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Darker than Black: Kuro no Keiyakusha
Darker than Black: Kuro no Keiyakusha
60 minutes ago
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Yesterday, 10:19 AM
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Hump Bang
Hump Bang
May 15, 11:28 AM
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Shindere Shoujo to Kodoku na Shinigami
Shindere Shoujo to Kodoku na Shinigami
May 13, 5:57 AM
Completed 20/20 · Scored -
Okaeri Alice
Okaeri Alice
May 9, 12:05 AM
On-Hold 24/? · Scored 9
About Death
About Death
May 8, 11:30 PM
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Coolest1234D 49 minutes ago
Damn never stood a chance huh
Coolest1234D 1 hour ago
UwU female? Can we date?
Cream 3 hours ago
hemlo is me, ya boi, and im black from my long three-day shift n_n

pota what were we talking about agan? why did u mention cars..

yessss hnnnn any shoujo lovers would immediately click on VK for the amazing art style.
and you kno how patok ang vampires at the time.. me thinks.. as for AOT.. i like survival/horror genre so it been a lowkey fave.

maybe girls appreciate a good story and lovely art kasi instead of motion pictures.
plus there weren't a lot of studios back then with amazing gfx compared to neow.
wattpad? pfff, we only read @ (kill me...)

not familiar sa mga nilink mo na manga... hung hung...
h-hab you read Eden no Ori...
actually wag na pala.. it a balance of both guys and girls so you might not like LOLE

ikki tousen facken sucks.
pag hahanapin mo pa ako.. tinatamad me maghanap...
im sure its out na there somewhere since it been a while since nilabas yung balita~ (abt kay naruto papa hehe)

great ending song. super underrated hunpf

strike the blood ed is by kanon??

yun ba yung nasa hotel na sila? hahaha eye only saw clips from 90 day with big ed in it from pewdiepie's vids...

speaking of cameltoe.. my new work uniform is super fit, my pepe is super bakat hwaaaa
good thing medyo mahaba yung top ko hehe n_n

um um you nyever kno.. im paranoid that someone is accessing my shtuff thru network or som shit and then they see my browsing history.. scawy hwaaaaa...
hydro 6 hours ago
In MD you open packs with gems (earned in game or bought with irl money), can dismantle any Normal/Rare/Super Rare/Ultra Rare you pull for 10 crafting dust of said rarity, and can buy any card in the game for 30 dust. So people will generally just "buy" most of their deck directly for 30 dust each, but if you have to open a pack anyway it may as well be one of your archetype to try and pull some directly. But 99% of decks will have some missing pieces and some cards needed to be crafted directly. I bought a bunch of Shaddoll packs, which also had "Zefra" cards, I know the reason for that now watching the vid you linked. Still I'm not interested in them so I dismantled all the Zefra cards I pulled then used that extra dust to craft leftover Shaddolls I didn't pack.

The Shaddoll lore is cool, I knew some of it before watching that vid but not all of it (like the Zefra relations). Construct is my fav design but this is some cool fanart of Winda as well. In general I find YGO monster lore more interesting than "people dueling" which is what the anime goes for. I think there's some card lore manga but not much in the way of anime. I guess MDs solo mode is the best we have.

Divine Wrath doesn't hurt Dragonmaids as it might some other decks. DMs use the GY as a resource and can grab monsters from there in the battle phase then add them back to the hand. I guess this is true of other decks as well, but unless you banish the monsters or return them to the deck you're not hurting them that much. And yeah that video doesn't have DMs boss monster Sheou. I didn't actually know House DM released without its own Dragon form, but there you go. I also have still never played a game with Sheou/House/Kitchen Dragonmaid, only the gimped low rarity version of the deck. I think full power DM relies a lot on this Link monster. I'll probably end up building a dumb 60 card Grass is Greener DM deck before a consistent "normal" one lol.

Independent Nightingale's attack is only is based on its own level, but you can increase its level if you used a Xyz as one of its Fusion material. Like if you fused it using a 3 Material Xyz + 1 Normal Monster then you could add +3 to it's level and thus +1500 Atk. But instead people try and cheese it by copying the effect with another monster. Like this old ass card got banned for taking advantage of Independent Nightingale's effect.

So if you use the monster summoned using Flash Fusion in another fusion or for Mask Change you get around the destruction effect? And is it hard to keep track of all the character skills your opponents use in DL, or is it just like reading an opponents card?

