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DigiCat Oct 5, 7:47 PM
Damn, manga dropped 6 chapters from the end, how bad was it that you didn't want to sit thru the last few chapters?
Lunarswordsman1 Sep 26, 11:55 AM
It's one of my favorite movies with Jack Black in it and probably my favorite role. I actually have seen Bladerunner but I had to watch it for a film analysis class I took in community college years ago which was awesome cause all we did was watch movies and analyze them. The Terminator I haven't seen either though so you're not alone there. I have seen stuff like Casablanca and Singin in the Rain although they've been on my list. XD

But yeah! It's nice to meet you too NeaRetrogamer! Speaking of your username I assume you love video games too right?! What are some of your favorites if you don't mind me asking? ^_^
Laika_Moonlight Sep 26, 5:48 AM
I think the episode with Prefect (the first Christmas one I believe the last two episodes took place on the same day, too?) was episode 10, IIRC?

Personally, I thought the last two episodes were some of the best

I really should go back and watch the show in chronological order, some time... I assume it'd be quite a fun experience
Laika_Moonlight Sep 26, 5:01 AM
No problem! :)

Yeah, it was hard to find any high quality pics of anyone in PriPri smiling, lol. I guess the show in general could be called a bit of a "downer", lol (Man, that Christmas episode was SO good!)
Laika_Moonlight Sep 25, 9:55 PM
I'm not sure whether it's the 26th in Greece yet, or whether you celebrate your birthday or not, but happy birthday in the event that you celebrate it!
Lunarswordsman1 Sep 25, 3:18 PM
Oh heya! I noticed you mentioned School of Rock in the movie thread and I was like.... how can anyone have not seen that movie? It's awesome! Although I will admit there's movies I've not seen that are probably well known I guess.... Anyways, I'm Lunar btw!
DigiCat Sep 22, 10:35 AM
Yup, I can confirm it's an extremely realistic portrayal of being a cat owner 😹😹😹😹
DigiCat Sep 22, 9:35 AM
Did you enjoy Ore Tsushima? 🐱
Laika_Moonlight Sep 21, 8:55 AM
(didn't know about the limit, or rather I think I'd heard of it before but wasn't certain if I recalled correctly; just looked it up and seems the limit is 1000 - quite a distance away from my own inbox at least -, but better not increase it without reason).

Yeah, the limit is 1000. I've reached it I think twice before

if I absolutely need something from a site that requires login, nowadays I tend to login with my Google account instead, since most sites have that option nowadays - and if I happen to not need that site again iirc the settings in Google have an option where one can manage which sites are registered as third party sites that have access to the google account and disconnect this linking

The only thing I use my Google account for is Pokémon GO, Fire Emblem Heroes and Google Play Books. Everything else just isn't worth giving my date of birth out for, IMO

I tend to be weirded out by fetishes

Yeah, same. I suppose more than anything that I just don't understand them (or sexual attraction in general, really). I guess my "you do you" mindset probably has something to do with the fact that I don't find anything sexually attractive, so really it's all the same to me (except if they're hurting a real person of course. That's just not cool unless maybe it's a consensual masochism sort of thing?)

I prefer to avoid exposure to this type of illustrations.

Yeah, same here. I will admit some of it can be pretty nice to look at if it's well-drawn, but, like, there's also thousands of non-sexual pieces of fanart for me to enjoy as well and I'd prefer those any day of the week, personally. (Which sort of makes searching for Touhou fanart in particular a bit of a "minefield" as it were, since Touhou supposedly has more hentai than any other series, IIRC)
Laika_Moonlight Sep 17, 6:00 AM
though there are letters that nowadays sound the same and thus could be considered as 'duplicates' (e.g. Ο - omikron - and Ω - omega -, and Η - eta - (a vowel in greek, despite looking like the latin H that's a consonant) and I - iota)

Ah, so kind of like how "C" is pretty redundant in English, since it's always pronounced as either a "K" or an "S" sound anyways? Lol

It would stoke my national pride for sure if Greek was indeed the first written language, but it in fact isn't. The first written language afaik was sumerian, which used the syllabic cuneiform script. Afterwards there was Ancient Egyptian with hieroglyphics and then the first written form of Ancient Greek, which wasn't the Greek alphabet but 2 syllabic scripts nowadays called Linear A and B (though Linear A not having been deciphered, it's not certain if that was a script for Greek, but Linear B, which has been deciphered, most certainly was).

