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Welcome to the comfiest club on MyAnimeList! We like to have a little chat about topics such as Slice of Life and Iyashikei anime and manga, cuteness, and comfy topics in general. Feeling stressed from work or school? Here you can relax~ Our active Discord server is home to a bunch of friendly people willing to share recommendations or thoughts about seasonal anime. Make sure to drop by! ~Click here to join the Comfy Camp Club Discord~ After a bountiful autumn season filled with surprises, a new year of anime is ready to start! With such seasonal anime to look forward to, we are bound to have something to entertain our spirits. Here are our most anticipated titles! Winter 2021 Slice of Life/Comfy Anime What will you be watching this season? Introduce yourself Picturesque Realm Simulwatch Announcements Gaming Discussion Hall of Game Fame Past events: Comfy Secret Santa 2018 One Night Illegal Camping Hide & Seek v1 Märchen Fantasy Diary of Our Troubles at the Breakwater Affiliate:

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Sticky: Picturesque Realm [Image Thread] ( 1 2 3 4 5 ... Last Page )
Xiaraith - Mar 21, 2018
507 replies by Xiaraith »»
May 15, 11:53 AM
Introduction Thread - Welcome to our club (^_^)
Xiaraith - Apr 8, 2018
48 replies by -Des- »»
May 10, 6:49 AM
--- Best Anime of Winter 2021 ---
Xiaraith - Apr 5
21 replies by Xiaraith »»
Apr 19, 12:07 PM
Sticky: Simulwatch Announcement Thread ( 1 2 3 )
Bajar - Aug 19, 2018
100 replies by Timz0r »»
Mar 26, 4:27 AM
Comfy Camp Club's Anime of the Year 2020
Xiaraith - Jan 25
17 replies by Xiaraith »»
Mar 6, 5:02 AM

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Monstrousity | Yesterday, 11:04 AM
This club wasn't active in a while lol

ishigamer | Apr 29, 3:12 AM
super cub's first ep looks promising! recommend

Xiaraith | Apr 29, 1:24 AM
If you mean the legendary master of mofumofu and comfiest fox of this world, Senko-san, we do like her indeed =w=

Monstrousity | Apr 28, 8:20 AM
Does anyone like senko??

Xiaraith | Apr 19, 12:29 PM
Non Non Biyori actually beat Yuru Camp as our anime of the Winter 21 season :O
Been a close affair between them as well as Uma Musume

Bajar | Apr 10, 1:46 PM
her smile is beyond precious!

Mishukax | Apr 7, 5:03 PM
Super Cub has the idea of starting with nothing. That nothing became a something when the motorcycle came into the picture. What can come next has me full of anticipation.

Koguma's smile is as contagious as it gets :)

I recommend every comfy member to watch this anime.

DenpaNyan | Mar 23, 11:30 AM

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