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Aoi Bungaku Series
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Cyborg 009: The Cyborg Soldier
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Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou
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Kanojo, Okarishimasu
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Ijiranaide, Nagatoro-san
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Gsarthotegga Feb 15, 7:59 PM
Sounds versatile, lol. Just another thing Ubukata pulled out of his ass. Mentalists can have some great success by carefully considering patterns and reading a room, and some will have access to information unavailable to the public in some cases. It can be made to look convincing, but I bet Ubukata pulls it off in a way that looks near impossible without more than that. It sounds like we're supposed to think the ultra empath had random brilliant insights of a highly complex nature and with no new information. And he has insane parkour skills too, which is a wildly different skill set to where you'd expect someone else would have the ability. So you're at the halfway point. Does it seem like less of a dumpster fire?
Gsarthotegga Feb 11, 6:57 PM
That's a good point; while it's common to expect writers to re-explore the same ideas, because many of them do, I feel Ubukata prefers to break new boundaries with his ideas and would rather not roughly recycle something. He wants a new crazy idea, whether it works or not can be figured out later (no need for a spoiler alert here). Now I'm getting the urge to try that French thing, lol.

Oh, I didn't know Hametsu was so short. I'll probably check it out then. Yes, rebuild 4 a good choice when it comes to stuff that's relatively well made but insulting in how it deals with the past work, fans, etc.
Gsarthotegga Feb 11, 6:17 PM
Sounds like he's just choosing to write it like that because of the possibilities and emotions offered but has no realistic way of making the choice coherent without magic or the supernatural. There's some more esoteric stuff when it comes to ideas of consciousness and having an external component (kind of like the ancient idea of gods sending visions to humans to create art) and thinking of the human brain like that of an antenna, so maybe playing with an idea like that. You could expand on something of that nature with plenty of psychobabble and some kind of augmentation via technology to keep it in line with the sci-fi genre, but I'll bet they don't even attempt to explain what's going on and simply forget about it. It's Ubukata, so he just does whatever the fuck he wants. X)

I'm curious what Urobuchi's opinion is of Ubukata and vice versa.

So, wait, S2 isn't your lowest-ranked 1/10 on MAL, is it? X)

I see you've seen Hametsu no Mars, which I fortunately haven't.
Gsarthotegga Feb 11, 5:42 PM
Thanks for the guide. I never heard too much about S3 other than something to do with immigrants, and there are two male protagonists. I figured Ubukata toned it down, but that's pretty ridiculous. I wonder how that power is supposed to work, lol. Think it'll be better than S2?
Gsarthotegga Feb 10, 10:50 AM
Thanks. Maybe I should even look at a guide again, as it's been a while since I did that.
Gsarthotegga Feb 8, 3:47 PM
Indeed, 26 episodes sounds like a slog based on the 3-4 eps I sampled a long time ago and the subpar audio/visual component. I wish they wouldn't make followups that are a huge downgrade like that. I don't expect a new BGC to look the same as the old one, but you'd expect it to at least be more polished according to the aesthetic sensibilities of that later period, but it was weak even by that standard. The much less popular Silent Mobius was similar, with the later TV series looking like ass. You can't really compare a TV series to a film when it comes to production values in most cases, but I can't imagine anyone wanting to watch such a huge downgrade.
Gsarthotegga Feb 8, 3:17 PM
lol, I was hoping you'd like 2040. I've been on the fence about getting through more of the series for a while, mostly because I hear good things about the script in later portions of the series, but the aesthetic downgrade is profound, so getting to that point seems more grueling. :\
Gsarthotegga Feb 6, 3:55 PM
Yeah, I'll probably try watching MS to see if I like it better now and if I want to watch the sequels. Not sure about much else. I wonder if there is any dirt on Ubukata, especially if it's a scathing article. Would love to have an overview.
Gsarthotegga Feb 6, 1:02 PM
I mean, Angel Cop has psychics/espers, so it can definitely work. You basically HAVE to have at least some kind of supernatural element to make it work or start with something more outlandish if you don't have that. Maybe Akudama Drive as an example of what I think was a pure sci-fi but was over the top to where it could possibly work. I think a documentary on the production of P-P S2 would be fascinating. The retconning of S1 is an issue, but even if you pretend S1 doesn't exist, it's still a mess as an "original."
Gsarthotegga Feb 6, 11:26 AM
Yeah, it's ship of Theseus, but they don't do much to explore Kamui himself. He's just there to move the plot forward as a villain and his backstory mostly serves as bizarre window dressing. It's the kind of idea that you would have to devote a whole show to, not a sequel to P-P that focuses on its world, characters, and the Sybil system. I remember someone telling me it might work as an extended arc in a shonen manga on the weirder side, like Jojo, perhaps. Indeed, not sci-fi on the harder side. Lol, yeah, that's true with P-P. The law/neutral/chaos stuff was popularized in fantasy by Moorcock, I believe. Books like the Elric series, which must have been an influence on SMT. I recall Yoshitaka Amano did a lot of cover art for his novels, so I imagine he was popular in Japan too.
Gsarthotegga Feb 5, 9:13 PM
I imagine so, seeing as Christianity is usually just mined for imagery. I get the feeling that won't be the primary concern, though. I sort of wonder if Ubukata was trolling with S2. I know he doesn't have the best reputation when it comes to anime writers, but the Frankenstein bit sounds like something I'd be laughing my ass off writing, intending it as an edgy comedy, but it takes itself so seriously.
Gsarthotegga Feb 5, 8:03 PM
The immigrant bit makes sense regarding Sybil and earlier parts, but I meant everything else that they were doing in that building toward the end. Crazy experiments, which I guess is explained by bored rich people. I see Ubukata came back for S3. I don't hear great things about it, but I'd be surprised if it's as bad as S2. He's probably best when doing silly action things like Mardock Scramble. Some people seem to really like Le Chevaliar D'Eon, and I was curious about it, but Ubukata created it! Imagine Ubukata helming a supernatural series just before the French Revolution. X)
Gsarthotegga Feb 5, 7:38 PM
It definitely deserves to be on the top 10 wackiest villain backstories. What kept me from a 1/10 was how hilarious and weird it was. I laughed quite a bit. Would love to see the behind the scenes when it comes to the script. Is Ubukata some hot shot who gets to do anything he wants, lol? The immigrant part toward the end is also wacky but much less comprehensible and barely explained. It's like they only had 2 minutes to fit it into the plot, so they just made it as brutal and weird as possible. :\
Gsarthotegga Feb 5, 5:57 PM
LOL, yeah, certain titles are so awful that they make you feel like you need to scale all of your ratings up to accurately represent how you feel. I'd probably 1/10 and then just add a custom rating in the notes. :P
Gsarthotegga Feb 4, 6:26 PM
Haha, Kirito. I forgot about that. Renai Flops has a strong whiff of there being a plot twist around the corner, which is the main thing keeping me interested, but it seems the execution is often criticized. :(
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