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Return of a New Light

⛏ semi-casual anime fan
⛏ ratings based on enjoyment
⛏ transitioning to only rewatches and seasonals
⛏ generally tries anything and everything

🗒️ That’s interesting. Don’t do it again.
🗒️ Do not use those words so lightly, Death is painful.
🗒️ I will stay with you.
🗒️ Today’s my birthday. During times like these I always think
whether or not it was a good thing that I was born


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Digimon Adventure 02: The Beginning
Digimon Adventure 02: The Beginning
Jul 18, 9:14 AM
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Hibike! Euphonium: Ensemble Contest-hen
Hibike! Euphonium: Ensemble Contest-hen
Jul 18, 7:18 AM
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Ookami to Koushinryou: Merchant Meets the Wise Wolf
Ookami to Koushinryou: Merchant Meets the Wise Wolf
Jul 17, 3:57 AM
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Dance in the Vampire Bund: Age of Scarlet Order
Dance in the Vampire Bund: Age of Scarlet Order
Jul 5, 12:49 PM
Reading 48/? · Scored 7
Owari no Seraph
Owari no Seraph
Jul 5, 12:35 PM
Reading 138/? · Scored 7
Akatsuki no Yona
Akatsuki no Yona
Jul 5, 12:26 PM
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Varelya Jul 22, 10:22 PM
Not all women like colons, I’m afraid. It certainly varies amongst us. Some may even prefer the whole body.

As for me, well, I favor the heart. One of the juiciest organs to be given

Oh? That’s quite unfortunate to hear. I was hoping the anime adaptation would be good. As for the harem genre, my hopes lie with 100 Girlfriends. It might even take the crown if DxD doesn’t come back. Is your watching list always active and up to date with the present?

-Donna Jul 21, 1:29 AM
i’ve just had a lot of free time lately so that’s why I came back. i’m also trying to catch up to demon slayer since I really like the animation.

you’re right. things have become so digital. all those chatgpt and AI improvements have also really propelled electronic globalization if you want to call it that. i’ve been investing in stocks in the last couple of months since inflation is going crazy in canada. prices are insane. have you noticed the insane changes in the costs of living where you live as well?

you said you didn’t use other forms of social media right? or am i just remembering that wrong.

effy Jul 20, 6:14 AM

how are you?

(listening to the music you have sent me while writing and honestly, of course I can. is it something I listen to on daily basis? no, but it´s definitely something that can touch my soul.) I know you might disagree with me on this, but for me and how I see religion, I am yet to be serious enough to make such distinctions as Orthodox or Catholic. there are things I disagree with like just how far can we go away from the Bible teachings and interpret them for our own liking. I am the only Greek Orthodox in my family because the priest who baptized me was a Greek Catholic :D and he was open minded enough to say that there is one God and just because my parents are Ukrainian Orthodox (though back then the Russian and Ukrainian church were one), that does not mean that God will not love me. so I cannot say I would mind Catholics, Orthodox or so. just the others to me seem to be going too astray. (I know you have mentioned Lutherans before and eh well)

frankly, I read your message when I got the notif but as I am right now listening to music, I have to smile at what a right time this came to me. things are just meh, not necessarily offline but I am a weak emo so more so offline and I always let it get to me.

are you trying to find a balance between being Catholic and how to implement it into your daily life or do you feel like it´s a given once you make a decision to dedicate your life (to whatever extent you wish) to God?
are there any other aspects of life that you have changed your opinion on? (like the music that you listen to etc.)
also I know those are all pretty personal question so as always, answer in whatever detail you wish.

to add to the mix, when it comes to rap. the American rap (maybe apart from NF and some underground ones that I don´t know) ... it´s the biggest human tragedy. Korean/Japanese (specifics due to my lack of exposure to the rest) are just less vulgar and more meaningful.

congrats to your sister! happy news, yay! cheers to the starts. ahh, when we were this young :D.
wow, I like cheese a lot. I can´t eat it hot for whatever reason, my stomach does not digest that well, but boy do I love some mozzarella. definitely a guilty pleasure of mine but I keep telling myself it´s protein and calcium or something :D.

