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Touhou Sangetsusei: Visionary Fairies in Shrine.
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Shokugeki no Souma
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SilentSnake May 8, 11:18 PM
It often happens for many players to miss out those contents unless they frequently save new files every once in a while. I didn't know who were those Tales villains in the cameo battles back then until I had to look up on the other Tales games. xd Like Vesperia again for example, started off by chasing a thief to get the core back, then it progressively escalated into saving the world. xd It's always nice to seeing how the party members develop throughout their journey together.

Yeah, Serperior was the most recent final evolution starter with a single type and I'm glad to have him as my starter in gen 5. I felt I was a bit lucky to OHKO Siebold's Gyrados with a Critical Hit back then. That's also a good method to take down that sturdy Probopass. That ability is still my least favorite when fighting against. xd Hope that Galar Champion battle will be decently challenging again or else it would eventually be against Cynthia again for the possible D/P remake. xd

They just had to release Joker out of the blue and then had to wait several hours more due to online issues. xd Yes, Joker has been surprisingly doing well in the competitive scenes so far. In the first day of its DLC release, a Joker player even made it as far to the Grand Finals already. I haven't bought much any new games lately, so I'm just waiting for E3 next month.
SilentSnake Apr 22, 10:00 PM
I did overlook most cameo battles during my first playthrough in Vesperia years ago. xd Same. The party members do need to have a fair share amount of spotlight and importance to keep the story interesting such as explaining their main goals and rivalry on certain antagonists.
Phantasia and Legendia comes to mind when it comes to 2D Tales games released outside of Japan.

Many would mistake Incineroar as a Fire/Fighting at first glance due to his obvious design. I'd also wouldn't mind Scorbunny evolution to be fire type, which would be the first since Typhlosion. Gyrados's high special defense may caused to unexpectedly survive, so always try to KO before it uses Dragon Dance. Normally, it would be Wikstrom's Probopass, but my Mold Breaker Haxorus was able to OHKO it thankfully. As long as the champion's team is decently balanced and especially not mono-type specialist, I will often try to use every Pokemon in my team to fight. xd
Sometimes, I think Chesnaught would've fit well as Grass/Steel, but they made it part fighting for weakness triangle among those RPG classes. xd

Well it was more like a Twitter Direct by Nintendo when they suddenly released Joker out of nowhere. Then again, they did the same thing with Piranha Plant. xd I've been having fun playing him lately though it may some more time to get used to him for competitive fights. Also nice to see stage builder back, which looks improved over the Wii U one.
SilentSnake Apr 12, 11:34 PM
If I were to choose a tough cameo fight for the next Tales game, my personal pick would be Ludger, Milla, Velvet and Yuri. xd My guess is cameos are low priorities for developers compare to other important stuff while making the game.
I'd like to see Affinity System come back again since it's fun to choose which characters for the main protagonist to get close to see different outcomes of the story. Considering that Rebirth was the next game after Symphonia, I still also do wonder how this game was never released outside of Japan. As a result, many people would probably learn about that game from fighting Veigue in Graces.

I'm fine with school campus settings as long it's well executed in the end for fun gameplay and story. If the avatar teacher has to make choice for one of three nations, then it could possibly be even bigger than in FE: Fates. xd

It could at least be a similar situtation with Incineroar. Scorbunny's final evolution may look like a Fire/Fighting, but a still a different type in the end, which I would be okay with it. xd Although, the Kalos League was easy overall, Siebold's Gyrados can be troublesome when not being careful. I could have easily swept Diantha's team with my Aegislash alone, but I decided to give my other Pokemon some chance to shine against her. xd The Mega Evolutions, Threat of Team Flare, French-like setting and the characters is what made me really enjoy the game despite its low difficulty.
Well, the Kalos starters were based on the three traditional RPG character class: Mage, Knight and Rogue hence their double weakness triangle. xd

It would seem so. Some expected a new Nintendo Direct happening earlier due to Reggie retiring and Doug Bowser taking over NoA, but I knew nothing happened. Guess we'll just have to wait by late April when they announce the new version of the Persona 5 game as well as Joker joining the roster.
SilentSnake Apr 1, 11:26 PM
"Take that! Devour!" Thanks to Velvet's Break Souls, I hardly get flinched by many enemy attacks and easily penetrate their defense. Depending on what the main theme is going to be for the next mothership title, a cameo battle with the Shepherd and Lord of Calamity would be great for references. A bit weird they're using less cameo lately. Xillia 2 is probably the latest one that had the most characters in a cameo battle.
Perhaps, as far Symphonia's story goes for the series. Presea is one of my favorites that I liked to have her in my active party. xd

The price for RF4S is what matters in the end. The school campus just happens to be the most popular setting in many Japanese games as well as independent developers and fanmade parody games. xd Just by speculation, the school would indeed play a large part of the game, but the serious part of the story could come in the late part of the game and it may vary depending on the player's choice.

