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Oct 10, 4:29 AM
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Memor Aug 7, 9:08 AM
Miporin Mar 13, 5:44 PM
actually finished that Shiawase Toriming v1 recently, finally haha. bit more comfortable with reading without furigana by now, still a bother XD
no_good_name Feb 19, 3:49 PM
Don't hear from him too often
no_good_name Feb 13, 1:51 PM
Huh, who was worried about me?
StyleF1re Dec 22, 2021 3:12 AM
Sounds severe if we're talking about a loss of stability. Regardless of which direction you take, I hope it all turns out well and that positive growth and opportunity both follow suit. I'm sure you can find some avenue to stability again if you're really brave and passionate about your craft. And yeah, classics isn't a subject I'd expect many to be versed with, let alone immersed in. This is similar to how I feel with my interests in racing games, motorcycling, and even anime. That said, I could do better to get acquainted with things outside of my scope to lessen that strain of isolation.

Anime can be tough sledding at times, but you have to take what you can get. Not sure about the excuse being good enough, but thanks for elaborating there! Unfortunately, I've become distant over time to Key works so Kaginado would be a hard sell on paper.

Don't get your hopes too far up with the fantasy stuff! haha I'm not sure what I'm looking for with anime outside of the "certain" sequels like Takagi-san. I just go into each season blind and build my hype on the fly. Before the Fall season started I had Selection Project eyed out as a show I thought I would see through, yet I dropped it relatively swiftly. Meanwhile, thanks to a friend I saw through Mieruko-chan and was surprisingly fond of it. On my own, I think that show would've been gone after the first episode with the weird ghoul designs and seemingly aimless nature of what I saw then. Anyway, the fanservice was nice to enjoy and joke around about, but the atmosphere of the serious and tense moments was the real selling point there. Hope to see another season, as it was one of the more unique anime experiences for me in recent times.
Miporin Dec 3, 2021 3:13 PM
Yep, got it, haven't read it yet - and got that BIRDER magazine issue within a few days of you telling me, did read a lot of it and very interesting, would buy more but expensive... 💸

I actually haven't been reading manga *that* much in the process of learning Japanese, as you maybe can see, but I've been watching/listening tons - and for the last several months I've been reading novels and light novels, including following along with audiobooks, some from those chosen by a learners' book club on Discord😅

I do want to look into Japanese-language textbooks, soon-ish...
StyleF1re Dec 2, 2021 12:43 AM
That sounds like a lot to manage with making progress with your studies while still keeping the primary interests ablaze. Always a time in life where things get rough and the path gets muddy. All I can say is to try and hang in there and stay focused.

That sounds rather ambitious. Is this going to be driven mostly by your career or field of interests? Or is it for a fresh start and new scenery? With that thought of yours, I guess what really matters is that you analyze the potential risks and rewards and make any move (or hold off from a move) with confidence. If you're bored with no real goals or ambitions, a change in scenery probably isn't going to do much for you.

Interesting. I'm not sure how I would approach Kaginado, since the chibi-style really isn't my thing at all. Mushoku Tensei is certainly difficult for me as well, as I find some characters and aspects of the show to be ridiculous. The quality production values are usually offset by all the awkward sexual humor and suggestive content, and a lot of times I wish the show had a greater focus on the more compelling fantasy, magic, and traveling elements. It was on a roll with building up and resolving the Greyrat family conflict, but with the latest episode and the princes just seemed to remind me of why I honestly can't take this show seriously. Now with Aquatope, it moves at a nice pace, but I feel like at the end of it all it really might not have too much to say about Kukuru's and Fuuka's motives and progression throughout the series. I feel like the drama at times is too timely and even routine, but I like how it feels as a coming-of-age story and seeing all the aquarium folks clashing and bonding together. The Senpai one has the type of adult setting and humor that I crave, paired with such a relaxing and upbeat atmosphere. I'm not one to care about age differences in potential romantic relationships, but height differences? That young woman is as vertically-challenged as they come! haha

Anyway, feel free to make use of Discord. I'm not sure how quickly I'll respond, but I will respond!
no_good_name Nov 27, 2021 12:22 AM
Been awhile, are you still active on this site?
I'm not really, only really use it to track my anime.

