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LonelyRecluse May 6, 10:04 AM
Believe it or not, I found out about you through the guy below me. That's right, the guy with a Haibane image as his avatar. I gave in to my own curiosity and decided to go through his profile and see what other shows he had on his favourites list, operating under the assumption it was of considerable note. Proceeded to read his comment box and lo and behold, you were the only person who had spoken with him prior to my chance encounter. As you can probably tell by now, the rest was history.
RekixMisaki May 5, 7:35 AM
NAH just regular DM
RekixMisaki May 5, 7:22 AM
Yeah and BTW

Keten just told me that Yuasa said in one of his records that he is not done with experimental works good news

I suppose 1 thing to keep in mind is that his last artsy tv show was ping pong which was supposedly a nightmare to create so maybe he just wants to avoid that in the future maybe until he earns more money and stuff

RekixMisaki May 5, 6:56 AM
>Not sure if I'm too excited about the Vinland Saga and Pluto adaptations. I think I will first read the manga and then "maybe" watch the anime adaptions if they look good.

exactly i don't care for adaptations of things i can already consume in a different meduim with a better art there is no reason to stick to anime if it cant produce something on its own there is no reason for me to stick up to it PLUS a lot of these adaptations are just there just to promote the source material they leave them unfinished so u ll go read the manga i see no point in simple adaptations but am happy we at least can get good adaptations am happy but it is not what am exactly striving for in the anime meduim

originality and creativity

but i got to admit Japanese have an impressive talent when it comes to adoptions so it's not like am against getting good adoptions I just don't care for them i won't be watching them ai rather consume the source materials but at least we are getting good animu that's in itself is a good thing
RekixMisaki May 5, 6:20 AM
BTW did you knew that Iso, Mitsuo the creator of dennou coil has an upcoming project

its the most anime am excited for since Despera is not officially announced yet
i love dennou coil so I hope his upcoming work will be great cant wait...
everyone is exicted for vinland sagas and pluto adoptations

and am just there be like i want more original titles that i cant find else where
RekixMisaki May 5, 5:52 AM
A theory i mean he made Night Is Short, Walk On Girl 2 years ago which was hardly any different from his usual style

i know i sound like if m contradicting my self but I still have some hope in Yuasa he will eventually return to his roots and make an ambitious show

but if he did not we can always say Retro always wins
RekixMisaki May 5, 5:27 AM
he is taking a break from the experimental stuff he normally does he's earned that

he likes love stories, so maybe he just wants to do a simple one about a grieving girlfriend for once I think he's earned that and as you say a studio needs to make things that will sell well so they can earn money to make artsy projects
RekixMisaki May 5, 4:41 AM
Well said at this point he became well-known and he EARNED IT
RekixMisaki May 4, 5:39 PM
Actually, forget what I said about Yuasa i was totally wrong after a long discussion with Keten on Discord i realized Yuasa is not a sellout but the complete opposite of a sell-out

just because he decided to make more fluffy works that appeal more to mainstream audiences doesn't mean he's selling out it just means he felt like making those taking a break from the experimental stuff he normally does

he's going to make what he wants to make simple as that hes completely in charge of the things he makes if you try to force him to create artsier experimental shows that would actually be him selling out because hes not doing what HE wants to do

he isnt selling out hes still making passion projects hes not cutting any corners or being held back by executives he is literally the opposite of a sellout
whatever your opinion on his upcoming works is, its still genuinely what he wants to do

RekixMisaki May 1, 1:19 PM
not as hard as finding English subs/scans for some manga
RekixMisaki May 1, 12:37 PM
yeah it's considered as one of the worst anime of all time i only have seen the first 20 seconds of it and they were .............

i don't want to watch the dub am trying to find a subbed version of it online
RekixMisaki May 1, 12:21 PM
ah thank you for reminding me of Lu Over the Wall ill prob watch it in the next few days after I watch Super kid

and yeah u pretty much right late 90s and early 2000s small studios were very ambitious in the GOLDEN AGE
RekixMisaki May 1, 11:19 AM
well i rather get entertaining rules of cool than getting nothing but Moe shit and otaku pandering bull shit