that song in Hebrew was absolutely beautiful, captivating (I had to leave and came back to finishing this message later).

yes, I like experimenting in that field but I am yet to learn proper BBCode to get what I want but baby steps I guess. my initial thought about matching sets has always been "what a cute idea" but then if I am honest, I always ask myself if I would be willing to give up my own idea, my only way of expressing myself, for the better good and frankly, if I am selfish enough to ask others to give up theirs. of course not everyone thinks that way, it´s just me, being a hysterical woman, I guess.

I am glad to see you still being creative with your profile. whenever you change your pfp, I go and see what does your profile look like :). it´s always a nice surprise. I like the quotes you have chosen for the current one.

wishing you all the best
lots of health and safety
good things to you and your family

-Donna Jul 20, 3:46 AM
definitely. during the pandemic I found myself spending an excessive amount of time on the internet, largely because there was little else to do while in isolation. I didn’t realize that the constant exposure left me feeling mentally drained and overwhelmed until I stepped back from it all. once the pandemic restrictions lifted and life began to return to normal, I felt the need to take a complete break from all things digital to recharge and reconnect with the real world. although i didn’t cut off everything all at once, I guess MAL became one of those forgotten things in the process of all that.

Consider me impressed that you’ve still been active on MAL all this time without much of a hiatus. Kudos to you

but wow that’s great! I hope the pay is better and it’s less demanding on your voice. i remember your previous job really took a toll on you. online gambling can be a downward spiral so a therapy or mental health department is definitely needed 😂

I was doing some barista work last time I talked to you but now I’m doing part time work as a hostess at a restaurant now. in the last couple of years I’ve happened to wander into the hospitality/restaurant industry. I sort of also want to get into bartending but I’m too busy with school right now to do the training. but i’ll probably get into that some day.
sunsetocean Jul 19, 8:41 PM
I totally forgot I hadn't watched Tiger & Bunny 2 part 2 even though it aired years ago until someone else sort of reminded me. Have you ever watched Voltron? I thought Pidge's green white suit reminded me of Kotetsu's.
My MAL list is more dead than MDL I need to catch up on the latest season of Black Butler. At least Kimi ni Todoke 3rd season hasn't aired yet (in August)

Lol might as well teach me how to answer that shit so I can have spare cash, unless it only works in Canada

Taking surveys is an international thing, sometimes you gotta give them answers they actually want to hear (like with interviews) answer yes or else be kicked out of the surveys in the beginning so I had to fake them to a certain extent. I often came across questions like
if I was a parent or had children at home (or even pregnant and expecting)
owned/leased a car and what brand it is and year of it
if I were traveling on an airplane for business or leisure and stayed in a hotel or not
if I drank alcohol/wine or smoked
do I share equal responsibilities with someone for shopping or household duties
which bank provider do I use

there was some site prolific revolving around studies it gives out GBP as rewards then converts to your currency via paypal but I got blocked cause I kept forgetting my password and from multiple attempts to login. I would've earned around $30+ by now if I cashed in everything within weeks. Though I just spend it on useless things, like going online shopping with my sis we spent $200 together just because her contract job lasted from last Dec and kept getting extended to Sept now.
sunsetocean Jul 19, 8:39 PM
whenever I did strikethroughs like that it's always a joke

