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Sakurako-san no Ashimoto ni wa Shitai ga Umatteiru
Sakurako-san no Ashimoto ni wa Shitai ga Umatteiru
2 hours ago
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Kaijuu 8-gou
Kaijuu 8-gou
Jul 2, 3:51 PM
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Sentai Daishikkaku
Sentai Daishikkaku
Jul 2, 3:51 PM
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Boku wa Mari no Naka
Boku wa Mari no Naka
2 hours ago
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Bikachou Shinshi Kaikoroku
Bikachou Shinshi Kaikoroku
2 hours ago
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aoi 2 hours ago
Yeah I also liked Niflheimr and it's characters, wish we get to see them in near future. And as for the manhwa I am really enjoying it so far (⁠◠⁠‿⁠◕⁠)
Varelya 3 hours ago
DonRazvan2K03 Yesterday, 1:09 PM
Ohh woowwww, should I act surprised now? You just popped out of nowhere in my comment section. After... almost two years, I guess?
Damn, it's been some time. I know that u weren't as active as before. Perhaps u got recruited for the army and u went to war?

I'm just kidding 😄 , it actually feels great to see you are back (for now, I guess xD).
And how delightful! U still remember me!

From what I recall, you used to tell me u travel a lot and u are busy with your work and research. I need to tell you that I completely understand now, as I myself been travelling and working (things I didn't do as much as before).

I also took some breaks from 2022/23 till now (a lot actually). And I might take them again in the future. Not just from anime, but also from this website and other ones. I just finished university, as I was busy during those last two years with it, but not I can say that I finally graduated.
Well, I still have my master degree to do, which is gonna start in October, but that won't be as hard as uni was :)) Trust me, university in Eastern Europe is hell. Besides university, I did many other things, but it's too much to be said in just a comment.
I would need to do a whole thesis for those years lol.
Now, I'm gonna enjoy what's left from this summer, hanging out with my friends and ofc going to the beach. And I will see what other things occur in my life.
As for animes and manga, I recently started to find joy and watch them again. I also think I've learned my lesson: I'm not gonna watch animes that are airing in my lifetime after they get finished, bcs GOD, it's just too much time to spend watching. I will watch them in the moment each episode arives. Hopefully I will stay true to my word.
But for now, I have time to watch full series again. So many things to catch up to... 😖

So, what has been up with you during all this time? I really hope you've been well and healty.
Also, any new upcoming series you are excited about?

Until next time ;)

EcchiGodMamster Yesterday, 3:13 AM
put it this way

i LOVE gangs/armies of girls/women, ESPECIALLY if theyre the villains, i just love female villains in general.... i DON'T like gangs/armies of dudes

i don't actually care about "harems", as its the group of girls that matters to me and i generally want the guy to be ignorable

yes i do like sexy uniforms

no, i didn't care about that show, the girls were just kinda "there" and didn't really do anything, the show was basically only focused on the dude
Luthfi_0306 Jul 22, 8:56 PM
nice fan art
EcchiGodMamster Jul 19, 9:50 PM
pointing out their school atire would make me assume you thought i hadn't seen the show lol

and not necessarily.. although militaryish uniforms do stand out lol
Too_Pac Jul 19, 2:22 PM
i love both
Too_Pac Jul 19, 2:21 PM
nice fan art
Too_Pac Jul 19, 2:21 PM
I prefer when she's badass
Shizuna Jul 19, 11:23 AM
What if I waited for your reply and every day since then was a disappointment because it never came? Well, that is obviously a joke and I don't really mind late replies.

Anime adaptations almost always fail to convey the depth and emotional impact visual novels have, so I don't recommend watching them in general. Even something as acclaimed as anime of Higurashi is a shadow of itself. My current default VN recommendation is MUSICUS!, by the way. It's only top-4 on my list, but I think it can be enjoyed by pretty much anyone.

Are you a history buff? I'm confident to say I know more history than an average person (to be honest, however, it doesn't seem like a high bar nowadays), but I wouldn't call myself that.
Here's a list of my oathed ships. As you can see, Sakura Empire dominates it. NJ is a cutie, though. And no, I'm not actively playing AL, just logging in and sometimes doing some basic stuff. My latest PR ship was Kearsarge. I'm not planning to grind for the PR7, but if you want my opinion on designs, then it is as follows:
Daisen > Admiral Nakhimov > Bayard > Halford > Napoli.

