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Chotto Ippai!
Feb 8, 2:07 PM
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Soniman Jun 5, 11:08 AM
Well G3 has also some localisation issues - for instance Lester and Milten voice actors were changed even though the g2 ones were still involved in dubbing.

BTW Did you ever played the Forsaken Gods ? Does it has as broken dialogues as this one XD

You made Pathfinder Kingmaker sound even more interesting. From what I've read everything that I expect good game to have it's on there. Decision making can be made really interesting if done correctly especially if your decisions have consequences unlike how it is in most of the VN :D. I've played some isometric SRPG and action games but never CRPG. But it's also a long game and rn I don't have time for it.
Soniman May 30, 11:40 AM
Soo how do you like Pathfinder Kingmaker so far? I'm curious about this game after I've checked it especially since I don't remember ever playing any CRPG with isometric view
Soniman May 25, 2:33 PM
You are writting at the perfect time as I actually just finished G3 Xardas/Adanos route today at 2 PM. It was really fun to play especially with all patches and mods installed. There were some slowdowns and I was softlocked a few times when I was talking with someone but nothing too big.

For me liberating Myrtana from orcs was the most fun or maybe just destroying every enemy with op spells at a high level XD. Also thanks to ltm mod liberated Cape Dun, Gotha and Ardea have many interesting quests some of them with branching paths. The worst thing on the other hand was liberating the furnace as my followers really liked to die easily XD. Nordmar tombs map is also kinda bad as it's kinda tilted and you've to search them by yourself.

Overall this game has one of the best if not the best soundtrack, all of the regions are really nicely done and every one of them felt different - big Nordmar mountains, green Myrtana and empty deserts of Varant. Story was also nice and it has much different atmosphere than the previous ones. Dialogues are much less homely(?) and more stiff. Also thanks to the size of the world and how rarely you returns to cities I never felt as attached to the new characters as I was in the previous ones.

Now as I finished all of the real Gothic games chronogically I'll probably be watching more anime and try more G2, G1 mods
malefilmica May 25, 8:54 AM
Hey there!!

Mishukax May 18, 5:18 PM
Awawa, what game am I suddenly playing with your avatar :D
Soniman May 7, 12:06 PM
I found about this project only few days ago and it's been going on for more than 11 years so yeah.

After a long work I finally managed to get G3 working without any lags on max graphics and all big mods (ROTG, QP, CM, C, ROTGL and LTM) so this time after I might finally be able to finish it :D.
Soniman May 2, 7:51 AM
No problem I was also kinda busy so yeah.
I wasn't talking about content mod. I was asking about this giant project and from your answer I'm assuming that you might know even less about it than I XD. It's a German mod so I thought that you might know more about it.
Soniman May 1, 2:53 PM
Hey do you know anything about G3 community story project?
It has been more than 10 years since they announced it... Are there even close to finishing or are there still in the woods?
Igzeivy Apr 27, 11:55 AM
Alice > Akari
Soniman Apr 17, 3:38 PM
We'll see about it. I personally don't belive that it will end soon but I surely hope that it will.

Yes I heard about Legend of Ahssun but there isn't anything about it in Polish so I don't really know much about it. There was ongoing Polish translation but it seems like they gave up sooo I won't be able to play it anytime soon. Overall I know about 3 giant German mods - Xeres Return - giant complete retelling of the Gothic 2, Legend of Asshun and Odyssey and I'm only able to play Odyssey because it's the only one translated (around 2 weeks ago).

There's also 2 professional polish mods coming soon with full dub - Chronicles of Myrtana and History of Khorinis - not as giant as those above (only 40h each) but theirs a lot of work put into them. Both of them has a cast of proffesional Polish voice actors but only History of Khotinis managed to get cast of the original polish G2 voice actors to work with them - sadly 2 of them passed away soon after recordings and some of them are really old and sick so for them this mod it's their final work.
Soniman Apr 15, 1:22 PM
I've been interested in learning Japanese language but I'm not persistent enough to do it. Maybe someday...