Had to laugh when I checked your profile as 2 people who I hate have posted on it.
Miporin Oct 13, 2021 8:36 AM
But whoa, it's been a long time since I've heard from you (and honestly, I confused you with other people), anything else to share?
Miporin Oct 13, 2021 8:20 AM
ordered, along with that magazine issue (on amazon)
Miporin Oct 13, 2021 8:12 AM

I can read enough Japanese to have finished v1 of 秋山さんのとりライフ now (and novels, but more importantly that)
FayeurS Jul 26, 2021 7:37 PM
thanks! yours is very nice too
StyleF1re Jul 25, 2021 1:56 AM
The response here might look condensed, but if we keep this whole letter-length thing going it's gonna be lifetimes passing between each response. You should lmk if you have a Discord or WhatsApp, as voice chat especially gets a lot done with covering all the bases of conversational topics.

Developing photos? Oh, wow! Must be some real blast from the past then. I've been in and out with photography, though sadly mostly the latter. I can say from experience though that it's a fun and relaxing hobby to have when done on your own terms and without and real pressures or crazy expectations. Feel free to show me what you have when you can! It might give me a push to get back behind the lens.

Eight is still a large number when it comes to seasonal anime. I've been finding myself watching 3-5 entires per season nowadays, as I'm far past my prime with the anime game and fall off with my attenion-span quickly and sharply.

What works for you works for you! I might look at the Black Company one again if I get bored enough on a random day, but the Kanojo one did something unforgivable in my book. You can read that on Veronin's page somewhere if you can track my recent responses to him. Anyway, it's fun to see when shows defy tropes and cliches every now and then and do it in a crafty or intelligent manner.

Keke threw me off in the opener and I'm not likely to really warm up to her ever, but I'm still interested to see where she and the others go as the story moves along. That said, I still think this series has it, even nine years after the original!

Kobayashi I'm just watching for the KyoAni animation showcase and am not too invested into that one. It's fun for what it is, but all the fanservice and female types in this one aren't exactly what I'm looking for, let alone signed up for.

It's sad that Aikatsu has declined as of late, but I'll never forget how brilliant the series was with the original and Stars. Both had their own quirks and weird arcs (Dream Academy and Elza's ship), but the character progression and interactions were quite sublime for a children's show.

Always though Saint Tail was cute, and the same went for the show itself. Reminds me in way of Cardcaptor Sakura with the children and the mysterious vibes.

I wish I could respond more here in regards to all the love stuff, but it's gonna burn my brain out thinking of how to respond here. It's not like I have any real experience myself either. Guess all I can recommend is to be patient and disciplined while working on yourself if you desire to end up with someone.

Harukana Receive? Oh, man! That show was quite the eye candy from what I recall. As for the Okinawan stuff, I'm afraid I didn't pay attention there.

Quite a bold endeavor, I must say! I probably should've done something similar too, as I overlooked and unfortunately forgotten much about my own anime journey.

Anyway, if you want to get some conversation in I again recommend Discord or even WhatsApp to focus and also simplify things more. Hopefully the time difference isn't too brutal in this instance!
StyleF1re Jul 17, 2021 4:03 AM
Good to hear from you again! I will respond in full when I can, as the latest episode of Kanojo mo Kanojo has me mentally spent for the night. Go check out Veronin's page and look at the comments between us two if you want the full story there.
Xiaraith May 19, 2021 3:39 AM
The birthday game she prepared for you; picking one card and getting a special treat by the carefree demon fox herself. Not that I know what she might have prepared ^^

Have a great one today with all the people dear to you!