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A music video for one of Ensemble Star's units, Switch, of their song I "Witch" You A Happy Halloween!.
Music 1 N/A
AZKi's fourth original song.
Music 1 N/A
The "Japan Anime Edition" music video directed by Ruka Noguchi for I Like It by Cardi B.
Music 1 3.12
The anime is related to the #BeyondGender project, which aims to foster a society where people can live as they are, without being bound by social and cultural gender differences such as "masculinity" more.
TV 3 N/A
The original short that kicked off the Backkom franchise.
Special 1 5.36
The original short that the first episode of the Backkom the TV series uses its material from. The short is composed of two parts, Backkom skydiving into cow poop and Backkom skydiving into cactuses.
Special 1 5.43
Music video for the song I Love Tofu by Shouji Koganezawa that was featured on NHK's Minna no Uta program. The video was animated by Hiroshi Kuzuoka.
Music 1 N/A
Amawa Hibiki is a young man just out of college, with an education to be an athletics teacher. He's been having a hard time finding a job since he graduated, so all his money has gone towards living more.
TV 13 6.78
One day a letter takes a blood-sausage to his friend, liver-sausage. So, he went... (Source: Geidai Animation)
Movie 1 5.89
Official music video for the song I Wanna by Minato Aqua.
Music 1 7.05
An award-winning short film following a claymation figure trying to befriend others. As stated in the video's official synopsis, "For friendship it is the most important to be cooperative."
Movie 1 N/A
Music video for I Want Nothing by The Black Ghosts.
Music 1 5.12
A music video for One Ok Rock's song "I Was King" from the album Ambitions.
Music 1 6.46
Aiming to become a modeling artist, Itsuki, a childhood friend of Ichitaka who went to America has come back to Japan. Iori who refused the idol path and started to pursue her ambition to become an more.
OVA 2 5.93
Seto Ichitaka has a crush on Yoshizuki Iori, a girl in his class who has become so popular she now has her own fan club at school. But only a miracle could make him be with her, since the day he more.
OVA 6 6.87
Official music video for Bearwear's I'll Take You Anywhere song a part of their "Dreaming In." album being released October 24th. The music video is a live-action, stop-motion, and standard more.
Music 1 N/A
Pressured by his family's background and expectations, high school student Hitonari Hiiragi has been considering quitting basketball. However, after meeting Akane Tachibana, Hiiragi's love for the more.
OVA 2 6.24
A music video for Pa's Lam System's song "I'm Coming." The music video was created for the 2017 version of the song.
Music 1 5.14
One doesn't always know where to go, but he must move forward. He has to move toward his goal. Always transforming, his heart and mind drift and run towards the goal he discovers. (Source: YouTube)
Movie 1 5.51
A gentle song about the earth by Mimori Yusa that was featured on NHK's Minna no Uta.
Music 1 5.44
Music video directed by mareykrap that was originally featured at the My Name is Red-Haired Anne art exhibition in Seoul, South Korea, which showcases the artistic talents of Korean artists through more.
Music 1 5.71
Animated music video for Houshou Marine's single I'm Your Treasure Box.
Music 1 7.19
A collaboration between the Eagle Talon franchise and I-O Data (a Japanese computer peripheral manufacturer), primarily promoting the latter's IPv6 products.
In the future, a meteor crashes into Earth and brings with it a virulent form of life. This virus is known as M34 and attacks humans, turning them into vicious monsters. Most of the human population more.
TV 4 6.01
The story of a pop idol and her dear friend who doesn't care much about the crush of another young friend and always pays attention to the idol, who is harassed by her manager. One day, they are more.
OVA 3 5.74
School begins at Étoile Vio School, where idol-hopeful students known as "I-Chu" will undergo training to become full-fledged idols. However, things are off to a strange start when the new students more.
TV 12 6.57
"Medusa," a deadly virus becomes a worldwide epidemic. In order to escape from this deadly virus, a handful of people are chosen to be put into a cold sleep, laying in a capsule hoping for the more.
Movie 1 6.92
An alternate retelling of the classic Sleeping Beauty fairy tale. The story begins in the same way as the original story but our young heroine instead of falling under the mystical spell begins to more.
Movie 1 6.17
Music video for the song Ibitsu by Japanese experimental band Boris that was included on their fifth studio album "Akuma no Uta".
Music 1 N/A
Much like looking through a window, Iblard Jikan explores the fantastic and beautiful world of Iblard by panning through art created by Naohisa Inoue. Iblard shows itself to be nothing short of more.
OVA 1 6.90
By A.D. 2010, all men have died off quickly due to a dramatic change in the environment and an unknown contaminant. The population decreased to the lowest number ever seen...until only the women more.
OVA 3 5.27
Music video directed and animated by Makoto Kubota for the original song Ice Cream by Yoh Kamiyama. (Source: AniList)
Music 1 N/A
A music video for Vampillia's song "Ice Fist."
Music 1 5.06
A short anime that airs within "Enkame: That's Enka Tainment" (and enka variety show) program on Asahi TV. It follows a cast of ice cream characters.
TV 49 N/A
Ice Kuritarou episodes made for and screened at 109 Cinemas during previews. It teaches movie theater etiquette.
Movie 3 N/A
Compilation movie of the previously released OVA.
Movie 1 5.42
The story follows an office worker Mitsuki who is more devoted to her work than her own personal grooming. She decides to improve her appearance when she discovers that her boss Watanabe is leaving. ( more.
ONA 1 5.54
Short film by Hirano Ryou.
Movie 1 N/A
An educational film about the discrimination of ethnic Koreans in the Osaka Prefecture.
A four-minute concept animation that exists within the same world as Summer Ghost.
ONA 1 6.26
A song about the most beautiful star in the sky and how it encourages people to "wish upon" it.
Music 1 N/A
ONA 1 6.46
Dreaming of changing the world for good, Akuto Sai transfers to Constant Magic Academy where he befriends a virtuous ninja clan member, Junko Hattori. On the way to the academy, they vow to make the more.
TV 12 6.77
DVD/BD specials of Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou.
Special 6 6.68
A one-yen coin becomes a samurai in search of adventure and love.
Music 1 5.29
The time is the near future. Cockroaches and other household pests have become immune to all forms of insecticides. In response to this crisis, a Japanese company has created small, doll-like, more.
OVA 1 6.04
Originally planned to be released as an original video anime adaptation of Ichigeki Sacchuu!! HoiHoi-san Legacy manga. Japanese publisher ASCII Media Works concluded that there has been no prospect more.
ONA 1 4.83
One day, Manaka Junpei walks to the roof of his school and encounters a beautiful girl falling down from above him and accidentally exposing her strawberry panties. The embarrassed girl runs away more.
TV 12 6.64
Further continuation from the Ichigo 100% TV series. Four episodes in length, comprised mostly of side-story elements such as a Spring Festival featuring Cosplay, Junpei's adventure to return a more.
OVA 4 6.86
Yui's father forbids Yui from staying at Junpei's house and decides she'll attend a local High School instead of Oumi Academy. Junpei visits with the intention of straightening out a more.
Special 1 6.83
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