reddit subs is an option, I suppose.

Nah, I haven't. Is cosplay a legal form to use someone else's character design, though?

Frieren being iyashikei has a hidden upside to it as well because unlike something story-driven like AoT, even if S2 is going to have lesser quality, it won't affect the overall value of the S1. As much as I loved AoT at some point, due to how I received S4 I wouldn't bother re-watching older seasons because they lead to nowhere (imo).

Musaigen no Phantom is in a weird place. It's overall story is kind of meh, but the visual part it is outstanding and some of the individual episodes are very entertaining.

I like AL Haruna (Criin always draws beautiful girls), but I have much more connection to the KC one. Still a good combo. Interestingly, with Zeppelins it's the opposite.
Shizuna Apr 12, 1:49 PM
Internet's been getting worse and worse with each year. Even putting extra-sensivity and fragile snowflakes aside, people could do and say whatever the hell they wanted, communities were less centralized as there were more thriving independent forums and sites as opposed to the current time when most people flock to few mega-sites like Reddit and Twitter where your freedom as a community creator is limited by the site admins. It was a nice place to escape to from restricting reality. Nowadays, though? Half the web is blocked and people are arrested for saying inappropriate things.
Sorry for a sudden cup of pessimism, but I honestly think something wonderful was lost due to the meddling of governments and corporations. And what's also sad is that the current generation doesn't even know it existed.

No, I mean, do you know what was the reason behind the purge? Was it an issue with the copyright? A witch hunt against specific tags, perhaps? Or something else entirely?

Oregairu had a nice teacher as well, but she wasn't a romantic interest for the protagonist and didn't appear that often. Other than that... Hm, I think Bokutachi wa Benkyou ga Dekinai! is one of the few which makes a teacher a full-fledged heroine. Can't think of anything else anime-related, but in video-games there's Sara in the Trails of Cold Steel series.
One of my favorite teacher characters and she's actually romanceable in game.

All the sites you've mentioned are blocked. See what I'm talking about above? There are people whose jobs (payed by the taxpayers money to boot) is to find these sites and block them. It's akin to burning books.

Enjoyment yes, but I mostly meant the portrayal of life and slow pacing, attention to little details and changes of eras, i.e. you live through lives of these characters as well as observe how the eras change and how different events, both little and grand, affect different people. I added Frieren, Fern and Ubel to my favorite girls, although all for different reasons. Wonder if they'll stay there when recency bias wears off. One thing I can add about Fern is that her relationship with Heiter makes me appreciate her much more. She is the living proof of the concept of continuity of life and a wonderful portrayal of a loving parent and a child relationship, even though they're not related. So when I see her journey she doesn't appear only as a Fern as she is now, but also what a little girl we saw in the beginning has grown into.

How about your KC/AL pairings?

Random image sets from same author - somehow it's a more pleasurable experience. The only exception is when I look for a specific character, I guess.
As for the second question, I don't have a preference. It depends on what I want to see more at the exact moment.
Shizuna Apr 4, 10:52 AM
In my opinion, being offended by preferences and opinions of others is a first-world privilege and I don't live in one :P Jokes aside, I'm just being slow as usual.

Yes, it's Kuwayama Chiyuki from the Idolm@ster. I honestly think she's the best looking idol in the whole series, although she is weaker in some other characteristics, like singing for example - I think Kisaragi Chihaya is still the best in that aspect. As far as I remember, most of Chiyki's doujinshi were rather boring, unfortunately. She has some nice R18 art, though. Totally agree about hair in general. Some hairstyles/haircuts can be an immediate turn off to me. For example, when I see women with shaved temples I instantly go "nope", so thankfully anime doesn't employ this haircut often.
Yes, Suzune. I never liked this plot twist (cutting one's hair for dramatic purposes), and the way she looks now is a downgrade in my opinion. Agreed about Sae, she's definitely the tastiest girl in COTE. It is unfortunate she doesn't appear on screen as often as I'd like her to.

Danbooru (even safebooru), rule34, SankakuComplex,, pixiv, Hitomi are all blocked here. Sometimes it feels like half the internet is blocked lol. What happened to nhentai? I'm out of the loop.

Frieren remined me of LotGH. I still consider the latter to be "better", but the feeling was there. It's definitely one of the best anime I've seen since 2011. Currently, I placed it on 4th place, but it has the potential to rise even higher. Gushing over Magical Girls was OK in my book, but nothing extraordinary. Dosanko Gal was fine, but yeah, don't expect much out of it. Slave has some good fan-service and tons of great girls, it reminded me of older battle oriented ecchi like DxD and Shinmai Maou no Testament. Buta has really terrible animation in some episodes, but I still loved it - felt like a classic fairy tale.

First pairs that comes to mind is Takaos, Akagis and Zuikakus. Both girls of each pair are amazing (on the other hand, I like AL's Atago much more than KC's and KC's Kaga more than AL's for example). Harunas could work for me too. Suzuya as well.
Shizuna Mar 31, 4:33 AM
Took too long again to reply, but some things are still worth to be said :P

It might sound counter-intuitive or inefficient, but in my opinion, the image of a woman meticulously and lovingly taking care of her hair appears very feminine to me. And I think there should be no issue on hygienic side of things since unlike dreadlocks braids can be undone every evening before shower. But speaking of hairstyles and haircuts, I want your opinion on cote 3rd season, you'll understand what I'm talking about when you see it, so hit me up when you reach that part.

