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Tribe Nine
Tribe Nine
Jun 11, 2:37 PM
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Kemono Friends
Jun 1, 10:36 AM
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May 30, 3:02 PM
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Amachin wa Jishou ♂
Amachin wa Jishou ♂
Jun 9, 11:35 AM
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Hiyuri no Kizuna: Furyou Oneesan to Kyuuketsu Shoujo-tachi
Hiyuri no Kizuna: Furyou Oneesan to Kyuuketsu Shoujo-tachi
Jun 8, 6:33 AM
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Fyk0 Jun 16, 9:00 AM
Oh, I see. Are those collectable cards just for sake of collecting or can you also play with them, like with Pokemon cards? I have collected waifus only in form of anime figures lol.

I think last time I played poker was in Yakuza mini game lol. Yakuzas tends to have all kinds of minigames like that which is fun to fool around for a while.

5 consoles, for goodness' sake that is a lot of devices connected! One reason to play on PC, you need only one device XD
I don't think a new Akiba's Trip has been announced so far, so you should be good not rushing a PS5!
Your cat is a real hazard for your consoles I see, you need to bolt your consoles to shelfs or floor so they cannot be kicked by the cat lol

4 times!? It's time to stop XD
Yeah, it sucks when a game you play and love gets an anime and then the anime is complete trash. Cold Steel anime was like that, loved the games but dear lord what was that anime lol. Bad art and doesn't even feature characters from the game, except for a fraction of a time in few episodes.

Yeah that is true. I watched Re:Zero which is scored over 8 but I think the main character is so unbearably annoying I just dropped it after half way lol.
Fyk0 Jun 13, 9:45 AM
I know right, anime can make pretty much any theme entertaining lol.
Trading cards, like Pokemon cards? XD Same, I haven't played poker or other gambling card games in so many years I don't remember even the rules.

Well if you replace your PS4 with 5 that should fix the room issue doesn't it lol. PS5 is probably heavy enough a cat doesn't smack it down accidentally, but maybe on purpose lol.
PS5 doesn't have many exclusives either, but I would like to play Stellar Blade and FF7 Rebirth. Both games should come to PC sooner or later so I will just wait.

Yeah it's fun when you find a game you like so much it makes you buy a whole console lol. How many times you have bought the game now, 3? XD I don't think I have watched the anime of it. Overall I'm quit slow watching anime and my plan to watch list has gotten out of hand lol.

Ohh it did have anime also, I did now know that! Not very highly rated though and seems like it didn't gain much popularity since I totally missed it. I should watch the anime before the game to know the characters, maybe I like it anyway if it isn't amazing since I crave more Dangan devs content lol.
tsukareru Jun 12, 1:30 PM
hey sry for the late reply!
Ah was it some roof repair work? I think it's rainy season in europe right now isn't it? Give your cat some treats for bearing with all the noise ;-;

Oh, i am a bit late to ask but did the moving go smoothly?

I have been doing fine ^^ Thanks for asking. I might be moving to a new place as well in a couple months I think. Most likely by the end of this year.
Fyk0 Jun 11, 10:02 AM
Fair. I think the first season was better as well, but for me the characters were good to enjoy it. I also like gambling theme even I'm not a gambler myself. Outside of gacha games lol.

I think most games made for PS4 or 5 would be quite bad on keyboard and mouse. At least I see sometimes people complain about them on Steam reviews how the controls are ass on k/m lol.
If you are considering PS5 you probably better wait for updated Pro version. At least I heard that is in the works and the console is in it's later half of life cycle anyway. Feels crazy that it is already on the later half, but it has already been out quite a while.

Damn, you are dedicated for Akiba's Trip XD I haven't played it, I remember it had 30fps lock on PC and I was like naah lol.
Also have you seen Tribe Nine? A new gacha game coming from Danganronpa devs. Like look at this character, she reminds me of Junko lol I can't wait to play it.

-Sonal- Jun 11, 9:50 AM
-Sonal- Jun 11, 6:00 AM
So everything is good so long as it isn't a bishounen, huh?

-Sonal- Jun 10, 8:14 PM
And what will you do if she ends up with a 2D bishounen?

IpreferEcchi Jun 10, 6:43 AM
Thank you very much for playing various forum games man

Here is another one, not created by me this time

You just rate how cool the job is, then say a new job
-Sonal- Jun 9, 7:32 PM
Who you loyal to, my lovely sheepling?

Fyk0 Jun 9, 7:13 AM
Oh, you didn't enjoy it much? Yumeko as a character probably carried it for me quite far, I think she was fantastic lol

Ah, I bought PS4 just to play Persona 5 back in the day so I understand lol. Even I play only on PC these days I still mostly use a PS5 controller. I mainly play JRPGs and those works better with a controller anyway. Games like Cyberpunk or shooters I rather play with k/m instead. I don't like aiming on a controller.
Jeritorias Jun 9, 6:11 AM
Thank you so much ^^
MinakoBestGirl Jun 7, 7:48 AM
It's my favorite fan art of her and it looks official.
MinakoBestGirl Jun 7, 7:40 AM
aisyahdesu Jun 7, 7:36 AM
Thank you so much! sorry i was very busy T-T
MinakoBestGirl Jun 7, 7:17 AM
I love her with a ponytail.
Did you like my last pfp, of Lillie from Pokemon that I had yesterday?
It’s time to ditch the text file.
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