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Rsurect Feb 22, 2022 2:00 PM
the price market for housing here is fucking insane, how is it where you live? regardless of that i wish you a lot of success with it and hope you can decide on something nice too, anything in particular you are looking for?

yeah, thankfully our preferred systems, ps and steam, have sales very frequently with usually at least something good thrown in there for a reasonable price. you already got god of war this year, better not ask for too much now lol. if anything p5r, like 4g, will come to steam 10 years after its original release
Rsurect Feb 21, 2022 2:49 AM
anything you want to share about that to get your mind off it or is it private? it's okay if it is, just wondering you need to vent or someone to listen

ys 8 was on sale last? week i think so i went ahead and bought it too, i don't think it goes on sale that often and it was on sale for a decent enough price now to make me want to get it. jrpgs are great and all but they're very heavy timesinks so coming off of persona 5 royal soon i should play something else first. glad you're enjoying it though, makes me hope it wasn't a misbuy lol
Rsurect Feb 14, 2022 3:01 AM
most new anime tend to not be all too great, i really don't like the oversaturation of colors everything has now, it's all so poppy and looks way too bright but did you manage to find anything to watch yet?

ys seems really cool, like trails it's another one of those big jrpg series of games i ultimately want to get into at some point, how are you liking the game so far?
Rsurect Feb 4, 2022 1:45 AM
what do you plan on watching, if anything?

i've been good, been buying some new games recently, i just made use of the EA play sale too where you can pay a month's subscription worth to get 3 months if you're a first time subscriber, grabbing it so i can play through mass effect, it takes two and star wars jedi fallen order, now the question is if can beat all of those in 3 months time :p
Rsurect Feb 2, 2022 1:36 AM
we seem to share some similar interests and a somewhat similar interest in both anime and manga too, that and i have been looking for some new people to talk to too so, what's up, how are you?
Vesemix Jan 28, 2022 1:40 PM
Multiple witnesses at once... Sounds like pure chaos, haha.
Was that so? I was the naive one and tried to really blow. I wonder how they changed that in the PC port.
I was wondering, how did they deal with the lore of the main character in Great Ace Attorney? He's supposed to be an ancestor of Phoenix Wright... who is an American, and the other one is Japanese.
The new Catherine is like the enhanced versions of Persona. You get like 1/3 more content, new main character (i suspect many were trigger by the new one, haha), and some aditional gameplay stuff.

You have almost 200 hours in the first Cold Steel game which is more than me playing the game TWICE and getting all of the achievements... You really like to take your time.
Speaking with everyone is something I don't tend to do, mainly because those texts... are mostly garbage and don't provide anything meaningful.
Surprise final dungeon you say... I know you pilot some mecha later on in the series. I assume it's something like that.
I'm not going to judge those CS characters for now, because of my approach to the whole game. I'll revisit this topic when I decide to make the mistake of repeating the whole game!
Apart from Crossbell, there's also going to be a release of Nayuta sometime... Next year probably.

Watching too many shows at the same time?! Noone saw that coming, haha.
But appluases for sticking to the end. I hope those series were at least decent.

That's the thing. It's good by itself but 10 times better when you hear it during your playthrough.
Sometimes, when the OST is decent, but nothing great, I tend to listen to some alternative music from YT, but not in this case.
Kiseki games have decent OST, there are some bangers, that's for sure. HOWEVER, I think that they get on a completely another level when it comes to YS games. Especially YS8 and YS9 have some great soundtracks.

Good! Can't wait to hear your first impressions. Sometimes I regret playing YS8 on the Switch because of the uneven and sometimes even garbage level framerate.
If I were to replay one of the YS games ever again, that would definitely be 8, on PC this time.
Too bad NIS America recently INCREASED the permament Steam price of YS8, but expecting anything decent from NIS is like winning in a lottery.

Restart Ryza on Steam? Why's that? From what I remember, you're not one of those that's into Loverslab levels of modding on PC, so what's the reason? (I assume you want to do it on PC)
That new Arceus game? Very small interest here atm.
Remember that 'this fall' it's only on consoles and only the first game. On PC it's going to be in winter and the second game in 2023.
So Lloyd is in CS2? Well... That makes me reconsider playing CS before Crossbell.

Sure, fine by me. I also moved to Discord/other socials with some people from here, so I'm more than okay with that. Just give me your ID on Steam or DM.
Vesemix Jan 22, 2022 12:23 PM
Oh yeah, I know something about that. I came back from Christmas/New Year break and everything was on fire.

