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Mashle: Shinkakusha Kouho Senbatsu Shiken-hen
Mashle: Shinkakusha Kouho Senbatsu Shiken-hen
Jul 21, 4:57 PM
Watching 10/12 · Scored 6
Isekai Yururi Kikou: Kosodateshinagara Boukensha Shimasu
Isekai Yururi Kikou: Kosodateshinagara Boukensha Shimasu
Jul 21, 4:03 PM
Watching 4/12 · Scored -
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The Slumbering Ranker
The Slumbering Ranker
Jul 19, 12:09 PM
Reading 95/? · Scored 9
The Legend of the Northern Blade
The Legend of the Northern Blade
Jul 18, 12:58 PM
Reading 134/? · Scored 10
I Killed an Academy Player
I Killed an Academy Player
Jul 17, 6:41 PM
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Shizuna Yesterday, 1:53 PM
Hmm, I haven't listened to Creepy Nuts yet, but maybe you know some Japanese rock bands with soft male vocals like this?

This is from the best story centered about musicians I've read and it made me interested in that sort of vocals.
Shizuna Yesterday, 12:46 PM
I'm not trying to make you watch the anime or play one of the many imas games, just listen to the songs :P

Here's Amamiya Sora, for example:

Btw, I think you placed Takahashi Rie two times on your list, 10th and 15th places.
Shizuna Yesterday, 12:35 PM
If you're interested in listening to songs sung by seiyuu you know you might be interested in checking out imas characters: here's a list of the Cinderella Girls idols for example. You can probably find some really unexpected ones. Like I've mentioned in the contest thread, Uchida Maaya voices Ranko and Hayami Saori Kaede.
Shizuna Jul 21, 2:48 PM
Yes, it's fine for now. I'm going to listen to that song tomorrow, though, I'm already in bed.
Shizuna Jul 21, 1:18 PM
Thank you very much, brother. I truly appreciate it! :)

Speaking of kanji, though, I used to learn them digitally only, but recently decided to try writing them by hand too. The process is kinda relaxing, but my handwriting sucks even in my native language, in JP it's probably even worse.
Shizuna Jul 21, 12:44 PM
Right, people defending that disgrace is one of the reasons I don't want to interact with English speaking fandom. I can understand if someone doesn't want to bother with installing fan patch (which is immensely better), or if they don't have the time or desire to learn Japanese, but when they start defending mistranslations is like talking to a wall.

I hope all these hacks will lose their jobs and be replaced by AI, and hopefully it won't be trained on them. Then again, sometimes I'm not even sure if these so-called translators know Japanese in the first place. Machine translation nowadays is so good, anyone can "translate" JP to EN and just correct small details here and there when necessary to make everything seem consistent. Hard to imagine someone pouring thousands of hours into learning a language just to butcher works of art coming from the country of its origin.

My outlook on life was already pessimistic, so it didn't change much in the grand scheme of things :P But hey, an interesting psychological analysis can be done based on my situation. Me being obsessed with that series and Shizuna in particular makes me have some sort of peace of mind and instead of focusing on negative thoughts all the time I think about something that makes me a little happier. So where antidepressants failed, Shizuna prevailed! (sort of, I'm still being blue all the time, just with some bright colors added). I think it's a strong point against all those people who dismiss otaku interests and preferences as pathetic, cringe, etc. If anything, it helps people from becoming extreme.
Shizuna Jul 21, 11:51 AM
Yeah, I agree. If it's German, I'm going to watch it in German, Korean in Korean, etc. I started watching with sub when I was 13 y.o., so even at that age dubs felt much worse than the original. That's also why I facepalm when I see the argument "I can't focus on the action if I have to read subtitles". English isn't even my native language, but somehow I don't have that problem.

However, in that particular case (Kiseki), I don't mean just the voice acting. I've been immersing myself in that series for almost a decade now and the localizing team that works on it since ~2019 allows itself too much liberty with their translation. They remove "offensive" language, add zoomer slang everywhere as well as hideous jokes, rewrite character personalities, etc., so even if you play with Japanese audio and English subtitles, you're still going to experience a vandalized game. Even when my home was hit by a military air strike and I lost all my possessions and property in the process (would most likely die too if I wasn't outside the country) I wasn't as resentful as I'm feeling towards the savages working on the localizing team. Because one is like getting struck by lightning, and the other is like seeing someone important to you getting raped over and over before your eyes. Again, to a bystander or a tourist it might appear excessive or exaggerated, but to me that series is the only thing in life that still brings genuine joy.
Shizuna Jul 21, 10:43 AM
Yeah, to me that's akin to grave or war memorial desecration. It would be preferable if that localization didn't exist at all. Those barbarians who worked on it is the only group of people I genuinely loathe in this world.

Was this level of negativity uncharacteristic of me?.. Some people can feel very strongly about very unexpected things :P
Shizuna Jul 21, 10:12 AM
This is official English release of a 2021 JP game. No way I'm watching these trailers though, if I hear even a single character talking in English I'll have to destroy my eardrums and drink tons of alcohol to forget what I heard afterwards.
zech Jul 20, 7:29 PM
Of course. I'm like the goblin slayer, except I autistically slay puritans
Shizuna Jul 13, 10:44 AM
Shizuna Jul 12, 3:43 AM
Hmm, only one picture loaded for me.

This user doesn't seem like a contest-participant tbh.
Mr_Libra Jul 12, 1:34 AM
First of all, thanks for the spoiler, but don't worry, I'm not mad because it doesn't seem like a major spoiler.

Yes, that's how I felt at first too, so The Legend of the Northern Blade was a welcome change, even though all these explanations don't really bother me, since they're just there for people who maybe haven't read any murim manga/manhwa yet. I agree with you, I also think "The Legend of the Northern Blade" is the best Murim manhwa, especially because I think the art style fits the theme extremely well.Unfortunately, I can't think of any manhwa that is similar to this one, but if you want to read some good murim manhwa, just take a look at this interest stack:

I haven't read all of them, but I can say that there are some good ones.

Ah, interesting, you can sometimes get really good recommendations via YT shorts. And if L.A.G. is similar to Pick me up, maybe I should check it out.

I'll have to think about it. If I come up with some recommendations I'll write to you, but that might take a while. So I recommend that you just look at a few interest stacks from mnhwa that you like. Maybe you'll find something good there.

Well, have a nice day.
Shizuna Jul 11, 11:15 PM
Mr_Libra Jul 11, 3:22 PM
That's true, I'm a really fast reader, but I'd say that's normal when you read as much as I do.Yes, but only the other manga and manhwa that I follow weekly anyway, and for those I only need about 5 minutes per chapter.

you're right, I really like the manhwa. As for why it's only a 9 and not a 10, all I can say is that I think it's really good, but I still have the feeling that something is missing to make it a 10. But I can't say what that is, it's a feeling thing. I don't think that's the reason, I usually rate manga/manhwa that I read in one go better than when I take a break in between, because that way I still have the whole story in my head. Yes, I noticed that too, which I think is a shame, I thought the three of them were really funny, especially how Jisuk and Subin are always annoying each other.

Well, I'm definitely excited to see what happens next.

And what about you, you've now read a little more than half of The Legend of the Northern Blade, and considering you gave it a 10, you seem to like it a lot.
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