I'm not sure where I got the idea that Greek was the first written language from, lol. (Although I think it might've been that someone once told me that that was why the dinosaurs were and still are, for the most part all named in Greek? I guess it doesn't matter, since it's not correct anyway, lol)

What seems to have happened that caused for the Greeks the need to adopt a script from the Phoenicians was some sort of cataclysmic event seems to have taken place in the late mycenean period that caused the destruction of the Mycenean civilisation which also caused the complete forgetting of the Linear scripts (since those seem to have been used pretty much only in an administrative palatial context by learned elite scribes or somesuch). Thus, along with this general collapse, which caused the advent of a period called the Greek Dark Ages, there was also no script for Greek for about a couple of centuries until the Phoenician alphabet started being adapted to the Greek needs.

There's still so much we don't know about history, huh? I suppose even if there were any surviving documents of the events that they'd probably be quite hard to decipher, if they're written in now-seldom-used scripts...

Although I must admit that a lot of history topics do fly completely over my head, since the only history I ever really studied was art history in college (and even there, I slept through most of the lectures, lol)

As for the Russian alphabet, what happened there was that the first form of the Cyrillic alphabet as it's called was created by nowadays saints Cyril (hence the name of the script) and Methodius for the purpose of writing the Bible in the slavonic language (an ancestor of nowadays Slavic language), since they were spreading orthodox christianity in slav areas

I suppose that makes sense. As far as I can tell, Christianity (although I'm not sure which branch, I assume orthodox?) is pretty prominent in Slavic areas? I seem to recall (from studying Slavic mythology for a story I'm writing which features the mythical creature "rusalka") that Rodnovery (the native faith of many Slavic countries, I believe) is far less prominent in many areas than Christianity is? Although I'm not a religious scholar, nor am I a Rodnover, orthodox Christian or historian, so absolutely take that with the biggest grain of salt possible, lol

(though some letters might look like the greek ones, but represent different sounds from their lookalikes altogether nowadays, so that a Greek person looking at the cyrillic alphabet without knowing it might in fact be more confused about how something written with it could be read than a non-Greek).

That's kinda ironic actually, lol. I suppose that would make sense. It's a bit like how anime "engrish" probably makes more sense to a Japanese person than to someone fluent in English, I suppose

Maybe you somehow have an older version of Office that included it, as it seems it stopped being included from Office 2013 onwards, or if someone else helped you install essential software before giving it to you to use, they also considered this an essential software and installed it the same way I did on my own pc.

I suppose I could have an older version of Office (IDK, my current version didn't come with Word 2007, which I had to manually reinstall myself, if that's any indication of what version I have?), IDK

I did set this thing up myself though, but it's always possible I somehow accidentally transferred Picture Manager over from my original laptop when I was transferring files (documents, games, etc) over en masse

Btw, I noticed that in the MAL forum guidelines, they also forbid 'advertising' which they define as "Posting content with the intent to attract visitors to another location, either an external site or another location on MAL", so I kinda wonder where they draw the line when it comes to links on signatures, because in that case any link whatsoever, especially towards sites other than MAL, could be counted as such and lead to the signature being considered as violating forum guidelines and whatnot.

I seem to recall that the guidelines also state somewhere that using your own profile/signature to "advertise" is acceptable, so long as you don't do it within the content of your forum post itself apart from on the Creative Corner board. Don't quote me on that though

Also, I hope you don't mind that I elaborated on some more points through PM, since I know that a few of said points I made are probably the kind of thing that internet trolls would latch onto, lol
Laika_Moonlight Sep 16, 3:18 PM
I somehow can't help but feel flattered as a Greek at that remark. :D

Oh, well, I'm glad to hear that! :)

lowercase letters, not only in the Greek alphabet but in the Latin as well, weren't a thing until then

I'm probably about to out just how little I can speak other languages, but I genuinely thought uppercase letters only existed in the Latin alphabet, lol. I'm not sure why, since there's really no reason I can think of that other alphabets wouldn't use them. I guess maybe I thought that because kanji, hiragana and katakana are the foreign alphabets I have the most exposure to, and they don't have uppercase characters, AFAIK

from which derives not only the latin alphabet, but also the russian one. :-)

Yeah, I do notice some visual similarities between certain Greek letters (like alpha, beta and kappa although I'm not sure if those are still in use, since I know there are a few letters that were dropped from, for example, the Latin alphabet (or at least in English anyway) to A, B and K). Since, IIRC, Greek was the first written language, I did kinda guess that the Latin alphabet might've been derived from it (and I'm fairly sure the origin of the word "alphabet" is from "alpha" and "beta" too), but I had no idea the Russian alphabet had its origins in Greek too! The more you know! :D

