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The ★ Fire G-Men add
Part of Safety Education Anime series.
Special ??-??-74
Seishun Buta Yarou wa Yumemiru Shoujo no Yume wo Minai add
Movie ??-??-19
Chao Wa Zhanshi: Weiwu Jiaoguan add
Movie 06-01-12
Kouya no Kotobuki Hikoutai add
TV 01-??-19
Zuori Qing Kong Pilot add
In the late 90's, in China, Tu Xiaoyi, an high school student, takes no interest in marks and prefers to play video games with his friend nicknamed "Peanut." One day, he was chosen by his teacher to more.
ONA 01-21-14
Devidol! add
TV 10-05-18
Muma no Machi Cornelica add
OVA 11-30-18
Hashiri Tsuzukete Yokattatte. add
Minato visits a recitation at an anime event with his friend. He is captivated by the voice actors' performances and decides to enroll in Suidoubashi Animation Academy. There, he meets Chikako, who more.
TV 10-09-18
Boku to Nurse no Kenshuu Nisshi The Animation add
OVA 11-30-18
Sono Toki, Kanojo wa. add
The anime will take place in Fukuoka, and will follow the love lives of four female protagonists as high school students, college students, and as working adults. (Source: ANN)
TV 10-07-18
Inazuma Eleven: Orion no Kokuin add
19 members of Inazuma Japan have been announced, and they will battle against the mysterious team "Orion's Apostle" in the Football Frontier International.
TV 10-05-18
Coffee Ikaga Deshou add
The anime follows a coffee food truck shop, where the barista makes an individual cup for each customer. The coffee brewed conscientiously, sincerely, and wholeheartedly helps customers unwind. ( more.
ONA 08-24-18
Wei, Kanjian Erduo La! add
The cute story of the daily life between a guy and his cat-boy roommate.
ONA 08-25-18
Shuudengo, Capsule Hotel de, Joushi ni Binetsu Tsutawaru Yoru. add
The anime centers on Minori, an office worker, and her boss Hadano, who are constantly arguing with each other. One night, after a company drinking party, Minori and Hadano are having their usual more.
TV 10-08-18
Cinderella Girls Gekijou 3rd Season Specials add
Specials included with Blu-ray volumes of Cinderella Girls Gekijou 3rd Season.
Special 08-24-18
The iDOLM@STER SideM: Wake Atte Mini! add
TV 10-09-18
Colorful Pastrale: From Bermuda△ add
TV 01-??-19
Bokutachi wa Benkyou ga Dekinai add
His late father always said that a useless man should strive to be useful, so to that end, third-year high school student Nariyuki Yuiga dedicated himself to becoming a high-achieving student in his more.
TV -
Anitore! XX: Hitotsu Yane no Shita de Specials add
Specials bundled with Blu-ray volume of Anitore! XX: Hitotsu Yane no Shita de.
Special 03-17-17
Seizei Ganbare! Mahou Shoujo Kurumi 2nd Season add
Second season of Seizei Ganbare! Mahou Shoujo Kurumi.
ONA 10-??-18
Malta no Bouken Season 2 add
The second season of Malta no Bouken. Most of the events take place during Malta's summer vacation.
TV ??-??-15
Malta no Bouken Season 3 add
The third season of Malta no Bouken. It focuses more on an adventure that Malta and her friends go on.
TV 05-05-17
Kabukichou no Yatsu add
Shinjuku ward east side... The center of the street with most chaos, There's a Kabukicho with full of neon lights. When the light is stronger, the shadow is deeper. The story begins when certain more.
TV 04-??-19
HuGoo.n no Hug Hug Song add
A music video commissioned by Elleair, a household paper product company, for their disposable baby diapers. It's so safe that you can hug your baby and play around with it without worrying about more.
Music 08-09-18
Circlet Princess add
TV ??-??-19
Namu Amida Butsu!: Rendai Utena add
The pain that everyone cannot escape when living: the living, old, sick, and death. The way to save it is through Buddhist enlightenment. At the end of a war, a prince who obtained the Buddhist more.
TV ??-??-19
Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory Intermission add
Recap episodes of Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory.
Special 05-11-18
Hoshi no Shima no Nyanko add
The story centers on the cats Hopi, Toto, and Mao, who set out on the ocean in search of a place to establish a new town. The three friends plan to find the mysterious "Island of Stars." When they more.
TV 10-06-18
Doukyonin wa Hiza, Tokidoki, Atama no Ue. add
Novelist Subaru Mikazuki, who is shy and not good with other people, and Haru, the cat that has been living a severe stray life. This is a story of them suddenly living together and describes the more.
TV ??-??-19
Out Of My Head add
Scottish synth-pop group CHVRCHES has shared a vibrant new song and visual featuring the Japanese EDM group Wednesday Campanella. "Out My Head" is accompanied by an animated music video by famed more.
