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Grand Blue
Grand Blue
Aug 10, 3:10 PM
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Steins;Gate 0
Steins;Gate 0
Aug 8, 2:56 PM
Watching 17/23 · Scored 10
Chuukan Kanriroku Tonegawa
Chuukan Kanriroku Tonegawa
Aug 7, 12:52 PM
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UQ Holder!
UQ Holder!
Jul 27, 5:34 AM
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Grand Blue
Grand Blue
Jul 27, 5:05 AM
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Creeger 2 hours ago
That's true, if there's no harm in it, why worry about it? ^^
Omnivision Yesterday, 2:44 PM
WOAH I will consider watching those when I'm in the mood for another comedy series because all i ever do is cry in my dark closet listening to this:
Creeger Yesterday, 2:11 PM
I see, that can be a problem as well. I think I'm gonna take it slow so that won't happen to me. xd

Yeah, I do have some of that "obsession" to call it that with anime, manga etc. but it's more that I find it fascinating with the different scenarios and perspectives that's in the different series or ideas to use a broader term for it. But it's true that smetimes you need to take a step back and take a look at the situation and decide what to do. And I'll admit that I'm a bit guilty of not going outside the house that often, hehe...
Omnivision Yesterday, 1:41 PM
Or you could just reply with a meme lol. That could give a decent idea of what you find humorous. Hmmmm, favorite comedy series?
Creeger Yesterday, 1:08 PM
"one of many" lmao. Cool, good to hear you found some friends (and a BF) within the community. Being allowed to post and view lewds is always a nice thing though most servers I'm part of is only cuz of their global emotes with one of them I'm lurking for lewds. Other than that 'm jsut on my friends private server which to put it nicely, certainly NSFW.

Same, I used to watch anything and everything but I've grown more picky regarding what I want to watch. +I only have one friend that I'm with frequently that is just as into anime as I am so it's nice to talk to other and hear different perspectives about stuff. As well as discovering diffent things like new music, new series, new hentai ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) etc.
Creeger Yesterday, 11:58 AM
Sounds reasonable, everytime I've read reddit posts or whatever about some lewd experience they've had, I've always wondered how they got in contact with like-minded people. Is tumblr how you met your BF perhaps? I always try to have an open mind no matter what kind of thing it is. Though it's difficulty to be that if the person you're talking to is an asshole. lel

I tend to avoid anime discussion servers/forums cuz I usually wait to read the source material or until the season/series has ended, because I prefer not to watch 15 series at the same time+ I like to watch while I remember everything and get the whole flow of the story/season. However that leave me vunerable to spoiler which I am pretty picky on. fml amirite eksdi
But for now I just talk to indivial peope as I haven't been talking to people online for that long so going right in a group isn't the best place to start imo.
Omnivision Yesterday, 11:49 AM
I mean don't get me wrong, for some people if they read the LN they usually develop a newfound appreciation for the series but the opposite experience is always true. Some things are for some people while things are not.

Yeah I knew that about Madoka Magica. I just mentioned it because same studio as Monogatari that's all.

Another topic, what kinds of things do you find funny?
Omnivision Yesterday, 11:27 AM
The LNs are great, but the anime is even better, so if you're not that big on Monogatari I wouldn't bother with the LNs. For me, it's the best anime adaptation of a LN series ever. It just goes so above and beyond what its source material is. A large chunk of it is thanks to Shaft being the studio. I gotta check out more of their other adaptations such as Madoka Magica; heard great things about it.
ta07 Yesterday, 11:15 AM
yo my dear haxxie how you doing....
I hope things going well for you
i am getting busier day by day bro soo i believe i am going to bother you even less ...
anyway just dropped here to add a notification for you...:P ....
Creeger Yesterday, 10:58 AM
"if you ever want me", I like your choice of words. I've already checked it out, but I wanna focus on reading rn. I'm still up for chatting tho. :p
Had to stop on the handholding video, was too lewd for me. Why did you decide to post stuff on tumblr btw?

That's true, althought unless you really try to seek out servers/people you're kinda in your own bubble on discord. Then again I tend to be more of a lurker than actively participate in servers so it might just be me. hehe But MALs practical utility isn't bad per se I'd say, there's just better options like discord. But I haven't been on discord much lately as most of my friends are at work or doing something else or in a different timezone. :/
Creeger Yesterday, 10:18 AM
hehe, sure, why not. :p

I've experience similar things myself, might be for the same reasons, I have started thinking less about anime and become less capable of powering through a 50+ ep anime or something. As for MAL I mainly use it to chat with people I've gotten on good terms with, not that I'll reject new people of coure. I guess some of it is cuz MAL has been down for a while but idk, we'll see where it goes.
Creeger Yesterday, 10:08 AM
That sounds very kinky. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) M̶i̶n̶d̶ ̶i̶f̶ ̶I̶ ̶w̶a̶t̶c̶h̶ ̶n̶e̶x̶t̶ ̶t̶i̶m̶e̶?̶ O̶r̶ ̶p̶e̶r̶h̶a̶p̶s̶ ̶j̶o̶i̶n̶ i̶n̶?̶ ̶ow̶o

Same, I've quite a few LNs but I haven't gotten to read most of them. I also want to try and get to reading the Fate/Hollow VN though, that will probably be a while until I get to it. Aside from Monogatari and March comes in like a Lion I haven't watched a lot of anime either, though I hope I get the time to watch some more soon. But Fate Grand Order has been taking my time with it's summer event.
Omnivision Yesterday, 10:02 AM
I see. Out of all of those I'd say I'm most excited for Monogatari since it'll be adapting the last novel of final season (Zoku Owarimonogatari). Have you by any chance read the Monogatari novels?
Omnivision Yesterday, 9:47 AM
That's what I'd like it to be; more of dat Okabe Engrish greatness.

So anyway, are there any upcoming series you're excited for? Sequels?
Creeger Yesterday, 9:35 AM
Oh really, how so?

I've been good, caught up with the Monogatari series and finally got to read the Overlord LN. Other than that I haven't been doing anything interesting. xd