It's not so much that it straight up requires it, but that everyone else uses it. This can be a problem when sending a doc file to someone else e.g. for feedback, as more often than not when a file isn't written with Word but is then opened with it, Word messes up the formatting of the file, especially when said file has things more complicated than just text, like footnotes, tables and/or a table of contents. And given this, what I fully expect to happen if I did that (haven't risked sending anything not written with Word, as I think preventing is better than having to fix things afterwards) would be they'd see the messed up formatting and think the problem was on my side and ask me to fix it, which fixing so that it'd look the same on their end would have to be done with Word, so I'd have to use it anyways - so I'm better off using it from the start then, to avoid such unneccesary and tiring for both parties back and forths.

Ah, yes, of course! Yeah, that makes total sense! It's better to keep everyone on the same program, I guess. I've seen what Word can do when opening non-Word documents, and it's often a mess, lol

And yeah, what you said about relying on someone else's software rings quite true, especially as everyone relies on Microsoft's software in such a big scale (and indeed afaik there have already been problems when pcs that had usage in critical sectors suddenly had to do Windows 10 updates: here is an example of such an instance).

Yeah, that reminded me of stories of certain companies (and mainly indie games websites) that were hit really hard by the shutdown of Adobe Flash last year (even the software that I use for making animation stopped working although thankfully, there are several third party Flash players, so I don't have to worry about not being able to animate anymore, or something like that)

What I do in Windows 10 myself is fully take advantage of the options to set 'active hours' and to postpone all updates for a set duration. I've set my active hours as basically all hours I'm awake and then some (8:00-0:00, and I tend to turn on my pc after 8 and turn it off before midnight) so that it can't restart by itself, as it does in the non-active hours (which I basically nuked, since I have it turned off then anyways) and after doing a set of updates postpone updates for the maximum duration possible (around a month iirc). I also disabled the option (under advanced options in the updates section) that says 'restart this device as soon as possible when a restart is required' (or something like that - I see that text in greek myself, so not sure how it'll look in english) and instead enable the option underneath it that says 'show a notification when a restart is required', so that it won't restart automatically after the updates are applied and will instead show a notification this was the case, so that I know to restart.

Thanks! I didn't know about any of those options! All fixed now! :)

And now compare all that to the equivalent process in Linux, where I see the notification there are updates in my taskbar, see which these are and just have them download and install, and can just continue what I was doing meanwhile, as not even a restart is required, due to the different way the filesystem in Linux works as opposed to Windows (iirc it's something about being able to write on a file as it's being used instead of having to close it before doing so, as in Windows, but not sure). :-)

Wow, that sounds SUPER convenient! A shame that I'm just too used to Windows now to change it, lol And the Touhou games don't run on Linux, AFAIK

Skyrim is part of the Elder Scrolls series, which is a different series of games (open world action RPGs with many difficulty options as opposed to punishingly difficult by default linear-ish action RPGs) and made by different developers to boot (Elder Scrolls being made by Bethesda, and dunno who makes the Dark Souls series, as I haven't played any of its games, since the very concept of them being difficult turns me off from even trying them), but looking at the names of both these franchises, they do sound somewhat similar so no wonder you were confused.

Wow, goes to show how little I know about most non-Nintendo games, lol. I always thought that Dark Souls was the second game in the Elder Scrolls series. Now I'm not sure why, lol

Yes, this is also what I use. :-)

Good to know! :)

Good thing I was able to install Picture Manager on Windows 10 as it isn't included with modern Office versions anymore

Oh, really? Huh, that's strange, I'm pretty sure this laptop always had both Windows 10 and Picture Manager on it from day one? Perhaps it's a regional thing? I know that keyboards and the like can be different depending on where your device came from (IIRC, the punctuation marks on European and American QWERTY keyboards are in completely different locations?) so maybe preinstalled software is different too? IDK, I'm just guessing

Meanwhile, I found a good forum avatar as well (cropped a bigger picture that showed Kamen Riders from other series as well, and slightly resized it with Picture Manager), so now only remains to see whether I'll tweak the signature further (it looks good enough as it is, but I'd like to somehow include a link informing about Kamen Rider W itself, as the upcoming Fuuto Tantei anime doesn't make evident from its title that it's related to that).