how's it going for you?
finally got to touch grass for 2 weeks and take the bus alone early by myself which I hadn't done since my college days - enrolled in that hospitality training program whose zoom meeting I had to deal with before. But usually it's Caucasians who are taught to greet customers better or take their time asking each person what they want for their orders or drinks, Asians wouldn't really care about this type of stuff like just quickly ask what you want, eat your food and leave ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Most of the students were black people lmao, only a few white, 1 Indian and another fat cringy Asian guy with glasses who kept adding in his voice whenever the facilitators talked and saying "yes captain" seemed like he's born in 96 after seeing his email when we were all sent stuff there.
There were 3 facilitators who showed up but mostly just 2 guys taught stuff - sometimes they made us do group discussions or small activities but I hardly talked or participated in them with minimum interactions while sitting in the corner. One of the questions asked what 10 items we'd bring to a deserted island for survival if we got stranded while on a cruise ship during a storm. I guess they forced us to pair up and do some socializing with each other but feels more like a reminder of how I'm just the same socially awkward person I was back in high school/college or worse. They say telling a good story is helpful for answering interviews, but in my mind that basically sums up to "be a sociable person" that bubble chart was also related to some questions we had to answer to each other - what does my best self look like? what do I need to do to be my best self? how can I support others here in being their best selves?

We were asked if we wanted to join a whatsapp group for chatting or networking but I don't use that or want randos knowing my name/number, not that anyone would actually care about me there anyways.
Back when I actually went to college I was supposed to be invited to a facebook group with the class we graduated in but the girl I gave my email to never did. So I'd expect even less with this current program that only lasted 10 days. Or the option to add the facilitators on Linkedin which I never even used during my youth, think some old classmates used that.
Plus one of them also asked some people randomly how many irl connections do they have and stressed about networking like it's about who you know, like we already don't know that but it feels embarrassing asking that if we had no friends. Someone did say she had less than 10 since she doesn't talk much but that's less awkward than saying zero. I mean if we already had connections I'd be asking them to get a job instead of coming here unless for actually needing to take free certificate lessons/test (they cost money online but were funded by this company/program partly due to the government)
Most of the topics were common sense and I found myself drifting to sleep often in the afternoon (partly from waking up early getting used to a new schedule or lack of sleep but at the same time it's more like sitting in a classroom for hours with papers and presentations bores me compared to if I were to be standing doing things or learning hands on work, and the building itself or streets nearby didn't have much to do there)

We were given e-learning accounts the week before classes started with some of these info in it and had to take quizzes/score 80% to pass and get micro-credentials from it after we complete everything but we could do them at home anyways, like an open book test. I didn't realize until now it was mentioned that we shouldn't put our address on our resumes or else that could be used as a bias
Everything we covered so far:
social styles
cultural awareness
transferable skills
(Stress management
Time management)
OHSA (Occupational Health and Safety Act)
WHMIS (Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System)
AODA (Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act)
Workplace Harassment
customer service
resume building
mock interviews - the woman I did with was kind enough to follow up with me briefly with a somewhat encouraging message and I even admitted about my lack of experience despite my age, she did say eye contact was one of the most important things
food safety - they rushed this all in 1 day and expected us to take it the following day already except it got delayed to another due to technical difficulties. The passing mark for the certificate was 70% and I barely passed with 72
smartserve - which is needed to serve alcohol here to customers, I learned something odd which is someone is required to be 18 to serve it to customers yet can only drink when they're 19?
I still hadn't gotten this yet and continuing the e-learning online at home though I won't be that familiar with alcohol or work as a bartender anyways so it's partially useless, just looks good on a resume if I have more info to fill in

overall it was a good opportunity to go and completely free of costs even if no guaranteed job placement after. But studying or having a normie schedule did feel tiring again like sleep early/wake up early with less free time when I come back hours from travel. There were a few times I'd seen something funny happen on the train/bus like someone tying a plastic bag on their head when it was raining (what's the point when your body's still wet) or another woman who dressed slutty with her boobs spilling out and a hole on her denim shorts one of her butt cheeks was actually half showing then another guy was like "is that the new style now? her butt is hanging out" "that's gross" after she left 😂
-Donna Jul 19, 12:26 AM
life caught up to me I guess hahaha. I also stopped watching anime for quite a while so that also had a part in my inactivity. are you still working the same job?
-Donna Jul 16, 2:54 AM
hi emil, how are you? thank you for all the birthday wishes
Varelya Jul 15, 10:10 AM
Also what didn't you like about the lastest season of Date A live?
Varelya Jul 15, 10:09 AM

Anything I give you, eh? Then would you believe me if I was a governmental agent here to play my role as I collect enough evidence on you no matter how long it takes?

