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Dec 18, 2019
Board games is probably not the most mainstream hobby out there but in my experience, it is one of the best social experiences you can have with your friends. For the past 5-6 years now I've regularly hosted board game nights at home with my former high school classmates and it's one of our most regular ways to hang out and reasons to meet. Board games are a great way to interact with each other in a fun, intelligent and rewarding way which also offers flexibility and versatility, and just in general it's one of the most social experiences you can have. I just wish ...
Dec 13, 2019
Dr. Stone (Anime) add
Dr. Stone is an interesting shounen in the sense that it takes a bit of a different direction from the norm. Despite the manga being published in Weekly Shounen Jump, Dr. Stone is by no means a battle shounen, but instead focuses on something more intelligent and creative, namely scientific discoveries and the development of early human society. That is not to say that the show is necessarily realistic all the time, but rather more of a liberal and fictional take on something that at least has realistic roots.

That being said, I also have to stress that the opening arc of Dr. Stone is... not ...
Oct 1, 2019
Watching YU-NO is like researching a piece of anime history disguised as a piece of entertainment media. It's something that really would have been far more impactful had it aired 20 years ago than it is today, but nevertheless it's interesting to watch for educational purposes perhaps more so than the story itself.

In essence, YU-NO is based on a classic visual novel from all the way back in 1996. At the time of its release, there wasn't really anything else like it on the market. Visual novels back then were still relatively unambitious and it wasn't really a medium attempting any grand storylines until YU-NO ...
Sep 20, 2019
Hey, can I say something amazing right now?

This anime is, that's what.

Joshikousei no Mudazukai was the one show above all which throughout the season I genuinely didn't understand why it didn't have a higher score on MAL. Me and many of my friends were in agreement that it's probably been the best comedy of the season, and it almost always manages to be entertaining.

By design it's nothing out of the ordinary. Just another high school comedy starring a bunch of girls. However, what truly makes it shine is the character cast and the dynamic between them. Mudazukai is very self-aware and every girl in the ...
Sep 18, 2019
I can't recall the last time I saw an anime with as inconsistent writing quality as Kanata no Astra. I swear, this anime flip-flops between being really cool and being downright stupid every five minutes. It makes for a very strange viewer experience but if nothing else it sure keeps you curious.

I'll put it this way: the actual premise and setting of Kanata no Astra is really intriguing. Space anime that aren't mecha are rare enough to begin with, but to on top of that make it a sort of survival story with a great deal of exploration of the unknown celestial bodies of space ...
Jun 25, 2019
Isekai Quartet represents the most wholesome and pure type of fan service one can write. In other words a spinoff truly made for the fans of not just one franchise but four of them, more specifically KonoSuba, Re:Zero, Youjo Senki and Overlord; kind of like a 2019 equivalent of what Carnival Phantasm was for the Nasuverse back in 2011. It should go without saying that you should have seen at least some and preferably all of these series before watching Isekai Quartet or you will not be able to appreciate this anime for what it is.

This chibi crossover spinoff basically takes all the main characters ...
Mar 30, 2019
"O kawaii koto~"

Imagine if Death Note was a romcom. Imagine that Light and L were not trying to outwit each other with the world itself at stake, but rather just that they actually liked each other romantically but were too shy and awkward to just it outright. Do you think that sounds ridiculous? Maybe, but that's more or less the idea behind Kaguya-sama. Well, except it's not yaoi of course.

If you ever need a benchmark for how to do a romcom really damn good, then look no further than this. There really aren't many series within the genre out there that can manage to not ...
Mar 28, 2019
I will admit that I'm generally not a very big fan of shounens, but Yakusoku no Neverland is in my opinion without a doubt the best thing to have ever spawned from Weekly Shounen Jump. Then again it needs to be said that it is not very similar to most other things from the same magazine.

It's been literally years since I felt the need to give out any 10s to an anime TV-series, but in the case of Neverland I knew from the start that as long as they don't mess it up, it would be worthy of it for sure. The first arc of ...
Mar 28, 2019
Mixed Feelings
Just when you thought anime couldn't surprise you any longer...

I reckon this show will mostly receive meme and troll reviews but I'll try to do this seriously. I've seen a lot of anime over the years, but nothing quite like Dimension High School. This is so far the only show I've ever seen which is basically 50% (CGI) anime and 50% live action. While I have seen live action segments occasionally in anime before, it's never been to the extent which it is here, and never done as a major plot point by itself.

Most likely DHS was intended to be some sort of meta take ...
Mar 27, 2019
I am honestly shocked this show feels as genuinely original as it does. After all, with such a simple yet loveable concept, why are there so few anime like this?

Doukyonin wa Hiza—more commonly referred to by its English title of My Roommate is a Cat—is in my opinion one of the best slice of life shows in the last few seasons. The story follows the life of the shy novelist Subaru who recently lost his parents in an accident. Lonely and socially awkward, he one day randomly comes across a stray cat on the street whom he decides to take in on a whim. He's ...

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