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Hoshi wo Ou Kodomo
Hoshi wo Ou Kodomo
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Shisha no Teikoku
Shisha no Teikoku
Sep 24, 2:00 AM
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Neon Genesis Evangelion: Death & Rebirth
Neon Genesis Evangelion: Death & Rebirth
Sep 24, 1:58 AM
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Tenshi na Konamaiki
Tenshi na Konamaiki
Sep 24, 2:03 AM
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Sep 24, 2:02 AM
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Boku wa Mari no Naka
Boku wa Mari no Naka
Sep 24, 2:02 AM
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Taker6898 Sep 26, 11:45 PM
Idk man, for some reason you posted a pic stating you were..
Oldmangenryuusai Sep 25, 3:30 PM
Talking about being in the twenties. I'm turning 23 this Thursday and I still haven't been in a proper relationship, and by the grace of god, I do not wish to end up as a sad, miserable middle aged man with no girlfriend/wife and kids... that was a bit of a sidetrack, but yes. I need to get out more and meet more people. It's more or less the only way to get out of "this shell".

I've been a bit unfaithful to anime for the past 5ish months, but I've started watching anime again. I basically only watch some series and documentaries on Netflix every now and then. But I try to stay with anime as it is what I enjoy the most.
Wait, what?! Do you want to complete 1000 series? Why for what bloody purpose? xD I would never watch anything just to complete it. If I don't enjoy it, I drop it.

Ah.. Asuka. My waifu <3. Rei too... **cough**. I mean yeah, you should know. Best anime I've ever seen so far.

ProtectTheZenbu Sep 25, 2:10 PM
Well I always get to it eventually so xD

You can still do so tho!

Part A

Well Catholicism and Islam were there as well ... both of which may have been better in the long run ... but hey! Christianity did help Bulgarians preserve their culture while under Ottoman rule, which lasted for 5 centuries.

Well good luck to him! Here our premier is the one who runs things ... as for our last president. Let's just say ... he didn't do a good job at all. He even fucked our relationship with Russia. Hope that things will get better but lets be honest ... they wont! :/


Oh, you have no fucking idea. Don't be deceived by me. I'm a very rare fish and basically feel out of water here wahaha. xD
But seriously so much materialism and spirituality is laughed upon here. But still most older people do hold some basic believe in God etc so it isn't entirely bad. Not as worse like in The States for example, but it sure is going there.

Well hope you have snapped out of it by now hahaha!
Those were the darkest times in my life. You know what?! I want to tell you actually how it used to be. Just don't think bad of me for doing so please! Its very long so I hope this compensates for all the time I've been ignoring your posts and you may even get to know me better hehe! ok here I begin!

The origin of Dragnim and how he became what he is!

lol no.
We were talking how your country is not so sexualised or smt and I meant that I won't mind switching with you!
But I didn't really think of that ... that depends ... is your girlfriend hot?! wahaha jk xD

You meant it in another way I believe! You said that you were wrong to compare me to Lemon?
Do I look like a lolicon to you?! I understand yuri but why lolis? I got out of that phase haha lol

Well women just think differently! Rarely do guys find ecchi disgusting hahaha xD

1) like what?

2) Exactly! I believe in Buddhism its referred to as "Rebirth". It really similar and the idea is the same. Anyway, reincarnation is found as a concept in Native Americans, Africa (really from what little I've read its huge there as well). Some ancient Greek philosophers (Plato) wrote about the idea, its in Celtic mythology, Norse, Slavic, Aborigines etc. So I guess its more common than we think.

