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Xing Fu Lu Shang add
Chi earned her American dream after persevering with her studies in Taiwan. Following her grandmothers’ death, Chi returns to her family on Happiness Road, where she begins to feel nostalgic about more.
Movie 01-05-18
Chiisana Kinomi add
The first animated Minna no Uta adaptation of the song Chiisana Kinomi. This 1983 version was the second release of the song as the original from 1971 was a live-action music video.
Music 10-05-83
Wonder Gravity: Pino To Juuryoku Tsukai add
Sega has released the opening movie for Wonder Gravity: Pino To Juuryoku Tsukai on its official YouTube channel for its upcoming smartphone adventure RPG from developer f4samurai. The game is more.
ONA 04-16-18
Gonglyong Mecard add
Gonglyong Mecard is a spin-off-series of Mecard, based on the idea that dinosaurs didn't become extinct 65 million years ago, but transformed into mecanimals. Its characters don't have any relations more.
TV 11-23-17
Turning Mecard W: Vandyne-ui Bimil - Teugbyeolpan add
The birth of a powerful mechanic! The Battle of destiny begins again! During peaceful days and friends, Dr. Franklin calls call on Isobel. They must train the new mechanic and take charge of a more.
Movie 02-08-18
Turning Mecard W: Vandyne-ui Bimil add
It follows the fan favorite character Vandyne as his hidden secrets are revealed. Unlike the Turning Mecard R reboot, which exclusively uses 3DCG visuals, this series is like the earlier entries and more.
TV 10-15-17
Turning Mecard R add
Turning Mecard R was announced as a CG-reboot of Turning Mecard. It features the same characters as Turning Mecard and Turning Mecard W. (Source: Wikia)
TV 09-14-17
Bai Ye Ling Long add
ONA ??-??-18
Future Card Buddyfight Ace add
The sixth season of Future Card Buddyfight featuring Gao Mikado's son.
TV 06-02-18
Mu Wang Zhi Wang: Qi Lin Jue add
ONA 07-21-16
Rang Wo Men Shao Ba add
ONA 02-13-18
Rokudou Juku add
A televised commercial for Rokudou Juku, a cram school in the Nerima Ward of Tokyo.
Special 04-10-18
Uchi no Maid ga Uzasugiru! add
Having lost her mother at a young age, Misha Takanashi, a second grader with Russian blood, now lives with her Japanese father. Tsubame Kamoi, formerly a Self‐Defense Force officer, comes to the more.
TV 10-??-18
Mado (Music) add
Open the windows of your mind. The scenery of the world is irreplaceable and while you may love the past but you shouldn't let it cloud what you see in front of you right this very moment.
Music 04-02-18
Dandy Hitsuji Shitsuji add
A girl who has trouble sleeping counts sheep (hitsuji) thanks to her butler (shitsuji) who happens to be a sheep butler (hitsuji shitsuji).
Music 08-??-17
High School DxD Hero: Taiikukan-ura no Holy add
Alternative version of the final four episodes of High School DxD BorN.
Special 04-10-18
Oam Monogatari: Sono Natsu, Watashi ga Shitta koto add
A tourism promotion anime for Ogaki City in the Gifu Prefecture. It is based on Oam Monogatari, a book about a woman who spent her coming-of-age during the Sengoku Era. Oam is the main character and more.
ONA 04-08-18
Beelzebub-jou no Okinimesu mama. add
Beelzebub is a great demon lord who rules over several millions of demons. Murin, who decides to serve the demon lord, learns that not only does Beelzebub lack the poise of a great demon, but is more.
TV -
Shin Manga Naruhodo Monogatari add
TV 04-02-88
Akuma no Kimuraa-hen add
A cup noodle commercial where [Kuro] Hiyoko-chan, the mascot of the "Chikin Ramen" line from Nissin, uses black magic to summon devil powers to turn into [Kuro] Hiyoko Akuma. This year marked the more.
Special 04-06-18
Ukkari Pénélope (2017) add
The 4th season of Ukkari Pénélope.
TV 10-04-17
Ojiisan no Densha add
A boy and his grandfather love playing trains at home. Even if it means he has to cut baseball practice early.
Music 04-??-84
Pa Para Papa add
A happy husband and wife enjoy eachother's company and go for scenic drives in their car.
Music 04-??-02
Konchuu Ninja add
A live-action animation hybrid music video showcasing insects with unique camouflage patterns.
Music 04-??-08
Oyashirazu add
A metaphorical song about the anxiety, frustration, lonliness, and heartache felt during puberty. Like that of wisdom teeth growing in, the pain follows you everywhere.
