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ClementIV Aug 26, 8:02 PM
Hey, no time no talk. Glad to see that you are here.
Kuma Aug 26, 12:31 AM
why there is no black clover jump anime special news on mal? i just know it when i look there is adaptation on black clover manga page, then check ANN...
Tyrel Aug 16, 2:56 PM
Yep. For PC when it comes out right away.
AlexTheRiot Aug 14, 12:38 AM
Hey! Don't mind me, just shamelessly plugging my story. It'd be awesome if you had the time and interest to check out the prologue sometime!
Tyrel Aug 13, 11:20 AM
Mahadev_Shiki Aug 13, 1:59 AM
Yup, last year I was very busy with work.
I am back to my "normal" life now.

And congrats on finishing 2250+ anime, I am trying to catch up to the latest season
Tyrel Aug 13, 1:27 AM
When will the Comiket announcements be?
Mahadev_Shiki Aug 12, 10:55 AM
Hi Stark,
How are you, its been a while
Tyrel Aug 8, 10:47 AM
Ty :P
KiraYoshikage Aug 8, 9:16 AM

the cosplay I take picture in otakuthon 2016. The cosplay of Berserk is so good.
HaXXspetten Aug 7, 12:59 AM
You can give me a virtual head pat instead

I think the first three episodes were totally fine. Yes they had a lot of changes and original scenes (like the whole underground battle with Krivoy Rog) but it still felt coherent and well-paced. Episode 4 is when suddenly everything was sped up far too much and it's stayed that way ever since (ironically it was exactly the same with Grisaia). I've also noticed that the characters generally talk really fast just in order to save time. That's another common sign that even the animators know that they don't have enough episodes to work with

And btw with how much anime/manga/novels you watch/read, I dunno if you can say you don't have time to read a VN as well lol
HaXXspetten Aug 6, 4:02 PM
Well at the very least I don't think it's being butchered quite as hard as Grisaia no Kajitsu was since they're not trying to adapt everything when they clearly don't have enough episodes to do so. But even so it still all feels pretty aimless, and I can't help but feel like if you're an anime-only watcher it'll all be very confusing to watch due to how lightning fast the pacing is and how many scenes are omitted. Rewrite also builds upon having blatantly contradictory character routes which create the overarching story as a whole. So when you're doing an anime original route instead, you can't avoid leaving a ton of loose ends open. I can't imagine this anime will ever feel properly conclusive as a standalone

But what really bugs me is the direction they've taken in the last three episodes. I was promised an anime original adaptation which was going to solely cover a new Kagari route instead of the original ones. I wasn't satisfied with it but I could live with it. But despite that they're still insisting on going into the backstories of all the other heroines one at a time in a super rushed manner of fashion just because they can. Yes, it's just the backstories and not their actual routes, but it still adds up to a lot of time which could have been spent on more properly developing the original route they're eventually going for instead. Like what's the point of teasing so much about the other girls when you're not ever going to follow up on it and properly show the full picture of what the truth behind them is?

Another thing I think was really disappointing is how incredibly casual the anime has been about revealing the supernatural. In the VN you don't even find out for sure that there even is anything supernatural until the end of the common route, which is about 20 hours into it. Yes, you know Kotarou can rewrite himself, yes you encounter ominous-looking black dogs in the forest and the city at night as well as numerous suspicious people, but that's about it. Then when the actual reveal comes, it hits you like a hammer with how dramatic the tone shift is. The early part of Rewrite is supposed to be school/comedy/mystery, and then in the actual routes it transforms into action/drama/supernatural. But in the anime, they've kind of just... jumbled everything together. Kotarou is like yeah I have a super power, Shizuru casually reveals hers without much explanation provided, etcetera. It all feels very mish-mashed without any clear direction. Like if they did everything in the wrong order. I don't know, making a good anime of Rewrite in 13 episodes is probably impossible no matter what you do; even an original route like this doesn't really work because the world itself is far too complex for you to be able to make a satisfying standalone arc within it without becoming entangled in the real story of Rewrite in some way, causing a ton of loose ends that will never be able to followed up upon. It only forces 8bit to include a bunch of scenes they seriously shouldn't, wasting even more of what little precious screen time they have at their disposal. It's no wonder the pacing is so all over the place

Sooo I don't know, I don't hate the show but I just can't help but feel that it's so pointless. If you've played the VN, the anime feels like such a massive downgrade, and if you haven't played it then you'll be missing out on so much that it'll barely be comprehensible due to how confusing it'll feel, how much content is cut out and how rushed it is. So what is the target demographic supposed to be? No one can say they're truly 100% happy with this anime. At least on that front it's certainly no different from Kajitsu

I think the obvious yet unfortunate truth here is that the whole point of this anime is nothing more than to be an advertisement for the new Rewrite+ release of the VN, which is a new version containing new CGs, more voice acting, slight scenario improvements, a revised Mappie system and above all the inclusion of the same new Kagari route that the anime is supposedly going to portray. Fair enough, that makes sense and all, but to me it only makes the anime even more useless because in that case... why would I ever want to watch the anime instead of just playing the new Kagari route in the new game release instead? I mean surely it has to be better in visual novel format as well, right? And considering that they've already confirmed a licencing of Rewrite+ for an English release as well, there should be nothing to worry about on that front. So in the end... I can't help but feel like this anime is pointless. But I guess it's not over yet so maybe it'll pull an unlikely comeback, what do I know. I'm not going to put my hopes too high on it at least; it's the only way to avoid getting massively disappointed when it comes to failed adaptations of top visual novels in my experience
Veronin Jul 30, 2:26 PM
I'm still a couple episodes behind, but...

Five episodes in and it's already gone through one of the routes? Seriously? I was expecting the anime to only cover the common route with 13 episodes, not the entire VN. I'm a bit afraid to watch if they seriously condensed a 6-8 hour route into one episode.
Xenocrisi Jul 28, 4:54 AM
Mmmhhh....the animation wasn't as good as I had expected to be. I mean, there were just some shots here and there, but they weren't really fluent. Hope I will be proven wrong.
Kind of disappointed, because the manga has really good art.

For the rest was OK, nice backgrounds, faithful character designs, etc...
Let's hope for the best adaptation

The OST reminded me of Thunderstruck! LOL