Glad to hear you found a good avatar!
Perhaps you could put the link somewhere in the signature, since it has more space than the PFP? A link is super useful for promoting series/music/whatever that you like so that others can enjoy it too! (Although currently I'm just using my signature to promote my own novels, lol). One of my old signatures linked to Kasen Ibaraki's character page here on MAL
Laika_Moonlight Sep 16, 10:25 AM
Εξωφρενική Βιβλιοθήκη

Probably completely irrelevant to anything, but I really like the way the Greek alphabet looks, lol

It seems btw that this tv series is still ongoing to this day, which makes using said show as the one referenced even more accurate, especially as it makes sense for one to be fed up with a show running since 1985 (so it was running for quite some time when this book was published, so the prediction it would still continue in the future was quite accurate) and is still going on with more than 7.9k (!) episodes.

Wow, over 79000 episodes?! Eastenders must be a completionist's worst nightmare (or dream come true, depending on how dedicated they are/how much free time they have), lol!

I think most soap operas do tend to be quite long-lasting though, especially in the UK, AFAIK? I believe my own country's longest lasting (and also still ongoing) TV series is a soap too, lol (even though I've literally never met anyone who even watches it, so it's hard to imagine there's that much of a demand for it, lol)

A lot of British TV series in general last for decades, I'm pretty sure (although my only reference for that claim is Doctor Who a British sci-fi show that's been going since the early 1960's [and also happens to be my favorite TV show of all time])

The problem with him going fast specifically is that since (as I mentioned earlier) I often miscalculate jumps, I might jump wrongly which will cause him to bump somewhere or something of the sort and come to a complete halt, and from that point it's kinda hard to get back to the fast speed again, and even if I manage to, I'll only bump somewhere and completely halt again and so on, so that I don't think I ever managed to complete even the first level of that game, so I have no idea how long the stages are so I can tell if the general gameplay feels slow. So, all in all, I've basically given up on the entire Sonic franchise because of that.

Perfectly understandable. I think I've only played one level of any Sonic game (not counting Super Smash Bros.) in my entire life, and I had much the same experience with it

Unless your school used Hackintoshes (old Macs modified to run other OSes, usually a version of Linux), which isn't very likely as these are illegal, Macs use MacOS, Apple's own proprietary OS.

Yeah, looking up pictures online, it seems it was Apple's OS. (Although I must admit I kinda wanted it to be Linux after you said it was illegal, because I'd have reported that college to the cops in a heartbeat if that were the case. That'd make 'em pay for how they treated me, lol! Although I could still always report them to the police for the sexual and religious discrimination that they displayed towards the students right from day one...)

As for Linux, I've dabbled in it myself as a hobby and have a secondary computer with this OS, but don't use it as often as I'd like because of the need to use Word/Office for my field

Yeah, I can't really imagine doing my work without Word either. I mean, I know there's other programs I could use as an author to simply write text, but Word is the one I'm most accustomed to by far

Although I have to question what kind of field would straight-up require the use of a third party program (unless of course your field is related to Microsoft themselves)? Relying solely on another company's software seems like a recipe for disaster to me, I guess

In particular, what I like from Linux in general and the distro (short of distribution) I use in particular is, among other things, that updates aren't forced upon the user as happens with Windows 10 and also don't have cryptic names, so one can always tell what will be updated

Yeah, that sounds WAY better than what Windows does! The way Windows does updates is really infuriating to me, TBH (And I think I heard once that making the only options for an update either "Yes" or "Remind me later" is actually illegal in most countries? Not that that stops Windows from doing it anyway, lol)

again I rambled a bit: I like Linux quite a bit as well, though, ironically enough, I'm writing these lines on my Windows pc (I have Word open on another window though, so that's why)

That's alright! I feel like I probably learned a thing or two about Linux! :)

And yes, that's pretty ironic, lol

At any rate, I get wanting to see the plot instead of exploring around and helping randos, though in this type of open-world games, if one was to only do the story quests, there's afaik a big chance they'd be quite underleveled when the final boss came around (because the developers design these games with players that do the sidequests and stuff in mind afaik), so yeah indeed if you don't like doing this stuff, I get why you wouldn't like these games.

