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Uramichi Oniisan
Uramichi Oniisan
8 hours ago
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Deatte 5-byou de Battle
Deatte 5-byou de Battle
8 hours ago
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Yi Nian Yong Heng
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Goblin Slayer
Goblin Slayer
8 hours ago
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Akatsuki no Yona
Akatsuki no Yona
8 hours ago
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Ashhk 6 hours ago
Yeah but at least it's way better even for the fillers and it doesn't feel like "childish" ones... I hope not, because most of them already stopped one year ago and only went back for summer 2020 xD

The anime still had 3 seasons of 2 cours if I'm not wrong, so it's still fine for the anime alone I would say, most basketball manga are long and manage to get long anime adaptations as well, Prince of Tennis feels more surprising for me and with how it never died even nowadays xD
And they still wanted to show their culture as much as possible with all the JRPG at the beginning (Dragon Quest, Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy etc)

I heard that Refrain for Little Busters is just a sub-afterstory like anime... this is what I'm mostly curious off, but first season of Little Busters just seems like Clannad S1 but with more episodes that feel like basic slice of life or fillers for most of them

Of course, it's still some great older ones that started strong with this kind of story xD I'm sure most kanokari fans are simply 15-16 years old teenagers that don't care much about the story but that are just here for the females anyway

That was right, I mean it doesn't get any better after that, especially the 2nd half of part 7, and I'm sure that Araki just can't do something better than this.

Yeah 50 mins movies are not really movies for me, more like 2 bonus OVA at this point xD I still haven't watched it but I wasn't into it after S1 so I'm not sure to be honest xD
Hayama-Mizuki Yesterday, 3:27 PM
Manipulators are everywhere. We should be though enough to notice it. :)

Hero academia didn't interest me either, because I remember that the MC was not as memorable as in other famous shounens. Shounens from 00's spoiled me. I now always wish to see super-cool guys as main characters.

Fillers are usually bad, except for Inuyasha. I was surprised that some episodes are fillers and some characters were made up by directors. However it could be because the directors discussed everything with Rumiko Takahashi. She was involved in the production process.

Interesting how FMAB is always number 1. Is it because moderators protect it from down-voting the most? I'm ok with it though. It's not among my personal top 5, but Ed is my favourite character.
Ashhk Yesterday, 1:44 PM
It still seems fine for me with that kind of stuff, while Digimon just feels line 10 eps of plot and 56 eps of fillers :x

Oh yeah I forgot the part about the superpowers stuff etc I definitely have to try it someday anyway since it still seems to be legendary even nowadays with the loss of popularity... HQ is so popular that it played during the Olympics

Little Busters just feel like Clannad S1 so far for me, but well it's quite complete with many eps so I'll see... that's surprising since I heard that Rewrite wasn't really liked by most people.

It would be quite disappointing if it wasn't the case anyway

It's especially because it's like the "climax" after seven parts and most people that are still reading it with that many parts/chapters are hardcore fans so the mean score makes sense, but yeah.

They would find a way to rush the BL stuff as well anyway xD
AzUgaMi Yesterday, 4:59 AM
I thot metal lee cuz he is of the same age as kawaki. XD. Not cuz he is a character from boruto series.
U hav watched bleach? How was it?
Maro25 Jul 24, 12:28 PM
Aww thank you so much <3
Ashhk Jul 24, 11:51 AM
It's already been so much time and there are still many months... xD Yeah sadly, not the best one to start with sadly, I kinda regret now, at least I dropped Yu Gi Oh sevens after episode 1

And it feels a bit older for the overall style right? I mean for the guys with all the different hair colors that are not natural. It's gonna be interesting for sure xD even for this side.

My PTW is full of 150~ 1-cour to watch... but right now I'm still on longer ones since I have to catch up before the kind of Key isekai quartet (Kaginado) so I need to watch Little Busters and Rewrite, I already watched the other ones.

That would be a dream xD too bad it's the exact contrary, but at least you can only respect the author for sticking that much to his manga and be that determined xD

That's why it's the 2nd highest-rated manga, even though it was also totally pleasant for part 6 before.

Their next work is slice of life manga that I'll try to read... so it might be harder to rush/waste xD
AzUgaMi Jul 24, 12:46 AM
Wait, which lee did u mean?? Rock lee?? lol, I thot metal lee. XD. If he goes 8 gates, then kawaki won't survive. XD.
Hayama-Mizuki Jul 23, 1:57 PM
Yes, that's good to have such lessons. I understand that medieval history is more boring and it's also less relevant. In our case Rurik dynasty which ruled in our country until 16th century has less interesting history than what was next.
Direct anti-war propaganda looks stupid in some anime. Some of them are obvious tear jerkers which makes the opposite effect. Like when they show children crying for half of the movie, I feel that directors are trying too hard to manipulate the audience into understanding that war is evil.

