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Vesemix Aug 1, 8:51 AM
Interesting turn of events. Great Ace Attorney was released on Switch in a bundle on Switch, together with Ace Attorney trilogy. Capcom really wants me to buy the whole pack, haha.
I just wonder why there's still no word about Ace Attorney 4-6 on Switch. I mean... why not?

How's Cold Steel? I assume you're either near the end of it, or already finished it.
I don't know if you heard about it, but Falcom is going to release all of the missing games officially in the west, including the spin offs, so the Kiseki series will have... 10 games by the end of next year?! Quite an insame amount, ngl.

Well... that's still possible, but those Olympics were rough. Also, a very douchebag move, not taking part in the mix 3rd place match.
I wonder how's the US Open going to be, taking into account all of the recent events. Maybe Zverev is finally going to show that he's capable of winning a slam, because it's getting more and more silly, when he won most of the NON grand slam tournament in the calendar, and wasn't able to get the most important of them all.

Yeap, definitely. By each year, it's getting harder and harder to start the Marvel movies, because the first ones are so mediocre, compared to the more recent ones. Looking back at it, I don't think I would be able to watch some of them.

There was even a Smash Offline tournament with a Kazuya challenge, where the best players could win 50 dollars, if they beat lvl 9 CPU Kazuya. Some of them failed miserably, haha.

I was only talking about the structure, not the quality of the content, but I understand the pain.
You definitely should try FMA:B. If you were like me and liked the original one, you would be surprised at how much better the Brotherhood is.

I actually wasn't aware that Magi manga was finished few years ago. How is the anime, compared to the source material?
I was quite shocked and disappointed at first, when the plot focus changed so drastically in the 2nd season, but after finished it, it wasn't so bad at all. Quite on the contrary.
Vesemix Jul 8, 7:15 AM
Well, they could always go the same route Falcom went with Zero no Kiseki. They contacted the fan translators and made a deal to release it with their translations as official. I think there's always a middle ground where you can please most of the people.

Patience in a game when the most 'gameplay' comes when there's a branching plot moment and you have to click one of the options, haha.

Steam Summer Sale coming for the rescue. I actually didn't buy anything this time... Except I was baited into buying Guilty Gear Strive, oops.
Do you plan to buy SMT5? It's releasing later this year.

In just a few days we can get Djokovic, Nadal and Federer having 20 slams on their accounts. Wow, that's something.
WTA and Roland Garros are like a guaranteed recipe for some random people winning it (the last few years proven that).
Good idea of choosing a neverending series for your routine. That was some big brain time from you there, haha.
I see. Good luck with quasi rehab then!

I guees the Avengers are the best ones. However, you can't fully appreciate them, if you haven't watched the movies before. Every phase always starts with some movies concentrating on one character and then you get an 'all star' movie at the end of it. That's why Endgame was a blast.

I saw some videos where the 9lvl CPU of Kazuya beats the crap out of people.
I guess it's been getting worse and worse with each year passing. I used to be hyped about E3, but nowadays it's just a normal event for me, mainly because there aren't any interesting things presented on it.

I see. Good to know. So it seems like a sort of FMA and FMA:B kind of situation then.

You've actually finished Black Lagoon, How was it? Are you going to watch S2 soon?
I like that Magi on your watching list! Do you like it?
Vesemix Jun 21, 8:18 AM
Is this one of those cases, where you buy a standard edition for playing and the collector's for decoration?
At this point I don't think there's ever going to be a translation for the 2nd game. The company probably knows that most of the fans played the unofficial game and the potential profits may be not worth the deal.

Uhmm, I think most of the people like D2 more because of two things. One is the characters. Some of them are the most popular ones among all of the games, and the second one... is the ending of D3. Majority of players didn't like it. I can understand why, but I don't agree with all the hate. It was just different.

Literally that's the best comparison I could give it.
VNs like to build the tension gradually, but due to that, it requires a lot of patience to get to the best parts.

Yeah, it's not a turn based RPG, so there's no artificial time prolonging.
That's actually a good advice. P1 and P2 aren't the same type of games as P3-P5. Actually Shin Megami Tensei uses the same mechanics as Persona 1 and 2. Also both of those games are pretty obscure, without and QOL stuff, so yeah...

Yeap, we're already in the middle of the semis and the matches are pretty close, ngl.
Men's RG was a big surprise, that's for sure, but what the hell was that women's tournament?! Those semis felt like a roster of a 250 tournament, or something of the same rank.
I remember you telling me about your One Piece routine. :D
Oh, so it's more of a rehab?
I see. As you may have seen, I'm also pretty inactive. Busy with some RL stuff and watching MCU for a change of pace. So far it's pretty entertaining. Have you seen any Marvel movies?

So yeah, E3 ended and Elden Ring was showcased even before the real start, so I'm hyped as hell.
Also, that Kazuya in Smash was quite unexpected but I'm happy about that. I used to play a bit of Tekken, so good for Bandai.
That trailer was pretty dope... and that ending, haha.
So what's your reaction after the event?

Mediocre you say? So if I wanted to watch it, would you suggest going with the old one?