Yeah, that's exactly it. Honestly I feel that basically forcing sidequests to be mandatory (through means of, for example, making the characters underleveled otherwise) is objectively bad game design, which also helps. If sidequests are all-but-required to beat a game, then they shouldn't be optional, IMO. And if "side" stories are incorporated into the main game, the pacing of the story usually suffers

Which I suppose is why I prefer linear games so much, lol

I've never heard of Skyrim being difficult on purpose or anything (maybe you're confusing it with something like Super Meat Boy or Cuphead?), but at any rate I made it even easier myself by using God Mode :P

Oh, really? Isn't Skyrim part of the Dark Souls series? I kinda assumed since every hard game is compared to Dark Souls nowadays (such as Cuphead, for example), that it was one of those purposefully hard games? Although, again, I could easily be entirely wrong

Thanks for the compliment.

No problem!

I tried a vertical picture before this one - you might've seen it if you saw my profile or previous post while I was switching pfps around -

Yeah, I did notice that one too

Now remains trying to make the forum set look good; I want to tweak the signature a bit more, and replace the avatar that's there rn with something that looks good on smaller sizes (so I need to find another pic, as both the ones I had in mind don't look good in 100x100 size).

I don't think I've ever had a good-looking forum set before, apart from the one where my signature was removed for being 8 pixels too tall, lol

I'd recommend using Microsoft Office Picture Manager to resize images, since it usually does so without making them too blurry or unrecognizable, if you want to use a certain image as an avatar but it's too big. As an example, here's the unedited version of my forum avatar compared to the 100x125 version:

Although probably take my advice with a grain of salt, since as I said, I've never really had a good-looking forum set or anything, lol
Laika_Moonlight Sep 16, 7:30 AM
Personally, the definition I had of modding was applying patches that change/add functionality in a game (e.g. adding a search bar to the inventory in FNV), though there are also bug-fixing mods, so if rom hacking does the same, I guess modding is then the equivalent on the pc.

When I hear "modding", what usually comes to my mind is something like the Smash Bros. fangame Project M, which adds characters and stages that aren't present in Super Smash Bros. Brawl (including ones that have never even been in an official SSB game)

Also for the record, when I hear of rom hacking, it sounds to me like one might actually have to modify the code of the rom, but that might not actually be the case and it might be easier than that, especially if there are tools allowing to use a UI to change values in the rom or something.

I'm not sure about all games, but Pokémon has the most dedicated ROM hacking community of all-time (which I guess isn't surprising, since Pokémon is not only the most popular game series of all-time, but also the most popular franchise period)

There are plenty of tools for doing everything from editing the Pokémon themselves (graphics, movesets, cry, stats, etc), to editing/replacing the background music, to the maps to the trainer encounters, and whatever else you can think of

I mostly attend online lectures, and, especially when I personally don't find their topic interesting (in which case I attend them to keep up with the latest developments in my field), though sometimes even when I do, I find my mind wandering elsewhere and checking other tabs on the internet or doing other such stuff and not paying attention for some reason (I guess most of the time I find the internet more interesting than whatever the lecturer goes on about - poor lecturer though :P).

I personally always find lectures to be boring, so I definitely understand checking other tabs and not paying attention (I slept through all of my art history classes in college. Seriously boring! And I straight-up skipped all the drawing classes, lol)

see the pic here for example - not to mention how in hindsight it seems it accurately foresaw both the advantages and drawbacks of online classes

The use of the term "rubbish" and the jab at Eastenders (a fairly popular UK soap opera, I believe)'s expense implies to me that that book is probably British, right? Lol

Yeah, the points about online classes seem to be pretty accurate. Although personally, I'd probably swap around the "good" and "bad" labels, since the idea of broadcasting my face online for hackers to see always terrified me, and I never cared much about making friends at school anyway

Not Sonic (I find the gameplay of that one too fast-paced for my taste)

Yeah, same (although I think I actually found the gameplay slow more than anything, ironically. Like, I get he's going fast, but they did make the levels to accommodate for that fact, so I feel they're about as long as most other platformer games' stages)

I liked Alex Kidd games (kinda like Mario equivalents in their gameplay, only Alex also gets a motobike at points, and there are rock-paper-scissors matches and the end of many levels)

Was Alex Kidd the one that was originally going to be a Dragon Ball game, before SEGA or whoever lost the license and replaced Goku with their own character?

and of course Shenmue (though I ended up dropping Shenmue II at a specific area that required beating many enemies (and watched the rest from a playthrough on Youtube), as I played it mostly for the open-ish world/slice-of-life aspects rather than the fighting).

