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Nov 13, 7:58 AM
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Akira (Shin Anime)
Akira (Shin Anime)
Nov 12, 3:40 AM
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Blue Lock: Episode Nagi
Blue Lock: Episode Nagi
Nov 12, 3:40 AM
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Blue Lock
Blue Lock
Nov 13, 8:10 AM
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Jujutsu Kaisen
Jujutsu Kaisen
Oct 1, 5:54 AM
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Jujutsu Kaisen Bangai-hen
Jujutsu Kaisen Bangai-hen
Oct 1, 5:54 AM
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RioFS Nov 15, 12:54 PM
Busy being completely crushed by college. So not really that well. I still manage to watch seasonal anime since I have basically reduced it to nearly 1 anime per day but that's it.

How about you?
3miL Nov 13, 9:59 PM
Yeah, gotta maximize the supporter benefits until it expires

You doing some stuff irl? blud's probs rizzing some girls lmao
qweaenr Oct 28, 2:24 PM
٩( ᐛ )و
Luzifurr Oct 2, 5:28 AM
Haha I bet that wasn’t akward at all 😅 not so active here anymore since I rarely watch Anime nowadays. But I do check in here every now and then
Shishio-kun Sep 23, 10:39 PM
Hello! Thanks for participating in our big graphic design event last year in the MAL Bunkasai :D

We are bringing back the custom signatures and wallpapers for the 2023 Bunkasai this weekend, we hope to see you there!

You can request a new or updated custom signature by posting a pic in the Image Swap, I hope to see yours there we have a lot of amazing shares there:
(I will try to reply to my favorite posts there!)

You can request another custom wallpaper for your phone (the Colorful Card design) by voting in the custom CSS contest- please check out the layout designs, our members put a lot of effort into them as well and your feedback is welcome🙏
I will try to get them to become public designs we can all use later!

Hope to see you there on Sunday or Monday (we will close up requests on Monday). 🎉 Apologies if you already know or miss this event, but if you want to later you can always request an update for your graphics in my group anytime in the future!
terraskye Jul 31, 6:42 AM
I mean I've been away for much longer than that, before. How come you aren't as active now as you were back then?
mshehana Jul 25, 9:34 AM
I'm lcky I got to watch it continuously from season to season two. The end of season one is very bitter sweet without the second part. Yeah, I also didn't really get it but it definitely felt like a revenge for Thorfinn. We probably don't 100% get it because, or at least just I understand I've never felt to dedicate my life for revenge. We're lucky to live in an age of peace without having to fight for food and naturally learn to forgive and forget. and sure I've felt vengeful and angry for someone doing wrong against me but there is so much ease to learn a new hobby or find some entertainment.

Yes! Although I find the 'romance' kind of intriguing because it's very one sided. I can foresee Aqua being outcasted for playing with so many girls hearts and networking around them to get his revenge. He's definitely part of the problem with the entertainment industry without even realizing it. He, just like many, is willing to use each other to get ahead in their career. And yeah the comedy, with him being a siscon?? Like ok, is he not supposed to care for his sister without it being weird? Japan's humor is sometimes not for me.

The Akane episode I felt like they did pull their punches. They should've let her fall but it be a broken leg or something. Something like a failed suicide. Aqua looked like he no-clipped through the bridge's railing to grab Akane, I was like WHAT?? How? He must have been very close to her and she didn't notice?? It would've been more natural if she did a failed suicide and he happened to find her first or something similar.

If you'll try to read Golden Kamuy then I'll try to read Blue Lock. I don't mind a good sports manga and if it is as mean as you say it is maybe it'll be a fresh take for the genre. The only thing is I'm kind of over (and worried about) the whole bl fandom that can take over sports animanga. I hope it doesn't fall into this trap. I think most bl lovers are occupied with kpop boys or Mo Dao something something. and BL lovers LOVE angsty enemies-to-lovers trope, I'm too old for all that anymore and it can ruin fandom..
-Sonal- Jul 23, 6:38 AM
I can tell. The max amount of time is spent on adjusting and/or colour correcting your layout
caulidays Jul 21, 8:45 PM

-Sonal- Jul 21, 8:34 PM
I quite like your profile layout
mshehana Jul 19, 6:40 AM
I watched Vinland Saga 2, it is pretty good. I recommend it to most people who enjoyed Attack on Titan because it has that same gruesome theme tied with a myriad of interesting characters. Though the first season was kind of like... I don't know.. good but underwhelming as a stand alone season. Season 2 of Vinland definitely makes it better imo. The idea that Thorfinn is doing all this for Askeladd and him subtlety becoming his surrogate father in a way.... it didn't make me like his character until second season. I don't know why anyone would like season 1 better than 2. If anything they are great as a whole.

