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Jeremk Yesterday, 8:15 AM
Hey it's been a long time, how are you ?
January has been very hetic for me.I had a lot of projects and presentations to do, i even had to sleep at school in order to finish my projects on time. I never expect to even sleep at school and yeah i was basically in front of three computers to optimize my efficiency.
At the end, i'm a little dissapointed because i ranked second of my graduating class. But now i'm done with school, it's over for me after sacrificing so many hours of sleep.
What about you ? Have you been able to be done with all your assignement for school ? Hope that you don't have to suffer too much compare to me.

About my resolution nothing special, just doing my best in life, stay healthy, do more sports and have a better sleep schedule.
Well you are really motivate if you want to study more.

Yeah working in Japan seems so hetic, i even watch recently some documentary about the fact some Japanese overwork and at the end commit suicide because they can't handle the infernal pace.
I hope in the future you can find a job that doesn't ask too much investment, that makes you happy and procrastinate too.
Ohh cool that you can go for exchange in Japan, it's the dream of everyone to go there.
In Finland, do companies take care of the well being of their employees ?

Currently i'm living in Switzerland for my job and working 40 hours per week it's so draining mentally. In France, i was used to work only 35hours but the company is quite flexible and i have an amazing view directly to the mountain.
How's the weather on your side ? Have you been able to do some ski or snow activities ?

Have you been able to watch /read something interesting ? Tell me, i'm curious :p
Damn there is so much seasonal anime that i watch everything that can catch up my eyes but i'm owerwhelmed with work.

Have a good day ! And hope i can read from you again :)

Jeremk Jan 4, 4:12 PM
Hello, yeah i celebrated Christmas.
How was your New year ? And do you have goals or resolution for 2024 ?
I went to see family friends, my parents were sick and we basically check kiss and kiss more than 50 and i was like wtf
It was a good evening, but I got doused with champagne (an accident when opening the bottle) and I played piano to celebrate it.
But yeah i also have Chinese and Khmer new year to celebrate too...

do you think you'll survive living in Japan? (I mean talking to the locals and adapting to the culture)
You should definitely go there to improve your skills !!
If you love kanji and language in general, just move to Japan !! I'm sure companies will enjoy your skills hehe :p

What is the typical work schedule for a finnish person ? I don't imagine myself ending work at 6 pm, i would be so exhaust. And for my internship i will work 40 hours per week that's a lot...
At least in Switzerland, i will be well paid but in France it was only 35 hours per week.

When it's winter it's cool to have warm weather hey! !!!

Hmm yeah i buy some gift for my family, a car toys for a kids and then my cousins i give them money.
In asian family, we usually give money because we are lazy to go to the shop and buy something haha.
I spent the day around Paris and then my family came at home.
What did you get for your christmas ?

Good luck with your studies haha, i also have a lot of exam and i'm already tired at the beginning of January;
Jeremk Jan 1, 4:28 AM
As we enter a new year, I would like to take a moment to express my sincerest wishes for you and your loved ones.
May this year bring you an abundance of joy, health and prosperity.

Let's welcome all the anime that comes our way, and let's read lots of manga for our own personal enjoyment.

We look forward to a year full of new adventures, opportunities and unforgettable moments.

Happy new year 2024

kishikari16 Dec 28, 2023 4:19 PM
Hiiii! Thanks for the accept. nice to meet you ლ(⌒▽⌒ლ)
Jeremk Dec 25, 2023 7:47 AM
Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a lot of hapiness and success in your life !
Magical_Alice Dec 21, 2023 1:28 PM
Nice to meet you too :)
Magical_Alice Dec 17, 2023 9:40 PM
Thanks for accepting my friend request :)

Jeremk Dec 16, 2023 3:01 PM
That's a good thing if you are used to know some kanji. I hope you will make good use of them when you will go to Japan. Are you good when it's about speaking in Japanese ?
What do you enjoy by studying Japanese ? Is it the fun activities and all the event you have haha ?
I have a lot of project basically 9 and a lot of report, oral presentation and activities to do, so my vacation will be all about that but i'm sure me and my friends will sacrifice some sleep for that haha.

My brother told me he went to a lot of big cities in Japan such Tokyo,Kyoto,Osaka,Yokohama and Mount Fuji. Do you have some places you would like to visit in Japan ?
He came back exhaust but he bough a lot of merch and a tons of figurine that his suitcase has broken. Here the one i got but i'm satisfied.

Getting dark at 4pm is so early, i'm surprise. Hope you have some snow at least. Lately there is a lot of advertisement on TV inviting people to go to Laponie with the argument " live a magical and unical experience in Santa's village"
In France it gets dark around 5pm, does that mean that you finish school late ?