At the moment the only gacha I'm actively playing is The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel – Northern War. I'm also logging in Nikke and doing some basic stuff there as well and I'm planning to play gfl 2:

These guys from that meme need to try playing Rance. Even though it's a VN, its every game has different gameplay.
aoi Jul 19, 10:51 AM
Thanks love, yours are also nothing to be ignored..
Quite a lot of bangers you got their..
3miL Jul 18, 4:28 AM
Don't act like I don't know you're from the Pleiades trying to get close to me so you can eat my colon. I know that's what all you girls want anyway

It was pretty lame and generic, there wasn't enough depth to the backstory of the Big Bad and he just ended up with Tohka just because, they didn't necessarily have a relationship either. I was disappointed since it came in the 2010s and I was holding it up using the yardstick of TWGOK, History's last good Harem anime
EcchiGodMamster Jul 15, 1:32 PM
so uh... i guess i didn't mention that i watched both seasons Rosario and Vampire 14 years ago (i wasn't even on MAL back then)

Kurumu is in my favorites, but i guess you didn't look... not to mention she was one of the FIRST characters i ever bought merch of
Apologies for late responses, Varelya-neechan. I was quite busy these days because of life and doing well

I’m glad to hear you’re doing well heechan

The gacha games I play is Genshin only (I did play Honkai, Azur Lane before)

Nope I didn't read any villianess stories yet I mostly with adventure, dungeon
Sygrain Jul 4, 1:28 PM
Heyy Varelya, It's great to see you again!
Me.. Miss you? huh? what nonsense.. no.. not even a tiny little bit! Hmph.

other women? I don’t recall myself ever talking to one, infact.. I don't even know what a woman is 😳

That's okay, I understand perfectly as I am quite busy myself and you travel a lot I suppose. I always feel like I don't have enough time given my busy routine. But it is summer though and during this time of the year I have less workload compared to other seasons since the clients are usually on holiday. It doesn't affect my income whilst giving me some free time to feel at ease both mentally and physically and doing the stuff I like. I haven't been watching anime that much lately, I actually have been in my gaming phase, playing a lot of rpg adventure games to chill such as FF7, Persona 5 and 3, Nier franchise, Tales of Arise and so on.

I have a short trip coming up soon and by the time I get home, I'm gonna treat myself to a new Fairy Tail season, so yes, I'm not merely doing ok, I just couldn't be better.

I appreciate you memorizing what I've said from the Heian era, just take it easy. I consider myself patient, unlike the me from years ago.. believing that everything happens in its own time, you could call that character development 😂 .. except for the new FT season that I'm dying to see. I'm glad you like my meme, the sole purpose behind creating it was to have a good laugh ..maybe? and perhaps, gain more points? you have such a strong aura, so even when you're not around that often, your presence is still there. I might have sent you a few messages when I was bored so you'll find some surprises when you open your discord account again. 😂

It must be a struggle for you to keep up with all the messages, you built an empire and you have to manage it whilst pleasing everyone.. at times, it feels like you're doing chores. while it might be challenging to keep up, I know it can't overpower you. *this is definitely not me wanting you to spawn more often 😂*

wasted efforts? not really. I appreciate your honesty but I believe certain people are worth investing your time in. In fact, I'd rather that people take their time and put effort into whatever they're doing than doing it in a half-hearted manner and that's a rule I apply in life in general.. well, in most cases.

your explanation about Ren's character is on point, it's like a double edged sword. I hope she doesn't turn out like Makima though, she's a red flag (like cough a certain Varelya). All the build up to her character, all that possessiveness she had shown.. because of the human nature that is inherently curious, people always love to discover some hidden personas in others, and the fact that it moves from one extreme to another, from dominance to submission, from possessing to being possessed, with the roles reversed, makes it more exciting.

did you enjoy reading Mato Seihei no slave so far? and who's your favorite character? I find it peak, it's perfectly balanced.. action packed with great art, waifus and.. rewards ¬‿¬. I look forward to them more than Yuuki does. 😂

I'm sad that the anime didn't adapt it very well, while it was still a fun watch, my high expectations led to disappointment due to the evident lack of budget.. I hated the CGI parts but then again, it's really hard to reproduce the manga art and put it in motion.
My favorite character is Tenka, the way she shows her affection makes her love seem genuine. Not to mention her amazing character design and broken powers.

T-t-t-t-aming you?.. It sounds challenging but I'll most definitely be looking forward to the day I trigger your good girl syndrome. Your flexibility to adapt to different situations is quite impressive, who knows what other sides you have as well?

sneak peak at before/after images 🥶

also, are you excited about monogatari's return? because I certainly am since I still can't get myself to read a light novel up til this day.. what's your line-up for the newest season? is there something you're looking forward to watching? do you have any new recommendations for me? I'd like to read some romance like My Dress Up Darling or Fuufu Ijou with a cute/hot heroine, not necessarily a gal.. or honestly anything you think I would like based on my taste. I'm not putting a lot of pressure on you, right? 😊 . I'm also still keeping the "Kore wa Zombie desu ka?" anime recommendation in mind, I'm just not in "that" mood right now but will watch it one day xD

I hope you're having a great week, til next time!
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