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ryo-san Yesterday, 10:19 AM
Hyakki Yakoushou

Based on the manga of the same name by Ima Ichiko, Ritsu is the grandson of Iijima Kagyuu, a novelist who wrote about supernatural phenomena. From his grandfather, Ritsu inherited the ability to see ghosts, demons and spirits. Thirteen years ago, Ritsu's father, Iijima Takahiro passed away and miraculously came back alive. Only Ritsu knows the truth: a demon named Ao-arashi entered his father's body and brought it back to life. Since then the demon has been living as Ritsu's father. It made a promise to Kagyuu that it would protect Ritsu until his eighteenth birthday. After that all bets are off. Ritsu's eighteenth birthday is coming up soon. What will happen then?

A Ghost of a Chance


Emi Hosho is not so successful as a lawyer, she is assigned to the one of the most unusual of cases. Her client is accused of murdering his wealthy wife and he his alibi is that he was staying at an inn while suffering from "kanashibar" (sleep paralysis). The only witness able to corroborate his alibi is the 500-year-old ghost of the Sengoku period military commander Rokubei Sarashina- who sat on the accused's chest all night long.

Attorney Emi Hosho travels to the inn to investigate further. Emi Hosho also falls into "kanashibar" and soon discovers the 500-year-ghost sitting on her chest. Knowing that the ghost is the only witness who can support her client's alibi, she grabs his hand and pleads with him to testify in court.

Junkyouju Takatsuki Akira no Suisatsu (2021)

Eight years ago-a boy who got lost in a festival surrounded by the suspicious light of blue lanterns. Everyone wears a mask and continues to dance silently. It was a festival that no one should ever enter-the boy meets his grandfather, who should have died there. "Naoya, you couldn't come to such a place ..." Naoya Fukamachi, who became a college student, lived with loneliness. Naoya has been able to understand people's lies since the day of the Blue Lantern Festival. When a person tells a lie, his voice is distorted and sounds strange. Parents who noticed Naoya's ability kept Naoya away, and Naoya also lived without making a close human being. Meanwhile, Naoya is interested in Akiyoshi Takatsuki, a handsome associate professor of "Folk Studies II" who somehow attended. Takatsuki's words had no "lie" at all, and his voice reached his ears comfortably. Takatsuki has a complete memory ability that can instantly memorize everything he sees, and is only interested in strange phenomena in the world. For some reason, Naoya is attracted to Takatsuki. One day, a mysterious incident occurs over "Kokuri" at an elementary school where Marika Hirahara and Kazuo Manabe work. "I'm taken to Mr. Kokuri ---" Naoya is surprised by the words of a child he happens to meet. The voice was not distorted at all. In other words, a real mystery is happening?! "Wonderful!" Takatsuki, who gets excited about an unexpected mysterious phenomenon, and Ruiko Ikukata, a graduate student in the Takatsuki laboratory who watches over Takatsuki like a guardian, pursue a mystery together as an assistant for some reason. Naoya who will be different. Is there a real mystery? A human mystery sent by an associate professor with perfect memory and a lonely college student who understands lies.

Haunted Campus

Yagami Shinji is a university student. He is easily frightened, due to seeing ghosts. He has feelings for Nada Koyomi. To protect Nada Koyomi, Shinji and Koyomi join the occult research group at their university. They try to solve a mystery of the haunted campus with members of their occult group.

Hell teacher nube live better than the anime as it is scripted towards a more grown up audience than kids...

Start with these ones in this comment...
ryo-san Yesterday, 10:10 AM

Ghost Theater

Sara, a young actress, is able to land the leading role in big theater play, but soon learns that somebody or something is trying to end the production at all cost, which puts Sara in deadly danger.

Show Me the Ghost (2021)

Best friends ‘Hodu’ and ‘Yeji’ are job seekers whose dreams and hopes have been ruined. One day, ‘Hodu’ luckily gets a decent cheap fully loaded rent house. ‘Yeji’, who has been kicked out of her parents’ house, also stays there with him.