Hahaha Just Kidding! Why would I tell you this! Certainly not to throw you off by turning the truth into a subtle unironic joke, right? Right?

hydro Jul 9, 5:21 AM
I dunno how ansty the other people you talk to are, but there's no need to rush replies for me at least. As you've seen my response time ranges from like 30 minutes to 2 weeks lol.

I understand these meta things, but even I don't apply my knowledge and play high level competitive anymore. Knowing how something works doesn't make it fun. I just insta scoop vs annoying decks which is why a decent amount of my matches are "replay worthy", because I'm actively going out of my way to foster balanced duels and not one way stomps.

Playing MD from the bottom rank is a wild experience. Some people will summon one vanilla and pass. Others will do a full meta combo (either experienced players using a new account for the starter gems, or a genuinely new player who decided to netdeck). But there's no penalty for losing in the first few ranks, so you can just scoop the annoying games and still always climb. Though to begin with the events are more fun than ranked.

There's also mini events with a gimmick. Like the most recent 2 were "2010 cards and earlier" and "Skull Invitation starts on both players fields". The 2nd one was funny, GY heavy decks couldn't spam as much as usual due to the 600 LP cost per send (300 from each card). All my opponents were using burn, I guess to add to the fact those cards already burn. But I just used Vanquish Soul which can also burn, doesn't use the GY much and funnily enough has Pantera to destroy both players copies of Skull Invitation if I wanna play a normal duel lol (the trap starts in both players middle column).

We've talked about both Shaddoll and Blue Eyes recently, so here is a replay with both. The BE opponent had me on the back foot with their Bystial and Galaxy Eyes cards, but they choked when they activated their Zeus, which triggered my Shaddoll effects and gave me a foothold in the game. They should have kept my Construct attached to their Xyz instead of putting it in my GY where it benefits me. I also had to tribute summon a vanilla to attack for game lol. Neither of these decks are that optimized for 2024, but that's part of the fun. And this replay still gives the gist of the decks. Both Shaddoll and Blue Eyes benefit from "Branded" cards, but I don't enjoy those. I also don't use the Dogmatika cards some people do in Shaddoll.

And as well as the Bystial/Galaxy Eyes cards my opp used in this video, "Horus" cards are really good in 2024 BEWD and are also pretty easy to understand. This is an example of a Horus BEWD deck if you feel like try harding a little. I haven't used those cards yet, but I did optimize my BEWD deck slightly from the start of the game. My first MD deck was a clumsy mix of normal BE cards and Chaos Max. I then split them into 2 decks. One dedicated Chaos Max OTK deck with Impcantations, and one dedicated BE deck with no rituals clogging things up.

Nice Higurashi profile btw. It's almost a shock to see good Higurashi art for me, since I associate the franchise with looking silly. Both the VN (source) and original anime (by far the most popular Higurashi work) look pretty janky. Here are the VN sprites, and I assume you remember how mediocre the Deen anime art was (even if the adaption was mostly fine). The manga randomly looked way better than both so I almost triple dipped and tried that but didn't end up doing so. The VN also got multiple re-releases with better sprites, but I only read with the originals. I went anime then VN, though I only read 6 out of 8 chapters. The anime cuts out a lot of SoL stuff but is not too bad, not a dumpster fire like the Umineko adaption.
chaosflame5 Jul 7, 3:28 PM
Is that a Higurashi layout?

I still need to see the two you mentioned. I agree it's weird. At least Akira and Masami came to terms of the "love crisis" and became regular friends instead. I wonder what's the chance for a young girl falls for a much older guy irl lol.

So true, especially when the world is getting too complicated for me to comprehend. As a single guy still, but cannot move out due to housing crisis, this is rather a suffering thing. As I wanna experience to live alone for a bit, but it only lasted for a year between 2020 and 2021 when I managed to find somewhere to rent :/ Nowadays it's much harder just to rent somewhere.

