Yi "Kan Ki, Kan Ki the Beheader" Huan

Yi Huan

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Yi Huan (桓騎)

Strength: 93
Leadership: 93
Knowledge: 95
Cruelty: 99 Eyeballs

Huan Yi is a Vice General who serves in Great General Mou Gou's army. In the past, he was a bandit leader with the moniker Huan Yi the Beheader.

His personality is said to be extremely brutal as he has no qualms in killing surrendered soldiers and personally beheaded every person in any city or village he conquered. This is shown in how he sends Wei soldiers, who have been severely tortured, along with bags of eyeballs back to their camp to decrease morale and incite fear.

He always has an arrogant smirk on his face and talks in a crude manner at times. He shows no respect for his foes as he calls Gen Bou "an old fart" and "trash" before killing him. He is exhibits a sense of humor and sarcasm as in the case when a fellow crew member asked him why he made an unskilled man named Ogiko as 1000-man commander of The Huan Yi army, he replied "Gyahaha cause it's funny obviously."

He also has a cool demeanor and almost never displays any shock no matter how bad the situation is. Huan Yi also shows a very dark side as he toys with Haku Kisai by dangling the idea of escape from death if he begged for his life then stabbed him several times after he refused to grovel.

He does exhibits a sense of loyalty exclusive to Mou Gou by holding the rank of Vice General in his army and coming when summoned as demonstrated when Chou Tou used Mou Gou's name, as he knew that Huan Yi would simply ignore an request for a conversation with him.

(Source: Kingdom Wiki)

Voice Actors
Itou, Kentarou
Yee, Cory