I don't know about that. More like too little kids are being born wahaha

Well don't you have that one and only character that you will always like? After many years I've come to the realization that I can't find a more lovable character than Chris wahaha! Plus I'm really happy with how she developed as a character so there is that! xD

ok, will do

Well isn't it jus obvious wahaha xD

Am I a Caterpee now? xD


Snob? I have nothing against him personally, but I came to think of something! The guy gets his trills from youtube drama and hating on everything modern anime calling others plebs etc even though his favourite shows are infact modern lol. In the end this comes from a 37 year old dude who hasn't accomplish anything in life except for his Youtube channel. I just think this is very sad, and hey he has degraded to just blind hate this days. Refusing to open his mind and just being toxic. His fans are even worse, so In the end I just give up on him. I gave up on the anime community as a whole ... never did I see such hateful and immature people as in there. I just want to enjoy anime and not act like some self proclaimed critic or some bullshit like that?! What is the fucking point dammit?! Anime ain't art, its entertainment!

Well you can't teach them wahaha
+ there won't be the danger of getting any aids so its win win xD




Guess so!

Dammit this post stole my soul! I put so much efort in it so ... I'll reply to the others later. I'm so tiered, I need sleep now!

SoulBrother_ Sep 24, 8:52 PM
Yeah. And you can't read lol

I said her instead of them.

No answer?
Taker6898 Sep 23, 3:05 AM
clearly i read that you're gay bro
SoulBrother_ Sep 20, 10:23 PM
Nah man 0 out of 0 lol

A typo is when you typo something in wrong.

That's good. When do you plan on running?
Oldmangenryuusai Sep 19, 2:43 PM
Damn youtube/copyright.

Just who I am. I also find it extremely difficult to approach others and befriend them at uni too. It is probably a combination of things.. Like, I don't like too big crowds so I never go to parties, and because I only have like 2-4 friends here that I can hang out with, things get extremely lonley at times because the friends I got here have their own stuff to do.

Sort of, I have issues organizing my time properly. So maybe not as busy as it seems. :P

I actually have not set preference when it comes to films. I rarely watch films in general. I watch the occacional tv series, but that is all. What about you?

Thought so. xD I sometimes use that same gif, obvs most people are fucking clueless on where it is from etc . :P

Without a doubt, knowing his mother (my sis) and his father. :)

I am sorry about the late reply, I've been in quite of a dark spot recently and been busy getting stuff organized as I am just back in the UK after summer.
ProtectTheZenbu Sep 19, 2:39 AM
Why the hell would you do that! x|
ProtectTheZenbu Sep 19, 2:37 AM
Part D

I say to merge it!

Thats nice man ... we may not be irl friends but its still real ya know! I consider you a very very good buddy wahaha xD

Well I may try again but I just don't feel like it at the moment!
Your new profile look fine, just like last time.
ProtectTheZenbu Sep 19, 2:32 AM
Part C

And again I did ... I've been busy with watching anime so you should forgive me, right?

Yeah, its a JRPG game franchise created by the script and co-creator of Symphogear. I was very amazed when I learned that. The whole show is filled with references towards the games. I've plaid only Wild Arms 2 tho, the one with Knight Blazer. And from then on I expected great thing from him! xD

Welcome to my world lol. Don't forget that the characters are partly based on their Seiyus wahaha

Same with me xD

Its 2D Aoi ... thought you'll like it. I have a Nana one as well
btw did ya know that Nana was sad when her refrigerator died and grieved for it. That made me think ... what if my fridge dies ... x/

Good one tho

Yep, they did! Same for me!

Yeah, I know but that doesn't make it easier!

it is actually, you watched Hentai Kamen already?
ProtectTheZenbu Sep 19, 2:20 AM
Part B

Wahaha, bet you are fully healed now tho xD

Nah, I watched that as well, I'm just after the end of the Soul Society arc

Well thats how it is so oh well

I guess.

Hahaha, I don't know when it started but its just a part of me now, plus I grew to like it. Sad part is most people my family included ended up thinking I'm an idiot when In fact I act stupidly just to calm myself.
I'm a very depressed and angry person deep down, oh well. x/

ofc you can hahaha
+ they are so cute when they show their cute and sadistic sides! xD

lol, ofc you do

well get your self on it!