Go-Onger and...I'm rather struggling to finish it. Every character felt too one-dimensional and too anime-ish. Gokaiger at least gave the characters a more realistic approach and had good character development. I see nothing in Go-Onger yet, for got where I left off tbh, I'll get back to it eventually.

Agreed. I only see people doing this sometimes on TV shows. But never seen anyone doing it in real life. Most higher ups in work places (who got paid the most) tend to only care about the ultimate goal in work and never understand their pawns' struggles in life and having no introduction of flexible working since Covid ended. One of my managers in my previous job had to leave the job due to her newborn child having no one to look after and she was commanded to be in the office 5 days a week even though most other people can do working from home few days a week. The managers could've helped her to hire a nanny or something and even pay for a certain few months of fees etc. smh.

Hmmm...Maximum Summon looks alright. Black Luster Soljersey looks sooo weird D: I still prefer the original Black Luster Soldier/Chaos Soldier.

A PC with PS software for free?? Wow...I never see this offer in PC shops over here. Oh well, time to sail the high seas xD

I see. I still won't sub for it. I think I pay enough subs for stuff like Netflix and Disney Plus, likewise for PS Plus for my PS4/5. Unless I'm rich like Batman or Ironman then I'm happy to sub to any crap under the sun :D

The gift thing sounds good. Though imagine you post that in public, it would be chaos xD

The new video is still blank :x
effy Jul 3, 8:45 AM

yeah, I guess so, most of them tend to be from college days. lighter stuff, indie vibes etc. The Lumineers, Mumford and Sons etc. but I have also recently listent to Placebo which is something I have been a fan of since I was twelve and it still hits so maybe I am generating. I guess my older me is just back to being either emo or slow and cheesy. but not everything as good as it was of course.
not that I cannot do other genres, I still like krap and jrap (for some reason I don´t like rap in English maybe apart NF, he has solid lyrics but also how can I judge since all the rap and hiphop I have ever been exposed to has been trash :D. so I am not being fair here)
but I also listen to a lot of lofi and calming sounds :D.
youtube is pushing their meditation music on me with those Tibetan drums but not yet YT, no yet
I must admit that anime fans do have good music taste and like sharing their fav music so I am only benefiting from it. I like to listen to things I would not normally listen to, so if there is anything you´d like to share. go for it, please.

social events

I guess if you are not really out there and into it, it just is. I am not saying it is not my own mistake to not enjoy life a little bit more. I don´t want to sound like I am on my death bad, but suddenly I have been hit by the fact that I really cannot behave like a child anymore and that sucks.


I am sorry to hear that things are moving slow. wish I could come up with anything better than "hang in there" but oh well. I did get my yearly contract prolonged for another year while my other colleagues got the unlimited one, so I am using that as an excuse to hate the world and just be angry generally. how are they better than me? we all know how, but I am more comfortable in being sulky than actually doing something to improve and prove people around me that I am worth the effort. like I want to get out of this hell hole but at the same time, conformity. I thought that you having an actual plan might go well for you. but the days have not ended yet, so just keep moving forward and hope for the best.

gave it a go, viraat_pirate has taught me how to make a banner and an avatar. things are nice and easy. taking a HD pic and putting it into correct ratios, pixlr seems easier to use than I have thought but I´d like to get to make things like combining pictures, getting better at changing colours, playing around with stuff. it´s like not that satisfying to see so far. but at least that´s the start!

all the best
lots of health and good stuff to you and family

btw, nice profile!

3miL Jul 3, 4:59 AM
☆.。.:*・・°★.。.:*・°☆.。.:*・°☆ »•» ✉️ «•« ☆.。.:*・°☆.。.:*・°★.。.:*・°☆

All continuous conversations done up to here

Mr_Libra Jul 2, 2:44 PM
As someone who is a fan of Magi, I have to say that I really like your current profile design, especially the large main image.
It’s time to ditch the text file.
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