What mechanic are we talking about? I remember playing AA2 (I think) on emulator long time ago, and there was this fingerprint mechanic, where you had to blow into the microphone... I had to do some shenanigans to make this work on my PC and it still worked like shit, haha.
I also hope P5 going to come to PC. I'm only worried about which version that could be. Remember when they ported classic Catherine to Steam, even though few months later they released the enhanced version on consoles... Atlus is so bad when it comes to doing pro-consumer stuff.
We have the Persona 4 brawler announcement, which is pretty surprising, so let's have hope.
Yeah, the game can be broken pretty easily. Did you finish it? Your time counter on Steam isn't really reliable, because you tend to play 10 times longer than the normal run times, haha.
Yeah, I actually finished (2 times, because I'm a masochist and got all achievements on Steam) Trails in the Sky FC and the characters were great. Our opinion, regarding the Cold Steel characters, is pretty similar, so I'm very confident you're going to love (or at the bare minimum like) the FC cast. I'm quite used to YS level of character deepness, so seeing that in Trails was a welcomed surprise. I'm actually quite shocked, what went wrong with Cold Steel in that department...

Yeah, I can see some familiar series on your watchlist, haha.
Why's that? Concentrating more on other stuff or you're just burned out for now?

We shall see. Just judging by the gameplay footage, it's at least a tier or two better than the first game.
There's going to be a lunar sale on Steam the next week, so it may be the time for me to buy it.
One thing about Blue Reflection though... This game has like one of the best OSTs I've heard recently. (very subjective, but it hyped me sooo hard)
Here's an example.
The regular battle theme:
Or one of the boss themes:

It depends on how much tolerance you have, IN CASE you want to play as many games as possible.
Starting from YS8 is a good choice. That's actually how I started my whole adventure with the YS series.
On the other hand... me and many other people think that YS8 is the best one among them all.
I can guarantee that after finishing YS8 you're going to yearn for more.

Oh yeah, what are you going to do after CS2? I know that playing the first 2 games can be done without any prior Kiseki experience, but starting from CS3, you have to play the other arcs.
I'm asking because I'm wondering what to do after Trails trilogy. I may finish it before the Crossbel arc official release, so I may jump back into CS in the meantime.
Vesemix Jan 13, 2022 4:38 PM
I think that you actually responded quite fast this time, so I'm surprised!
No worries, this isn't one of those drama stories. Being busy and a little under the weather. Just that.

Yeah, I saw on Steam how busy you've been! Still taking all of those jRPGs nice and slowly.
So how was your journey with Great Ace Attorney, compared to the regular ones?
I don't remember if I talked about my CS1 experience, but because of playing it right after Persona 5, I was a little bit disappointed by it. HOWEVER, when I finally play through all of those Trials in the Sky games (and maybe the Crossbell arc), I'll probably replay CS1.
Yeah, that cliffhanger at the end of CS1 was sooo bullshit. Right when the game started to become interesting, it just ended. Thanks Falcom!
Actually... Sky FC also ended in a cliffhanger of sorts, but it was more of a "we completed one story, another bigger one just waits around the corner" type of baiting.
How does CS2 compare to CS1?
Also (keep in mind my impression of CS1), what do you think about Rean and the other class members? I found them a bit tropey (some in a bad way), Rean was 'acceptable', but overall I wasn't attached to them yet. Sky main characters felt far superior and likable, compared to CS1 dudes.

It almost feels like your watching list frozen in time, when I was away, haha.
I never heard of Aquatope, but the first thing I thought after seeing the key visual was... Is this Grand Blue cast?! They looked a little similar.

The game I was talking about was Blue Reflection. It actually wasn't the best game, but it had its moments. Something definitely out of my comfort zone, but I don't regret playing it. It was made by Gust (Atelier series) so you know why I tried it out.
After watching the anime and finishing some of my games from the backlog, I'll most likely try Blue Reflection Second Light, which is apparantly far superior compared to the first game.

