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Guess The Character - Best Boy Edition
MisaoAino - Feb 5
32 replies by k3ls3yr1ann3 »»
Yesterday, 7:59 PM
[Best Boy Team Names] - Victor's Dance Hall
Hibbington - May 22
2 replies by k3ls3yr1ann3 »»
Yesterday, 6:14 PM
Sticky: Best Boy Champions League 2019 Closing Ceremonies
Hibbington - May 21
5 replies by MisaoAino »»
May 21, 9:34 PM
[Best Boy Gif Thread] - Phraze Photography ( 1 2 )
Hibbington - Aug 17, 2018
77 replies by hyunjins »»
May 21, 7:45 PM
[CLOSED][Best Boy Champions League: Run-Off Stage] Sebastian Michaelis vs Roy Mustang
Hibbington - May 19
12 replies by Hibbington »»
May 21, 10:28 AM

Club Comments
Hibbington | May 21, 12:08 PM
Thank you everyone past and present who has been apart of this over 400 day journey to get to this conclusion of the completion of the Best Boy Champions League.

Hopefully everyone who has been around for this event will also be around during the Summer as we crown more Champion Best Boys in our next chapter =).

Hibbington | May 19, 6:17 AM
We started this journey 47 days ago and now everything is on the line in one more run-off vote between Sebastian Michaelis and Roy Mustang. The ending of a chapter of the Library is upon us, so do not forget to leave your final sentence!

Hibbington | May 16, 9:26 AM
So after 18 days since the start of Stage 5 we have finally reached the Stage Finale, the last Stage Finale.

We end where we begin, we end where everything started. The First King of the Best Boys Match.
Osamu Dazai vs Roy Mustang, they are the Golden Rivalry of this club!

Hibbington | May 13, 5:42 AM
Osamu Dazai and Shouto Todoroki both advanced out of Group A
Roy Mustang and Hak Son both advance out of Group B
So with how seeding works, Osamu Dazai shall now face Hak Son in the Semi-Finals of Stage 5!

Hibbington | May 9, 11:01 AM
Group A's Second Round match ups were more decisive
Group B's Second Round match ups were once again nail biters
Third Round is the Last Round, 4 more matches to go to see who will make it out of the group stages!

MisaoAino | May 5, 1:05 PM
It's interesting to see how matches are going vote by vote ^.^

Hibbington | May 5, 11:08 AM
So I'll make a comment every 4 matches we get through in Stage 5.
There was really only one match that was a runaway match out of the first group.
I believe three of the matches were decided by 1 vote, that goes to show that every vote is crucial.

Hibbington | Apr 30, 2:20 PM
Stage 5 has started
We are currently in our second match of the stage.
Both Groups will be alternating between days but each match will still be open for 48 hours.
Today's featured match is Roy Mustang vs Takashi Natsume

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