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Hibbington | Sep 19, 8:00 PM
Well we know two boys that will getting 1 point this stage, now to figure out the other two.
Osamu Dazai and Roy Mustang vs Hak Son and Chika Kudou face off in the Team Battles Stage!

Hibbington | Sep 16, 7:26 AM
Now its time for the stage that ended last year's Champions League which in 2021 will serve as the semi-main event.
Teams were RNG'd on Discord yesterday, will things go par for the course or will surprises arise?
Well for now the only focus needs to be on Mafuyu Satou and Zen Wistalia taking on Shouto Todoroki and Sebastian Michaelis

Hibbington | Sep 13, 7:50 AM
Well we all made it everyone, the group stages for 2021 are in the books. Its finally time to move onto Stage 3 of the Champions League and that stage three this year is the Love Letter Stage. So make sure you send out all 15 of your allocated love letters and get your boys the needed spark for the remaining rounds.

Hibbington | Sep 9, 9:41 AM
After an entire month of stage 2 competition, we have finally reached match 24. We end with a tasty Zen Wistalia vs Hak Son

Hibbington | Sep 8, 8:55 AM
Shougo Makishima and Takashi Natsume go into their last match as Round 3 of Group 4 begins!

Hibbington | Sep 7, 7:45 AM
These two are the last life lines for the Season 2 boys in the 2021 Best Boy Competition. But right now they will have to duke it out among themselves. Its Zen Wistalia vs Shougo Makishima.

Hibbington | Sep 6, 5:42 AM
Round 2 of Group 4 begins today with Hak Son facing off with an old rival in Takashi Natsume!

Hibbington | Sep 5, 9:14 AM
The runner-up of the 2020 Best Boy Champions League looks to make it 3 final-8s in a row BUT will someone has villainous as Shougo Makishima steal away his chance to finally break through as a Champions League winner?

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