As for the YS recommendations. I'd actually suggest playing that in a chronological order, in which the events took place.
I used this site as a reference:
My personal recommendation is to go like this: Origin>1>2>4>3>5>8>6>7>9
Going it this way, you're sure to know about every reference the later games mention.
It's actually quite surprising, how YS9 tell about stuff that happened to Adol in every other game, literally. Even the infamous YS5.
Vesemix Jan 8, 2022 3:48 PM
Hey, it's been a while. Sorry for the sudden disappearance. Back in August (omg, it was that long?!) I was a bit overwhelmed with lots of different stuff and had to cut myself off from almost everything.
Don't worry, nothing bad happened, just a bit overwhelmed with company changes and some hectic private stuff, so I wasn't in the right 'state' to properly reply.
New year came and I think it's the right time to stop ghosting people, so... here I am!

I sent you a friend request on Steam, if you are still interested. Great timing for that FR, haha. Better late than never.
How's your progress in the gaming department? Last time we talked, you were taking some break from Great Ace Attorney, and you were thinking about trying Cold Steel. How did that go?
When it comes to Kiseki series, I actually am in the later chapters of Trails in the Sky, so I wasn't lazy. I also did my last year's milestone, which was finishing all of the YS games. Yeah, ALL mainline games... but that's a bigger topic for another time, I guess.

I see you haven't been lazy, and watched some new series in the meantime. Anything special, worth mentioning?
I almost didn't watch anything. ALMOST, because I started watching one game's anime sequel, that's a prequel that takes place before the 2nd game... But it's quite boring, so my motivation is very weak at the moment.

Ps: I hope it's my first and last sudden disappearance, so probably don't get used to it!
Vesemix Aug 1, 2021 8:51 AM
Interesting turn of events. Great Ace Attorney was released on Switch in a bundle on Switch, together with Ace Attorney trilogy. Capcom really wants me to buy the whole pack, haha.
I just wonder why there's still no word about Ace Attorney 4-6 on Switch. I mean... why not?

How's Cold Steel? I assume you're either near the end of it, or already finished it.
I don't know if you heard about it, but Falcom is going to release all of the missing games officially in the west, including the spin offs, so the Kiseki series will have... 10 games by the end of next year?! Quite an insame amount, ngl.

Well... that's still possible, but those Olympics were rough. Also, a very douchebag move, not taking part in the mix 3rd place match.
I wonder how's the US Open going to be, taking into account all of the recent events. Maybe Zverev is finally going to show that he's capable of winning a slam, because it's getting more and more silly, when he won most of the NON grand slam tournament in the calendar, and wasn't able to get the most important of them all.

Yeap, definitely. By each year, it's getting harder and harder to start the Marvel movies, because the first ones are so mediocre, compared to the more recent ones. Looking back at it, I don't think I would be able to watch some of them.

There was even a Smash Offline tournament with a Kazuya challenge, where the best players could win 50 dollars, if they beat lvl 9 CPU Kazuya. Some of them failed miserably, haha.

I was only talking about the structure, not the quality of the content, but I understand the pain.
You definitely should try FMA:B. If you were like me and liked the original one, you would be surprised at how much better the Brotherhood is.

I actually wasn't aware that Magi manga was finished few years ago. How is the anime, compared to the source material?
I was quite shocked and disappointed at first, when the plot focus changed so drastically in the 2nd season, but after finished it, it wasn't so bad at all. Quite on the contrary.
Vesemix Jul 8, 2021 7:15 AM
Well, they could always go the same route Falcom went with Zero no Kiseki. They contacted the fan translators and made a deal to release it with their translations as official. I think there's always a middle ground where you can please most of the people.

Patience in a game when the most 'gameplay' comes when there's a branching plot moment and you have to click one of the options, haha.

Steam Summer Sale coming for the rescue. I actually didn't buy anything this time... Except I was baited into buying Guilty Gear Strive, oops.
Do you plan to buy SMT5? It's releasing later this year.

In just a few days we can get Djokovic, Nadal and Federer having 20 slams on their accounts. Wow, that's something.
WTA and Roland Garros are like a guaranteed recipe for some random people winning it (the last few years proven that).
Good idea of choosing a neverending series for your routine. That was some big brain time from you there, haha.
I see. Good luck with quasi rehab then!

I guees the Avengers are the best ones. However, you can't fully appreciate them, if you haven't watched the movies before. Every phase always starts with some movies concentrating on one character and then you get an 'all star' movie at the end of it. That's why Endgame was a blast.

I saw some videos where the 9lvl CPU of Kazuya beats the crap out of people.
I guess it's been getting worse and worse with each year passing. I used to be hyped about E3, but nowadays it's just a normal event for me, mainly because there aren't any interesting things presented on it.