It's cool that your house are build in a way that allows you to not get cold at home haha, i guess staying at home and chilling is just a good thing there :)
I don't have a fireplace at my parents house unfortunately, just heating and sometimes it doesn't work. Even lately i have been a little sick because of that.
Yeah we do have Christmas market around Paris and a lot of festivities. I have been able to test a lot of food but my favorite is probably hot wine.

But i was wondering do you celebrate Christmas or have plan to buy some gift for your family and friends ?

Hmm honestly i think me and my brother are the same height, sometimes even people asked us who is taller but according to my mother my little bro is 1 or 2 cm taller that's unfortunate ...

Wait wait but instead of playing games like Genshin or watch anime, shouldn't you be concentrating on studying instead? Lol
Yeah sometimes the game is so addicting that you can spend all night but that the storage is just too much

Jeremk Nov 27, 2023 5:10 PM
Ohh good luck with your homework. Is it difficult to learn Japanese kanji ? One of my friends who is studying Japanese says that it's so difficult to write and learn them. Writing reports is already a difficult task for me in engineering field so i don't imagine in a foreign language. Do you enjoy to write reports ?

My little brother just came back from Japan and he brings back a lot of anime merch, it kinda makes me happy but damn when i heard how much he spent on his trip, it makes just think that it's an expensive country.
Do you feel like you can spend a lot of country to visit Japan ?

I completely agree with you about the best time to wake up in the morning, but honestly i feel like i can only get up early if it's for vacation or having a day off.
But yeah waking up at 9am, it's the best time to wake up so you can enjoy your day and be able to do all your stuff in a day.
Time flies really fast that i don't have to do all my stuff in a day.
In Finland, does it get dark very early in the evening?

Not sure about your advice lol, i'm not sure if you get expose yourself to hot weather you will get use to it. You will just sweat like never and it's unepleasant i promise that home become the best place to spend your summer.
Do you have air conditioning or heating in every home? In France that's not the case so we either die of cold or heat ...
Me when i do some running outside in tee-shirt, i want to scratch myself...
Do you have Christmas market in Finland ? ( I'm sure you do but how do they look)
I plan to go to some of them in Paris, i can send you picture if you want.

Ohh i find it super cool that your height doesn't annoy you, but yeah i imagine getting teased a lot is annoying.
I also have a short friend girl and i always tease her haha. But i'm sure you're the most appreciate person in your class because of your height.
I wonder, are all your siblings not tall or is it just you ? Sometimes i find odd that in a sibling group there is someone short while other have a normal height.

I find kinda rude to ask someone how much he earns, it's something private and usually there is some judgement about how much someone earns. In France, i would say it can conducts into jealousy. There is a lot of rich people and people who earn a decent salary can easily complains about how little they earn.
I think it's not good to know someone earns publicly. Just seeing that Finnish women (i saw in the TV) stalking how much his ex-husband earns is meh...
Do you mind if someone knows how much do you earn ?

Genshin Impact is so addicting, come on, of course i used to play a lot especially during lockdown the artstyle is incredible.

See you :)

Jeremk Nov 13, 2023 3:48 PM
Hi! It's nice that you're doing ok.
Ohh same i'm also busy with school. What makes you busy with school, is it because you have a lot of homework or just you spend a lot of time at school?

Morning shift are horrible because you need to wake up early...
Maybe you should just sleep early and wake up early so you can enjoy all your day :) Don't you think so ?

I'm sure you're enjoying the cold and the snow. You can do some snow battle with your friends and sledging which is fun. But yeah because you are used to that cold weather, you never get sick. Do you have some tips to get used to cold ? Here the weather is cold but not to the point to freeze but i really need to warm myself in order to not catch a cold.

In my mind, short girl usually have a cute face but they are so mean lol. Oups i though that being short affect your life in a difficult and hard way. Please accept my apologies haha. Ohh you know being tall is cool in a way, it's for the good looking and also to improve my physical abilities.
Wouldn't you like to grow taller? Unfortunately, we're at in age, we can't grow up anymore...

Ohh and lately i saw that in Finland, it's possible to check the salary of someone else to see how much that person earns. In France, it would be a scandal to see this because money is quite taboo and jealousy is easy when your colleague earns more than you. Is it safe to talk about money over there, or is it taboo?

Lol but can you attempt the class and then just skip classes ? But do you use your computer or you have some book in which you write your lessons ?
Because i'm studying engineering, computer is a must and from time to time i just do other things on my computer and don't listen to the teacher haha.

Haha busy and then lazy to watch anime, it probably means you study well :)
I can give you a hundred reason to watch Frieren, the plot is really simple ( we follow an elf who has a long life and don't understand why humans have have a short life expectancy)
-The plot is simple and original
-The animation is really good
-Characters development gets better after each episode
-It will makes you emotional
-Probably, the anime of the season !!