I haven't used Neo-Blue Eyes yet but I guess I could also try than in the Fusion event. I pivoted to my Toon deck, which I retooled for Fusions (mainly to Super Poly the opponent). My original Toon deck was like 35/40 cards being dedicated Toons, which is quite a high ratio. Usually meta decks have small engines then like half the deck being staples and handtraps. Anyways it was bad and jank and I went like 3W/6L. So Shaddoll 9W/0L, Toons 3W/6L the deck makes all the difference. At least I Super Poly'd the opponent. Basically every deck in this event runs "Aleister the Invoker" "Fallen of Albaz" and/or "Despia" monsters. So I just filled my ED with Superpoly targets for those guys. I think I Superpoly'd this using their Albaz and my Toon Dark Magician lol. Probably lost that duel anyway but alas.
Sanksimilian Yesterday, 9:00 PM
Sad Fact : “Koisuru Fortune Cookie” is the first and only successful BNK48’s song. Other songs that released after were never as popular as this song again, Not even close.

Imo, The majority of them have lyrics that are difficult to understand. It's hard to translate Japanese lines into Thai and put them in melody. Moreover, most of them have a high bpm, as opposed to KFC, which is neither too fast nor too slow. Furthermore, KFC has a unique dance style and a strong marketing campaign
Sherrinford_ May 15, 3:01 PM
sunsetocean May 15, 7:23 AM
I saw that meme from MDL feeds before but thought it was hilarious. I hate to admit it but it's true, in my opinion I do think a lot of Asian guys irl here are quite average looking - none that I'd consider "hot" 😂 That drama was from W.
Speaking of Feeds, they are making some changes to it right now but you probably don't visit it anyways. Ji-N posted about it
I don't really see the difference with that "follow" button on people's profiles, most people wouldn't be on my friends list and I'd still see their feed posts anyways.
I find it unnecessary tbh there are more relevant things on the site that could be fixed instead like being able to get notifications again when people quote you in the forums (this stopped working around 2019) and tagging/mentioning people in the forums/comment sections (these are like basic functions for a forum website they still don't even have?) this change could help make the forums a bit more active to tag/quote someone into a discussion.
+ seeing who put a heart on your custom lists
+ changing the dates on MDL (making it more specific days/times in inbox/comments/feeds)
Following actual friends' activities would make more sense to me, like with MAL's homepage seeing friends' last list updates.

I would be OK with anime dubs but for live action dramas dubbing over someone else's voice seems cringy, especially if I recognize the original actor's voices. A lot of Chinese dramas are dubbed but I've only seen one "The Untamed" which is like Mo Dao Zu Shi. Then there are "abridged" series which I've always heard of on YT but never tried them before.
Learning Mandarin would be useful since there are more of those people here now from China, I only know Cantonese but these speakers are probably dying since most Canadian born Chinese people here speak more English instead of that (especially with kids who don't bother learning it) which I find sad. I had a bit of discussion back then with RicePounder about this since he was also Asian and he did say the older generations were a bit more gung-ho learning Chinese.

I never go on chat threads in FG so I would've missed out on it anyways, active on FG or not. He told me all about his blogs and his liked/disliked users in Discord earlier in May. I didn't recognize most of the names but I'm more of a visual learner so maybe I'd recognize their forum set/pfp instead. He's always online during the night time but I have to end the conversation sometimes since I try not to sleep later than 4am.
I missed out on another conversation in doggos where they mentioned my name again (how does this guy know about me watching k-dramas lol I hardly interacted with amoured before)

it's not even a "probably" I have way more days/episodes on MDL than MAL by now (although it's hard to calculate the specific time only for k-dramas)
I thought Coolest was going to make a MDL account too since he told me he watched a few k-dramas before. Maybe you can convince him to join it 😉
Jojo again, maybe I should borrow it from the library and see what the hype is about but I'll try Fate/Zero first. I watched School Days too, the last 2 eps were unsettling and felt like a thriller anime.
Well at least with anime you can hear the same VAs again in a different series.

The weather is feeling hot like summer now 😎 got a new fly swatter to kill some insects but I need to buy new sunscreen too. I don't go swimming though/rarely go to the beach despite my username, what about you? Got any plans for summer? An amusement park that closed down here a few years ago because of covid is going to re-open again this year, but it's always the same stuff/booths there.

BTW I saw this too while shopping at a thrift store, it was $2.99 without tax. I think this utensil set was made back in 1998 lol
Purpose May 14, 10:06 PM
My mindset is idealistic really, but yeah I pirate most of my anime/manga consumption really.
We all have bills to pay and commitments to handle. So if you wanna support with your disposable income, then so be it.

Shiina is cute and all, and the way she dresses are exquisite at times, but Nanami had my heart.
Third OP, not sure buddy but probably is. As I listen back to the first OP and ED, still bangs.
Next up, Toradora!

Niyuri offered this to me and rejects my commission too :")
He just wanna practice his GFX.
MikuuHan May 14, 9:13 AM
the 60 second bullshit is a huge pain. I'm never doing spam again ugh.

MikuuHan May 14, 9:11 AM
MikuuHan May 14, 9:10 AM
MikuuHan May 14, 9:08 AM
MikuuHan May 14, 9:07 AM
MikuuHan May 14, 9:06 AM
3miL May 14, 6:52 AM
excited to start hearing Timeless Sleep again. uwu