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Kinda in order, kinda not really; how does one gauge love for all the cures, I don't know. Used 'flex art' because I do.


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Kidou Senshi Gundam
Kidou Senshi Gundam
11 hours ago
Watching 14/43 · Scored -
Futoku no Guild
Futoku no Guild
12 hours ago
Watching 6/12 · Scored -
Ace wo Nerae!
Ace wo Nerae!
Yesterday, 4:32 PM
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Senpai ga Uzai Kouhai no Hanashi
Senpai ga Uzai Kouhai no Hanashi
Yesterday, 6:18 PM
Reading 202/? · Scored 8
Ijiranaide, Nagatoro-san
Ijiranaide, Nagatoro-san
Yesterday, 12:52 PM
Reading 121/? · Scored -
Chi no Wadachi
Chi no Wadachi
Yesterday, 12:17 PM
Reading 123/? · Scored -

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ChouunShiryuu Feb 1, 8:50 AM
ah sure thing haha whenever you're back and got the energy for it. I'm just sending it there.
-Cultured- Jan 31, 12:08 PM
thanks for accepting my friend request! nice to meet you!
ChouunShiryuu Jan 31, 10:57 AM
no really, yeah, a lot of them really underestimate experience. Think knowing a few things about directing and art makes them experts on quality control. Had the fortune of knowing that world because we were a bit behind by like a decade on internet infrastructure here lol. On this matter, i've seen some real funny/autistic borg networking here too. I can give show it to you if you want for the luls, though in the DMs not to throw shade on the "community" in full visibility. Zoomers have just been networked from the start.
ChouunShiryuu Jan 30, 11:18 PM
yeah okay, nvm, that site is definitely way wayyyy worse even if it's much more hidden on the net. You didn't get normies there but you got the wrong kind of the not normies lol. That's how you kill your website, by overmoderation. Some leave because of a perception of suffocation, some because if you can't shitpost then there's not much to talk that's on point considering weebs arent art specialists. Ultimately you lose the ad revenue too lol. Yeah, nvm then, MAL is much much better lol
ChouunShiryuu Jan 30, 10:36 AM
Sage-dono, this internet society has left me in despair.
I feel no one watches kindaichi or conan kun anymore. was anilist any different? pero~
Yomisuki Jan 27, 1:18 PM
I suppose I was joking and exaggerating things with that land of hop and opportunity quip. In reality, I get the impression that things aren't always so rosy and cheery for not-so-well-off people over there. And I know you have to pay for private health care whereas we have a national health service here that covers everyone, although there are private options as well. Still, your average yearly earnings per person are quite a bit higher than here (the UK) and countries like France and Germany, even. Both of us are still luckier than most though, and there's a long cue of people wanting to come to our countries. Chinese buffet busses lol. I had a friend who used to take me to those all-you-can-eat Chinese Buffets 'for a set price' things, and although there were lots of different things to choose from, the overall quality of each item wasn't that amazing. And as for the deserts there's only so much jelly and ice cream you can eat in a single sitting lol. I think I would prefer a gourmet Chinese meal freshly prepared and cooked instead of the buffet selection stuff that's been prepared beforehand and kept warm in the buffet. Also, you don't know if they're putting out something from the day before or the day before that. I doubt they'd chuck away everything that wasn't eaten that night before closing and then start completely from scratch the next day. So for me, Chinese gourmet or professionally, freshly cooked meal buses would be better. And like massive buses - like big-name rock bands use when they go on tour. And maybe even some Chinese celebrity chefs on board. Also, South East Asian cuisine is particularly nice. One of those tour buses riding around would be cool as well. As for Hispanic food, I can just imagine your face peering out through the windows, wearing a magical girls' series apron and holding your Ghost Chillis with your industrial-strength gloves :)

Yeah, Bocchi was cute and lighthearted. I liked the designs which I think are from the same person who did Girls' Last Tour. Something about the cute girl dynamic and some of their conversations and interactions gives me Yuru Camp and Sora Yori mo Tooi Basho vibes but some of the humor is quite gentle and subtle and not exactly laugh-out-loud. The full-band songs were been pretty good but I wish there had been more of them. The bassist from Bocchi? I wonder if playing bass drove her to alcohol. I think she was a really good technical musician, from what I remember. Got a little bass-themed joke for you. What's the difference between a bass player and a pizza? A pizza can feed a family of four. Lol.

