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Ijiranaide, Nagatoro-san add
High schooler Hayase Nagatoro loves to spend her free time doing one thing, and that is to bully her Senpai! After Nagatoro and her friends stumble upon the aspiring artist's drawings, they find more.
TV -
Zhen Hun Jie: Bei Luo Shi Men Pian Part 2 add
Second half of Zhen Hun Jie: Bei Luo Shi Men Pian.
Senpai ga Uzai Kouhai no Hanashi add
Igarashi Futuba's new job would be great if her senpai, Takeda Harumi, wasn't so incredibly annoying! Futuba hates his laugh, she hates how big he is, and she really hates that he treats her like a more.
TV -
Get Up! Get Live! #GeraGera Episode 0 add
Episode 0 of Get Up! Get Live! #GeraGera.
ONA 07-03-20
Meikyuu Black Company add
Kinji, who lacks any kind of work ethic, is a layabout in his modern life. One day, he finds himself transported to another world—but not in a grand fantasy of a hero welcomed with open arms. He's more.
TV -
Qing Chi Hong Xiaodou Ba! 4th Season add
Fourth season of Qing Chi Hong Xiaodou Ba!
ONA 07-10-20
Mengyou Dunhuang add
Due to the dissipation of the heavenly scripture powers, Dunhuang will face adversity. Wu Tianji is ordered to repair the heavenly scriptures. In order to perfect the heavenly scripture powers, you more.
ONA 07-06-20
Renlei Bowuguan add
After the end of the world, there is a mysterious museum left in the world. No one knows where the collection came from. Are these seemingly funny "historical relics" proof of the existence of real more.
ONA 08-25-20
Sansan de Ezuoju Chufang add
ONA 07-30-20
Battle Athletess Daiundoukai (Shinsaku Animation) add
Unknown -
Liu Yi Chuanqi add
ONA 07-22-20
Mei Chuxi de Yinyangshi Yijia 2 add
Second season of Mei Chuxi de Yinyangshi Yijia.
ONA 07-15-20
Cosmos Trailer add
Animated trailer for Chronicle's song Cosmos.
ONA 06-06-19
Cyberpunk: Edgerunners add
Cyberpunk: Edgerunners tells a standalone story about a street kid trying to survive in a technology and body modification-obsessed city of the future. Having everything to lose, he chooses to stay more.
Subarashiki Kono Sekai add
Neku Sakuraba, a 15-year-old boy with a hobby for music and graffiti, wakes up in what seems to be the Shibuya shopping district of Tokyo, Japan. With no idea why he's there, he opens his hand to more.
Unknown -
Da Wang Bu Gaoxing 2 add
Second season of Da Wang Bu Gaoxing.
ONA 07-21-20
Fushigi Dagashiya: Zenitendou Movie - Tsuri Taiyaki add
The movie will adapt the first volume following an eight-year-old boy Keiji getting a mysterious snack that can make him fish taiyaki (Japanese fish-shaped cake). (Source: MAL News)
Movie 08-14-20
Fushigi Dagashiya: Zenitendou add
Zenitendo is a mysterious candy store that only lucky people can reach. All the candy recommended by Beniko, the owner of the store, is perfectly suited to the buyer's troubles. However, it depends more.
TV -
Qiang Shen Ji: Shenhai Xianluo Pian add
Fourth season of Qiang Shen Ji.
Xian Feng Jian Yu Lu add
In ancient Shenzhou, humans and demons had been in constant dispute for thousands of years. The demon princess from Tushan, Bai Binglan, and the human Zhang Kuangyun met each other due to a more.
ONA 07-11-20
Ling Long: Incarnation Part 2 add
Second half of Ling Long: Incarnation.
ONA 07-31-20
Heukkkokdujanggun add
Special ??-??-91
Shi Zhi Ge: Hua Yu Yan De Kuangxiang Shi add
ONA 07-16-20
Yuan Long add
ONA 07-11-20
Otome Game no Hametsu Flag shika Nai Akuyaku Reijou ni Tensei shiteshimatta... 2nd Season add
Second season of Otome Game no Hametsu Flag shika Nai Akuyaku Reijou ni Tensei shiteshimatta...