I see some Black Lagoon progress. How's it going?
Vesemix Jun 6, 1:04 PM
That's funny. I know a few people who didn't watch it and also know it from the memes. I guess they became more popular than the show itself.
Wow, nice! I hope it's worth it.
The localization team was disbanded... Quite an odd move, to be honest.

Yeap. It's mostly the case for the first victims, so nothing one should be concerned about... Until you get to D3 and everything goes upside down very fast, haha.
I wonder if by the end of D3, you're going to be in the haters club or not.

As long as it doesn't lose the entertainment factor, then I don't mind the bishounen swarm.

Imagine watching Clannad S1 and instead of getting Clannad Afterstory, you get something like Code Geass with huge emphasis on the mechs.
It took me around 20 hours. Galge can be as short as 5 hours, to as long as 60+ hours. Depends on the game and the amount of content and characters.

Yeah, I kind of 100% it, so I guess a normal playthrough would range around 35-40 hours.
It's a very fun game to play. The combat is also something that doesn't require a lot of attention, so you can just concentrate on the pure fun.

YS is the type of franchise that has most of their games in a state that you can play without cursing every 5 seconds. The oldest titles got remasters around a decade ago and they look similarly like the Origin game, so definitely something decent.
Not the same could be said about Persona series... Going through Persona 1 and 2 (especially the first) was a masochistic chore that I don't want to even think about. I didn't even bother playing the alternative paths / sequels to them...

I see. Here at my house, hockey is currently the main hype. World champs ended (barely a minute ago actually) and the Stanley Cup is ongoing.
And I still haven't watched anything for a week... Sigh.
Elliptical routine? Wth?! For now I see some Bang Dream music 'series' added to your list, haha.

I'm an incurable Nintendo fan right now, so I'm overhyping everything. Don't mind me. ;)

How does the new Shaman King compare to the old one?
KaizukaZekrom Jun 5, 4:32 PM
Yes, i'm a fan of vanguard! Although i'm not really watching the new series past G Z.

I used to play Vanguard but not anymore, although i sometimes play CFA or CF Zero
KaizukaZekrom Jun 3, 10:31 AM
Nice vanguard forum profile
Vesemix May 29, 6:08 AM
JoJo is a very 'unique' experience, that evolves after each part. The biggest difference is between part 2 and 3, where the iconic stands are showcased.
I see. Having one or two favorites can't hurt your wallet that much, so I guess that's fine.
I don't understand one thing. The first Edgeworth game was officially translated and released in the west (I can buy it on my phone). However, the second wasn't... (officially at least) I wonder what was the deal with that.

Those interactions have quite a few spoilers in them. Why? Because if you talk with someone who is about to die early, there will be less interactions with them. Like in D1, that idol girl and the lion guy. When I played it for the first time, I was quite puzzled and wondered "Why don't they have any more scenes?". After the first trial it was quite clear.

Moriarty is one of those series that appeal to both sides, when it comes to plot. But when you think about the art style and the way, how the characters behave and interact, this is definitely an otome approach, with all this handsome guys and their 'chemistry'.
I'm always for some mutual fanservice, but it's a little sad when you have one cool woman character and gender bender her after only a few episodes.

Everything depends on how much you like the usual shounen series tropes. I'll say that Dr Stone is a good series, but one of those that tries too hard to go with a single gimmick throughout the whole season.
I think you're not going to dislike it. If you're able to survive One Piece, then this should be enjoyable.

You only have to 'battle through' the first game, which is your generic galge type of game. The second one concentrates on the 'real deal'. I finished the first game about a week ago and it was... quite good for a galge. However, I played a bit of the 2nd game and had to take a break, because it was so draining to get here. I have no idea how the 2nd game connects with the 3rd one, but they look like they are quite similar in terms of themes and general tone.
The unfortunate part about the first game is that you actually should play and finish it, to 'enjoy' the next part, because you have constant flashbacks and references to the original.

I marathoned through YS8 yesterday and finally finished it after 55~ hours.
Very nice game, not going to lie. When you don't play it on a Sony console (I played Celceta on Vita and went for the platinum...) then you don't have to worry about trophies and stuff, so it didn't feel like a grind at all. The story was quite engaging and the exploration aspect of the game was quite refreshing. If I were to give Celceta (remake of YS 4) an 8/10, then this one is a 9. Whenever I go for longer sessions in any game, then it definitely means, that I enjoy it more than normally.

Also, I bought a physical copy of Ys Origin yesterday. I have this habit of mine, when I tend to explore the franchise more, whenever some title picked my interest. Most of the old Ys games got some sort of remasters or remakes, so I'm thinking about trying to complete more of the games from this franchise. Only YS5 isn't officially translated into English, but there's actually an English fan patch, so who knows. Maybe I'll finish all of the games some day, haha.

After all this recent gaming marathons, I'm so slow when it comes to reading / watching anything. Barely read any manga for the past week.
I'm not sure if resuming Urusei Yatsura was a good idea, when I watched 50~ episodes out of 200, haha.

