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Love Live! Superstar!!
Love Live! Superstar!!
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Kageki Shoujo!!
Kageki Shoujo!!
Oct 18, 11:47 AM
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Saihate no Paladin
Saihate no Paladin
Oct 18, 11:18 AM
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Luxkinhax Oct 14, 8:32 PM
perfil foda!
Ryuseishun Oct 14, 8:45 AM
How do you honestly feel about Takt Op Destiny so far?
Furuhashi1 Oct 12, 1:12 PM
ksmNA Oct 5, 9:00 AM
Idk about disliking speed limits, I do dislike em all honestly, but I drive relatively fast so there's that hahahah

Well the Sixteen is that famous nobody knows, but everybody knows at the same time, guess we'll just have to wait for it to come out some day. The Valkyrie is amazing ngl I like it a lot. Indeed, but honestly that's for the better at least we're hyped for real cars this time.

Btw I was planning on playing Tales of Arise so I'd like to know if I should play other Tales games before going for Arise?

Still haven't watched any anime, but I'll be sure to tell u abt it as soon as I manage to watch the new Lovelive. POWER OF IDOL LESGO

If you'd rather talk on discord that'd be better honestly Im a lot more active there.
Veronin Sep 23, 9:13 PM
Yeah. Maybe I'll just write one last review for Love Live Superstar and officially retire with that. Not sure yet.

Being single is definitely a plus as far as hobbies go. I prefer the companionship you get from being married, but it's also a lot harder to spend long stretches of time doing your own thing. For example, it's pretty damn hard to focus on reading a book or a visual novel when you get interrupted every five minutes. But, well, that's just the way it is when you live with someone else.

Interesting. Seems Arise does a decent job of exploring its setting and themes of class conflict. Might give it a go whenever it's on sale. I'll probably be no-lifing New World for a little while (big new MMO from Amazon), but once that's run its course I should be ready for another big game. It's not like I'll be able to play the new Idolmaster since it's apparently region-locked to Hong Kong and whatever for some reason. If the publisher doesn't want my money, then, hey, piracy is the answer, I guess?

As for Spiderman, that's a shame! Probably the best superhero game that's come out since Arkham City. Doubly so with the PS5 version, since web-slinging at 60 FPS is obviously much more satisfying than the slideshow 30 FPS of the PS4 version.
Veronin Sep 22, 8:21 PM
Speaking of games, are you interested in Elden Ring at all? I'd say that, STALKER 2, and Warhammer 3 are probably the three I'm most excited for.
Veronin Sep 22, 1:13 PM
At least you're still pretty consistent with watching.

I just have too many responsibilities and hobbies to effectively manage. A full-time job, having to be a husband and spend time with/do favours for my wife, studying German as my third language, trading cryptocurrency and researching it on a daily basis, working on my game project (basically a second job at this point), visual novels, video games, and so on and so forth. And then I have to somehow fit anime into all of this. I don't know. A couple of these things probably have to be cut at some point because it's just become impossible to manage.

How's the story in Arise? The gameplay and visual design looks impressive, but there's always been something about the story/characters that feels lacking and doesn't really compel me much to continue playing. At least it delivers on the ecchi aspect (swimsuits!) as you've mentioned, so that's always nice. What do you plan on playing afterwards?
Veronin Sep 19, 6:14 PM
Also, Kageki Shoujo is surprisingly good? I tried it on a whim but I'm hooked already.
Veronin Sep 19, 1:22 PM
Yeah, my interest in anime comes and goes in phases, I suppose. At this point I would just say I'm semi-retired. Still around, and still slinging reviews and what not on occasion, but I just don't feel compelled to be online 24/7 like before. Too many things I want to do and so little time to do them all.

