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Neon Genesis Evangelion
Neon Genesis Evangelion
Aug 21, 9:03 PM
Watching 20/26 · Scored -
K: Return of Kings
K: Return of Kings
Aug 21, 9:03 PM
Watching 6/13 · Scored -
Aug 21, 9:02 PM
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Today, 1:57 AM
Completed 705/705 · Scored 9
Elfen Lied
Elfen Lied
Today, 1:57 AM
Completed 113/113 · Scored -
Nozoki Ana
Nozoki Ana
Today, 1:57 AM
Completed 117/117 · Scored -


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SoulBrother_ 7 hours ago
A little... But I stopped a little bit in... Wait is that the one with the white hair kid sucking boobs for power?

ZUN was on that MS paint shit before MS Paint even existed.

That's the joke. But I'm pretty sure there's more filipinos ont this site.

Did you go for 2 years?
Tsueno Today, 3:38 AM
lol well something interesting is that I created four hot guys. I feel so nooby having to ask how I would paste a picture in.
Tsueno Aug 22, 2:12 PM

I got it!
SoulBrother_ Aug 22, 5:50 AM
Yeah... I wish the in-game art was better.

From some kid named Manny.

Nah... I just started college. The first day of classes is today.
SoulBrother_ Aug 22, 5:47 AM
What anime is that from? That's pretty great.
ListenToMySong Aug 22, 3:28 AM
Its good, sure is better than my wasteland xD

I don't see much change in the faves tho
ListenToMySong Aug 22, 3:24 AM
Well I am but will go soon

Well I am lol but thanks

I know her but haven't watched the anime. There was a reference to Knight Blazer from the Wild Arms games there btw

I understand now, thats why you are so focused I'm jealous!

I get distracted by tons of random shit but have been trying to limit that by watching anime on my phone where I have no net, it works for now.
I know you told me one year ago when you were on 400 + or smt, damn you sure werent kidding, good luck man

Yeah, i'm just constantly distracted by random shit tho x(

Yes that one, well I finished it today and thought it was fun, picture Spiderman but 120% crazier and perverted hahaha
ListenToMySong Aug 22, 3:17 AM
Well I remember the important stuff after all and be that your lesson!

are you calling me dumb?

nope it doesn't xD

well watch those first and see if you like them

Heiki Hechara!
I got some more but a pain to search and btw the Symphogear 2016 Live BD is coming out tomorrow haha
ListenToMySong Aug 22, 3:14 AM
Well is that a bad thing now?

Hey now, my country is the poorest shithole of Europe that even immigrants run away from xD
But hey its the pireting paradise so thats cool, oh and did I tell you that where I live in the capital when you go out its normal to see horses on the streets (so many), stray blood-hungry dogs, cows, farm animals even chickens. Its a fun place to be in tbh x'D

Wahaha lol but its so true tho
can you imagine idols 100 years ago?!

But I'M NOT! Its just ... lol I actually am damn

well you already are tho, no?

did I gave you the gif where Aoi violates her in a friendly joking way lol
I know tho ... aperently demonstrating lesbian tendencies boosts sales x'D

Exactly and the main thing is, we are all anime fans etc, why should we be divided by this bullshit. I feel like only man children and retards do it tho, now I just want to have fun dammit

Godzilla, retro tokusatsu ~ xD

Nope and I don't care, anyone besides Asuka is just a unlikable mess. Thats thanks to the fact that Anno was in depression while making EVA.

Well its thanks for the fact that guys can't appreciate good women when they see them and want the boring type

Well Rei is basically the first kudere, but I hate those so I don't care. Shinji is a little ungrateful bitch tho. Seriously who can relate with him?! Punpun was way better and more realistic imo

Well something happens in the movie between them so ... :^)
And Misato is just a nympho lol

Thats because they are better and have more going for them as characters, seriously tell me an anime with a kudere lead, they are basically non existent because kuderes are boring characters in general.
lol I am getting a bit too ... over worked for this. I need to chill I sound like a tard hahaha xD

nope, she actually hate Shinji tbh and honestly who can blame her ... thats why she is best hahaha

yeah, or make it even more ... complicated. After this you should try the Rebuilds who look gorgeous and not shitty likee the anime ... story is a lot different as well

Well they say it has been going downhill but had a very strong start like 5D's
I actually appreciate Yuma and Astral a lot, he is the first mc who needs to work to get good and not some genius at dueling lol. Also like how they work together. They are becoming my fave duo tbh xD
I like Kaito and Shark a lot as well

Yeah I like Juday as well, he was my childhood man hahaha


wahaha why? lol

yeah, don't you remember Fine? The villain from season 1 xD

from mine or your Aoi one?

Here, damn this is bizarre hahaha

Yep, thats what I have been telling you, we have so much content to cover that we will never run out of topics hahaha
Tsueno Aug 22, 2:50 AM
It looks like I'm just pasting down a url.
ListenToMySong Aug 22, 1:38 AM
Well I didn't because I had too much stuff to give you and that was a pain to search etc
but don't worry I'm done now. xD

I said don't worry lol

I see, so thats why. How do you watch so much anime then?
I have constant 24/7 internet connection and still watch so little :|

I understand no probs, its better that way, don't give half-assed replies (thats why I take my time for when I'm in the mood) hahaha lol

You seen the movie (drama) Hentai Kamen btw?
ListenToMySong Aug 22, 1:32 AM
ofc who do you think I am?


Well, try Monogatari series then, you'll love it

Superhero Idols for life!
ListenToMySong Aug 22, 1:27 AM
You on an old pc as well? xD

well I got the perfect thing for you, ready?!

And even more Aoi, I'm not obsessed I swear lol

Yeah, already know that one but thanks xD

Well that is what being an elitist is all about. Personally after some years I came to realize that its all bullshit and pointless anyway

lol boy that just hurts. I could relate a lot to Asuka, and despised Shinji and the other characters. She and the mech designs are the best thing in this show, everything else is overpraised garbage. Rei I hate as well, she isn't even a character lol

Watch End of EVA movie to see how she overcomes depression and starts believing in herself not needing anyone else ... in other words yes, she will!

ow ... well forgot where I got it so ... too bad

Its not like they don't get to eat as well!

He dose it again and again, I think he hates Yuma or smt which ain't cool at all xD

Well I'm a veteran pervert after all lol

I know right!

Nana can kick your ass ya know ...

Here have this ~

Nah no one can beat Ayahi

She even K.O-ed a fan, no joke
I should search for the vid
Tsueno Aug 22, 1:01 AM
Do I must've meant.
Oldmangenryuusai Aug 21, 3:17 AM
Sorry, I can't see the video for some reason. :/

I wanted to start reading the Bleach manga, continuing where the anime left off, but not sure if I should do it.

Ehem, I don't know anyone else here. :P I only signed up here because Sky7anime shut down a few years back. I rarely intereact in the forums and the like.

Studying other traditions is always interesting. :)