Funny I just started watching Oshi no Ko and its pretty good but I can see it falling through. It's on thin ice and it really needs to balance between Aqua's revenge plot and the behind-the-scenes horror of TV and marketing Humans as products. It can easily fall into the trap of "it becomes the thing itself is trying to mock" if the writer is not careful. lol Similar to Thorfinn and Askeladd I guess? Thorfinn became the thing he despised without knowing until Askeladd's death snapped him out of it.

Do read Golden Kamuy instead of watching it, the anime skips a lot because it becomes way too graphic. To the point of weird they don't want on tv, I guess. Like they skip the entire story of a guy uh.. fornicating with animals. Its absurd but somehow the author makes it work. Idk maybe you have to be in a certain mindset to read it.

I'm definitely a manga elitist :^) and I've heard of Blue Lock, isn't it the sports anime where everyone is kind of mean to each other? I don't know if I have the heart to read it. I like my manga light-hearted so I don't know if I can handle it. I don't mind anime being angsty its just manga and anime are very different. idk..
mshehana Jul 11, 11:46 AM
Yeah, I'm not surprised by colleges short-sighting you. I guess it's good for them to push looking for work on your own, but the sales pitch of getting a job asap after graduating is rarely the case. If it's a masters you are probably better off though, you just need to learn to sell yourself. Which I don't like, I was raised to be very humble.

Keeping up with it is easy if you list it in a blog or thread somewhere AND limit yourself to your faves. but that just circles back to my organization and stuff lol

Have you been watching any new animus lately? I've recently fell in love with Golden Kamuy ❤❤❤ or have you dropped it for school? ;-; If not watch or read GK, tis my new hyperfixation beside Skip and Loafer (づ ̄ 3 ̄)づ Power of himbos unite in this animanga lol
yatogami_nword Jul 8, 11:04 PM
aww babe <3
mshehana Jul 7, 11:45 AM
Ah see even if I did get a membership, it still wouldn't be enough motivating to go. Though i probably should look into a 24 hour gym cus I like to go in the wee hours in the morning or late at night.

See, be careful of those internship classes. I had one too but they still wanted me to further my degree. and my friend had an non-paid internship for about two years after finishing and they still wouldn't give her a paid position so she had to quit. She was upset and honestly I would be too, like hell. Thats two years of my life of work and no pay! Though I guess if you're doing a masters degree then it might be better, idk. I always felt the colleges were more of a sales pitch for false opportunities. The work for finding jobs is just as much as college itself. or maybe I'm not that smart then lol.

Lol nah we ain't getting intimate yet. It's only been a month and we are both 19 so we still have time to do the deed later on. But y'know we did get a bit 'frisky' if y'know what I mean 🤭
Σ(っ °Д °;)っ I didn't know you just barely started dating oops. At least its nice that you take the time to know her :^)

Card collecting is becoming less popular at this point. I like it that way, makes it feel more niche. I'd like to think it's a digitized version of trading cards or something lol.

Btw it was nice talking to an old online friend after a while. Hopefully, we'll stay in touch from now on
I'll try to be, but I have the memory of a goldfish and get lost every five seconds (✿◡‿◡) that or I get depressed and bunker in blankets for a while idk
mshehana Jul 6, 4:30 AM
Yeah, a lot has happened ヾ(•ω•`)o congrats on joining the gym, personally I prefer outdoor walking and at home exercise. The ac air always tastes different than outdoor air. I guess college helps getting out there huh? I've only finished college a year ago and still no job results from it orz. I don't really want to move Houston so its whatever. What are you going for in college?

And you have a gf!! Congrats! Remember never to play just the tip. Commit all the way or don't.. unless she's into that ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) idk lol

It's good to be more active irl, it gets hard for me too to stay consistently active online too. Though I started making cards, drawing, and reading manga again. Now that summer is here, I want to stay more indoors. Its been 90 degrees lately so getting sweaty is easy.

I like to clear old comments every once in a while. ╮(╯▽╰)╭ I'm a woman, what can I say? I want things clean lol
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