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Carole & Tuesday
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Sewayaki Kitsune no Senko-san
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Kenja no Mago
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MaTy-chan Apr 14, 3:05 PM
I think I didn't receive any invite to a club called Anime Guild, however I could be wrong because I still don't understand how the clubs work. I also don't interact in the club I'm already part of because of that.
Anyways I would like to join your club and I'll make sure to finnaly understand how it works xd

PS.: Just for you to know how bad I am with this club thing, I just now noticed the invite you did xd so yeah, I'm sorry
Syed_Mirage Apr 14, 2:28 PM
Yes, I just checked out the group and thanks for the invite and consideration but I actually didn't get the invite.
Also to mention I don't use MAL much now to be honest after it went down for so long so rather I just use it as a secondary tracking site from now on as I prefer Kitsu over this and also there's the reason that I don't like the whole UI/UX of this website but since it's very popular among the community so I still use it but minimal. However, that said I am an anime enthusiast so I always look out for anime groups so I can know about others opinions over different materials of anime, manga and it's live action adaptations and all so I don't mind the invite rather I appreciate it and would love to be a member. However, if you your group is on Kitsu as well the it'll be good (I don't use discord as of now).
P.S. I rejoined just last year on 1st of January 2018.
Gildesh Apr 13, 11:09 AM
That's pretty impressive then lol
Gildesh Apr 11, 8:52 AM
Based on my current top 10 or based on my extended list?
I'm gonna update them soon though, might even remove Nagisa from her eternal #1 spot.
Remu_Ramu Apr 10, 12:58 PM
Hi Hibb, You surprised me with your message^^ Happy to hear from you.
I have a great time in AG, thanks for your hard work.
Uhmm let me think... i don't like the house market here :D high prices for what you get. What i like is that the championship LoL will be held at Rotterdam. Yea what else to say. Oh i'm updating my profile a bit(was really bad before this) also thinking about a name change. MAL is my only account with this name :S.
Schizoidmouse Apr 10, 6:03 AM
It just means you are moving further away from the promised land mate. And of course! I use as much Hagakure as I can XD
LunarStarGirl345 Apr 9, 8:33 PM
No problem. ^^
Yes, everything has been fine so far, so I’m good. :3
Alright, thanks. I appreciate that. :)

Also, please call me Lunar for short if you want. It’s more easier that way just to let you know. ^_^
Alicia1020 Apr 9, 5:48 PM
Okie Dokie :)
OwlBlue Apr 9, 3:27 AM
Hi, sorry for the late reply. I didn’t get a notification for this so I only just realised it was here and I never received the invite either 😅 Unfortunately I’m not really interested in joining any clubs since I just use MAL to keep track of what I’m watching so thanks but I’m going to decline
The 69 shows wasn’t intentional lol just the way it turned out
Tarable Apr 7, 8:09 PM
Lol, I mostly chose this name for the pun, but that reference works too XD

And no problem, I was happy to participate! It's a nice change of pace to belong to a club with active events like yours, most of my other clubs tend to be more on the quiet side.
Akukunshu Apr 6, 6:27 AM
Hello Hibbington, the Anime and Character of the Season was really fun and was glad to participate!
Also, I'm on the fence about what I want my 300th anime to be, I have a few in mind but nothing that really stands out...
Poetication Apr 6, 5:03 AM
Hi Hibbington!
Thanks. This time around I got to enjoy participating in ranking of seasonal shows at the third, sixth, ninth and twelfth week. Not entirely sure what you call it though! I went for the Toriyama class. I'm not sure yet what else I like to participate in. I'm still finding new things. So far its just the character and anime of the season nominations and the weekly rankings.
Leijin Apr 6, 3:25 AM
Hey, thanks for the invite, but I'm afraid I'm not really active on the MAL forums :/

I do watch my shows and like talking about them from time to time, but I'm not sure how much I would really contribute.
I also didn't receive any invite tbh.

Oh btw the song on your profile is straight up fire. I missed the full release so yay! Thanks :D
Mindnight Apr 4, 3:34 PM
Thank you for the video, helped me understand what happens in great detail. I've heard about the Elite and how they made AEW. Now wrestlers like Omega, Jericho, and more are in the roster.
Before I did stop watching, I watched Omega vs Okada (their first match). That was amazing, one of the best matches I've ever seen.
Zerity Apr 4, 3:29 PM
ah i get that. i dont remember too much of the ending what happened?