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StyleF1re 4 hours ago
You don't like Accelerator? He's scorching hot sauce in my book! One of these days I'll be able to "flex" like him. I mean, I've no idea what's going on with the magical war and these other factions involved, but like Strike the Blood and other similar series I just don't give much of a damn anymore. I just love to see cool characters doing cool things with no regards to human lives or with little concern for consequence.

I'm still waiting on that next Railgun installment too, since my favorite female character is in that one (and not the Index series). And yes, SAO has found new gearing with all the writing and building up of tension or suspense, though it still has its trademark SAO moments... haha
StyleF1re 4 hours ago
Not sure if something has gone terribly wrong or right this year, but I just picked up SAO II not too long ago (and caught up to the current one) and now Tokyo Ravens - both after dropping them four and five years ago respectively. For once I had to actually watch most of an episode I previously saw just to get somewhat back on track, since I was essentially blinded on the characters and story. So is this the magic of Index III or Release the Spyce at work? haha
_MushiRock11_ Nov 8, 3:15 PM
Oh right, I feel the same. It’s my pleasure to make your acquaintance!

Incidentally, I’m a big fan of Clannad: After Story and Steins;Gate, too.
Maybe we have a lot in common, regarding our anime tastes I mean.
_MushiRock11_ Nov 8, 2:37 PM
Hey Stark-san(I hope you don’t mind me calling you that), thanks a lot for the follow!
I really appreciate it, and hope we get along as fellow avid anime fans!

Fappa Nov 5, 7:54 AM

No no, not at all. The TV anime should have a very cliffhanger-ish ending based on the 5th Volume.
This is pretty much a given because the contents that the movie will adapt ( Volume 6 & 7 ) are absolutely crucial and pretty much a new level in the story.

So yeah, it will all stay canon and on course no worries.
LIQfilms Nov 5, 5:03 AM
Thank you :)
allenjke Oct 27, 9:15 AM
For some reason i think that NT definitely will happen, but that doesn't mean it will be good and i'm so worried about it especially after how Index 3 goes. I'm pretty dissapointed as for now, but again i think the British Royal arc might be the deciding factor for me.
allenjke Oct 27, 9:06 AM
The arc in Russia! The fight with Fiamma on the castle of Bethlehem was so good, i was so amazed while reading. And i also love British Royal arc.
What is yours?
papsoshea Oct 27, 4:43 AM
Sup dude yeah I got back into things here at the start of the month. Took a break initially but in ended up lasting a few years, got really busy with work and stuff. Trying to catch up on a lot of anime I have missed. While away I did watch anime here and there when I could, I use AnimeLab which is pretty nice for us that live in Australia. Trying to knuckle down on sequels to the series I enjoyed like Assassination Classroom or Akagami no Shirayuki-hime. Hope all is well man, good to see you going strong.
HereticHunter Oct 26, 11:51 AM
Boy you just delivered the greatest news. World Trigger returning this week? that's good to hear :o I was wondering when it would return, Guess I'll re-read the last 4 episodes to remember what was happening.

Yeah, it was really confusing switching from Avignon to Academic City without any buildup, but people on forum says that things are going to get explained anytime soon so I'll be patient.
Ryougi_Shiki_ Oct 23, 1:14 PM
Hey Stark,
No worries, yeah Toaru seems rushed.
Btw, how is the series doing. I am sure there he fansbase has grown over the last decade, is it still popular.

I am loving Circus, easily one of my favorites this season.
I hope the manga gets a complete translation
HereticHunter Oct 19, 11:06 AM
Yeah, I was honestly doubting if I should review it, I was hesitating on how to start it, however I managed to get through the "initial stage" of doing the introduction

I almost lost the review while misclicking things tho, Fortunately what I wrote was still there.

Yeah, felt the same, I mentioned on the review that I would have liked it more if it focused more on world building than confronting Enchu
HereticHunter Oct 19, 9:23 AM
Yo, I just finished writing the only Summer Season review I did lol. I felt like this show had more interesting things to show than what it did, but oh well...
AndoCommando Oct 18, 4:58 PM
Batista going off the script there definitely worked out for the best imo. I've heard him say he still does love wrestling and even went as far as to say if he only worked house shows he'd be happy to come back. I'm really hoping WWE capitalizes on this
StyleF1re Oct 18, 5:18 AM
The battle system is rather fluid and seemingly unique to the series. It's just that anything outside of the high-paced battles, town exploration, and cutscenes falls flat for me. Looking at Vesperia, and I feel like I'll be in for more of the same come next year in those regards. Like, traversing those mines and beach areas especially were tough to not get bored of. Wish a game like this could make better use of elevation change and scenic variety, kind of like what God of War, Horizon, NieR, and Ys8 have offered. Also, I hate the fact that you essentially had to play the game twice in order to get to the end-game content, since you needed to be high level to be of any relevance there and had no quick way of leveling on the first playthrough. And then it was also stupid to see the screenshot function disabled everywhere other than the Class Zones.

But for other good things and selling points with Berseria, fashion is quite fun albeit a bit pricey in that you can easily spend more on a few kits compared to just the base game itself. Gives more flavor and ease to the grind for sure! I also liked the system of collecting all the various materials and being able to enhance weapons with them, as well as vice versa in breaking down weapons into materials. I didn't even mention Eleanor and Eizen being some of my favorite characters from any game I've played!

Lot of stuff I forgot to mentioned in regards to both praise and criticism toward Berseria, but I hope I got the main points down. And thanks for the mention of the Bundle, but unfortunately being a console gamer I can't take advantage of any of those. I'm glad I don't have a backlog of any sort to deal with, unless life itself counts in which in that case I'm in a bit of a bind... haha