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k3ls3yr1ann3 | Jun 30, 9:45 AM
And with that we bid ado to Our Twenty-Ninth Lap! Congratulations to Manjirou Sano for joining our previous winners! He pulled through and proved best of the Delinquents. Unfortunately his popularity couldn't carry him through to steal the crown. Osamu Dazai holds on to his title of King for another round! We will take a short break before returning for the Thirtieth Lap.

As a quick reminder our second round of qualified Best Boys is still open! Our top rated boys will move one to our Champions League at the end of our 32nd Lap! You can find our current qualifiers here =>

k3ls3yr1ann3 | Jun 27, 4:59 PM
Our Summer of Delinquency has nearly simmered to a close, but we aren't finished just yet! Our newly crowned best boy Manjirou Sano still has one battle left! Will he prove the baddest of the bad and take out our Reigning King of the Best Boys? Our King Match is here! It's Osamu Dazai vs Manjirou Sano! Pick your King here =>

k3ls3yr1ann3 | Jun 24, 2:03 PM
We have arrived at the Final Brawl of our Summer of Delinquency! *cue the fireworks* Who will prove the baddest and be crowned Best Boy of our Twenty-Ninth Lap? Our Finale Match is between Manjirou Sano vs Tatsu! Check out the match and cast your vote here! =>

k3ls3yr1ann3 | Jun 21, 6:18 PM
The flames are still hot as our Summer of Delinquency continues! Match 6 of our Twenty-Ninth Lap is between a domesticly turned baddy vs fanfave biker boy. It's Tasu vs Takashi Mitsuya! Check out the match and cast your vote here =>

k3ls3yr1ann3 | Jun 19, 9:54 AM
The Semi-Final of our Twenty-Ninth Lap have begun! Match 5 is between two crowd favorite delinquent boys. We have Karma Akabane vs Sano Manjirou! Check out the match here =>

k3ls3yr1ann3 | Jun 16, 8:05 PM
In this match up we have two Founding members of the same gang facing off. Our Twenty-Ninth Lap continues with Match 4! It's Ken Ryuuguuji vs Takashi Mitsuya! Who will prove the better man in our Summer of Delinquency? Cast your votes here =>

k3ls3yr1ann3 | Jun 14, 9:20 PM
Match 3 is on! Between this Ex-Yakuza turned house-husband and this junior high-school mobster, who will prove the baddest? Our Summer of Delinquency continues with Tatsu vs Hayato Gokudera!

k3ls3yr1ann3 | Jun 12, 6:34 PM
The Twenty-Ninth Lap continues on! Match two is between a teenage gang leader and a reformed assassin. Our Summer of Delinquency moves on with Manjiro Sano vs Train Heartnet!

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