They gradually feel a strange energy in the house that seemed perfect. They encounter ominous ghost and freaked out. With no place to go and no money, they try to defeat the ghost to protect their house…

Oh! My Ghost (2023)

A comical horror movie portraying a late-year job seeker, Tae Min, who is able to see ghosts through his specs as he gets a job in a studio where mysterious incidents happen every night.

Tokyo Ghost Trip

Setsu and Souwa are members of the Inui family, descended from itako. Their high school graduation is coming up, but the head of the Inui family suddenly runs away. Their older brother Kai, a priest who studied exorcism abroad, becomes their guardian, and Setsu and Souwa are forced to take over the family business of dealing with spirits..

Haunted School: The Curse of the Word Spirit

Ayano, Miyu, Yuri and Mei are high school students. They learn about a fatal gas accident which occurred at a school in the past. The girls then experience unusual occurrences like hearing breathing from closed classrooms and seeing a person's shadow. Hitomi then sneaks into an abandoned school to shoot a horror video for the internet. Hitomi hears from her colleague Kimio about a fox's window which leads to the spirit world..

Toshimaen: Haunted Park (2019)

When Saki (Rie Kitahara) was a high school student, she often went to Toshimaen Amusement Park with her friends. Now, Saki is a university student. She decides to visit Toshimaen Amusement Park again with her high school friends. There is a rumor called the Toshimaen's Curse. The rumor is about an old house at the amusement park. Saki believes the rumor is a joke and she enters the old house with her friends. Her friends begin to disappear one by one. Saki tries to find her friends and comes upon a terrible secret that created the curse.

Sell Your Haunted House (2021)

An occult drama about real estate brokers who exorcise and clean out buildings in which ghosts frequent and people have died in.

Although Daebak Real Estate’s boss and exorcist Hong Ji Ah seems perfect with her beauty and intelligence, she’s actually a hot-tempered exorcist whose fists come before her words. Her ability to exorcise has been passed down from her mother.

Oh In Bum is a con artist who doesn’t believe in ghosts but uses them to earn money. He has the perfect set of skills for a con artist, being able to use his great observation and reasoning skills to determine the causes and effects as well as future predictions for any situation. Hong Ji Ah will work with Oh In Bum in order to solve the secret behind her mother’s death 20 years ago.

Psych-Hunter (2020)

Jiang Shuo is in the business of buying haunted houses and selling them. He crosses paths with Qin Yi Heng, a psychologist searching for his father, and Yuan Mu Qing who is the daughter of a warlord. Together, they partner up to fight against mysterious forces.

Jiang Shuo suffers from amnesia but is well-versed in the affairs of the occult. Qin Yi Feng receives a letter that contains the countdown to Jiang Shuo's time of death and evidence of his father's abduction when he went missing one year ago, sealed with the six-finger seal. Qin Yi Heng becomes determined to track down the only clue that might lead him back to his father. Jiang Shuo is able to use Zhuyoushu to enter another person's psychological time and space. With only a limited time and threats from the defense mechanisms of a person's psyche, Jiang Shuo puts himself at great risk each time he tries to find clues that will help him uncover answers. Fortunately, Qin Yi Heng's psychological prowess and female constable Yuan Mu Qing's fighting skills are ready to back him up.

ryo-san Yesterday, 10:00 AM
Ghost Sweepers


The village of Uljinri has been plagued by evil for decades. When mysterious accidents and events keep happening without avail, shamans from all over the country went there, and Chan-young, a young reporter is sent to cover the story.

Until the Break of Dawn

Other name Tsunagu


High school student Ayumi (Tori Matsuzaka) is trained by his grandmother (Kirin Kiki) to act as a "tsunagu," an intermediary for people who want to reach the dead.

Hello Ghost


Sang Man attempts to commit suicide, but he keeps failing every time. In one of his suicidal attempts, he overdoses by medicine and his heart stops. However, he is transported to the hospital and is saved. When he wakes up, he starts seeing ghosts. He visits a shaman to make those ghosts leave him, but he is told that the ghosts will not leave and they will not let him commit suicide either. Sang Man learns that if he helps the ghosts fulfil their unrealized dreams, he would get them to leave him alone and he then can commit suicide. Meanwhile, Sang Man meets a nurse Jung Yun Soo at the hospital and quickly falls in love. But the ghosts start taking over Sang Man's body.

