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Do It Yourself!!
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Bocchi the Rock!
Nov 28, 9:10 PM
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Yardhouse12 Nov 9, 3:55 PM
Hope all is well dude!
ksmNA Nov 1, 6:58 PM
I just added u on whatsapp I'll send u a message in a bit. Ohh makes sense as whats app is just faster haha, fsfs lmk whenever u wanna call someday idk maybe we can play sum. Also sorry again for not responding for a while I had a very hectic week and had to choose if I log into MAL on my PC or read manga and ended up going for the later as of lately thaats why I didnt reply only logged stuff through the phone really.

I do agree with you in the accentuation part but rarely occured to me, but I can't run from the fact that monogatari is my favorite anime and it has quite a bit of fanservice I can't lie hahaha

Ngl I've always loved me my platformers so we definitely do have that in common, I always had a special place for Ratchet and Clank and Sly Cooper, games I played a lot as a kid and have always loved and will always as well, also as you have a PS5 definitely you should check Ratchet and Clank out although the story in the reboot is really weak as well as the characters have gotten worse, the gameplay is imacculate. And Crash Bandicoot also had a part in my childhood not as much though suprisingly, but that didn't mean I couldn't enjoy it because I assure you that I did.

Wow like damn 11 years watching seasonals when I can't even hop on one I'd probably already have gone insane in your place, I'd maybe even try but I'm having a hard time watching anime as of late, I tried watching the cyberpunk one but I can't watch even a single episode, manga has been a lot easier to get to consuming I think because I dictate the pace of it so it's easier to get invested and also faster. I'm ngl it wasn't a total break from anime/manga, because I still watched jojo's in the mean time, but it wasn't something like it was before like a lot of episodes in a day and all that.
ksmNA Oct 21, 11:11 AM
Whichever one is best for you as I do have both of them.

That last part about it having little fan service already gives it points as I've grown to dislike that more and more. I was enjoying superstar a lot so knowing Aikatsu is close to it I might give it a shot as one of my next anime, I just have quite a long list of manga I've been trying to read as of late so it'll probably take a while for me to get into it but I'll definitely do.

It was mostly lack of time, I ended up watching just jojos in the span of like a whole year which is barely nothing for me as I used to be a heavy anime watcher, but I've been getting back into the media with time, definitely I have a special thing for the japanese storytelling and whatnot. Combat is something I have high regard for in games so knowing that I'm more inclined to playing it. interesting haha
ksmNA Oct 16, 11:03 PM
I can't even forgive myself for that one, because it took a while to say the least haha, but i don't know whatever is more comfortable for you both are fine with me and yes maybe sometime a call coud be arranged no problem.

I swear I didn't notice I'd written Holo Live, but you got what I meant so I think it could be forgiven.I haven't watched Aikatsu yet, but if it manages to spark what I felt with the OG Love Live I'll already be happy as I didn't expect to even remotely be into idols until I saw it and completely changed my mind.

Interesting, this paast year I didn't watch much anime, read manga, visual novels or even played viddeo games to be honest as of late I did go back to the usual andd consumed some, but unfortunately no action on the Tales games, I did play Hollow Knight tho and some other indie games (currently playing Omori), but I'll definitely get into Tales I just sincerely have to finish a small list of games that have been waiting for me in my library. But what you saidd really makes me doubt if I should start or even get close to Arise as gameplay progression is something I value a lot in games, but I'm pretty sure there are a lot of pros you still haven't talked about
ksmNA Oct 12, 9:19 PM
Hey man how's it going? I'm sorry for basically disappering I ended up moving states back in october of the last year and stopped watching anime as a whole for a couple months and endded up forgetting everything related to this website untill I came back a while, if you're still cool with it I can add you and discord or here so we can go back to talking since I remember having a good time talking with you.

Also I noticed you added a character from Holo Live Superstar in your favs definitely made me want to continue the show even more.

That definitely seems like quite the different experience when driving but I am interested in trying.

Well about Tales I actually have been thinking of starting with Berseria since I already have it, but I'll take a look at Vesperia and depending on it's price I'll consider start through it.
Veronin Jun 30, 11:43 PM
Damn. Sorry to hear that. It's frustrating when people choose to terminate relationships through cowardice instead of communication. Being unable to relieve stress through biking must not be much fun either. But it's good that you have a plan for when things are repaired! I'll be interested in seeing some of your GoPro footage once it's ready.

Really? I'll have to watch it myself to form an opinion, but I do hope it continues the trend of excellence set in the first season.

Sure. I just sent you my Discord ID through Messenger. Can't post it publicly here since I use the account for business as well.
Veronin Jun 25, 10:45 PM
Still alive and kicking?
Zahraung May 18, 5:36 PM
I was thinking during one month whether reply or not.

I don't like Miami so much and I am a NEET. I don't know what to do with my life yet and still live with my parents, but I help when they need me (although I sometimes don't want to do it).

I see you have Aria the Origination as your very favorite. I'd like to know who is your favorite girl.
redoo21 Apr 17, 5:58 PM
Ikr, i really mesmerized by oahu-honolulu's beauty, and thanks for these tips as i expected the people in there are warm and welcoming!
yeah me too, i wish i could experience them for the first time):
and man when i looked at your favourites title just thrown me back to the time period that i watched them! when i just saw the titles of white album 2 , aria series, nagi no asukara it just gave me flashback, wave of nostalgia when for the first time i experienced them!
redoo21 Apr 15, 10:41 AM
no worries i understand. well, i send fr cuz found your taste amazing and it's wonderful to see someone who lives in oahu which i really want to visit there. hmm, good with anime , but not with life, my country is really boring cuz of its government.. anyway, nice to meet you stylef1re-san!
Zahraung Apr 14, 6:07 AM
I didn't plan to visit Hawaii yet.

I found you in the list of Veronin's friends.
Zahraung Apr 11, 7:28 AM
How is the life in Hawaii for you?
Yardhouse12 Mar 2, 6:09 PM
Dezakiin Feb 12, 2:03 PM
I don't know how you still can watch anime.
sorryu Jan 13, 6:24 AM
based date a live 2 review