Chisato Arashi

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Chisato Arashi (嵐 千砂都)

Chisato Arashi is a member of Liella! and a main character in Love Live Superstar!!

Year - First Year
Birthday - February 25th
Blood Type - B
Height - 155 cm
Favorite Foods - Takoyaki, Cola, Peaches
Disliked Foods - Bell Peppers
Image Color - Pink

Chisato is the childhood friend of Kanon. Being an athletic spirit, she entered Yuigaoka High primarily for dance, but after a chance encounter with the other Liella! members, Chisato decided that she would focus more on becoming a school idol. Chisato works part-time at a Takoyaki food truck, which can be seen parked at Aoyama's open-air food court.

Although Chisato describes herself as being a kind-spirited person, she has also admitted that others can find her "scary" when she is mad, a thought that rarely ever crosses her mind.

Her favorite sayings are "The Early Bird Gets the Worm" and "Fortune comes in at the merry gate."

Voice Actors
Misaki, Nako
Matsumoto, Maddie