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Welcome to the Anime Entry Guide Club (AEGC), the number one place on MAL to get access to all entries that are released for each anime franchise. Our goal is to provide guidance for people looking to get started in a series, but are confused or put off by the sheer volume of entries that are related to it, as well as providing useful information for each franchise for people to 100% ace. Each post dedicated to a series with will include all the available entries that can be found on MyAnimeList and be presented in an easy-to-read and understandable manner. So if you're planning on 100 percenting a series, these guides will prove to be very useful. The purpose for each guide is to point out to viewers that there are other entries that can (and should) be watched and added to your list, as the OVAs or specials get much less attention/viewership. The option is there for you, but you don't have to watch every single entry if you don't feel like doing so. If there's a new entry that's been added onto MAL after I've made a guide for its series, or new info/statistics have been updated or changed, please comment on the post so I can make the necessary changes. Thank you. Rules - Any forum pages created by anyone besides the admin will be deleted. This is to keep the page strictly organized and tidy. (special exceptions can be given) - Submissions cannot be over 19 entries long. This is just about double of what the previous restrictions were, which leaves me with 50 series (according to currently) with 20 or more entries to make in the future. - You can request guides to be made by commenting in the Club Comments section on the front page of the club. They can be moved up on the to-do list. - If two or more people submit guides for the same series, the first person to submit the guide will be credited for the post's creation. To avoid any potential clashes and upsets, I'll try and place the series in the 'in the making/been submitted by others' section of the index page as soon as I receive the submissions. but if issues to persist, please comment in the Club Comments section what anime you're gonna make. - Only guides can be made for series with 2 or more entries, standalone series/adaptations won't be featured unless something is officially being planned for them and the new entry is added to the database. Check the Entry Guide Index for what some of the series that are available to be submitted. - If you submit a guide and you include less than two thirds of what's actually there, or doesn't adhere to the formatting (meaning I have to go through each title and fix things up), then I will reject your submission. Please use to help search for titles for a series you're submitting. If you find any of the posts useful and handy, feel free to join! It would also be helpful if you could recommend this club and share links to guides to other people to help it grow. Entry Guide Index: AEGC Guide Leaderboards: Guide Submission Tutorial: Guide Submission Page: Tampermonkey Scripts for MAL and this club: If you're looking to help out the club and become a Club Officer, please talk to the admin for further details.
----Affiliations---- If you'd like to affiliate with the club, please message admin.
The club is on semi-hiatus due to me working full-time (6 days a week). I'll try to make guides when I get the free time, but they will be coming out sporadically for the foreseeable future. I will be doing occasional updates for the already-made guides if I get notified for those updates.

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Active Raid Guide
_cjessop19_ - Oct 23
0 replies by _cjessop19_ »»
Oct 23, 6:39 PM
Ginga Tetsudou 999/Captain Harlock Guide
_cjessop19_ - Aug 17
6 replies by Tsarko »»
Oct 22, 2:34 PM
Mobile Suit Gundam Guide
_cjessop19_ - Sep 11, 2020
10 replies by alshu »»
Sep 6, 11:37 PM
Ace wo Nerae! Guide
_cjessop19_ - Aug 30
0 replies by _cjessop19_ »»
Aug 30, 10:20 AM
Accel World Guide
_cjessop19_ - Aug 30
0 replies by _cjessop19_ »»
Aug 30, 9:01 AM

Club Comments
_cjessop19_ | Aug 25, 3:26 AM
500 members, nice!

_cjessop19_ | Aug 19, 5:45 AM
I'll be back next week after I physically and mentally recover from making that guide

_cjessop19_ | Aug 17, 7:51 AM
Thanks, though I am now dreading the thought of putting this all together even more now

alshu | Aug 17, 7:48 AM
@_cjessop19_ maybe this can help you a bit -

_cjessop19_ | Aug 17, 7:24 AM
I'm gonna attempt to make the guide for Ginga Tetsudou 999/Leiji-verse series. Wish me luck trying to figure this one out

hacker09 | Aug 8, 8:24 PM
Thanks, looks better.

_cjessop19_ | Aug 2, 9:42 AM
I'll add that then

hacker09 | Aug 2, 9:20 AM

Thanks, that looks better.

But it would be better if you suggested users should/could use the script to specifically "use the club script to quickly find if the entry you plan on submitting was already submitted or not."

So that users won't resubmit something that the club already has.

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