Three Fire/Fighting starters is still too many for the franchise. xd Hoping that Scorbunny would either be Fire/Electric or Fire/Fairy for its final evolution. X and Y might the easiest Pokemon games due to its exp share, I still quite enjoyed my journey throughout Kalos a lot. I doubt that Sun and Ultra Sun would hold long enough. xd

If a players are not skillful enough to win in tough fights, they'd just have to rely on gamble tier characters like G&W. xd At the very least, it could just be a more teasing trailer hinting on what the next DLC character could be.
SilentSnake Mar 22, 8:50 PM
Berseria had the easiest way to switch characters maybe even more so than Xillia. Velvet is just such a fun protagonist to play in battle, she's been my active main much as Yuri Lowell. xd That's the result when having Eizen as active party most of the time. So far, only in the mobile title, Tales of the Rays. A cameo battle against the siblings would be cool in a future Tales game.
Symphonia is often regarded as one of the best stories in the series for a reason. Also, the first game in the series to feature Affinity system. Presea, huh? Well she is great fighter for tough close range fights. xd

That's what I'd expect the price would be upon release there. Guess there are no guarantees yet if Europe will have the physical version instead of just digital. Then again, the game was eventually released there thanks to enough popular demand. Yeah, probably a coincidence since there are many JRPG games using the school system lately. The "Chosen One" line pretty much indicates the avatar is going to get involved into a big conflict of the story.

Scorbunny is easily the most popular pick of the three starters though I really hope it won't become a Fire/Fighting starter again. xd The female trainer is also looking to be very popular already since I've been seeing some funny memes with her. xd Playing Y and Sun should be able to keep you occupied until Sword and Shield releases.

Ike's Aether is a bit safer and easier to get used to. Mr Game & Watch could be considered gamble type characters due to his Judge attack, so it's best to mostly just use him in For Fun type matches. xd
It has to be another character that no one would ever think to have a such a moveset in order to be on par with the Plant. I hope they'll surprise another upcoming DLC character in the next direct during right after featuring Joker.
SilentSnake Mar 12, 9:52 PM
Perhaps, it does depend on which perspective of the character's stories in the end. I often have him as an active party member against many tough foes. Still used to hear him saying "You're wide open!" and "Die or be killed" a lot. xd Just vague references of her in the end, but it was nice to see Eizen being an overprotective big brother over Edna whenever someone shows any slight interest on her.

Just have to wait until the release date gets close for the enhanced RF4, but I just hope it'll at least be lower than a Switch usual full retail price. Considering that it will be a Worldwide release, I think Europe should have a physical version of the game. Makes me wonder if the Fire Emblem developers took some inspiration from Valkyria Chronicles 2's academy idea. I am also curious on how the story would go beyond being a teacher in the game.
I am looking forward to see what Sword and Shield will offer something new to the Pokemon franchise. As of now, I'm leaning towards on choosing Scorbunny as my starter.

Also, Chrom's aether also seems easier to be edgeguard by opponents than Ike's aether imo. There's bound to be some characters that players didn't expect to be good playing at first. I'm also having a similar experience as Mr Game & Watch despite not playing him very often. Still funny to catch opponents off guard with his "9" Judge special attack. xd
Since Nintendo wanted DLC characters to be a surprise addition, I wouldn't be surprised if one of those characters could be on par with Piranha Plant to give fans another big "WTF" reaction. It'd be also be nice to prove those "leaks" wrong again. xd
LunyRem Mar 9, 1:50 AM
Sounds like a good deal. ( ̄ω ̄) But....depends on the game if I'd want to buy that specific game or not. xD I'm the type of player who would be obsessed with just one game and would only move on to something different after I've accomplished everything I wanted from that game, and since Disgaea is a game where I'd likely spend hundreds of hours in power-leveling, I highly doubt other games can grab my attention atm. xP How many weeks has it been? I'm still not done with Novice difficulty. (๑˃́ꇴ˂̀๑) Well, I'm about to be done with it actually, just more TV anime left. xD I've been playing too much Disgaea 5 at home rather than watching anime instead. ¯\_( ◉ 3 ◉ )_/¯ You don't have to worry because my anime pacing has been absolutely terrible. xDD