I suppose the whole mecha genre is not something I have much knowledge of or experience with. I mean, I still have to get to the end of Evangelion and I've not seen any of the Gundam franchise. I've not even seen Gurren Lagann yet, but I do plan to in the future. I think Trigger did a nice job with the FranXXX artwork and I wouldn't say it was downright bad, but it was more that I had trouble connecting with the main characters. There are some fanboys that really go gaga for Two Zero but I just didn't see the appeal myself. There's this MAL reviewer called Krunchyman who writes some funny reviews and his FranXXX one made me smile/laugh the first time I saw it, and I don't even know what Star Driver is.

4 cups of Evangelion
2 tablespoons of granulated Gurren Lagann
1/4 teaspoon of Star Driver
1 dash of Beauty and the Beast

And last, but not least.

69 metric tons of CRAP! (freshly steamed).

In case it wasn’t obvious, these are the instructions for one serving of Darling in the FranXX.

I'm guessing that anime is a lot bigger in The States than in the UK, and it might almost be moving into the mainstream - with all the available merch/clothing you mentioned. There's no way you'd see stuff like that in any physical shop/store here. You'd have to order online if you wanted any. Oh, the last time I was in HMV there were some anime T-shirts, mugs, and figurines though. And even a Naruto ramen set with a bowl, chopsticks, and headband or something. Hey, if there was no headband you could always just use your school/work tie lol. I'm just waiting for them to stock a Mineta role-playing set with x-ray glasses hahaha. To give HMV credit, they have a decent selection of anime DVDs/Blu-ray there as well. That's the only place you'll find that kinda stuff though. From a poll/survey thing I saw from 4 years ago, the US anime/manga watching/reading percentage was 3 times higher than the Europen leader, France. I couldn't say for certain what shifts have taken place in the last 4 years, but I'd expect the US market share would keep growing each year and would be the biggest audience outside of Japan itself. Although there could be a lot more watching in China than people or the authorities want to admit or reveal - for political reasons.

I'm not a hardcore watcher of the magical girls' genre but I have been considering a Mai-Hime rewatch sometime soon. I even have the DVD I bought 11 years ago. It's been maybe 8 or 9 years since I last saw it. Thanks for your get well wishes. I've been feeling better the last few weeks and back to my normal self. It was so bad for a time it even stopped me from sleeping properly and I was only getting half the RDA of sleep. I wonder if it was a variant of COVID or this Strep A thing that was in the news, perhaps. I'm sure you'll be OK though as the Ghost Chillis and Carolina Reapers will keep all but the most foolish of germs away :)
Minseiza Jan 24, 9:10 PM
Knew you’d have something for me there, appreciate it. Listening to how subtle the singer’s voice is tho, it makes me wonder if you could throw some lofi in there. (Well I mean its not really that subtle but like, you def get singers who sound like they’re shouting most of the time) Feel free to send more of those if you want tho, need me a playlist overhaul with how that’s sounding lmao

Dang I guess the change wouldn't be that dramatic that fast tho, makes sense. But honestly, with how that show is, you could probably just watch the latter half of s2 and then start s3 (if it gets one) and not be missing much lol. Now or never kinda thing huh? I guess it is like that in highschool.. And she’s like a freebie anyway lmao, doesn’t take a genius to realize that I guess. Hm, when you say that, you mean the manga was pretty lively right? I guess that’s bound to happen when you have the elusive gyaru in it, dress up darling similarly shared that feeling. I don’t know what Anjou san is about tho so I could be totally off here.

Aghhhh that’s my bad! I keep asking people what shows are about like MAL doesn’t literally MAKE synopsis about shows, didn’t mean to make you write out one there, sorry about that. Kinda late now that you’ve already did it tho.. haha. Infighting kinda thing or the friendship struggle? That seems like a realistic development honestly since the whole random precure selection and throwing people that barely know eachother into a team and having them work flawlessly together is… well kinda odd? But that’s just me not accepting that the series as a whole isn’t plot dense lmao. Just imagine having actual Precure power scaling tho. Ooh you did say that before! I’ve gotta watch the one with the nega vers.. Something about that “dark side” thing is fun. Eh? So in a way the show does kinda have a watch order.. Damn I’d be dumb enough to jump in at any point.

