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Bleach: Sennen Kessen-hen
Bleach: Sennen Kessen-hen
Nov 25, 6:32 AM
Watching 7/13 · Scored 4
Digimon Adventure 02: The Beginning
Digimon Adventure 02: The Beginning
Nov 4, 12:31 AM
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Chibi Maruko-chan
Chibi Maruko-chan
Oct 30, 1:55 PM
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Shinohayu: the Dawn of Age
Shinohayu: the Dawn of Age
6 hours ago
Reading 100/? · Scored 7
Nov 1, 3:47 AM
Reading 62/? · Scored 8
Digimon World Re:Digitize
Digimon World Re:Digitize
Nov 1, 3:44 AM
Completed 2/2 · Scored 6

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kihel Dec 5, 6:04 PM
I haven't seen the anime of To Aru Majutsu no Index, but I have read only the novels, including the Gaiden. As for Railgun, I was satisfied with Index alone, so I don't think I will watch the anime or the novel.

Well, essays are also hard to write for me personally. Describing battle scenes is indeed difficult. But that's where the author's personality comes out, and I like that a lot. Depending on the author, there are cases where onomatopoeic words are used a lot, or the description is accurate, or the atmosphere and aftermath are important...

I can't play mahjong myself, though I have heard what sounds like a neighbor playing. I do watch cartoons and anime like Saki...

Also, I was wondering, is there any reason you haven't seen the first TV series and the movie version of Taiho Shichau zo? I was curious because I like those two.
BattousaiKen Nov 28, 7:09 AM
i had to block your little friend MNGAREADER whatever the fuck his name is . he came at me for no reason accusing me of being a Bleach hater, i tried to give him the benefit of the doubt to see if he had anything to say but as expected he had nothing to say except repeating the same shit.
kihel Nov 27, 5:13 PM
You are honest. You have an image of people who are interested in current events, who seem to be good at getting a job. Well, I kind of know what you mean.

As for light novels, I read "Toaru Majutsu no Index" this year. For a light novel, I thought it was an amazing piece of work, with each book having a different grandeur of story, and a sense of fun packed into each book. I'm used to reading light novels that start out as fantasy-comedy works, so I'm not used to reading serious works with science fiction elements, which slows down my reading speed. It's hard to express what I want to write as I want to write it. I've never been good at it, even with essays.

I'm taking a bit of a break from reading light novels that seem like light novels right now, and up until last week I was reading a series of novels based on the one below.

As for manga, I guess this is it. My mom is into it and reading it too.

I change what I read quite often, so I rarely finish it all at once. Also, I'm a sucker for works with a lot of volumes.
MNGAREADER Nov 27, 2:36 PM
also orihime was responsable of healing and keeping ichigo alive all the time she was never the reason of why ichigo got hurt, and if you think someone else besides her did a better job than healing him then you didnt saw bleach at all, and dont say unohana cause she only healed him once in the entire series
MNGAREADER Nov 27, 2:06 PM
you are project a lot. Especially that shattered ego you have.

im really sorry you cant read but i am typing in english

No they arent fans because those same people admit it they didnt cared about bleach in the first place all they wanted and the reason they were sticking it was a couple that had never any chance in the first place, those werent fans if you didnt cared about the plot, other characters, story and theme of the series simple as that
MNGAREADER Nov 27, 10:52 AM
you know looking on bleachs review anytime you can just to upvote negative reviews of it, you are proving me right by saying you are an immature person
psdbzguy Nov 26, 10:34 AM
Yes, I am a fan of the anime. ^^
fidelinator Nov 25, 6:46 AM
I actually didn't but I believe that same user commented on my profile. A sad state of affairs.
MNGAREADER Nov 25, 12:50 AM
you have really low self esteem issues dont project them on me

well it didnt made your debunking of yours on reddit and twitter any less false

because they were only fans about a couple not the series, why do you think the ones who burned were just ichigo and rukia shippers? other bleach fans didnt liked the ending but all the ones who posted images by that were only mad about the pairings, they werent fans at all
kihel Nov 23, 5:19 PM
I'm not a fan of crane games, because some arcades have loosely crafted cranes, and even if you grab it, it can fall right off. In the first place, I am not good at games, so I almost always pass by the game center itself.

As for ramen, I like miso-flavored ramen. The seasoning differs from region to region, so if there is a famous ramen shop when I travel, I want to try it. Oh, and sushi is Japanese, but I don't like seafood, so I don't eat it. Even if I do eat it, I eat egg stuff for garnish.

Yesterday, the soccer world cup was playing Germany, but I was reading a light novel and the game was over... Did you watch the game on TV etc.?
Sr_Shadow_ Nov 20, 2:35 AM
Never had an Ultimate in this game until now ­čśů
BattousaiKen Nov 19, 2:52 PM
FK13 Nov 19, 9:39 AM
Either they cannot comprehend the ability to enjoy something despite realizing its cons or they just need to feel some satisfaction for portraying some "intellect" on how they cannot be wrong. I could not tell you myself, but I guess showing how they are always right could be one thing in their mind? Who knows, because I forsure do not.
Deago Nov 19, 7:20 AM
It's ironic how your review was removed; well yeah, the negative review WAS Bleach fanboys themselves making dozens of new accounts to 'downvote' the review using 'funny' and 'confused' buttons, they even came to 'boost' my reviews of irrelevant works with some emojis just because I called out their behaviours in your comment section lol.
FK13 Nov 19, 5:08 AM
Any cons to a series apparently is considered a sin for some reason. That definitely has been noticeable and there can be no flaws. If flaws exist the series gotta be bad and that you gotta bet titled hater which is very stupid at least.

Yeah I only just checked his date of making and seems fairly convenient it was the same day of the whole bashing your review day by those two numbskulls from before.