Nah it comes later, in season 2 where she becomes badass.

Well they get better and better! xD

Cause they are idols ... thats their job remember!
I'm still biased on Ayahi tho ... she voiced my waifu ya know. I think she even had a daki of Chris so she is her waifu as well lol

ProtectTheZenbu Sep 19, 2:03 AM
Well I guess its time to reply to all, BEGIN!

Yeah, actually its from the second season in Mitsudomoe witch totally confused me because it was the first one episode hahaha!

Part A

ok then!

Well I told you that Christianity wasn't the best option but at the time it was.

Nah thanks, being a politician here means you'll be corrupt and get money for doing nothing ... actually it ain't half bad lol
btw heard of the manga Akumetsu, its about one masked guy who can clone himself and going all kamikaze on corrupt politicians while educating us about Japanese politics! xD

Nah it ain't that bad if you got money here ... sadly I never did so oh well. It will be shit anywhere if your not rich ya know, but thanks dude, appreciate it wahaha. Why you get exited? To say the truth I never suffered from lack of female attention, the only problem is that throughout my high-school years I was a depressed fuck who hated everybody and pushed away the ones that showed interest because I was just not horny lol. Guess jacking it to hentai/porn 24/7 was another reason wahaha

Well a lot different, there are similarities ofc but you just have to see it to understand and I don't want to spoil you. Just don't let the first few episodes deceive you this one gets dark as hell. Also its a different genre in every arc, for example going from RPG to Sci-fi monster invasion survival.

Yeah, well I'm far from having control lol. At one point I was obsessed with having sex but that may be thanks to other things. Anyway now I'm kinda better and don't think much about it, actually I kinda began disliking the whole idea some months ago, oh well. I'll won't mind switching with ya tbh hahaha! xD

Yeah, we actually are lol. When did ya compere me to him and where is he? Yes you do, haha

1.) Oh well, don't pay it much thought.

2.) Hahaha thats the only way I guess. Yeah right, ecchi is evil, thats just bullshit. Sad thing is I've met people like that as well.
Hahaha yeah. Its not limited to only Indians tho. When you begin learning more about ancient religions its all over the place. The 2012 End of the World was just bullshit. Nobody figured that the Spanish may have accidentally destroyed the calender while they were busy killing and invading in the name of their "generous" god ya know. Also I can't remember but I don't think it ever said anything about the world actually ending and most was just preconceptions lol. Also lets not forget what Christianity caused in China in the past.

Well that is good then hahaha
Well they already are beginning ... just look at some statistics wahaha.

My name has a double meaning. Chris is called by the nickname Zenbu (cause she is everything) on 4chan so my name literally translates to "Protect my Waifu" wahaha lol

Yeah, its cool. I've yet to finish it tho.

Nah, I won't say that. In the end both genders can be extremely competent and extremely stupid hahaha

I wouldn't say that I'm strong, but thanks I guess. I don't deserve that admiration though.

Well End of evangelion was his truly intended message. And the last 2 episodes were like that because their budget was lost on the action scenes by that time wahaha.

That is good my friend! You are evolving! Just please don't devolve like ThatAnimeSnob for example ... he is just a sad pathetic hater by this point who hasn't achieved anything in his life and is filled by hatred enjoying shitting on other younger people for their inferior tastes in animu etc.

Well there are also the rare virgin types here so don't give up yet wahaha! xD
The space chicks may carry other viruses tho


No thanks I want to stay delusional wahaha!

Yeah, thats good advice tho, I'm begining to follow it as well! xD

Yep, wish you luck on that!
SoulBrother_ Sep 18, 11:26 AM
Fun fact: I have banged every girl I have dated in my whole life. I'm at an amazing 0/0 right now. lol

What a great typo! I meant to say them.

I honestly don't remember much since it was a 5 minute side convo and It's been like a week XD

What's your take on the new leader?
3miL Sep 17, 3:08 AM