7_3 Oct 27, 2023 12:58 AM
Hey, thanks for accepting my friend request! Nice to meet ya :D
Kamisato_Ayaka Oct 17, 2023 1:45 PM
Thanks for accepting!
Nice to meet you :)
Ouji_Kurai Oct 2, 2023 12:12 PM
Yo CherryLollipop! Do you remember me? If not, don't worry about it. My name is Ouji Kurai, and we talked a little bit last year. Sadly, I had to leave MAL due to problems in my life, but now I am back! How's it been for you?
Jeremk Oct 1, 2023 10:23 AM
Hello it's been a while hope you're doing good :)
How's life going on for you ? I suppose you have been back at school since then.
I have been busy for the past two month with my internship and now i'm back at school. I kinda feel nostalgic because i will graduate soon.

I'm not at all a morning person at all so if you ask me to work in the morning, i would be probably tired.
Was it difficult for you to have morning shift for your job ? I mean you're a night owl.

Currently in France the weather starts to be warm with some sun so it's enjoyable to hang out outside.
How's the weather where you are ? I'm sure it starts to be cold :p

I would feel super embarassed if i stay silent and just stares at people. But i'm sure if it happens to you no one will pay attention to you because you're short. haha
But i wonder is being a short person is an annoying things for you or not really ?
Even if i'm 1m75, i feel like i'm not tall compare to other people in my class and i just want to be taller.

And i kinda agree with you, i would surely need some time for someone raised in Finland to get used to French culture. But i'm not sure about french people. We are known to be extrovert in general. For us, it's far too important to be sociable, to party and talk about anything and everything.
Personally, to live in France you don't necessarily need to adapt to codes like check-kissing.
If you ask me if i can live in Finland, i would definitely say "yes", i'm an introvert person and i think if people are not talkative i would feel more at ease.
Do you think you can live in France ?

About skipping class, you're a student also so i'm sure you know how it is in class. You usually sit in a chair and are not focus on what the teacher says. And finally i end up being on my phone doing something else. Am i right ? haha
But recently i don't skip class.
About my way of working, i prefer to study at home and review all the lessons on my own, how about you ?

Okay i'm gonna ask the same question as usual knowing that you have started a lot of seasonal anime but anyways...
Which seasonal anime do you plan to watch ? If i have to suggest you one it would be "Frieren".

Jeremk Aug 6, 2023 6:43 AM
During summer vacation, i used to work at factory as well and i know how exhausting it is.
After coming back at home, i just want to sleep and don't have the energy to do something else haha. At least i know i don't want to do that kind of job. Do you think you can do this kind of job for the rest of your life ? haha
Anyways hope it is well paid at least. do you have daytime or nighttime hours?

If i like thunder ? Hmm honestly i don't necessarily like or hate them haha. I don't really mind it. But for sure when i saw one, it's always incredible.
But in my mind short people are afraid of thunderstorm lol
Having heatwave it's painful to be honest, the weather was rather chill over the past few weeks ( it was only rainy and windy ) .
Gosh it brings me back some memories when i was sweating like hell while passing an important exam to enter university...

There is some forest fires in the south of France, actually it's kinda bizarre, the north of France is actually rainy and windy while in the south of France it's super hot.
Do you have problem to deal with the weather in Finland recently ?

I only buy the custom , i'm not really good to make them myself to be honest.
Do you do some cosplay ?

When you have some moment of silence during a conversation, do you look at the people eyes or just somewhere else ?
I understand that if you speak all the time as a speaker or listener it's exhausting, but i mean at least you can have normal conversation where everyonen can talk.
I think if finnish people had to live in France, they will find french people so akward , because we are known to be very sociable.
I'm not the typical french sociable person, i'm rather introvert but imagine having to deal with check kiss, to have a conversation and hang out a lot. That would be difficult haha

Ohh i see when there is a lot of people around you, you feel overwhelmed by people ?
Honestly i don't mind text or face to face conversation, i wouldn't say i'm a talkative person but at least i can hold a conversation haha.
Thinking about that i feel like if i lived in Finland, i would get well with people because they are introvert lol.
But i think if you speak with Japanese people everything will goes well for you because they are known to be super introvert as well.

oK that's how attendance rules work at your school, i didn't know that. For us in France, it depends you can skip all the class you want from the moment you attempt exam or practical work that are compulsory . That was the case for me last year
But this year i went to an other school and i can only have 30 hours of absence ( one lesson corresponds to 1h30 ).
So yeah i do skip classes when i don't think lectures are interesting.

I wonder why do you always start new anime when you didn't finish some from the previous season ? haha
I don't like to start a lot of anime before finishing the previous one, otherwise i will be lost.

Sometimes Japanese anime title are so long that i only know their english names, but yes i watched Suki na Ko ga Megane wo Wasureta, it's good, and enjoyable but the fact that the girl always forgot her glasses it's ridiculous haha
What makes you like the show ?
My favorite one is probably Zom 100 : Bucket list of the dead
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