Wanted to set that as my own goal too, but since my pacing is unbelievably slower than usual, I think it'll take me 3 months to finish each difficulty. xD I was originally planning to go for Expert too. However, I'm probably going to end up choosing the shortest route once I'm that far ahead if I want to grab the challenge completion if I'm already that close to the finish line. Which means I might pick up mostly short anime by then. Who knows? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ But the twins Rem & Ram are already a perfect pair so why replace them? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Every badge is animated. xD It's just that only one badge has an animated clip from the show, which was the result of me conducting this random experiment! (ノ≧∀≦)ノ And yes, with the current lineup of my badges in their gallery, I hereby conclude that my request has been granted. (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و

I have absolutely no idea how Nintendo Switch Online could affect the gameplay of Super Mario Maker 2. Hopefully it'll just be more on level sharing by simply having the game connect online, just like how the original Mario Maker did. Is this an appropriate situation for applying the "best plan is no plan" plan for saving funds in purchasing a Nintendo Switch in the future???? :P
SilentSnake Mar 4, 9:44 AM
Zestiria's story might've been a bit more interesting if Berseria was released before. Eizen is so fun to play in battle and some of his skits are unexpectedly funny. xd Would've been nice to see more of Eizen and Edna other than just sending each other's letters. The anime adaptation of Zestiria did show a bit on how close the siblings were.

Yeah, they probably want to test market on the Switch just to make sure their franchise is still popular, which I'm sure many fans were relieved and would continue to support in order to get that long awaited sequel. Considering that it's an enhanced version of the game, the price should hopefully be lower than its usual retail price just like Vesperia. Oh right, RF4 only became available in europe as digital only. I didn't know Valkyria Chronicles 2 also had academy since I'm only familiar with the first game. There should be more contents yet to be revealed in the new Fire Emblem game.
Btw, I'm also excited on the new Pokemon Sword and Shield for the Switch!

Probably, though Ridley would die first unless the opponent wiggles out at the wrong time. xd Other than Joker for the upcoming 3.0, I just couldn't help but think that they might teasing something like possibly all new contents for the game, but I'm not putting my expectations high on it.

Setting up with the help from a friend whether intentional or not makes it even more worth to KO with. xd Ike's aether did a have small change, but fortunately, he would to take down the opponent first before himself. Chrom, however, would usually die first now. It's only best to use it when having an extra stock or two. I'm glad Rosalina got the superbuff she needed, so I should also feel more comfortable playing as her for fun matches.
When Villager was first confirmed in SSB4, many made memes about him being depicted as a serial killer back then thanks to that smiley face. xd I'd expect to see more Piranha Plant in those "WTF" highlights videos
SilentSnake Feb 24, 11:53 PM
Berseria did help a lot to explain Zestiria's story like the Scarlet Night event. The game did well to convince players who already played Zestiria to care about those characters especially Eizen and Zaveid. I tried not to get too attached to the former since knowing his inevitable faith, but he still ended up as one of my favorite male Tales character. xd

Yeah, since Summer is usually the time when they announce many new upcoming games at that time. I'd be surprised too if it gets ported to the Switch, but then again Square is likely to release some updated version of KH3 in the future like they did with the previous installments for a while.

I'm glad they took the opportunity to bring their popular franchise to the Switch. I'm also interested to see the new feature on Rune Factory 4 special especially since I'd like to see married life with my favorite girl in the game. xd I probably won't expect more RF5 info for couple of months. Three Houses sure looks different by having an academy to teach students from different countries. Reminds me of Yu-gi-oh! GX. Just looking at the trailer of Mario Maker 2 alone and I'm already having a couple of level ideas to make by the time it releases. Well, I had a long working day at the time of the latest Direct hence it took me a while. xd

It can't be as bad as self destructing as Ridley's side special though. xd It's always even more funnier to see certain AI characters keep self-destructing until their last stock. It was mainly just buffs and nerfs for the fighters from the latest patch, but hopefully the upcoming 3.0 patch will be something more.

It maybe hard to time with the axe, but totally worth it in the end when catching them offguard. xd The patch did made me to adjust on Palutena's Nair and Snake's U-tilt a bit but other than that it didn't affect me at all. Although, the patch did buff Rosalina and Jigglypuff a lot.
The Piranha Plant really does live up to its "WTF" character title in the game. xd Due to the plant's weird hitbox, it's also likely to get a couple of DBZ style trade knockback with its opponents.
LunyRem Feb 18, 1:38 AM
I never imagined that Steam would grant my wish. Oh my lord and savior. ( ̄ω ̄) And I'm already satisfied just playing one game from Steam, since this one will keep me occupied for months. xP Hm? I have an absolutely terrible pacing with anime lately, so my Anime Watching Challenge almost looks like it's dead. :P But not for long! In fact, I've already finished my complete set of banners for the AWC so I wouldn't have to worry about those anymore. (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)و I really wanna make a comeback from my anime semi-hiatus. xD There's still my Disgaea game that keeps me busy, so... :P

