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StyleF1re 10 hours ago
Yup. I still think C&T has the highest ceiling of the shows airing now. Having to be patient with this year, it seems. I didn't like anything too much from the Winter season either except for Endro. Anyway, the setting is great with the futuristic urban backdrop. It's too bad that a lot of those music references and the urban buildings and lifestyle is all going well over my head. But yeah, I hope the show can really capitalize on all of this! As you mentioned, the two ladies play very well off each other and it's nice when they sit down, have a chat, and try to craft up new songs.

I'd say Touch you should, at the very least, look at. There's a reason why it's Veronin's favorite show and even among the top choices for my other good friends on here. I only rated it lower because I nitpick and don't really favor sports anime to start. I recall the anime having such an effect on Veronin that he was inspired to pick up and throw a baseball for a brief period of time. I do like the story of Touch for it's progression though and how the MC comes into his own as an ace pitcher.

Yeah, it's doing damn well as a full-cour, full-length offering! I wish I could say I've been playing some good games, but I only played Beat Saber a few times over this past month or two. Been a month since I last used my wheel and pedals! Anyway, had my friend try BS and he's pretty damn good! Maybe it's his background with DDR/Stepmania, Osu, and all sorts of other rhythm music games out there. Or is it the Japanese within him? haha Nah, but I've been just riding around lately and covering pretty much every major town/city on this island (this place is small) while trying to motivate myself to use the Pentax camera more. Kind of frustrated with acquiring my friend's Infiniti G35 coupe since he's been giving me trouble with it. Oh, and also being single and on the outside looking in as an introvert who overthinks and keeps too much to himself... haha
Skittles Today, 4:27 AM
W-waaaahh, really? I have a habit of checking Humble Bundle frequently and I didn't even realize that, goddamit xP I remember some of the other titles being on sale, but my friend highly insisted that I start with Zero first to fully enjoy the story.

So against my better judgment, I'm holding myself from buying Death end. The reception on Steam seems to be mixed, and some of the negative reviews aren't just rants on the technical aspects.

I've recently completed Labyrinth of Refrain, which I noticed is in your wishlist. It's a fun dungeon-crawler with the darkest story from all of NIS' games, but oh boy the grinding gets crazy insane by the second half. I'm no stranger to NIS-style grinding since I love the Disgaea games, but the fairly slow-paced battles in Refrain makes it really aggravating. By the time I defeated the final boss, I was already burnt out with the game, so I'm probably skipping postgame for now. If you haven't already, check out Mary Skelter on Steam. Easily the best dungeon-crawler I've ever played. The sequel will be released internationally soon, but only on Switch because the devs couldn't take Sony's censorship any longer lmfao.
StyleF1re Yesterday, 2:57 AM
It's not that bad. More like different! Thing is, the novelties of the Westernized aesthetic and 80s pop references and such are wearing off and I'm wanting to see more drama and seriousness in the narrative moving forward. The episodes seem too straightforward with the progression in the two landing gigs, and I feel everything hinges a bit too much on the comedy elements at times. Still, there are some rather brilliant moments like with this latest episode and the whole notion of standing up for yourself in the faces of uncertainty and adversity. Maybe there needs to be more character building for the main duo or something. Idk. I like the show in general, but my feelings are rather mixed. Not like that other anime airing this season though! Now THAT one has my conflicting thoughts all in a blender. Looks like a modernized Touch, but the humor there is just too childish for my liking at times. My expectations for Mix went straight out the window with the latest episode!

But yeah, the show I'm enjoying the most this season isn't either of the two aforementioned. It's freaking' Hitoribocchi! Such a genuinely cute and funny anime that an introvert like myself can relate to. Yes, it's juvenile and repetitive with gags at times, but it all works in their environment and in the makeup and ages of the characters!

So what's new with you, man?
Skittles May 16, 8:51 AM
Hell yeah, that sounds dope. Ubi sure learned their lesson from the first DLC lol.

That's interesting. I heard it's the opposite for most people, where the gameplay is fairly bland but the story is surprisingly good. Guess I'll find out in a few hours.

I thought Witcher 2 had the best politics, but the linear gameplay made it far less enjoyable than the third game. Felt like I was playing a hack-and-slash with some RPG elements mixed in. Kinda sad that some of the interesting characters like Iorveth didn't make an appearance in the sequel, though.

I've been meaning to get into Yakuza since forever, but I'm still waiting for a good sale for Yakuza 0. Were you playing it on the PS4? Saw you mostly playing Alan Wake on Steam. How'd you like that game btw? I remember thinking it was decent in high school. The best thing about the game, though, was that it introduced me to Poets of the Fall, one of my all-time favorite bands. Such an underrated band that deserves more fame.
Skittles May 16, 7:50 AM
Was busy af with some projects, RIP late reply. Let's catch up on a few things.