Good to know about Black clover. There is such type of anime which require big patience from viewers. I think the hardest is Legend of galactic heroes. It's all better than what happened with Bleach which had strong start and then went down terribly.

BTW I'm upset that HxH is ranked 7 now T_T I was so happy when it was the 3rd. It deserves this. Good to see Fruits basket this high. Although it is most likely temporarily. It will go lower in rating after some time.
Waves02 Jul 23, 7:22 AM
Hehe, people did use to manually send invites like this back then. Welcome to the club!
Ashhk Jul 23, 6:55 AM
Well if it ends at the end of the year that's the best to do indeed, there is also Digimon that will end at the end of this season it will free a slot for me.

Yeah as you said he does her at some point that is available in manga format xD so I would like to see it in the anime as well it would be interesting.

For some reason most people are simply sticking and hyping to the anime one, I guess that even when they don't put efforts it work and that's why they're still confident about promoting the manga/simply making money with it. Yeah that's why Kuroko no Basket was more loved but for some reason now the hype totally ended after some years, it's rare to hear about it or see new fans/fandom elements about it :x We'll see for the other ones but I guess that it will be the next most "hyped" sports one after all the short sports anime we got that were interesting but nothing outstanding.

It's still planned even though it takes time since it's long, same for Black Clover even though I did watch episode 1 with how he receives the worst grimoire and then ends up being a 4 leaf clover or whatever is it xD

I did pick One Piece though but stopped after almost 30 volumes since it wasn't that interesting compared to what I expect but I'll catch up with the remaining chapters anyway, Conan I already started directly with the anime and the introductions with it but that's all, the most interesting one should be Ippo but I still wonder when it will end because it's probably the longest one right now xD

I guess I had higher expectations after how great part 7 was, the amount of violence was still there in part 8 but it wasn't simply as impactful as before.

Well yeah... anyway it's hard to do worst than Wonder Egg for this part, I mean teasing a conclusion after how confusing was episode 12 and then after months releasing something that is half recap half more questions with no answers was like a joke... the mean score is sure deserved in this case.
AzUgaMi Jul 22, 11:55 PM
Kawaki has by support then. XD. Lee is strong but..... kawaki is better. ^^
Hayama-Mizuki Jul 22, 10:50 PM
I yesterday watched Nagasaki 1945: Angelus no Kane and see that it came out on torrents only this June, being anime from 2005. So these movies are slowly remastered one after another and we just have to wait. Unfortunately not so many people are interested in WW2 history. If this subject was more popular, we would already have everything in Blu-ray quality. Nagasaki anime is educative, because everybody heard about what happened, but often forgets and people don't understand the tragedy. In our country some people tend to discuss WW2 only as a conflict between Russia and Germany not mentioning other countries. Partially they do this on purpose for their propaganda. Some just have one-dimensional mind.

Yes, I often find some anime having misleading start which is fine for a manga, but doesn't look cool as a first episode. For animators it's risky to change the story to make beginning more watchable. Probably both Gintama and Reborn authors didn't expect their manga to be popular and at first didn't plan anything special. Is Black clover also like that? I read in one review that it had annoying first 10 episodes, but then started recovering from problems.
Ayato-Hiragi Jul 22, 10:59 AM
I added Link click to my plan to watch list, would you recommend it?
Ashhk Jul 22, 8:19 AM
Is it at episode 8 or something now? It's been airing for way too much time lol, I already forgot that I need to watch it once it's done.
Idk if it was also Kaifuku's case but I suppose it has been banned somewhere xD
It's still weird because since it's a very big franchise they can try focusing on the sales of the anime itself and not the manga now that it ended if they continue to adapt it to make a full adaptation :x that's kinda waste if they do that to some episodes.

If it's still fine then that's bearable, but it's better to hope for the best quality for this kind of franchise.
Yeah, since I was curious but still forgot with all the many other stuff xD

Better not watch it to not be disappointed and just focus on the manga then xD that's the best solution sometimes.

It's not outstanding then, I mean it's a pretty interesting concept but if the peak is like that then for me it reaches almost no peak, just like Jojolion for the villain part since I was still waiting the climax and then they announced it would end next chapter... :x
Waves02 Jul 22, 7:40 AM