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365 Days of Kawaii Flandre Scarlet from Touhou ^_^ Artist: "Renka (Pixiv 4747284)" If you want to request an image for our daily picture, then leave recommendations in the following thread. 365 Days of Kawaii Recommendation Thread
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[GAME] ABC ( 1 2 3 4 5 ... Last Page )
SweetKiichigo - May 14, 2016
4,216 replies by _XaViAN »»
4 hours ago
[GAME] Count and Reach 100,000,000 v1 ( 1 2 3 4 5 ... Last Page )
SweetKiichigo - Jul 14, 2016
5,801 replies by ArisuPiruShizu »»
6 hours ago
Sticky: [STAFF ONLY] Card Makers Upcoming Edition
beautifullyou - Jun 27, 2015
16 replies by SweetKiichigo »»
11 hours ago
[GAME] Keep, throw away, or use it. ( 1 2 3 4 5 ... Last Page )
SweetKiichigo - Jun 27, 2013
3,181 replies by Darvallas »»
12 hours ago
[OPEN]☆Chibi SE☆
SweetKiichigo - May 24
35 replies by Omelettecat »»
Yesterday, 3:58 PM

Club Comments
Elakir | 4 hours ago
@animecreed school is oevr for me! Im very happy about this haha ...I just sit at home all day and whatch anime..maybe I shouldnt be happy this much İDKxD

Kai_N_Walker | 8 hours ago

Kai_N_Walker | 8 hours ago
Everything is good. I am just upgrading myself ^^

Roroline | Yesterday, 3:34 PM

Game about slay big Oni (Devil) well similar with God Eater and Monster Hunter vibe

AnimeCreed | Yesterday, 3:02 PM
Final season was bit rush tbh....
I'm watching it rn...loving it :D

Thats true
Hows everything for ya?

Not familiar
What is it?

How much do you lift?
Just some shoes thats about it
Do you shop during memorial sale or any big sale?

TheBigGuy | Yesterday, 10:05 AM


What are you feeding Bunny Mudkip?

Normal. How about you?

soaru | Yesterday, 3:30 AM
Make sure to join the discord server if you didn't for more fun, hehe.

Elakir | Yesterday, 12:29 AM
@sweetkiichigo ..I never heard of what you are ven saying but VINEGAR??!you havw no idea how much I hate vinegar even its name make me go eywww..I dk if they do this in ur country when I was like 4 or 5 Igot really really sick and I was burning ...I was very very sick anyway my mom ofc broughy me to doctir but medicine etc. But I was still sick and burning*you know what I mean by bur ing rihgt Idk the exact word for it*anyway my mom covered my whole body with vogenar WHOLE. ..since that day I cant stand anything with vinegar ....its smell how it tastes ...it just ...eyw..you asked a simple question but it was a long story wasnt it xD?
Hey do you like tea if you do which one do u like there are a lot of types of tea in America right?

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