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Days: 372.7
Mean Score: 6.70
  • Total Entries3,580
  • Rewatched35
  • Episodes24,615
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One Room 2nd Season
One Room 2nd Season
Today, 4:50 AM
Completed 12/12 · Scored 7
Gake no Ue no Ponyo
Gake no Ue no Ponyo
Today, 4:49 AM
Completed 1/1 · Scored 8
Dog Days'': Gravure Talk
Dog Days'': Gravure Talk
Today, 4:48 AM
Completed 4/4 · Scored 6
Manga Stats
Days: 61.4
Mean Score: 7.38
  • Total Entries1,247
  • Reread0
  • Chapters10,647
  • Volumes1,228
Manga History Last Manga Updates
One Piece
One Piece
Sep 20, 12:48 PM
Reading 918/? · Scored 10
Shokugeki no Souma
Shokugeki no Souma
Sep 20, 12:48 PM
Reading 280/? · Scored 9
High School DxD
High School DxD
Sep 19, 7:14 PM
Reading 228/240 · Scored 10



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ShiraNoYume 4 hours ago
Yes yes exactly! :3 That's true, also I like the fact you can imagine which personality have a character just by seing their face without know the character ^^ The fanart used was already nice for the old version, I'm glad it's work too for this new template eheh :p Hmm I just searched in the past, some nice fanart, just the first I saw to use in the old template. I thinks I've searched maybe 7-8 new fanart for my new template, if you check both of the blogs (old and new version) in same time, you will see I used the same fanart. x)
Yeah true, like for claiming x) Ahh I was sure you know it, since I guess we already spoke about fanart website xD Oh oh I see, well I use it everytime no, for any waifu research \o/ for the mans I use Zerochan (with the tag "solo" to dodge any BL stuff >< you find more BL fanart than classic fanart of the character lmao) Oh yes true! You're welcome, this site is pretty active I thinks, so since Rem is a popular waifu, you can find new fanart you don't have in collection :P They also have nice fanart of Rem & Ram together ♥,♥ LMAO xD

Arf yes... Why do you don't open it back to public with all the GIF nammed to your last username? If you said you're currently reworking it it's okay, people will not pay so much attention to the username but will enjoy watching all these beautiful GIF :o
I understand you xD (162 waifu/116 husbando in the news blogs so since you have GIFs who take totaly more time than me... God damn x_x I believe in you bro, you can do it! Yup, it's the best plan, I did that for my blogs to, just creating the list "crushes" who are my favorites from my favorites (lmao dunno if it's good to say but you see what I mean xD) Bro, the touch C & V of my keywork are one of the most used of my keybord because of the CRTL+C / CTRL+V (copy paste) *o* Ohohoh I feel a VIP now :D Thanks you bro, can't wait to see that! Take your time, it must not be a chore~ you have to have fun doing that! ^^

I see, but you have really nice taste, all the picture you find are always so awesome... *o* oh oh oh? Really, pease show me I want to seeee :D Eheh of course they will bro! :o They have shity taste if not è_é Yes I guess it can work~ You're right and I'm agree with you, it's already nice these creator shared their work so we have to respect it and don't change it a lot if we're using it.. ^^
Narumi_ 12 hours ago
Hmm I see it kind of sounds interesting though :p
Well as long as you enjoyed it that's good then :)
Narumi_ 12 hours ago
Haha I see ^^ Sounds good! How was One room? I haven't seen this anime :p
ShiraNoYume Yesterday, 12:17 PM
Ikr , I wanted to show all the body of the characters, some have nice cloths or armor etc... but well x) Ah! My laptop haven't a big screen so.. xD Eheh thanks you, thanks to these guys who made insane fanart :3 (btw most of the fanart using in the girls blogs are from this: , dunno if I already gave you this website.. If you want to lick your screen just.. >Click Here<
Oh yes true o_o Did I get trolled by someone? xD I don't remember where I get this fanart but now you mention it it's looking to a Kurumi fanart, these chara look pretty similar (personality and design...) I will change it, thanks you bro for telling me it! For the Girls I started a 3 pm Satursday finished at 10 pm (I ate dinner, an watched 2-3 episode between this time) and I also made the design for the template ~ for the boys I started at 4 p.m and finished arround 7 pm I guess... Ikr, I dropped the link in my forum signature so, maybe people will be curious and click on them dunno xD