Black Cat Mansion (1958)

Other name: Ghost Cat Mansion


The descendant of the servant of a cruel and vicious samurai returns to the town where she was born, only to find that a cat who is possessed by the spirits of those murdered by the samurai is trying to kill her.

The Ghosts of Yotsuya


Masaki Mori's Tokaido Yotsuya kaidan (1956) features Tomisaburo Wakayama, best known as Itto Ogami of the Babycart movies. Wakayama stars as the haunted samurai Iyemon, & Chieko Soma is the hideous ghostly wife, against whom Iyeomon's mother conspired, so that her son could marry Ume of a wealthy family. The depth of Iyemon's madness is intensified in this version, as he ends up driven to psychosis & hunted down by village peasants like a rabid animal (or like the Frankenstein monster). Wakayama drew on exaggerated kabuki traditions to make the Ieyomon rather over-the-top by the end.

Ghost House

Other name


Park Pil Gi's family has never owned a house for three generations. They have to live in a rented room all their lives. Quite understandably, his father's will at his death bed was 'get your own house', which became Pil Gi's goal in life. He works at a shipyard by day and as part-time chauffeur by night. After 10 years, he finally manages to buy a two-storey house near the beach in Geoje-do, with some loans and mortgage. On the day, he moves in, he shouts "Father... I did it! I bought my own house!" But his joy soon turns to fear. A knife flies toward him, the actor on TV suddenly shouts at him to leave the house, and even crawls out of the screen...

ryo-san May 19, 2:15 PM
Some of my favourites

Edo Mononoke Monogatari

Kazuma teaches kids at a private institute. He has a warm heart and strong curiosity. When he was a kid, he met the mysterious creatures known as yokai . Since then, he has researched yokai. Due to a case, he has been able to see and talk to yokai. One day, Kazuma finds an earthenware at an abandoned house.

Lingering Spirits

Gajirou Honda is a self-centered man who only cares about money and women. When he’s involved in a car accident, he encounters the ghosts of the deceased occupants of the other car, including the driver and three pole dancers. The four ghosts promise him a large sum of money in exchange for his help fulfilling their last wishes, thus allowing their spirits to pass over to the afterlife. The tasks Gajirou is required to complete for the ghosts include pole dancing, wearing a white wedding dress, becoming a heroic firefighter, and making a passionate confession to a high school boy.

The Inerasable
An author of mystery-novels helps a student to uncover the tragic story of the ghosts of the people who lived in her apartment before which is filled with anger, hatred, murder and suicide.

Dead Stock
Riku Tsuneta works as rookie AD at a TV station. He is assigned to the “unconfirmed material center” where they arrange lots of program materials. These program materials were found at the TV station when it moved locations. He works with Director Saori Nikaido and Producer Satoru Sayama. Riku is disappointed that he is working there, but he spends his days arranging VTR. One day, he finds recorded material showing a supernatural phenomenon.

Kyoufu Shinbun
Onoda Shizuru is a university student in Kyoto. As soon as she starts living out her long cherished desire, the strange horror newspapers begin to arrive. At first, she believes them to be a prank but the stories in the newspapers begin happening one after the other. Murders, accidents, abuse, natural disasters, injustice... these newspapers predict all sorts of tragedies. What is the truth behind them?

The Ghost Photo Club
A high school photography club dedicated to capturing and investigating Poltergeist paranormal phenomenon.

Destiny The Tale of Kamakura
Masakazu Isshiki is a mystery writer. He lives with his wife Akiko in Kamakura, Japan. They solve mysterious cases involving youkais taking place around them.

This is really great manga and the movie is too good..

ryo-san May 19, 10:15 AM
It's not subbed though...
There's also a movie called great youkai war....