I see. Good to know. So it seems like a sort of FMA and FMA:B kind of situation then.

You've actually finished Black Lagoon, How was it? Are you going to watch S2 soon?
I like that Magi on your watching list! Do you like it?
Vesemix Jun 21, 2021 8:18 AM
Is this one of those cases, where you buy a standard edition for playing and the collector's for decoration?
At this point I don't think there's ever going to be a translation for the 2nd game. The company probably knows that most of the fans played the unofficial game and the potential profits may be not worth the deal.

Uhmm, I think most of the people like D2 more because of two things. One is the characters. Some of them are the most popular ones among all of the games, and the second one... is the ending of D3. Majority of players didn't like it. I can understand why, but I don't agree with all the hate. It was just different.

Literally that's the best comparison I could give it.
VNs like to build the tension gradually, but due to that, it requires a lot of patience to get to the best parts.

Yeah, it's not a turn based RPG, so there's no artificial time prolonging.
That's actually a good advice. P1 and P2 aren't the same type of games as P3-P5. Actually Shin Megami Tensei uses the same mechanics as Persona 1 and 2. Also both of those games are pretty obscure, without and QOL stuff, so yeah...

Yeap, we're already in the middle of the semis and the matches are pretty close, ngl.
Men's RG was a big surprise, that's for sure, but what the hell was that women's tournament?! Those semis felt like a roster of a 250 tournament, or something of the same rank.
I remember you telling me about your One Piece routine. :D
Oh, so it's more of a rehab?
I see. As you may have seen, I'm also pretty inactive. Busy with some RL stuff and watching MCU for a change of pace. So far it's pretty entertaining. Have you seen any Marvel movies?

So yeah, E3 ended and Elden Ring was showcased even before the real start, so I'm hyped as hell.
Also, that Kazuya in Smash was quite unexpected but I'm happy about that. I used to play a bit of Tekken, so good for Bandai.
That trailer was pretty dope... and that ending, haha.
So what's your reaction after the event?

Mediocre you say? So if I wanted to watch it, would you suggest going with the old one?

I see some Black Lagoon progress. How's it going?
Vesemix Jun 6, 2021 1:04 PM
That's funny. I know a few people who didn't watch it and also know it from the memes. I guess they became more popular than the show itself.
Wow, nice! I hope it's worth it.
The localization team was disbanded... Quite an odd move, to be honest.

Yeap. It's mostly the case for the first victims, so nothing one should be concerned about... Until you get to D3 and everything goes upside down very fast, haha.
I wonder if by the end of D3, you're going to be in the haters club or not.

As long as it doesn't lose the entertainment factor, then I don't mind the bishounen swarm.

Imagine watching Clannad S1 and instead of getting Clannad Afterstory, you get something like Code Geass with huge emphasis on the mechs.
It took me around 20 hours. Galge can be as short as 5 hours, to as long as 60+ hours. Depends on the game and the amount of content and characters.

Yeah, I kind of 100% it, so I guess a normal playthrough would range around 35-40 hours.
It's a very fun game to play. The combat is also something that doesn't require a lot of attention, so you can just concentrate on the pure fun.

YS is the type of franchise that has most of their games in a state that you can play without cursing every 5 seconds. The oldest titles got remasters around a decade ago and they look similarly like the Origin game, so definitely something decent.
Not the same could be said about Persona series... Going through Persona 1 and 2 (especially the first) was a masochistic chore that I don't want to even think about. I didn't even bother playing the alternative paths / sequels to them...

I see. Here at my house, hockey is currently the main hype. World champs ended (barely a minute ago actually) and the Stanley Cup is ongoing.
And I still haven't watched anything for a week... Sigh.
Elliptical routine? Wth?! For now I see some Bang Dream music 'series' added to your list, haha.

I'm an incurable Nintendo fan right now, so I'm overhyping everything. Don't mind me. ;)

How does the new Shaman King compare to the old one?
KaizukaZekrom Jun 5, 2021 4:32 PM
Yes, i'm a fan of vanguard! Although i'm not really watching the new series past G Z.

I used to play Vanguard but not anymore, although i sometimes play CFA or CF Zero
KaizukaZekrom Jun 3, 2021 10:31 AM
Nice vanguard forum profile
It’s time to ditch the text file.
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