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Teakamamire no Tenshi The Animation add
OVA 07-28-17
Boku to Misaki-sensei add
A student confesses his love to his teacher, an attractive woman with large breasts.
OVA 04-28-17
Hashire Melos add
A Gakken version of the Run, Melos!.
Special -
Yuurei Yashiki add
Special -
Robinson Crusoe: Mujintou no Bouken add
A Gakken version of the Robinson Crusoe.
Special -
Haha wo Tazunete Sanzenri (Special) add
A Gakken version of the Haha wo Tazunete Sanzenri.
Special -
Chuukichi wa Kaetta add
Movie ??-??-29
Tako no Hone add
Based on the Urashima Taro tale, the story is about how the Octopus lost its skeleton. (Source: AniDB)
Movie 11-02-27
Kaeru wa Kaeru add
Movie 02-16-29
Tanukichi no Ohanashi add
A story about a tanuki.
Movie 05-28-31
Sakai Noriko no Yoiko no Ohanashi Hiroba add
Sakai Noriko narrated classic fairy tales done as novella shorts. They were released in a Japanese version as well as an English version to help Japanese children learn English.
OVA 11-06-03
Dan Fumi no Ohanashi Channel add
A low priced animated world classic fairy tale series narrated and written by the Japanese actress Fumi Dan.
OVA 11-05-89
Neko no Robu add
The series stars a cat with a lack of energy who speaks while lying down, yet has a thorough personality. He thinks various things and has fun watching humans.
TV 05-06-17
Isobe Isobee with Nakata Yasutaka de Sourou add
DJ and music producer Yasutaka Nakata known for his work with Perfume and Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Nakata recruited the characters from Isobe Isobee Monogatari to star in a promotional video for his new more.
ONA 04-23-17
Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha-bu Shozoku 2 add
The story takes place in the era of the gods, year 300. Yuuna Yuuki lives an ordinary life as a second year middle school student, but she's also a member of the "Hero Club," where club activities more.
Movie 04-15-17
Soushin Shoujo Matoi: Kabushiki Gaisha Knight Busters add
An unaired thirteenth episode of Soushin Shoujo Matoi included with the second BD box set.
Special 04-21-17
Chokotto Kamen feat. Inoue Kikuko add
Official music video for Abe Akira's Chokotto Kamen feat. Inoue Kikuko song released on his 2nd album titled "Abe Shobou".
Music 05-01-14
Pa-ri Nezumi-kun add
A hedgehog for the first time in history is a professional baseball player! Or is it?
ONA 04-14-17
Jii Coro Comic add
A Dangerous Jiisan webisode released on CoroCoro Comic's official youtube page for Christmas 2015. In it, Yousuke accidentally breaks Jiisan's handheld game and ends up going on a wacky time more.
ONA 12-25-15
Tobidase!! Buddy-kun add
Parody shorts of Future Card Buddyfight DDD released only on CoroCoro Comic's official youtube channel. Similar shorts are shown before each episode of Future Card Buddyfight DDD, but those are more.
ONA 04-28-16
Hamidashi CoroCoro add
Studio DLE and CoroCoro Comic have teamed up to create a series of absurd comedy shorts whose characters are based on reader questionnaires.
ONA 07-14-16
Five Fire Fish add
A short animation by Koji Yamamura, created in cooperation with the National Film Board of Canada.
Movie 05-??-13
Yo! Daitouryou Trap-kun add
An anime about the new transfer student that raps, President Trap-kun.
ONA 03-14-17
100% Pascal-sensei add
ONA 10-15-16
Residence add
The series takes place at a special mansion that transforms all who enter into beautiful women. After hearing rumors of a treasure within its walls, a man enters...
OVA 05-12-17
Neko to Mata add
The series centers around two cats: a younger sister named Neko, and an older brother named Mata. Neko is a nekomata (a mythical two-tailed cat), innocently selfish, and spoiled by her brother. Mata more.
TV 04-21-17
Nui Nui Hinobori San Kyoudai add
The series will center on the three Hinobori brothers, who run a stuffed toy shop called "Nui Nui" at the end of Tokyo's Kappabashi shopping street. The eldest brother Kaede is the manager, the more.
