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Hitoribocchi no Marumaru Seikatsu
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May 18, 3:08 PM
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Senryuu Shoujo
Senryuu Shoujo
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Veronin Yesterday, 2:28 AM
Fair enough. Out of the four main Adachi Mitsuru baseball series, Mix is the most slice-of-life, which might not be what most people are into. But it's the only series this season I've been wanting to watch every week.

I'm getting ready to leave Japan in a few days, so I've been wrestling with some heavy feelings as of late. I can't even remember what I've done the past month or two besides those Kansai and Nagano trips, honestly... but I've got a fairly firm plan for the next year or so. Marriage and all that stuff. Wow. Yeah, never expected that to be a reality a few years ago.
Stark700 May 18, 9:59 AM
Yoo, how are you enjoying Carole & Tuesday this season?
Yardhouse12 May 4, 7:19 PM
Boom, left a present in your inbox!
Yardhouse12 May 3, 5:38 PM
I don't if that makes life good but sure! Man I have enough buy a bike but I don't think i'm getting one anytime soon.
Yardhouse12 Apr 29, 6:14 PM
iam_minamoto Apr 22, 10:28 AM
Haha, I can't recall either. I just remember that 'feeling', and still can't remember nor feel that feeling as I did back then
iam_minamoto Apr 21, 12:14 PM
To be honest, Tamayura's basically is in my plan to watch list rather than the drop list. I was tired and to make things easier I put it on drop list lol... I was thinking of watching it now.

Indeed i like shows that somehow resembles my current situation, at least some material that I can relate to. I love to learn new insights from those shows to cope up or face my situations. I don't hate popular series though, they were just released at the right time which made them hyped. I just wanted to watch the underrated ones 'cause they were the most relatable and don't want them to get lost..i guess? Anyways, I like all genres as all show can have certain potential which i appreciate.

I think i'll watch Shinsekai Yori atm, i miss that nagi asu feeling and need some insights ...(that sounded funny). Thank you for the help !
iam_minamoto Apr 21, 8:57 AM
I really like slice of life genre, or more like the 'real' down to earth anime.Not all of them though, i see what these shows have to offer or what i can learn from them..? I literally hunt for people who have different tastes in anime or recommend something that no one really talks about.

There are indeed some gems in this vast collection of popular and overrated animes and I only like to watch them. It would feel like a waste of time if I don't watch something amazing or mind-blowing. I started watching anime sequentially from last year, yeah so its barely just been a year and really sometimes watching anime I get bored (like 3-gatsu but it was really a brilliant piece of storytelling) But after i finish watching them i can come to the conclusion if it was worth it. So whenever I start a new show I get skeptical and hover around it but at the end, i end up not watching it. Sometimes I find good shows boring while watching the first few episodes. I literally stumbled upon Nagi no Asukara unknowingly, unintentionally without anyone's recommendation or reviews and was one of my first anime that i watched last year.

That really explains why i have low watch-time. I'd like to watch anime deep in this vast collection and i really hate those people's opinions who just watch anime laying on the surface and saying it was good; good because it's popular. Man, i talked about myself a lot lol.

Please do give a recommendation of such hidden gems
Cavum Apr 21, 4:06 AM
i hope eventually down the very deep line u can find something cool to recommend. I've hit a road's end with anime for now, having collected most of my entire list and hordes of as of yet unseen things that I've had backlogged or written down on a blog based off countless suggestions and good word of mouth. Likely going to just shrink away from MAL for a long time to enjoy this all at last
iam_minamoto Apr 21, 2:49 AM
Hey, how's it going?

Actually, I saw your review of Nisekoi and thought of giving a visit. I sure appreciate your view on Anime haha.. your rating's pretty decent too. I added some Anime on my watch-list seeing your's. So, i thought of adding you haha
Cavum Apr 14, 9:46 AM

+ misuse of charity donations

i honestly hope they don't go under though, and that it's a few people doing this nasty stuff and not everyone in there
Cavum Apr 13, 8:24 AM
i cant believe ufotable is under fire for tax evasion
Mastergold Apr 1, 9:42 PM
Wish it was easy to let go the past and not worried about being hunted down day and night about things that were out of your control, and the only think you can do is cope with it until you either able to function enough within society or throw yourself out of the buss. Sigh life sometimes.

