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Urusei Yatsura OVA
Urusei Yatsura OVA
Jul 20, 1:54 PM
Watching 4/11 · Scored -
Prima Doll
Prima Doll
Jul 13, 8:06 AM
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Urusei Yatsura Movie 4: Lum The Forever
Urusei Yatsura Movie 4: Lum The Forever
Jun 29, 2:54 PM
Completed 1/1 · Scored 5
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Oniichan wa Oshimai! Koushiki Anthology Comic
Oniichan wa Oshimai! Koushiki Anthology Comic
Dec 15, 2023 10:32 AM
Reading 51/? · Scored -
Oniichan wa Oshimai!
Oniichan wa Oshimai!
Dec 15, 2023 10:30 AM
Reading 82/? · Scored -
Ride-On King
Ride-On King
Oct 18, 2023 12:48 PM
Reading 14/? · Scored 10

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ChouunShiryuu Yesterday, 9:54 AM
He's stuck in a loop himself ¯\_(´ ͡༎ຶ ͜ʖ. ͡༎ຶ `)_/¯ okonogi is the only one who can save silent hill now, bonus if bernkastel makes it too. Bigger bonus if she manifests in reality in traps him into a loop till he gives up on them. Jokes aside, yeah, he also made a few decent mangas like hotarubi no naku koro ni. i haven't gotten to it yet, but ciconia looks like a typical high quality 7th expansion VN too with more unique charas.

But i guess you'll still be completing the ovas right XD? good luck on that.

Typical video game journalist, also saw a vid on how they were shooting on doom, the entry before that eternal one. i hate shooters and most non story video games and don't play them, but that was very miserable even by my standards. They need to hire the pigeon, what are the odds it just sits on the button and it works out.

Based niconico the normie slayer. And oh okay, that's a long tease time XD
Shademaster16 Jul 21, 12:49 PM
Thank you very much for the birthday wish! :D

This picture is perfect, I just love it. XD
ChouunShiryuu Jul 20, 7:43 AM
Any sane person should be pessimistic seeing what he's been doing, they have been completely consumed by autism unlike the japanese. You can feed them any trash nowadays and they're content. Like farm pigs have greater standards and diet. Kojimbo is a lost cause XD but really imagine making a VN called loopers, like iwaihime had those looping aspects too, just not done the wholesome umineko & higu way. So basically it has nothing to offerin those 6 hours aside from generic looping mystery.

Ohhh, i knew about them removing the fanservice from the yuki onna part, but they started pretty early XD also i was thinking the older lum kinda looked better than the new one?
yeah and that's kinda how it's done in japanese works, like they don't usually want it but come to terms with it sometimes, IGN sounds like anime tourists, which their staff probably are.

Maybe it isn't a coincidence at all, but good on them for getting rid of this western trash pushing its agenda everywhere XD the new youjo senki i've been hearing about it for quite some time, so i think it might've been last year?
Shademaster16 Jul 19, 2:37 PM
Yes, Imperishable Night is my favorite Touhou game too, mostly because of the mechanics, music, characters, and theme.

And EoSD is very good, at least for me, because of its lightness, theme, and atmosphere.
Shademaster16 Jul 18, 3:13 PM
Yes, I am quite right about that.
Although it is true that you can get the bombs back quickly, it is better if the player allocates them and does not waste so much.

I understand.
Unfortunately, this was such a solution, but the solution is completely understandable.
Maybe that's the best...
ChouunShiryuu Jul 18, 9:41 AM
Ah no, my bad sry, i was talking about silent hill with gsarthotegga, so thanks for the update. I don't expect much from the new silent hill XD from what i recall of its trailer, it just showed a girl running around the place with lots of higabana, corals, and some gore like someone's face or body melting and some body horror, so it's like typical ryukishi very edgy stuff. When he's not writing some character driven title, it's usually very bad, so i don't have high expectation of this.

lol mappa is corpo anime at its purest, i wish they'd at least spare the remakes of horny stuff from this kind of censorship. Okay, i get you toned down ataru in urusei yatsura's remake, but toning down these things is just very annoying XD

This though:-
media outlets such as IGN have already been called out for trying to subvert Ranma 1/2 as a “surprisingly impactful trans allegory.”
ChouunShiryuu Jul 18, 9:02 AM
Look genius, take a hint, im neither interested in cookie nor touhou nor inmu, I was being polite the first two times, but frankly i don't care about the autistic nitty gritty of whatever disowned drama or whatever game it spawned and how much it varies from 2hu or what their contents are. I saw 2hu charas on game page, i saw its og dramas are seen as spinoff or unrelated, and called the shared game a touhou game as in shares charas only. I don't care to find out more.

And yes, we talked about ryukishi writing for the new silent hill last time.

ChouunShiryuu Jul 18, 7:36 AM
LMAO it has a glorious history. The meme homoerotica enjoyers are all over it, so basically you were sharing the inmu touhou game disowned by the fandom. I see it just shares the charas, but it isn't true to rest of touhou.