Music 04-02-18
Tousan no Kiteki add
Yu Sakai, the composer and singer of the song, found his 4th grade diary at his parents' house. Within the pages he recounted how scary his fisherman father was. As an adult, it seems like every more.
Music 04-02-18
Boer no Mori e add
A song about preserving ecology. Kenjiro Imawano created this song along with a picture book to reach out to the hearts of children so that they can grow up knowing that they are in charge of more.
Music 04-04-02
Fure! Fure! Daijoubu! add
A song encouraging people to keep fighting and that everything's okay even when things seem bad like a loss at a game or a getting rejected from a confession.
Music 10-??-10
Nikukyuu no Uta add
A song about a man who loves paws too much.
Music 04-??-14
Ousama no Takaramono add
A bird steals a king's treasure and becomes upset. A boy helps the kind feel better and he realizes that his greatest treasure is his friends and family rather than gold and jewels.
Music 02-??-09
Mr. Bond add
A paper and marker stop-motion short about an international secret agent named Mr. Bond.
Special 05-12-97
Pugpug add
A short-lived Petit Petit Anime program for the NHK. It was entirely animated in CG.
TV 04-08-98
The Starry Night add
Official music video for KONCOS' song The Starry Night which had its EP released on the same day.
Music 04-04-18
Nanatsu-iro REALiZE add
Official music video for IDOLiSH7's song Nanatsu-iro REALiZE also released on the album of the same name.
Music 04-04-18
Aware! Meisaku-kun: Short Douga add
A web-exclusive short of Aware! Meisaku-kun where the characters wonder what 7th grade will be like. As the end of the 2nd season (aka episode 78) in the main anime, the students graduated the 6th more.
ONA 04-04-18
Overlord III add
Third season of Overlord.
TV 07-??-18
Toji no Miko Recap add
A summary of the first 12 episodes of Toji no Miko.
Special 03-30-18
Neeko ga Vtuber Shite Mita add
In honor of Neeko wa Tsurai yo receiving it's 1st tankoubon release, Kadokawa commissioned a virtual Youtube idol-style anime shorts of Neeko. Niito Nemuko, nicknamed Neeko, is 23 years old and more.
ONA 03-27-18
Taiyou to Tsuki no Kodomo-tachi (2018) add
A music video "short version" of V6's song Taiyou to Tsuki no Kodomo-tachi. Tokyo-based illustrator, Yu Nagaba, provided the animation.
Music 04-01-18
Taiyou to Tsuki no Kodomo-tachi add
A family watches as their daughter grows up under the warm glow of the sun and moon and their love.
Music 04-??-17
Medama Oyaji no April Fools' add
An April Fools' Day prank between Gegege no Kitarou (2018) and Fuji TV. It shows Medama Oyaji playing around with the Fuji TV mascot, since both the anime and these prank shorts aired on that TV more.
Special 04-01-18
Heisei Matsue Kaidan add
A Matsue City collaboration anime with Eagle Talon. Yoshida book-ends the story as modern horror tales, originated within the city, are narrated by another person. The shorts are meant to promote more.
ONA 04-09-15
3-bu de Wakaru Koizumi Yakumo no Kaidan add
Stories from Patrick Lafcadio Hearn's book Kwaidan: Stories and Studies of Strange Things. The Greek-American author was known as Koizumi Yakumo in Japan and is renowned for collecting and more.
ONA 05-09-14
Yoshida no Time Slip Fumai-kou add
A Matsue City collaboration anime with Eagle Talon. A young Matsudaira Harusato (aka Matsudaira Fumai) who was once the ruled of Matsue time slips to the present. Yoshida ends up explaining Fumai's more.
ONA 04-01-18
Sukoyaka Oyako 21 x Taka no Tsume Dan add
A collaboration between Eagle Talon and Japan's Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare Sukoyaka Oyako 21 program. The 1st episode talks about the dangers of smoking and 2nd hand smoke while pregnant. more.
ONA 03-30-18
God Eater Reso Nantoka Gekijou Episode 0 add
Episode 00 of God Eater Reso Nantoka Gekijou. It introduces the characters through their first day of school. The characters are from God Eater: Resonant Ops, an iOS and Android game. Resonant Ops more.
ONA 03-30-18
Wo Shi Na Zha add
Movie 10-01-16
Xiong Bing Lian add
ONA 06-01-17
Huan Jing Nuo De Lin add
ONA 04-28-17
Kaishain vs. Credit Card Kachou: CreCar no Rule Shitteru kai? add
A collaboration between Asa da yo! Kaishain and Japan Consumer Credit Association (JCA), promoting safe credit card security behavior.
ONA 03-30-18
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