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Doukyonin wa Hiza, Tokidoki, Atama no Ue.
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Meiji Tokyo Renka
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Jimi na Kensei wa Soredemo Saikyou desu
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Hakuba no Ouji-sama
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StyleF1re 1 hour ago
Yeah, the price point is steep for something that is essentially a niche product with limit support and refinement. However, if you know someone that has a PSVR do try to get some time behind it because it's quite an experience to what may later become the new gaming norm.

Darn. I know you're providing me the truth, but I don't want the truth right now about DomeKano! haha Anyway, I'm just happy that there are so many romance-based shows to look through this season. Kaguya-sama was very gripping in its premiere, though I do want to see where the whole psychological war goes from here. And I did enjoy Endro. By bananas, I meant I was going crazy over how crafty and funny it turned out to be for a first impression. I'd say it's genuinely cute as well without feeling forced or overdone.

Very disciplined, you are! I usually don't have enough patience to wait on discounts and would rather play or do things asap. But yeah, we'll have to see what the PS5 can offer. I'll have to wait on the right racing games though to justify picking it up, since literally my whole reason for getting a PS4 and simulation setup was because of Assetto Corsa. My friends should all be playing KH3 as soon as it releases. I'll probably be a spectator there since I don't have the incentive from the prequels and such.

All right. Back to throwing my life away on Vesperia and other nonsense! haha
literaturenerd Yesterday, 3:47 PM
I'm about to write my 300th review. You're almost at 500! Anyways, just thought I'd stop by and see how my fellow oldfag, Elfen Lied fan was doing.
StyleF1re Jan 14, 10:38 AM
All right. You can listen to me kill myself over it in the meantime. Played a bit more before getting my power adapter back for my PSVR and also my old Playseat + Thrustmaster racing setup, which hopefully I can lend/sell to one of my friends. Driveclub VR doesn't even work with my Fanatec setup (buttons do not program correctly), while DiRT Rally doesn't read my clutch pedal's input. They both functioned properly though with my Thrustmaster hardware. Anyway, despite all that and the negative thoughts bombarding me to sell the damn PSVR, I put in Wipeout afterward and playing that in VR blew my freakin' mind! That easily has to be one of the must-haves for anyone with a PSVR, and I'm wondering if a racing game like that will make it into arcades as standard fare in the distant future. I say distant because while VR is potent and capable, it's got a ways to go to be truly viable and technically sound. I'll get to Firewall Zero shortly, but I'll bet that one's awesome because you can point (and shoot) your gun around corners or over the top of a crate, platform, railing, etc.

I just have a thing for this season, mainly because it feels extremely nostalgic to what I started my anime career out looking for, which were anything romance (comedies, harems, dramas, etc.). Maybe DomeKano will fall apart, but I can't lie in that I was seriously entertained by the first episode. Kaguya-san was very blindsiding as well, and I can relate it to it even more because I'm torn on whether I want to get involved with women or not myself. So irrational! I wasn't able to get to Endro yet, but have it downloaded. I'm telling you! I don't have a great ability to multitask with mediums, so if a game like Vesperia comes up it will usually come at the cost of time toward other interests. My one Japanese friend also mentioned to me about Neverland, so I suppose I'll give that a proper look as well and stop being a judgmental piece of trash... haha

No idea. So far it's just DiRT Rally 2.0 and the Crash Team Racing reboot. But maybe RE2 is one of those wild-card titles! And damn, I don't want to be thinking about a PS5 just yet, though I do understand it's time to move on. Should be a good move for the VR cause especially.

Endro has me going bananas. What a damn anime season so far!
StyleF1re Jan 13, 2:40 AM
All right. 12 hours in as of now. Just got out of Caer Bocram. Had to use my brain a little for the password. Even then, my skills with the actual combat continue to be trash just like with every other RPG game I've played. I simply don't know how to time anything, especially with defense. And comparing this to Berseria, I'll have to sort my thoughts more on that. For now though, this game is better at some things and Berseria at others. Berseria is winning pretty handily though if we're talking combat system/dynamics and character complexion.

And for anime, it looks like I'm trading in Girly Air Force and Boogiepop for those two romance-based shows that came out the other day. DomeKano and Kaguya-san have my outlook for this season bursting through the seams like lava from a volcano. This season could actually shape up to be something! Even the back-end shows (rating-wise) like DAL and SAO should make for some fine and genuine entertainment, though I can see SAO possibly getting a 6/10 when it's all said and done. Even at a 5/10, it's a miracle that I found my way back to this series despite its apparent shortcomings.
Congintive Jan 12, 9:48 AM
Well, im Hayasaka fan and I wish President x Hayasaka more than Pre and vice pre.
Congintive Jan 12, 8:46 AM
Oh, thanks for that I thought that it's going to be 2 cour.
StyleF1re Jan 10, 9:59 PM
I always get games on disc when possible, so I'll have to wait until sometime tomorrow to pick it up. Should be fun though throwing my life away for a few weeks! haha
changelog Jan 10, 11:54 AM
Yep, I was the person over Twitter lmao.

And yeh. I've read your response. I'm sorry if I hadn't replied. I'm pretty busy with exams and MAL has been the last thing on my mind. Persona looks pretty interesting in all honesty. I've been wanting to play it for a while, but to tell the truth I didn't want to spend anything on games as I'm saving up for a computer upgrade. I would honestly have played it by now if it has a PC port.

But anyways, I'll check out Kengan Ashura. It looks really interesting.
HereticHunter Jan 9, 6:01 AM
If you ever do, enjoy it :D
papsoshea Jan 8, 7:12 PM
That first episode for Mob S2 was really great, some funny stuff with the farm and student council scene + Mob learn something new about his powers. The whole thing with him and Emi was really heartwarming, I liked it and hope something happens with them. Also, Dororo looks pretty cool, it's very stylish with its actions sequences. I like how Dororo's VA is actually a child, reminds me of Naru from Barakamon, makes it better IMO.
KushHaze Jan 8, 12:18 PM
I know the feeling. I try to watch most youtube vids about wrestling news, PWG PPV's and the bigger/good card WWE and NJPW PPV. The only thing I follow as much as I can is Stardom and it almost never releases videos online. Yeah really curious about that and especially curious about Omega. NJPW he really want to keep Omega so maybe he will work for both. I don't really see him going to WWE as long as he doesn't get any creative freedom. While some things were not perfect and the last match should've been longer I have to say it was a really fun PPV to watch. Really a historic event for wrestling.
StyleF1re Jan 8, 10:56 AM
Honestly, animation quality and issues aside I rather enjoyed this preair! Yoshino wasn't riding couch all day and the twins didn't do anything repulsive in my book. New heroine is interesting and there was a "multiple choice" sighting early on already. Is there a chance I have the wrong read on the second season and my review belongs in a burning trash can? haha

But yeah, there was one particular sequence with Shidou making some sinister-looking grin. The line for his mouth went almost all the way through the side of his face, so let's just say that didn't look good on the animation side. This isn't hentai-level bad yet with quality, but it does remind me of all that nonsense I consumed these past years, and for a TV airing I can only hope for improvements in the future.
HereticHunter Jan 8, 8:42 AM
Yeah, you should play 1.5 + 2.5. And then "A fragmentary Passage" (Also known as KH 2.8) because you'll probably feel so lost if you go straight to KHIII.

changelog Jan 7, 10:25 PM
Yeh, I was lol.

Sorry, I'm busy as hell for a while so I'll leave you a proper response later.
papsoshea Jan 7, 1:13 PM
Nice, will check it out soon, I am pumped. I have been trying to catch up with some other series lately, so I haven't check Sheild Hero yet either.