Music 08-03-18
Soredemo Tsuma wo Aishiteru 2 add
OVA 12-07-18
Zhu Zhu Xia: Fan Wai - Zhi Huanqiu Riji add
Teaming up as an agent squad, GG Bond and his pals travel around the world to help people solve their problems. Although their journeys are full of danger and unknown, these brave agents are highly more.
ONA 03-30-18
Zhu Zhu Xia: Jing Qiu Xiao Yingxiong add
In honor of the 2018 World Cup, this season of GG Bond focuses on sports team competition, team spirit, and personal growth as they compete in the Meteor League.
TV 05-18-18
Zhu Zhu Xia: Zhong Ji Jue Zhan add
G.G. Bond and his team have eliminated all monster threats. So they have been using a virtual reality simulator to stay on top in case of a threat. In this simulator, G.G. Bond is reunited with his more.
Movie 07-10-15
Zhu Zhu Xia: Zhong Ji Jue Zhan - Qian Ye Pian add
A prequel TV series setting up for the Zhu Zhu Xia: Zhong Ji Jue Zhan feature film. G.G. Bond's father while exploring ruins gets sucked into a dimension of evil through the Dark Gate. He is more.
TV 06-10-15
Zhu Zhu Xia: Fan Wai - Pin Zhuang Tegong Dui add
The first web-season of G.G. Bond, episodes were later televised on a select few TV channels. This season is meant to be more educational than the main series line. Each episode focuses on 1 country more.
ONA 12-29-16
Zhu Zhu Xia: Ying Xiong Zhu Shao Nian add
Legend has it that five locks protect the world's magic power, but it accidentally selected a "nobody" G.G. Bond as its owner. A terrible man dressed in black is trying to destroy all five locks. He' more.
Movie 01-07-17
Zhu Zhu Xia: Yong Chuang Juren Dao add
Jack the Robber loses his magic bean. G.G. Bond and friends plant it and a giant beanstalk grows. Up in the clouds there is a new world called Titan Island. They triggered the Titan's alarm and the more.
Movie 05-31-14
Zhu Zhu Xia: Jiong Jiong Wei Ji add
The first ever theatrical G.G. Bond film. G.G. Bond and his friends have to use environmental protection to save the Fairy Tale planet. Their planet is actually an egg, and the greenhouse gasses more.
Movie 06-28-12
Zhu Zhu Xia: Chao Xing Meng Chong add
Attempting to make GG Bond the partner for Iron Fist, Mr. Mihoo disguised himself as a school teacher, showing GG Bond the charm of interstellar shuttling. GG Bond took his invitation and became an more.
TV 05-27-17
Matsugae o musubi add
"The Pine's Branches" is the latest work in Murata Tomoyasu's series "Journey through memories of life and death,” which he began following the Tohoku earthquake in 2011.
Movie ??-??-17
Zhu Zhu Xia: Meng Xiang Shou Wei Zhe add
G.G. Bonds enters the realm of dreams to stop evil's power from growing. They must get the citizens of Crystal City to remember their dreams so that the 5 element powers can recharge.
TV 10-28-16
Zhu Zhu Xia: Guang Ming Shou Wei Zhe add
Twin City, as legend has it, is an evil city which was born at the time when Crystal City was created. There is a mirror-like lake above the city which has a horrifying power. It enables people to more.
TV 04-29-16
Zhu Zhu Xia: Wu Ling Shou Wei Zhe add
G.G. Bond finally won the appreciation of Princess Crystal and moved to Crystal City. But conspiracy traps lurk in the darkness out to frame G.G. Bond an ruin his good name.
TV 09-18-15
Zhu Zhu Xia: Bai Bian Lian Meng add
Will G.G. Bond be able to save Fairy World when his enemy is his father? Or is it a trick? G.G. Bond waivers between his alliance with his fellow warriors and his alliance with his long lost family.
TV 01-27-15
Zhu Zhu Xia: Bian Shen Zhandu add
The Kung Fu Team was endowed with the transformation power of the 5 elements. The Fairy World is in danger again and together they must combine the 5 elements to defeat evil.
TV 08-10-14
Zhu Zhu Xia: Bian Shen Xiao Ying Xiong add
The Fairy World has been suffering attacks from all sorts of monsters. G.G. Bond by accident becomes a monster and now has to fight against both sides.
TV 12-??-13
Zhu Zhu Xia: Xingfu Jiuyuan Dui add
If Fairy Land loses happiness, the whole world will fall apart. G.G. Bond teams up with a rescue crew to save the world.
TV 09-??-12
Zhu Zhu Xia: Jimu Shijie De Tong Hua add
When GG Bond's grandfather, EE Bond, tries to save the dinosaur from extinction by traveling back 60 million years, he accidentally winds up in the Brick Kingdom, a fairy tale world built by blocks, more.
TV 09-??-10
Bai Bian Zhu Zhu Xia add
This time G.G. Bond has transformed into an angel. He's on a 3 month trial period to help a monster to make sure they stay on the right path.
TV 08-13-09
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