Do you know some niche image sites like booru? Seems like most of the ones I've been using are blocked here and it's a pain to use vpn each time (they might become inaccessible too at some point). The only one still not blocked is Zerochan but it has terrible selection of images compared to booru.

Have you watched some anime recently which stood out to you? For me it's Frieren, Mato Seihei no Slave and Buta no Liver wa Kanetsu Shiro I guess.
Wxcked Mar 29, 8:21 PM
I'm gonna be real with you, I haven't even started Batman Beyond so I can't compare the two, but I do know the premise of the show and Terry McGinnis and some of the newer villains. At the moment, I am close to finishing The Animated Series so it won't be long before I actually move onto watching Beyond. The reason why I have Batman Beyond plastered all over my profile was because of how badass the suits were in the Arkham games... lmao. The cyberpunk aesthetic goes hard. I have a habit of liking something before even viewing/consuming the original source material.

Fav DCAU Batman film - Batman: Mask of the Phantasm (the little Joker plot-twist was awesome)

Fav Justice League movie - Flashpoint Paradox (I was gonna watch this much later but my brother forced me to watch it w/him. I'm glad to say, this was the first I've seen Reverse-Flash. Reminded me an awful lot of Homelander)
Thanks for asking btw :)

Wxcked Mar 28, 11:08 PM
immaculate taste

bro even has titty collectibles
Shizuna Jan 24, 3:20 AM
How about this Jeanne Alter, then?

Honestly, I find braided hair amazing regardless whether it's a small piece or the whole hairstyle. Like you've mentioned Beta is a good example of the former, but something like this is also super hot in my opinion:

Like heeeeell, just makes me instantly want to breed her. Although it's fair to say that it's not only the hair style, but rather all the different elements coming together perfectly.
Then again, I agree that Jujutsu Kaisen Mei looks like shit lol. Can't really think of anyone else who fills the same category as her.

For Eminence it's Beta 1st > Delta 2nd for me currently.

Man these women who go for divorce and ruin things just to get more money are terrible. That's just sad.

Sankaku Complex and Rule34 have a bit more lewd images than danbooru (at the very least in terms of "variations"), but overall my experience with them was inferior.

Now that you mention it, it was kind of weird for Rudeus to notice his problem only when the time has come to do the deed. Since he's a horny dude you might've expected him to at least fap from time to time.
Shizuna Jan 1, 4:52 AM
Happy new year


Like many other harems I think Arifureta would be better if the MC was a bit more proactive towards the girls. Most of the time it's just them obsessing over him with the only exception being Yue he sometimes shows some affection.

I usually prefer long hair, but Jeanne D'Arc Alter looks fine by me. For better or worse she is one of the characters I've read the most doujinshi with.

If you go to danbooru you can add order:score after another tag (e.g. character's name) and it will give sort the images by popularity. They tend to be of higher quality.

I wonder, does it count as a panty shot if she's the one who lifts her skirt?

One of my friends told me that anime kind of ruined Sara's point of view in the story. I didn't like her in the anime, but apparently a lot of her "screentime" was cut out.
CanineSmack2 Dec 21, 2023 5:59 PM
MechKingKillbot said:
Favorite character
Carried the series
Significantly enjoyable character
Straight up badass
Has a very memorable moment regardless of screentime
Waifu material
Annoying character who is the focal point of the story
The individual whose name gets mentioned and listed in subtitles every other sentence

Was about to reply in this thread and saw that you just said every possible answer I could think of.
Hello btw
fausifahrial Dec 17, 2023 7:56 PM
You're welcome, Have a great day! :D
Shizuna Dec 15, 2023 4:50 AM
Wow, it's been already more than 3 years since I watched Houkago... It sure was a better time to be alive. I probably don't have a favorite among the girls.

At first I liked Tio and Kaori the best, but after watching 2nd season Shea came at the top. The story itself and its pace is kind of chaotic, unfortunately, I agree on that.

Jeanne D'arc Alter + Okita + Morgan Le Fey are the best saberfaces.

Yes, Hasumi is super attractive, especially in her sports attire. The one I'm currently interested the most in BA is Kikyou, she's only on JP server, but maybe you've seen some of her pics on booru (if you check them).

Agreed on Shinobu.

Temple: Yuzuki > Tsukuyo > Kurage > Kiki > Mia > Kagura. It was a fun anime. Made me realize once more that something like panty shots is unfortunately exclusive to ecchi anime nowadays, whereas in previous eras they could be featured in any "normal" anime as well. A sad development.

MT S2 was good, but not as good as the first season. Lack of Eris didn't help my enjoyment, but at least this season managed to raise my opinion on Sylphie. How about you?

Hakari from 100 Girlfriends - haven't started this one yet.
fausifahrial Dec 12, 2023 2:58 AM
Happy Belated Birthday!
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