I've heard great things about Shenmue (especially considering when it came out), although it personally doesn't really look like my kind of game. I heard the new one that released recently is supposedly pretty bad though

In Europe too, Playstation (and thus Sony) is way more prevalent, so yeah Microsoft is quite likely to lose console-wise, but on the other hand they're singehandedly monopolizing the pc gaming market (since a way smaller fraction of games gets versions for other operating systems like Mac and Linux, and in general also other gaming-related stuff (like mod organizers) is also geared towards Windows users), so losing the console market might not affect them all that much, since they have such control over the pc market.

Yeah, I can't imagine not using Windows. My college made us use whatever Macs use (Linux, I think?) and I absolutely hated it. Even if Microsoft lose the console war, they can at least say that the official Touhou games are exclusive to their platform, at least, lol Although the 2 most recent official Touhou fighting game spin offs are available on PlayStation as well, and the newest one is also on Switch, lol

Personally, I like action RPG's (though I like them better if I can enable stuff like God mode so that I can focus on scenario stuff like quests and stuff without worrying about dying :P - this is what I did in FNV and Skyrim)

Dying isn't even much of a problem to me (although I do die a lot in those sorts of games), I just REALLY hate the combat. It feels like if a good turn based RPG and one of the numerous terrible fighting games had a baby, lol

Also most of them have awful inventories and quest systems, in my experience, in addition to many having open world elements

and open world games (as long as the exploration feels varied and there are always things to see and do and the world doesn't feel empty)

Since all I care about when playing a game is the story, I hate open world games, because the pacing is usually awful. I'll take a super-linear game with an amazing story (such as Pokémon Sun and Moon which were highly criticized for being "too linear") over an open world game where I get lost and end up doing pointless quests that don't further the story, any day!

As a result, I'd honestly rather a world that felt "too empty" over one that felt "too full", IMO

I also don't like shooters and difficult games

Correct me if I'm wrong, since I know next to nothing about most non-Nintendo games, but isn't Skyrim a purposefully "difficult" game? Although if it's just like some exception, then I completely understand. I like Smash Bros. despite being a fighting game and Splatoon despite it being a shooter

I don't have anyone to play party games with :-(.

Yeah, that sucks. WarioWare games tend to really fun single-player party games though, IMO, and Mario Party has a single-player mode (as well as being able to just use CPUs in multiplayer)

I definitely do think party games are better with... well, a party of people to play them with, though :(

P.S. In case you notice any picture changes in my profile and/or forum avatar, I'm currently experimenting with creating a Kamen Rider W set (found some really nice images). I might end up not applying it for long, but still...

The new PFP looks pretty good, IMO

Hope creating your set goes well for you!
Laika_Moonlight Sep 16, 4:18 AM
Well, at any rate, the same way you thought modding was hard without having tried it, maybe I ended up thinking the same about rom hacking. :-) Maybe at one point we should try these things we haven't tried yet, me rom hacking and you modding, and see how it goes.

Perhaps we should! ...Although I'm struggling to think what game(s) I'd even mod in the first place, since most of my games are on Nintendo hardware, and I know how tough Nintendo get if they notice someone playing on modded hard/software, lol

I guess, technically speaking, that applying English fan patches to the Touhou games could count as modding? In which case, I've had to do that myself a few times

On the topic of Youtube videos btw, I managed to find a bunch of videos of Joueur du Grenier with English subtitles - I used the option in search to filter for videos with closed captions, which, since the filtering is for all CC instead of being able to filter by language, might also have brought up videos only with french subtitles, but checking at least the first few results do have english subs, so you can get an idea how that youtuber and his style of humor is

Thanks! I might check them out sometime! I didn't even know YouTube search even had such a filter, lol

Since I realized I didn't mention any gaming channels I like before, I might as well mention a few here

Grand POOBear (Condensed Twitch streams, mainly of Mario Maker and "kaizo" Mario hacks. Also probably the funniest Among Us gameplay, IMO)

CarlSagan42 (Also Mario Maker, but also frequently discusses science topics and his job as a... I think the term is "vaccine technician"? The guys who make vaccines, lol)

Let's Game It Out (Plays a variety of games in "incorrect" ways. I find his content can sometimes be hit-or-miss, depending on the game in question, but most of the time I really enjoy it)

And of course there's the Angry Video Game Nerd too, lol

Maybe your adblocker (if you have one) is blocking too much, and thus preventing normal page elements from showing up? Dunno...

Could be, but this is my usual adblocker that I'm currently using, and I never had that problem before... Strange, indeed

In terms of how people see the future in e.g. sci-fi, I think the setting in your novel might be more realistic though, since it has been proven in practice that the future is mundane; that is everybody imagines the future to be futuristic and stuff and then it comes around and it's pretty mundane.

