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Lupin III: Part 5
Lupin III: Part 5
6 hours ago
Completed 24/24 · Scored 7
Angolmois: Genkou Kassenki
Angolmois: Genkou Kassenki
6 hours ago
Watching 11/12 · Scored -
Black Clover
Black Clover
8 hours ago
Watching 50/? · Scored -
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Kishuku Gakkou no Juliet
Kishuku Gakkou no Juliet
32 minutes ago
On-Hold 43/? · Scored -
Otome Danshi ni Koisuru Otome
Otome Danshi ni Koisuru Otome
58 minutes ago
Reading 297/? · Scored -
Kusuriya no Hitorigoto
Kusuriya no Hitorigoto
2 hours ago
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RebelPanda Sep 16, 5:32 PM
Great work!
HereticHunter Sep 16, 11:22 AM
Can't wait to see Narancia's Dance finally animated... The One For All Dance (Deku's voice for the win lul)
HereticHunter Sep 16, 8:06 AM
Yeah, the amount of anime I watched this season was considerably low. I dropped like 5 xD

At least Banana Fish, Planet With and some comedy anime where there to carry this season. Are you Ready for Index III and Vento Aureo?
KANLen09 Sep 16, 7:55 AM
Thanks for the clarification though. Love your reviews, keep making them (assuming you do have time to gloss over everything of course)!

And of course, looking forward to future changes and improvements in the system.
KANLen09 Sep 16, 7:47 AM
It's understandable, and honestly with how MAL has come a long way in the reviewing system, I'm glad that there is order within the community and this makes it so much better e.g. gauge what our views are.

With that said, I'm still on the idea of prelim reviews since people don't have much time on their hands to try out content, especially with more content coming out that are either hits or misses. Just wanna regulate the community better in my own way. Thanks for the commendation though, can see how seniors like you guys and friends that I have here who are review specialists pave the way for people like us wanting to get into reviewing. The system isn't perfect, but you get what I mean.

P.S. I have posted my final review of Island, it's the unchanged final review that you read the while ago.
The problem was that I got into trouble posting reviews TOO EARLY, that's why I went through the negative backlash before and came back strong and composed to post reviews like say not more than an hour or 2 after the Jap RAWs.
HereticHunter Sep 16, 7:35 AM
Nice Island review, Looks like I didn't miss anything from only watching 2 episodes. Some of my friends were still talking about it so I got to know the sorry mess it was without even watching it xD
KANLen09 Sep 16, 7:24 AM
Yes, I wrote the prelim for Episode 4, then I deleted that one and posted the final review, which I'll be posting in a while's time.

I'm still waiting for MAL to "unsee" my final review, because it is still there.
CodeBlazeFate Sep 16, 7:19 AM
I’ve heard mixed things, though the directing looked cool from clips I saw.

The new one is actually pretty good, especially when compared to Progressive. I wasn’t a fan of the original but I can still speak positively about that show.
KANLen09 Sep 16, 7:09 AM
Oh, both reviews are not the same thing, if it happened quite fast then I'll shall take it down for now and then post a new one after that.
KANLen09 Sep 16, 7:08 AM
Yes I easily agree with you on that is like VN adaptations are forever going to be toxic to anime if adaptations were ever going to be done in the future.

IMO honestly, unless future VN adaptations are competent, like those that are made by KEY or at least Jun Maeda quality like Clannad, Air or Kanon that are done 10 or more so years prior, no VN adaptation is going to break the bank for good.

Frontwing is a decent VN maker and honestly, the only thing that's going for them is the Grisala series, and nothing more.
KANLen09 Sep 16, 6:48 AM
Hello there. Nice dive on the outlook of the Island review you just did recently. Island was a tough nut to crack, simply due to the inconsistencies it has. At first, I was contemplating with the time-travel midway through the series and people were misled about the gimmick that was whether which timeline of the characters existed and the like.

But overall, your review sums it up perfectly that such an anime is done without repercussions (and yes they did with the change due to some disputes:, even then how did the quality of the anime would have been affected, we won't know for sure, and that was all we got for the 1-cour show.
CodeBlazeFate Sep 16, 6:44 AM
Glad I dodged that bullet of a show. Wouldn’t want the FBI knocking on my door for watching that bad shit.

Planet With that Valkyria show, maybe Steins;Gate 0, Happy Sugar Life, maybe Hanebado, FLCL 3, and probably Revue Starlight.
RebelPanda Aug 30, 9:56 AM
Cool! I look forward to reading it. While I've enjoyed revisiting Steins;Gate's great cast, Zero has paled in comparison to the original for me personally. I've been dreading having to delve back into it because with every episode the timelines get more difficult to unpack with every twist. I'm writing my Isekai Maou review at the moment, it's... rough, but I prefer getting through the irredeemable ones first so it fits the bill.

Sadly I have to agree, there are only a few I'm genuinely enjoying compared to last year. At least we have Fall's stacked line-up to look forward to :)
RebelPanda Aug 29, 1:53 PM
Likwise :D many of the reviewers who I looked up to when I just started out are barely writing if at all nowadays, so I’m glad you’re still conistently producing quality content.
RebelPanda Aug 29, 11:34 AM
Hello, thank you for the friend request!