Did you play Tales of Arise? Didn't get into it myself, but played through Deathloop instead which was... OK. Definitely a case of style but little substance. And good fucking god, I cannot stand the "le wacky dialogue" trend in this game and other recent ones. There are some people who clearly should just not have a career writing video games.
ksmNA Sep 18, 9:10 PM
I mean driving fast is part of it, but definitely not something to do every now and then

THe Yaris thing is a hot take, I can't rly agree with it, but maybe it comes out pretty cool who knows.
I rly like the countach, but yeah we still have to see how everything goes because we never know until its rly shown, we know abt this stuff thanks to the devell 16 lmao

My friend is going crazy with Tales of Arise, he says its his top2 game thanks to its potential even though he isnt even half way done with the game, Ill play it as well, just need a sale for me to get it

Nah I rly dont think Love Live can top the classic one for me, I just like it that much, but Ill have to come back to it to tell you about it

Also sry for like ghosting u for a week, I dont rly use my MAL unless I gotta update something and I actually didnt watch any anime in the time beign
Ryuseishun Sep 15, 8:48 AM
Yea it's still fun to see the harem disaster, but other than that, not much else.

Magia Record has been quite solid for the most part, despite some of the recent production hiccups in the last two episodes. I quite liked the interactions and dialogue between the characters, especially the OG lineup. Sadly it's on break this week just before the "semi-finale" (cause the Final Season is the true finale, tbh), from what I heard and confirmed.

SuperStar is quite enjoyable but my thoughts on it are still so mixed right now, because it still feels like the same old setup from the first LL and Sunshine. In fairness, it's still relatively early (7 ep in, though lol), so perhaps a little more time might change things for me.
Ryuseishun Sep 14, 9:28 PM
Is it just me, or is s2 of Hamefura just utterly underwhelming? It really just lost that hook that the initial premise from s1 had presented. The characters were keeping me entertained at one point, but now it's exhausting lol.
ksmNA Sep 8, 11:11 PM
I don't rly recommend going to them and stuff, I mean like car meets are cool af, but the night racing is just a bit sketchy and can get u in trouble, I went once with a friend (he was driving, I didn't have a license) and it was cool, but not something I'd go usually.

The new 86 tho, it's kinda fire and I wont even get started on the 400z that, Oh boy, I'm in love with it already
Indeed idk what was in my head when I typed lambo I actually was thinking about ferraris, but whatever. Cope with the midengine vette, it doesn't even feel like midlife crisis car anymore, loss of identity frfr
Talking about Lambos the new countach, TEARS IN MY EYES

I don't plan on getting any consoles at the moment, but definitely I may get AC2 whenever it goes on sale on steam, but rn I'm kinda using all my game time in DMC5 that I acquired recently and it's giving me the most fun I had with a game in years

I mean u ain't rly losing too much by not watching DaL as far as I'm concerned it doesn't differ from most LN/VN adaptations as it kinda sucks compared to the original material, I know some people that are die hard DaL fans and even they say the anime is trash, so idk as ur not into LNs/VNs/Manga maybe it'd go down the drain any time soon anyway

Also wow, Love Live is going strong for u isn't it?
ksmNA Aug 31, 8:37 PM
I think I never came across any 200SX/240SX at all, but someday I plan on going to a street race just to take a look u know how it is

Indeed the WRX was kinda ass, but I managed to beat the game with it somehow. Yeah the JDM passion seems to be dying out on the US in general, but I sure hope the 400z brings it back a bit, bcs the new supra is a bmw not a japanese car at all, even the new vette is more of a lambo than an american car...

Never played Assetto Corsa, but my friend plays it a lot, I want to try it out, but rn VN hell is consuming all my free time.

The bullet side story wasn't terrible, u should give it a shot, honestly it doesn't spoil much I think at least I didn't notice/don't remember it spoiling anything, also has more Kurumi and that's basically it
Ryuseishun Aug 30, 5:30 PM
You made the right call to drop TYE back then.
As someone who read the manga, I knew it wasn't gonna get any better, but damn the second half was just horrific, regardless.

Here's a late review on it that I submitted. It's quite long, though :P