Thank you, that's exactly what I was going for!

I'd say the best example I can think of is Back to the Future Part II's version of October 2015, lol

And (another example from my own experience) as a kid I read the greek edition of this book and in the end had some predictions for the future and said, among other things, that classes would be held through the computer and the students and the teacher would be at their homes. At the time I thought it was hella futuristic, and that something like that would be way cool to happen, and then 2020 and covid came around, and this became a reality, and it was also hella mundane.

I suppose I wouldn't know much about that, as an outsider looking in (since I've been out of education for a number of years by this point), but online classes do look Hella boring and mundane, lol (I guess there really is no way to make school actually interesting though, lol)

So all in all, futuristic settings in sci-fi have turned out to be more "fi" than "sci", but at any rate people (us included) like to imagine the future as futuristic, because this gives the illusion that the future could at some point be better instead of constantly becoming worse (and even if it was a dystopia, as in Blade Runner, at least it would be a cool-looking dystopia, instead of a mundane/boring-looking dystopia as it largely is rn for a lot of people afaik).

Yeah, exactly! Plus it's fun seeing what kind of futuristic technology writers can come up with

In general, PSP was quite comfortable for emulating handhelds, as trying to play these on the pc, especially with a keyboard instead of a controller, isn't all that comfortable.

Personally, I had no discomfort running my FR ROM hack on PC with keyboard, but I do imagine using an actual console would probably feel better

As for a perceived 'rivalry', the way I see it, the Nintendo/Sega rivalry was stronger

Yeah, the console wars were brutal, lol. So glad Nintendo won, though Sorry, SEGA fans

rn the main rivalry is Sony/Microsoft, with Nintendo kinda doing its own thing, and surviving due to having carved its own niche.

Oof, good luck to Microsoft. IIRC, Xbox is really unpopular in Japan (the biggest market for video games, AFAIK), so I can't see them winning the "console war 2.0", as it were

Nintendo has definitely carved its own niche, yeah. Probably goes a great way to explain why Nintendo is the only non-indie game maker I actually like, lol. I guess I just have niche taste when it comes to games (such as hating action RPGs, open world, shooters, intentionally "difficult" games, etc) and Nintendo caters to my preferred genres quite well (party games, turn-based RPGs, they literally invented platformers and tactical RPGs, IIRC...)
Laika_Moonlight Sep 15, 12:49 PM
The most I've done in modifying videogames is use mods for Fallout New Vegas and Skyrim, which probably doesn't require as much skill as rom hacking, given how it basically consists of using a software for managing mods and being careful with the load order of the mods so that the game won't crash (which is largely facilitated by the aforementioned software).

Honestly, modding is a lot more difficult to me than hacking is (i say, as someone who's never tried modding a game in my life, lol)

I guess since Nintendo doesn't have an official mod service like Steam or the like, that I'm less acquainted with them

I don't mind humor being safe and family-friendly as long as it's still entertaining myself, so I'll try to look them up somehow

Yeah, don't get me wrong, I feel the same way, but I just don't happen to find those particular YouTubers I mentioned to be entertaining myself, although perhaps that's down to the games they tend to play being titles I'm not interested in such as Minecraft, rather than just their sense of humor?

Just checked, and managed to go to the MAL Fall 2021 page (from the Anime->Seasonal Anime ribbon and clicked on the Fall 2021 tab). There is though that FAL Banner on top, so that might've been confusing (though there's also the chance you tried to do so on mobile, in which case I'd expect a popup more, since using an adblocker is harder on mobile).

Huh, that's odd. I'm on PC, and even now it looks like this:

Btw, I registered for FAL too myself. I'm not at all interested for the MAL hoodie given to the 1st 3, since I'd have to give them my postal address, which I don't want to do - I mean I don't even want to do that on online stores when I buy digitally too (what do they need my physical address for in that case? they aren't going to send me anything) - and besides I find MAL's logo kinda lame in comparison to e.g. Anime-Planet's, so I don't want a hoodie with that.

Well, good luck to you in FAL! Yeah, I'm not really after the hoodie either, lol. Although, theoretically, I could just give them my local post office's address if I were to win one, right?