If you want school and youkai themes then hell teacher nube is the best option
ryo-san May 18, 10:26 AM
There's a funny J-drama as well called youkai high school...
The main character is allergic to sunlight so he goes to a school offering night classes but then found out it's for youkais and they are way nicer than humans who used to bully him for his medical conditions.. but he must keep it a secret that he is a human..
katsucats May 16, 5:21 PM
Link Click is a bit like Erased. Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation is half historic epic, and half mystery. I think both of these titles stand among the best of anime, not just donghua, and I don't say that likely. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

Sidonia is a great show by the way. The gender thing didn't even phase me.
ryo-san May 16, 11:58 AM
That's okay then... better stay home and run ac/ air purifier and read manga and watch anime.. haha
ryo-san May 16, 10:29 AM

The other day we were talking and i noticed it was like 2 am in india and then you replied again after 5 hours...

So i was worried that i might have woken you up with the notification from the app..

I hope you do sleep a lot more than 5 hours... Specially india capital is so hot and polluted....i hope you take precautions...
katsucats May 15, 11:07 PM
I think Link Click, Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation, and Record of a Mortal's Journey would be a good introduction to donghua.

Link Click is probably the most "known" to Western audiences. It starts with a bunch of side stories, but it deals with more adult subjects, such as work corruption, falling out between business partners, earthquakes, but progressively to more grim stories of kidnapping and murder. Then it attempts to tie these stories together with an overarching villain. Mood is similar to Erased a bit.

Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation follows a delinquent of sorts that learns how to control the undead, then he gets blamed for a bunch of evil stuff and commits suicide... but then he is brought back by this bullied homosexual that performs a demonic ritual for revenge, and he gets a second chance to solve the mystery behind the demise in his first life. Although this is technically a BL/yaoi, the romance is really subtle due to Chinese censorship, and the plot is still one of the best (though the adaptation is a bit rushed).

Record of a Mortal's Journey is 3D, starts out with poor graphics (later seasons see a big upgrade), and the first half of the first episode is a flash forward and boring in my opinion. But don't let that discourage you if you're into fantasy adventure type plots. I think plot wise, this show keeps getting better and better. It follows an extremely careful teenager that gets sold to the local mercenary clan to feed the rest of his family. I like how unlike nearly every other shounen, the MC here doesn't take chances unless he absolutely has to.

While it might be true that the majority of donghua essentially have low budget and completely 3D CGI graphics, and also a terrible adaptation script, I think you'll find that on average donghua characters are more scheming and open to moral relativity than the comparable anime about guts, willpower and justice. There's more care to showing actual work and training towards growth. They are often shounen type stories with more of seinen characters, and I've found that even when a show sucks, characters with work ethic and lack of fanservice makes it more tolerable.
ryo-san May 15, 12:30 PM
I'll get back to you about that.
ryo-san May 15, 10:53 AM
That is not the case ..a lot of the recent episodes of conan are tv originals..not part of the manga..
katsucats May 14, 11:01 PM
Thank you for enjoying my posts. It can feel discouraging sometimes when none of the points get through, especially when I don't believe most of what I'm saying is controversial.

Looking through your list, I think our tastes are pretty different since there are a number of shows I feel strongly about that we rated oppositely. This is totally fine of course, but I don't feel qualified to give you recommendations. To be honest, I haven't really been keeping up with much seasonals lately besides the popular ones, and still none of them really stand out. I think Spy x Family and Summertime Render have potential, and Tomodachi Game is somewhat entertaining despite some plot holes. Most of my attention lately have been in donghua, which I feel have more (emotionally) mature characters on average. I've been reading the recommendation board, actually, to find older series I might have missed, but nothing has impressed me a lot yet. I haven't seen anything that would be in my opinion truly "great" in a while.
ryo-san May 14, 6:20 PM
Popular animes continue even after the death of mangaka.. that's one of the reasons why they are iconic.

Chibi Maruko-chan mangaka miki miura died of cancer aged 53
Sazae-san mangaka Machiko Hasegawa died of old age
Shin Chan mangaka died on a hiking trip after falling off a cliff
Both Doraemon mangaka also died..
But the animes still ongoing and popular as ever..

So may be detective Conan will continue too..
ryo-san May 14, 2:13 PM
If you wanna watch kochikame search nyaa...

Or you can search a user name Jessica Ingrid on YouTube she has some episodes..