Being able to watch films with co-workers is always nice though. Well yikes, not so nice after all huh? as soon as you're not getting hurt then I see no reason to not keep trying and it things to well then hopefully that special individual can shine your life. I sometimes have the brilliant idea of going 100mph on a 60mph road for no reason lol.

Well most of my friends are into different types of movies, you know, the mainstream/super heroes stuff which I don't find interested at all so is hard to find movies that I'll like go see with them. Like the time when I went to see Liz I knew that some of my friends weren't going to go watch it with me because is different from what they are used to watch, not that I didn't mind watching it alone but every ones in a while I'd love to be able to watch movies with friends together. My investment were manly in MMORPGs and LLSIF, and honestly I couldn't be more happier to be free from idol hell haha.

Whoa since 2011? I swear I thought you started earlier. For me I recall watching anime since late 1998 with shows like Ranma 1/2, evangelion, creamy mami, sailor moon, cardcaptor, dragon ball, mach GoGoGo, lain, heck even hentai and the list goes on. I think around 2005-2008 is when I discover about fansub and then 2010 is when I started watching seasonal anime.

If erotic things is what most people are looking for the choices are either doujinshi or eroge. I sometimes don't see the point of watching harem anime anymore since its technically soft porn at this point.
Mastergold Apr 1, 9:10 PM
Some people are just good overcoming indifference and know how to keep their composure for physically and mentally. Now the way to overcome it is the tricky thing since it'll be difference for everyone but I know where you're coming from.

Where I live taxes are low, food is more expensive and housing is relatable reasonable, though its been slowly increase more over the years which is starting to get scared, more so if you compared to other states. Not making more than 30+ hr is classified low-income? holy moly that's high, nothing in comparison to ours where low-income is around 24k+.

I'll gain more knowledge and experience ones I start buying more clothing for myself which I somewhat looking to do ones I move out to our new place where I'll have more space hehe. Gotcha! for a moment I thought you were the type that like dressing up in formal suit. I have quite a lot of suits that were giving to me and some that I bought for job interviews but I barely wear them at all. The racing-inspired shirts do suit you very well, if you don't mind me asking you own plenty of them? You don't have to answer if you don't want to. You're not in a hurry to replace it or anything right? if that's so than you still have plenty of years to carry with that shirt.

Just $60-70 in a shirt? that ain't that bad though, my figures cost me $100+ and I'm not ashamed of it one bit. Which I didn't have much responsibility that way I can go back to buy more BDs and figures but it'll take quite the long time before I ever get the chance to spend that much in stuff. What a coincides because Endro also end up being my favorite shows of the season. The cutesy art-style and interactions with the characters made a lot of moments quite pleasant to enjoy, let's not forget mao-chan which honestly sell the show for me. For kaguya I think the wackiness of the characters were a bit too much too my liking but gotta say the show had quite the charm.

Everything else was more of less average or mediocre to the most part and don't get me started on index and date alive, it seems like j.c staff have no intention of stopping their streak when it comes to making awful adaptation/sequels.
GomuBlade Apr 1, 11:29 AM
Social media isn't really my thing either. Used to be really into twitter but now I mainly just use it to keep in touch with some people I don't have anywhere else. Also to stay up to date with what the streamers I like are up to.

Yes I am! Nah, stay away. I know you can. My first bout with Belius went something like that too, now I know you can just light the torches with fire artes to make the clone go away. Unfortunately haven't done much since, busy week. The few gaming hours I could find I spent scratching another sudden Dragon Age itch. Will see how far I go this time.

If they look like Judith I do, the costume even includes glasses! That Estelle outfit as an excellent choice as well.