I don't think I'll finish Novice before March. Not to mention, the remaining anime I picked for Novice difficulty are all TV anime. Oh well, I'll finish them all eventually and reach Apprentice hopefully by the middle of March. Yup, I've submitted all the banners in one full batch and I've also included my first 2 banners in the selection so the mod should see how I want all banners to be arranged after adding all the new additions. :3 As for this time, the total isn't absurdly high. (*≧▽≦)ノシ)) As a matter of act, it's the same number of pairs from last year's batch of banners! ᕙ( * •̀ ᗜ •́ * )ᕗ

Don't worry. I haven't yet. xD But maybe I could try it soon now that I've finished the banners. xD I've been using my profile pic for more than 6 weeks now, and this will surely stay for the months to come. Valentine's is already over and I didn't prepare a new pic. xD The only upcoming Holidays I could think of where I could use themed profile pictures would be....Halloween and Christmas once again? xP Oh, wait. There's still Easter, I guess? 「(゚ペ)

You have a Nintendo Switch, right? Do you wanna try Super Mario Maker 2 once it's released? I personally couldn't ride on the hype train, mainly because I don't have a Nintendo Switch. ^^' I'm aware there are still months before the game's release. As for getting a Switch, well.... I can't tell at all what the future has in store for me. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
SilentSnake Feb 14, 11:13 PM

Guess Winter sales then. The Switch version is also nice to play portable Vesperia. With Kingdom Hearts 3 in my currently playing list, I would have to split my free time for other games to play. xd Either that by getting a PS4 so you could also get to play the HD remixes of KH to understand the story again easier. Though I also heard that Nomura isn't counting out for a possible Switch port of KH3.

Now regarding latest Nintendo Direct, I think it was good overall especially when not raising expectations too high. xd I knew Rune Factory isn't dead and the 5th one confirmed to be in development. Also, super hyped for Super Mario Maker 2.

Wario might be risky, but totally worth to bait his opponents with buffed attacks that delivers devastating punishment. xd They love to dash grab when approaching you close, which makes them easily predictable to be punished. Luigi's Win by Doing Nothing (Melee version) video perfectly shows how some AI are terrible at recovering. xd I'm not sure about the AI change since I don't recall anything about it from reading v2.0.0 patch note.

Yeah, Cloud is likely to be one that's in high risk of getting cut if Sakurai were to make new game again sadly. It's quite satisfying KO opponents with the axe when damaged enough. Even if the holy water were to miss it does provide a decent setup for the other projectiles to use.
The occasional patches and character matchups are what causes to change my list. Snake being my main for most tourney fights, while often using Cloud first to test my opponents and for against certain characters that Snake tends to struggle. It's been unanimously agreed that Ultimate Zelda is best of all Smash game for those reasons. xd
Not only it's hilariously to use, but also has a rather funny victory pose. xd The Piranha Plant's long bite even outranges the Belmonts whip attack, though it also has a weird hitbox that allows it get punished in a strange way.
CryingSkies Feb 7, 4:15 AM
Okay , Thanks for the info :)
CryingSkies Feb 7, 3:15 AM
thanks ^^

Is that touhou project is good to watch?
CryingSkies Feb 6, 4:17 PM
Hello Just passing by..

Nice profile of Ram I like it ^^

Who is the big girl on your layout?
SilentSnake Feb 4, 8:41 PM
Ranging from

Maybe just wait and see for when the Summer Sales steam will lower the price for the game.
Alongside with Vesperia and Smash, I've also been playing Kingdom Hearts 3 lately.

Sounds like an easy job for Wario there to push them close to the blast zones. xd The Melee AI are considered the worst in the series since they are much easier to bait their attacks and punish them even at lvl 9. Not to mention, they tend to easily SD the most in the series with Luigi, Ganondorf and Falcon being great examples.

That could explain why Sakurai warned cuts again if he were to make another Smash game again. I just gotta use those projectiles wisely and their aerial whips to keep them at bay against those kind of characters. Common tactics for the Belmonts setup to KO are either Holy Water to F-Smash or a D-air to aerial whips. While it's the better recovery for them them, it may need to carefully angle their whips for tether recovery.
The list is subject to be changed soon anyways as the meta game continues to develop though I may have to put Snake and Cloud on their own list as my "true mains". Alongside with those two, Palutena, Zelda and Richter would make up as my main Squad Strike team.
As for your list:

I got the Piranha Plant for free several days ago. It's hilariously fun to use than I thought it would be though I don't plan to main the character.