OH holy shit finally someone who agrees with me Cry baby was garbage and I was very disappointed with it there is no artistic value its just dumb entertainment and a big wasted potential Yuasa has kinda sold out with it and I agree his upcoming film looks lame but keep in the mind he did not write the script of Crybaby it was written by the same guy who wrote the script of Code Geass also Yuasa directed the awesome anime film Night is Short like 2 years ago which was heavy on wild the imagery and symbolism

not everything someone makes is going to be great but yeah Yuasa almost sold out if he made another show like Crybaby ill lose my respect for him

>I totally agree with you that there hasn't been a time period where there were no bad anime but that we also have no "masterpieces" nowadays. But it seems the big bulk of anime fans disagrees with this and they see lots of masterpieces nowadays while everything back then is not worth watching today xd

filthy casuals who ruined anime XD there are only 5 anime i liked a lot from this horrible decade 2 of them are OVAs and one of them is Aku no Hana which everyone likes to hate on

anyway if you are looking for a pure artsy anime i suggest you watch the amazing visually masterpiece anime film called Belladonna of sadness its one of the best long anime films i watched everything in it is compelling the art the music the setting the themes the characters etc

it was made in the early 70s but it was way ahead of its time visually for me its borderline a masterpiece the PPL who made it has put in it a lot of care passion and love into it that the studio has got shut down after they made it they thrown their budget into it and i think it just bankrupted them they spent years making it and it was a big failure yet they made one of the most bizarre pieces of animation in history
RekixMisaki May 1, 10:19 AM
that's what we call Developments hell I understand what are you trying to say I think it won't be easy for Konaka and Abe to work in the production of Despera they will always be reminded by their dear friend Nakamura but they have to do it regardless they know that Nakamura would wish if they continued with the project even after he passed away

anime will never be saved again it has never been great we ve always been getting A LOT of trash and A LOT of forgettable mediocrity even in the golden age 1995_2008 but at least we used to get many good/interesting/memorable/original titles per year even SOLs and Light novels adaptations were decent back then

for me there is no hope anime will never be decent again its all about the Japanese economy Japan's economy has averaged 1/100 growth over the last 5 years and it's getting worse

The Studios are tight with their money and will only make things THEY KNOW will sell

Just one artsy/experimental anime that bombs and the x studio is out of business that's the shit nowadays they can't afford to take risks and few are willing to make interesting experimental original titles and i don't blame them at the moment a lot of studios are losing money like Gainax already has Manglobe got closed a while ago and Madhouse lost most of their key workers

the only hope would be Japan's economy getting better which is not happening AT ANY TIME SOON

our last hope would be would be that it will morph into something which is unrecognizable from the golden era of anime. one driven by consumerism, fueled by streaming services like Netflix and westernization
in the next decade, anime will become normalized in the west. and that will be the beginning

but even with that Netflix won't produce Despera why would they care for Despera they ll rather have another violet evergarden over Despera or at the best they ll seek something like the next Cowboy Bebop or the next Berserk something that would appeal to the average western consumer, not an Avant-garde experimental title
RekixMisaki May 1, 9:16 AM
WOOW Despera was first announced 15 years ago? i did not know that but the fact that studios haven't been rushing to fund despera is a sign that anime is dead they should be fighting each other to get despera
a bunch of such talented and visionary creators struggling to even get funding for their ambitious work is shameful in the golden age of madhouse someone would ve pushed for it the reason the golden age of anime was so great was because studios weren't afraid to take risks and fund these experimental titles production IG with Mamoru oshiihalf the stuff they made together they just let Oshii do whatever he wanted

but yeah things like Despera don't sell nowadays even if it ended up being the best anime ever created it won't change anything it won't inspire other studios to experiment and start making original titles like what NGE did in the 90s

anime won't ever be saved until the anime industry don't be just business now its all about money but yeah maybe Despera will be something decent
also, I think the only director who can replace Nakamura would be Hiroshi Hamasaki the director of Texhnolyze steins gate and many others would be great if he directed it at least we will be granted to get a masterfully directed work