Well state of emergency has really bad history in Poland (from 1981 martial law declaration) and because of it it's actually better for the rulling party to do it this way. Also because of it nobody who was fined because of not wearing masks lost in court. We weren't that slow we were one of the first countries to start lockdown back in march 2020. Number of cases has increased artificially due to 3-4 times increase of the number of tests but the percentage of positives is similiar or even lower than in the past. Our public healthcare system is realllllllly bad in general and this only worsened it.

I much prefer Russian or Belariussian approach to virus since they have much less restrictions than Poland. In Belarus the only restriction is being forced to wear masks in public and they only have 7k active cases while Poland with full lockdown has 300k active cases. It is much better way to deal with the virus and there isn't any visible problems with it.
Soniman Apr 13, 2:55 PM
>Playing visual novels is my current way of staying fresh in my knowledge of the Japanese language.
Ya that's true but for me there's one problem - I don't know Japanese language XD.

Ya Disgaea is one of the best, I would recommend Fire Emblem or Super Robot Taisen as they are the longest TRPG series and most of the entries are really great.

>By the way, how's the current corona situation in your country?
Well we've full scale lockdown but without declaring state of emergency so everything they do is illegal according to constitution but they are doing it anyway. Everything is closed for a 2 weeks now and I don't see that something might change soon. Our Highlanders started a strike back in February and opened many of the small buisnesses but it didn't change much. Masks are required everywhere even if there isn't anyone except you in the road and our police only care about it. Our health care system is completely broken because for a long time it was locked and our government made a lot of bad decision about it. Many peoples were and some still are unable to go to the doctor/hospital and phone visit is the stupidest thing ever. More people died because of that than from covid and it really shows how stupid it is...
TL;DR Everything is shit probably even worse than in Germany from what I've read.
Soniman Apr 2, 4:51 AM
Well I tried few VN like G-senjou no Maou (which I got spoiled massively), Monmusu Quest and some others but the only one I was able to finish was Higurashi. Ya rogue-likes are great but I didn't played many of them. My favourite genres are action platformers and TRPG but right now I'm only playing action RPG (Gothic and Crystalis). I also really like Touhou Project and I will be returining to this series soon.

FIFA and most of the sport series in general are probably the worst highly popular series in existence. Each game is nearly exactly the same and team updates could just be DLC's, with each new installment it becomes increasingly more broken (just look at the scores at metacritic) with more bugs and microtransactions. It always was and always will be one of the most popular game in Europe because it's FIFA so why should they care about quality if no matter how broken the game is it will always sell. Oh and also PES is much better soccer franchise - I have PES 2014 and it's great.

Some time ago there was a time when I really often played board games with family or friends, but recently I'm not playing any of them. I also think that playing in person is the only way to play. Just like how I prefer couch multitplayer to the online multiplayer. Overall nice hobby but for now it's not for me.
Soniman Mar 29, 1:46 PM
Well back then with one computer it's impossible to play mutliplayer XD. It was also really hard for me to buy games locally without need to use cars/busses. The only games I was able to buy where I live was G2 and G3.

I was talking about games in general
I must say that I like them both but I'm really not interested in most of the new games as they are mostly a cashgrab with tons of dlcs, microtransactions etc. and I'm not that stupid to buy them. I also prefer challenging games and most of the new ones doesn't impose any challenge whatsoever.
For the past few years I was mostly playing NES games (finished around 100 of them), much newer strategy games like hoi4, medieval total war 2 (my fav TW) and Skyrim, but recently I grew bored of them and started playing Gothic once again.
Soniman Mar 26, 6:41 PM
Ya Morrowind was a giant step forward on the TES history. I never played it but I've heard a lot of good things about it.
Well my early pc gaming consisted of playing my father strategy games: Heroes 1-3, Cossacks Anthology and the Stronghold Antholgy so it was hell of a ride for a 7yo me XD. Thankfully all of them were great back then and still are.

Hmmm my favourite Gothic osts right nie are:
G1: exactly the same as yours XD
G2: Jarkendar, Khorinis and especially Valley of Mines
G3: Vista Point, Trelis Liberate, Myrtana Explore, Vengard
With my favourite being G2 Valley of Mines - it exactly shows uncertain situation there, with growing threats, famine, panic, and overall weakness. It gave such a strong vibes when I first played it.

Which games do you prefer: old ones od the new ones?