ONA 04-26-17
Niuniu Elise PV add
The popular character Elise from the program "WeChat" is the star of a short animation from DMM Pictures. The Chinese program "WeChat" uses stamps similar to Japan's LINE service. The titular main more.
ONA 03-22-17
Konbini Kareshi add
Six high school students' life around the convenient store on their way from the school, talking about their life and meeting each of the girls they end up liking: Haruki Mishima x Miharu Mashiki more.
TV 07-??-17
Yi Wan Nian Yi Hou add
Hundreds of thousands of years after the collapse of civilization, the world is a post-tech wasteland, and is inhabited by humanoid tribes. The Peace held between them is threatened by the return of more.
Movie 03-27-15
Anime-Gataris add
The anime centers on Minoa Asagaya, a new high school student in Sakaneko Private High School. Despite being a novice to anime, Minoa's classmate Arisu Kamiigusa invites her to make an "anime more.
TV 10-??-17
Ribbon add
Music video of "ribbon," the lead song of idol group sora tob sakana's mini album cocoon ep.
Music 04-10-17
Jitensha ni Notte. add
NHK Osaka has a "STOP! Dangerous Bicycle" campaign. Part of the program are live-action dramas, scenarios, interviews, etc. to promoting safe riding. The program has an opening theme song called more.
Music 04-14-17
Kabukibu!: Oogiri - Chiyokoreito Kassen add
A special episode bundled with the BD release of the television series.
Special 09-27-17
Imouto sae Ireba Ii. add
This is the story about the daily life of a young siscon novelist, Itsuki Hashima with his perfect little sister Chihiro, the genius illustrator Nayuta Kani, his best friend Shirakawa Kyoto and some more.
TV 10-??-17
Hortensia Saga: Aoi no Kishidan add
Animated commercials for Sega's Hortensia Saga: Aoi no Kishidan mobile game.
ONA 03-26-15
Ahiru no Ko add
An adaptation of the The Ugly Duckling.
Movie ??-??-32
Denshin Denrei Denwa add
When copper wire is wrapped around an iron rod and connected to a battery, it becomes an electromagnet. A science teaching material movie that explains the principle and structure of electric bells more.
Movie ??-??-31
Futatsu no Sekai add
An adaptation of Aesop's fable The Ant and the Grasshopper but with a slight change. We have a diligent family ants versus a drunken lazy frog, a bourgeois butterfly and grasshopper couple. As more.
Movie ??-??-29
Rhythm add
A comfortable rhythm composed of light and shadow. Director Ogino-style absolute movie which freely manipulates geometric figures.
Movie ??-??-35
Propagate add
Dynamically expressing the growth and prosperity of organic plants with geometric figures.
Movie ??-??-35
Felix no Meitantei add
Looking for Hanako's stolen shoes, black cat detective Felix starts to move.
Movie ??-??-32
Manga Revue Haru add
A lighthearted anime about spring time. It was originally set to an elementary school song. The film features several vignettes.
Movie ??-??-31
An Expression add
Symbolized an urban man with a triangle figure, a country woman with a circle, and represented the encounter between the two by movement. Director Shigenji Ogino tried to naturally color the movie more.
Movie ??-??-35
Hyaku-nengo no Aru Hi add
Mr. Ogino should have died during the war but his spirit was brought back to life by the power of science. He sees the world 100 years later during the year 2032 lead by one of his descendants. They more.
Movie ??-??-33
Kamishibai Kintarou no Maki add
Another classic adaptation of Kintarou from Japanese folklore.
Movie ??-??-34
Kamishibai Itazura Tanuki no Maki add
A tanuki causes mischief at a temple.
Movie ??-??-33
Rekkoku Rikugun add
During a night of drinking Maru-san (Mr. Circle) and Sumi-san (Mr. Square) hear the armies parade of the world and talk to learn more about them on a global scale. In every aspect Japan's army was more.
Movie ??-??-32
Taiiku Day add
The animals have a sports day, showing off their hard training.
Movie ??-??-32
Misemono Kenbutsu add
Two girls were watching a street performer. The girls sang out loud and the performer brought them up front so that they could sing for the audience.
Movie ??-??-31
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