TV ??-??-21
Shouxi Yu Ling Shi add
ONA 06-20-20
Dubu Xiaoyao add
ONA 06-18-20
Wu Dong Qian Kun 2nd Season add
Second season of Wu Dong Qian Kun.
ONA 07-12-20
Konglong Baobei Zhi Longshen Yongshi 3 add
Third season of Konglong Baobei Zhi Longshen Yongshi.
TV ??-??-11
Konglong Baobei Zhi Longshen Yongshi 2 add
Second season of Konglong Baobei Zhi Longshen Yongshi.
TV 10-18-11
Enoshimans Spin-off: Kurage no Soudan add
A spin-off of Enoshimans, a web series that was made to promote the Enoshima Aquarium in Fujisawa. We follow Eno from the original series as he interacts with other jellyfish at the aquarium.
Special 03-01-19
Ninja Collection add
Set in modern-day Tokyo where dreams and desires are afloat, a group of ninjas called "Toukeshuu" is set to stop the spread of "darkness" that prevails in the world using ancient techniques passed more.
TV 07-??-20
Spin add
A minimalist animated shot film by Nobuhiro Aihara, featuring music by Shigenobu Nakamura.
Movie ??-??-93
Gavora add
A psychedelic short film by Nobuhiro Aihara.
Movie ??-??-89
Tonbo add
Abstract animation with a motif of a dragonfly overlap the multiple-exposure footage of a naked woman lying in a field.
Movie ??-??-88
Bungou Stray Dogs Wan! add
The peaceful days of the very popular work Bungo Stray Dogs are here. The characters of the Armed Detective Agency and the Mafia are in miniature form?! Due to Atsushi and co. becoming cute, this is more.
TV -
Tokyo Revengers add
Takemichi Hanagaki's life is at an all-time low. Just when he thought it couldn't get worse, he finds out that Hinata Tachibana, his ex-girlfriend, was murdered by the Tokyo Manji Gang: a group of more.
TV ??-??-21
Eizou (Kage) add
A black-and-white flicker film by Nobuhiro Aihara.
Movie ??-??-87
Oomagatoki add
A psychedelic short film by Nobuhiro Aihara.
Movie ??-??-85
S=13 add
An abstract short film by Nobuhiro Aihara that combines the movement of abstract lines and the motif of an apple.
Movie 12-??-84
Ani ni Tsukeru Kusuri wa Nai! 4 add
TV 08-??-20
Ringo to Shoujo add
A short film by Nobuhiro Aihara where he projects abstract animation onto various surfaces of an old building.
Movie 12-??-82
Mizu wa Karma 2 add
A serene, abstract short film by Nobuhiro Aihara, featuring the song Asa no Inori by Kitarou (Masanori Takahashi).
Movie ??-??-80
Shikiyoku Infinite add
OVA 08-28-20
Oujo & Onna Kishi W Do Gehin Roshutsu add
OVA 08-28-20
Condom Battler Gorou add
The show follows Gorou, a 24-year-old man who dreams of becoming the greatest Condom Battler. His go-to weapon is a 0.01 mm condom which he loads into an arm dispenser, and it opens to reveal a red more.
ONA 06-11-20
Ujudaejang Aekkunun add
Movie ??-??-80
Kongjwi & Patjwi add
Kongjui, who had been living alone with her father, welcomes a stepmother and a stepsister called Patchui into her life. When her father is out, the stepmother and Patchui make her do all the more.
Movie 01-23-78
Original Eigakan Manner Eizou add
A parody manner movie a fictitious film about Oshiri Mae Man that was featured on the variety show Eizou Big Creator: Ryuji Akiyama no Douga Shin Jidai.
Special 09-10-19
Xixing Ji Zhi Zaijian Wukong add
Prequel to the Xixing Ji series.
Movie 05-04-20
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