THey just make everything more convoluted and autistic there lol

Fiat point, typical ryukishi without 7th expansion, showing his masochistic ways. Oh so you're lagging XD since i made a mal account, i also pick up more than i can handle, but i just leave a few midway and finish them whenever while ive moved to the next season haha
ChouunShiryuu Jul 17, 7:50 AM
Ah okay XD and actually i haven't touched anything from touhou actually. They seem to be dissing the game a bit in that link you sent me though haha. I just know it's bullet hell stuff, like i might try that sometime.

I understand the pain satoriin-chama, it is the toughest language for a reason XD

Ryukishi just needs whatever BDSM the 7th expansion guys do to him, he wrote himself into a corner there lol and yeah no pity for them.
ChouunShiryuu Jul 15, 11:19 AM
Fumu, the patch isn't that bad. Some years back they used to be horrible. what game are you training btw? that's some dedication to learn this totally easy language XD

yeah, and rika knows that sometimes people know things from other timelines or something is off, like satoko saw all of rika's memories and still learned nothing haha

I'm aware of this lol I don't know if i should be angry about that or happy that gachatards and CoD spergs finally get what they deserve lol it's milking autism taken to its logical conclusion. I am hoping they can incorporate a crafting system with these kinds of algorithms in gacha games to try to milk them even harder on crafting material and crafting success etc. Some hero needs to get this idea soon. This is why i stay away from non story driven and grindy stuff, especially moe moe chinkshit.
Netsuho Jul 14, 9:27 PM
Maybe because I was playing on Hard~ idk~ I don't remember having trouble with her on normal either~
I mean, LLS is the best if you exclude PoDD~ Teehee~ which is the best PC-98, best Touhou, and best game ever imo! >w< The plot is sooo good and funny! :3 I've even played multiplayer with it before~ hehe~ 'tis very fun! ^_^
wow~ that's crazy~ xDDD really rewarding skill! hehe~ :3
Reimu A doesn't seem too good to me tho in SA because it's kind-of a nerfed homing Reimu compared to usual where a lot of stuff doesn't actually home onto the enemy~
but hey~ we do rather agree that Marisa is better than Reimu in SA! >:3 Teehee~
what does Marisa C do anyways? :) I don't really remember unfortunately~ :(
ChouunShiryuu Jul 12, 11:43 AM
LMFAOOO I think no translation/original japanese is still a fix over their bastard translations and minor localisations. I was playing monobeno some time back on DreamerQ's recommendation, and i realised sometimes MTL is better considering all the cultural bits i learned there and how accurately i got their representation with jsut a little more effort on my part and that gpt4 sometimes translated the same term and other times wrote it in romanji as is. No reason to go for localized garbage in current year or shitty liberally translated crunchy translations. Chatgpt+ some speech recog > crunchy.

oh i didn't know XD satoriin-chama any plans to test the new urusei yatsura as well?

Actually yeah, fuck kojimbo lol but at least ryukishi does decent work with 7th expansion. Higu sotsu was just that bad man, there was no reason for either rika or satoko to be suddenly like that. All other higu pieces showed rika loved the friends and village and now she doesn't. keiichi is suddenly just not so close to satoko, and then you have this. THe whole thign was cursed. Yeah, Satoko could have still salvaged it, like she knows rika is a looper too but she still revealed her hand lmao all that hard work and she didnt even care.

That loopers shit feels like some crossover between higurashi's bastard child and some crappy edgy murder loop manga. The art is trash, the duration of the novel is 6 hours. Glad to know he can fall below iwaihime and produce shovelware outright XD he's really all out of ideas or motivation or both.

Shademaster16 Jul 10, 3:28 AM
I totally agree that the difficulty depends on the playstyle.
I don't usually play on "Easy" difficulty either, except for LoLK.
Since I've already played EoSD and HRtP (Unfortunately, not one with 1cc, but on Normal difficulty), but LoLK will never be my favorite for some reason because of its difficulty.
For me, SA is not the hardest, as the game is quite playable, especially if you can get past Orin's heavy attacks.
But of course it also depends on the player.

Then I understand.
Thanks for the link!
And yes, this is always the best solution to avoid such problems.
Unfortunately, there are quite a lot of data leaks and phishing lately, which makes the internet quite encrypted.

Yes, I agree with that.
For some reason, the old days gave a boost, especially in the life of a game development company or studio.

Unfortunately i tempi cambiano.
(It means, "unfortunately, times are changing")
Shademaster16 Jul 9, 4:17 AM
Hmmm... Highly Responsive to Prayers is not that difficult by default, (Since I played it once, of course, not with 1cc unfortunately.), you just have to pay enough attention to a lot of things, there are fewer bullets than by default in a danmaku game.
I think LoLK is the hardest, because Clownpiece's moon attack often doesn't work even in Easy mode.

I looked for it, but unfortunately I couldn't find anything about it.
Maybe it doesn't recognize it, or it's not up anywhere anymore, or maybe I'm the unlucky one, who knows... :D

14?!?! Damn time flies!
Aoi-Maverick Jul 7, 2:42 PM
I see.. thanks for explaining human..

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