I'm slightly more interested in the free MAL Supporter given to the 1st 10, since I'd like to be able to add more of my favorites (I have an extended favorites list on A-P) and also customize the colors on my profile without the need for a userscript

Same! I wanna try out a MAL supporter membership without paying in case I end up not using it. I really wanna add more favorite characters, people and anime especially

(haven't watched Death Note either btw, but somehow its plot doesn't interest me either)

I would recommend DEATH NOTE, but at the same time I know that it's definitely not a series that everyone would enjoy. Personally, I really liked it even though I'm not the biggest fan of crime dramas, but that could easily just be a "me" thing, lol

I'm not interested in Komi-san either for some reason.

Yeah, I'm not particularly interested in it either, but I figured I might as well give it a go, to see what the big deal is

btw, a short anime I watched a while back called Pupipo is similar in premise, in that its MC is a young girl haunted by ghosts, but found interesting myself how it treated this as a bad thing that could cause misfortune

The MAL synopsis for Pupipo kinda reminds me of the manga Kuro, although it's probably more lighthearted, I'd imagine

instead of e.g. seeing it a special ability that would make the one having it special (as a western work probably would)

Not gonna lie, that automatically made me think of Stands from JoJo right away, lol. I mean, some Stands are pretty bad for their users (like Cheap Trap and arguably Super Fly, Notorious Chase and Purple Smoke, for example), but for the most part they're pretty helpful "ghosts"

I haven't watched the Way of the Househusband anime myself (though I've heard it's like a slideshow, so I kinda wonder whether these rumors are true, and if it's still enjoyable despite that - which I doubt, since anime is supposed to be moving and stuff, but who knows).

Personally, I really liked the "slideshow" style of TWOTHH, since I think it helped to enhance some of the jokes, but to each their own. It has a pretty low score on review sites (such as MAL), for a reason, lol

Still definitely had more "animation" than Pop Team Epic, though. If you ever want to see a show that's actively hindered by terrible animation (in addition to the terrible writing and pretty much everything else), then PTE is definitely that show, IMO

and besides I found the recent Star Wars movies quite bad, so yeah...

I haven't seen Rise of Skywalker or Solo yet, but I'd say Force Awakens, Rogue One and Last Jedi are my three favorite Star Wars movies by far, in that order (Unless one counts Phineas & Ferb Star Wars as a Star Wars movie, lol), so I'd definitely say the new ones are better, IMO. But again, to each their own

Star Trek thus appeals to me a bit more, though not as much as it appeals to my mother who watched the original series of it back in the day (said series seems kinda old-fashioned and boring to me, so I don't feel like trying it). Tried the Next Generation, but dropped it pretty soon iirc for some reason. I liked the J. J. Abrams films myself, even though Spock was kinda out of character, as they otherwise had good action, which I always appreciate in films. I also watched Star Trek Enterprise with my mom as a kid, so I kinda wonder if I should revisit that, even though it's technically a prequel.

As someone who has never seen a single episode of any Star Trek TV series, I have to absolutely agree! I much prefer both the original 6 Star Trek movies and the J.J. Abrams ones over Star Wars. Jim, Spock, Scotty and Bones are just way more interesting to me than Luke, Leia, Han or whoever else, TBH. (Plus Star Trek IV is a time travel story, which I'm always a sucker for, lol)

Personally, I think my main gripe with the modern Trek films was their depiction of Khan rather than Spock, but I still loved them regardless, too

I definitely prefer settings which are futuristic in sci-fi, over something like Star Wars's sorta... science fantasy setting (not to say I hate the world of Star Wars or anything, but still). Although, I suppose I'm not one to talk, since my own sci-fi novel is set a mere 100 years into the future and most of the world in that novel is still quite similar to ours, lol (except with more youkai)

I only played the og game and Pokemon Yellow a bit on an emulator, FireRed the same way (using my PSP for emulating), Black on the DS (the one I got the most playtime on iirc), and X on the 3ds and that's it

Man, the idea of playing Pokémon on PSP is the very definition of "r/oddlyterrifying" to me, lol. Something about that just doesn't feel natural, given Nintendo and Sony's rivalry, lol

Pokémon Black and White are the best games in the series by quite a large margin IMO, for what that's worth, so I'm definitely excited to see what they do with them in Evolutions. My second favorites are Sun and Moon, which I think will be the focus of the next episode, so I don't have to wait too long for those at least, it seems

Personally I thought that maybe they don't have someone having a paid subscription for the chinese youtube channel this airs on, so they have a hard time getting the video

That could easily be the reason too, although the idea of pirates not being able to get something without paying for it is quite ironic, isn't it? Lol