How was the DLC overall? Any new areas introduced? Fans were kinda steaming over Legacy of the Blade since it only gave repetitive missions in old areas.

I'm planning to get Death end re:Quest soon on Steam since it's being released in four hours. I'm aware of the mixed reception from reading this thread, but I really feel like digging into a Compile Hearts game now so yeah lol.

I've recently finished the entirety of Witcher 3 including the expansions. Hands down a 10/10 from me, which is a score I haven't give to a game for a looong time. Hearts of Stone was simply amazing, especially the main villain. Easily the best AAA RPG I've played this decade, alongside Dragon Age: Origins.

Have you seen the new Code Vein gameplay? I'm loving the vibe, but the animations look fairly stiff. Hope Bamco will polish it before release.
KingYoshi May 13, 1:36 PM
Indeed. Hopefully, we both can get a top 10 finish.
HereticHunter May 11, 8:32 PM
GOG story is quite good, mostly because they put on sale really old games that were not possible to play anymore by regular means (Newer Hardware and Os) Also, you can link some games from Steam, so you can transfer them and own them on GoG too (This is good because, for example, if you for some reason lose your steam account, you'll still be able to have the games on GoG).

Ys games are mostly short in length (Latest games aren't that short tho), and the older ones are focused more on action than an overarching plot, but they are still good nonetheless. I hope you enjoy them either way if you ever get the chance to play them :D
HereticHunter May 11, 7:00 PM
Ah yes, Ys IX is coming and so far it looks so damn great. I played them on this order:

Ys I & II Chronicles
Ys The Oath in Felghana
Ys Origin
Ys VI The Ark of Napishtim
Ys Seven
Ys Memories of Celceta
Ys Lacrimosa of Dana

You should be good enough after playing I, II and Origin, the other games while having lore connections from other games, handle a different plot of their own, so you don't really have to play the rest on a specific order to understand what's going on, Still, a friend of mine recommended me to play them on that order, my guess is that this way you won't have to switch between different gameplay, that, and you'll connect points easier like in Monogatari Series for example. Btw, Ys5 hasn't been remade, therefore is not playable yet.

I've heard good things of it yeah, but I don't think my PC will be able to run that, gotta get an upgrade, I don't think I can make more miracles than what I've already done lol.

> Edit: wait, you didn't pick up the game on Steam?

Well, I own a lot of games in GOG, I just like to link them to Steam so I can take screenshots easier. (tbh, having a lot of clients is kinda annoying, specially if certain clients have exclusive games, like Epic is doing right now. Thankfully you don't need GOG client running to play the games) Also, sometimes GOG is way cheaper than Steam, their games don't have DRM, and the store has the support of Cd Projekt (or something like that), so there's that.
HereticHunter May 11, 7:22 AM
I've heard the DLC isn't that good (If we are talking about American Nightmare), but Alan Wake was a solid game on its own.

No, I haven't played any Monster Hunter game. I'm currently playing Lacrimosa of Dana after marathoning the other Ys games I had pending (which are from the same devs of Cold Steel) it has been great so far. Talking about that, did you check the new CS3 NISA trailer? Personally I don't like that its still focused on a school but I've heard that the new Class VII is really good, so I hope that by the time they decide to port it to PC they don't fuck it up as hard as they did with Lacrimosa (Thankfully, the game is playable now, specially if my PC is able to run it XD)
Williem May 11, 3:00 AM
Recently I heard the news that the Ikusa x Koi manga will get an anime preview soon, what do you think you're one of Ikusa x Koi's fans?
HereticHunter May 10, 9:02 PM
Saw you are playing Alan Wake, that game is good stuff, Thoughts on it so far?
CodeBlazeFate May 8, 8:48 AM
I managed to see a dubbed screening of the new Code Geass movie, and it turned out better than I expected for the most part. Hopefully, more people will get to see it soon (whenever those blu-rays come out).
Akagi-kun May 6, 2:32 PM
> Also seems we read some similar series here
Looks like it. But I also have something to choose from your list, something I didn't noticed yet.
Akagi-kun May 6, 12:17 PM
Thanks for the friend request ^^
Skittles May 3, 3:54 AM
IF actually does pretty well with dark stories. The infamous "evil" route in the second Neptunia game was actually a fan favorite for its boldness. Death seems to follow that route, which is why it piqued my interest.

Sounds nice. I almost never skip side quests so I can expect long hours on it then. Gonna add the game to my wishlist then.