Holy.. 170+ :cry: uwu the bbcode took me a while myself so I can't imagine for you... x_x Maybe you should keep the same blog as before (I mean the order) then you will just have to replace the GIF img url. to determine which character you replaced the GIF, in the bbcode you separate the characters already made from those waiting for the new GIF by separating them with empty lines (I mean some "enter" (the keybord touch xD))
God I imagine you have lot of news waifu to add with all the show you watched recently :p Arf ok xD
Oh CONGRATZ!!! That a good thing you completed it, yep now you have free time, let's do it bro! Can't wait to see again all the beautiful GIF *o*

Oh god this banner is so nice *o* You always find the best picture for that!! Bless the guy who drew it ♥ Now people who check your list will be stopped by the banner and don't will check the list... xDD Oh yes right, this yellow is a bit to much colorful but it's also looking nice, guess a weaker yellow will be nice Idk :p Good job for putting this banner, your list is even prettier! *o*
Aritan Yesterday, 11:54 AM

「Movie/Anime Member Cards」

SweetKiichigo Yesterday, 11:19 AM
Hi Luny :)

Hehe I actually am curious about the show. Though I noticed that there's like and dislike among the characters. Like some like Rem, other Ram and others Emilia, though it seems Rem seems the most popular.~

I tried downloading Desume.~
No I never heard of it but seeing as I liked Dog Days i'll try to watch it at some point. Anything with Princess Millhi I'll watch ^^

I like that in Gen 3 you can rebattle trainers, it made leveling up feel easier since you have Exp share and you can rebattle trainers daily. Right now I'm trying to get a Milotic but I'm first growing Oran and Rawst berries since i need to max out the Beauty stat. Since I have a Crawdaunt, I want a special attacking Water type that can be tanky.~

Well in Ultra Sun I am raising mons for in game only. Bulldoze isn't that bad, 60 base power and always drops speed, it can make foes switch if they had set up their boost moves.~
And wow Archeops is pretty good stat wise, nearly being a pseudo Pokemon, 567 stats for a normal Pokemon isn't bad since most legendaries exceed 600 or are like 20 pts off in the overall stats from 600.~
Narumi_ Yesterday, 6:31 AM
Yeah I know :(
Good thanks, not much xD Just the usual been busy with uni and watching anime wbu? ^-^
ShiraNoYume Yesterday, 4:47 AM
Haha x) Thanks you! :3 Simpel template but look nice :D And it's better for checking lot of people on the screen, I mean the old version I was able to see 6 chara on my screen without scroll, now I can see 16 of them~ It's better if I have to claim character for exemple :3 I practically used the same fanart as my old blog, I was able to gain a lot of time xD Eheheh Ikr *o* Thanks you again, I'm happy to hear that, I don't know if lot of people check these blogs so I'm glad you checked them \o/

Ohh but you just have to change the username right? Or you have some new characters to add ? D: Sadly I can't help you x_x Did you already created the new blogs and started to update the news GIFs? :o Gambatte bro, I give you some energy! \o/
ShiraNoYume Yesterday, 3:05 AM
Bro, I guess I'm maso, I reworked again my extend fav xDDD But now it's look better, you don't have to scroll a while :D Take a look if you want: The Girls and The Boys
tatiiz02 Sep 23, 4:33 PM
You welcome, you too have nice profile, it is quite well made, it great so far
torsan88 Sep 23, 10:13 AM
I can understand your feeling, I feeling the same way, anyway what's your favorite anime is year? ^^
ownitlikeaboss Sep 22, 8:44 PM

Thank you for requesting!
Use ctrl+F (search your username) to find your cards and make sure to scroll to the bottom of the page first; otherwise, it might not work.
Please PM ElleGrace with the tagline 'DORISUKAI: Card Delivery' if any problems or questions come up!

Delivered by~ ownitlikeaboss
Lokester Sep 22, 5:41 PM

Cards by: Rainbow Delivered by: Lokester
KappaAim Sep 21, 4:28 AM
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Comment:Thank you LunyRem. I'm happy to be here. I need learn more i love cute picture. Love Rem too. I cry soo much.

torsan88 Sep 20, 12:27 PM
Well the last two anime I watched was mushibugyou and hanayamata, and now I have a little break, I will watch more anime but I working so I don't have a time....