Ah I see.. get a bit of that in the prequel so I’m happy to know they’re building on that even more in the second season. Will definitely have a look at it. And then Mushishi, that one show I’ve been putting off because of the dull coloring in the bg. I’ll go ahead and start that tomorrow tho (assuming I don’t forget lmao), needed that push with all the good feedback I’ve seen for it. Appreciate it

Raw? That’s pretty confident.. Don’t think anyone can doubt your ability with that watch time tho lmao. Do lmk how it goes tho, since you haven’t done any formal study(?) I’d be interested in seeing just how much you can pick up from mass amounts of sub-watching. Naisu naisu tho, and the Persia show too! That was the one rlly similar to the one you recommended me rii? Which reminds me, I started that “creamy mami” too, after like 6 months lmao. Had to look up who you were talking about, then was like: “Ah. Drunk and onee-san looking, ofc this’d be Sage’s kinda character”. You probably finished the gundam show by now, thoughts? I heard the last ep was pretty heavy

I feel that, all that extra for what lol. Hey I won’t lie I had a “...” moment for a second there but that’s more or less what I did for the holidays LOL

But uhh yeah, and that’s mb for the late, tho I guess this is the routine by now haha. It feels scary to have 12 days roll right by you. End of january already, wtf. I noticed I kinda went on a rant somehow? It's too late for this
Snowdrop06 Jan 23, 9:52 AM
Even though my dad is half Japanese I didn't grew up with anime and only discovered it through someone else not that long ago. My dad wasn't allow to watch anime and it probably not as accessible than it is now. Beside school my other extracurricular activity like tennis don't leave me much time.
LCrowDramon13 Jan 22, 11:41 AM
i'm hopeing its like the death devil, or the reaper devil perhaps, as we've already seen the curse devil, hopping for something different. The designs for all the devils are good, just need more of them.

hope they meet your expectations. Just had a look at some of the new releases for winter, none have really caught my attention yet. Looks like another isekai burst has come about 'sigh'

Snowdrop06 Jan 21, 11:53 AM
I have a cousin that have watch over 1K something anime since she have been watching anime for 25 yr and I thought was a lot. Well, she does watch many non-anime shows too so that is probably why her numbers on that high for someone that watch it that long.

I love watching shows like Stranger Things, Game of Thrones, The Crown, Bridgerton, Supernatural and The Vampire Diaries. Not only shows but I do enjoy watching reality tv shows and those are probably my guilty pleasure. Tonight my family will be going to see "A Man Called Otto" in theater.

Eliestal Jan 21, 11:49 AM
I would potentially be interested in watching those but because of work, I'm not sure if I'll be able to keep up the pace. I can always try and just stop when I can follow anymore.

Those artworks are very nice! I like the second one a lot. The split tongue is doing it for me ^^
Charlotte1412 Jan 21, 3:03 AM
Yeah sometimes it gets tricky to acquire episodes of such old shows but otherwise in this era of technology, everything stays on the internet! >.<
Charlotte1412 Jan 20, 10:10 PM
That assures me a lot. Thanks! I can get back into anime whenever I want, right?! It's not going XD
LCrowDramon13 Jan 20, 2:16 PM
I see, yeah, badass females and gore all the way. I'm interested to see what other devils there are and the one whose contracted with makina ^_^

I rewatched the first series of part timer, just so i can get to grips on everything again lol, its a fun series which is enjoyable to rewatch so wasn't forced at all ^_^
I liked outbreak company too, but yeah, don't expecting a sequel. If we do get one like with other anime, it'd be nice yeah, but can't always bank on it happening. Like with Blue exorcist. Glad they announced another series, as i've just caught up on the manga. They have enough for them to do at least a few series, i'd say 50+ episodes. Plus it seems to be nearing its end, so by the time they do the anime i'm hopping its enough for them to do the lot.

Have fun with the rest of fall ^_^
Snowdrop06 Jan 20, 11:26 AM
I prefer watching mostly romance or SOL. I don't think I've watch anime that aired back in the 90's or even before that. Most of the anime I watch are at least from the the late 2000's. You the first person that I know that have watch a big amount of anime. Recently I've been watching this K-Drama called 'The Glory'. I do spend more time watching non-anime shows.