I read so many rumours about the Switch Pro recently and I wonder if something's really going to be shown during the E3 period. For the time being, I'm like 70% determined to buy it, based on the leak details. How are you feeling about it?
Vesemix May 21, 11:54 AM
Okay then. I guess I'll wait for some Switch edition discount on eShop then.
I see. Copyright laws in Japan are quite different than those in the west. Reminds me of Jojo and the names of the stands.
I will never understand why people are always so crazy about all the collector's editions, but damn, those things sell out fast.
I'm aware that Edgeworth games have a different type of gameplay, so it's a matter of preference I guess. Great Ace Attorney is also labeled as spin-off? I'm wondering if there's any reason to go with the chronological order of release, because Great 1 was released first, then Ace 6 and Great 2 as the last one. I assume... there isn't.

Speaking of that webtoon app. Does it work like Netflix, in the sense that the creators are financed by the platform and do the comics, or it's the other way around?

Black Lagoon! Nice! I loved that show. One of those pure action series with great characters and breathtaking action scenes. I hope you'll enjoy the show.

Going for all achievements? I once thought about going for platinum in Danganronpa 2, but I realised that's it's more of a chore, rather than an entertaining challenge.
From what I remember, you can play the first 2 Cold Steel games without knowing any of the older titles. The third one is connected with the other 2 series, and the last game can't be fully enjoyed without playing the other ones.

Is that so? I guess I'll have to check out what's going on with the latest chapters. ;)

Really wild, yeap. Just like that scene with shooting the coin in order to get the perfect angle, lol. Talk about reality.
I wish they made her a female bond. The gender proportions were already one sided, but they had to butcher them even more, haha.

I was finally able to finish Dr Stone. One of those shows that had a promising and quite unique idea for a plot, but had problems with uneven pacing and too much emphasis on showing the actual 'science' behind all of the things MC and the others were doing/creating. I enjoyed it, but the more I watched, I just wanted it to end faster, haha. I don't think I'm going to watch the 2nd season anytime soon.

I've been also playing... Muv-Luv. I don't know why, but I'm trying to find out why it's labeled as the best VN by many. So far I'm playing the first game which is considered 'meh' among all of them, because it's basically a galge. It was fun for the first couple of hours but now it's a bit of a chore, when you have to finish all of the stories before the next game.

I also made some progress with YS8. 20+ hours in and about 50% of the map discovered, so I guess I'm in the 2nd half of the game. I've been enjoying it quite much. A far better experience than Memories of Celceta.
Vesemix May 13, 12:11 PM
At least you have only one person that writes you a wall of text. I made a conversational seppuku and have many more walls in my comments section, haha.

Wait a minute. So which version is the ultimate/most recommended one to play? And on which platform?
But the japanese version had Sherlock Holmes!
I see. On what platform do you plan to play the Great Ace Attorney.
One more thing. If you were to recommend me the order play, which Ace Attorneys should I play now? I only finished the first 2, so I assume playing the 3rd one would be the most logical thing. But what next?

Yeah, first dose. The second one in June. Apart from some art pain, it was okay. Which one did you have? I had Pfizer. I don't know if you have the same ones there, but here it's Pfizer, Moderna, Astra Zeneca and J&J.
I don't care much at this. Just give me an announcement!

It's worse when someone sends you something that you don't watch and then the algorithm thinks "Yo man, you saw a 10 second clip of a guy falling down the stairs?! Now we're going to give you lots of fail compilations!".

I'm just wondering. Webtoons are a korean invention, but are there some that are made in different countries? Or then it becomes just manga?

Planetarian anime? Sure! It's fairly short but quite impactful, so you could give it a try. The 'sequel' isn't obligatory (hoshi no hito) and it only vaguely references to the main title.
I haven't watched the new OVA that released this year, but I guess it's also some fluff stuff. Only the main series is the VNs adaptation.

So... What are you playing right now then?
Yeap, I progressed a little bit in YS8. I completed something around 25% of the whole map, so still a lot to explore!
The Legend of Heroes... My god, this franchise. I have Trails in the Sky, but I only played like 2-3 hours of it, so that doesn't count. I finished and got the platinum trophy in Cold Steel 1. If it wasn't for my stupidity of doing the platinum run and playing it right after finishing Persona 5, then I think my opinion would be better than I initially had about it. Are you interested in it? The timeline of the series makes some entries hard to grasp without finishing other games first. So let me know if you want to know more, because I 'researched' this.

I think that for now the only underdeveloped part about Spy x Family is the assassin wife. I thought there's going to be something of a clash between her and the spy, but after the first few eps, she's pretty much just a Kenshiro type of character that beats everything and everyone.

That was kind of a chain reaction because right after changing the pic, I always changed my bio, so there we go. Something new that'll hopefully last for a few months.
Yeap, that's (spoiler). You meet her when (spoiler) fights (spoiler) and then (spoiler) try to (spoiler) but (spoiler) so they (spoiler) and that's how (spoiler). I hope that explains everything!

I'm finally up to date with Moriarty! I like that the overarching plot is getting more and more interesting, but at the same time I think there are too many over the top action scenes, like the whole sequence with Jack the Ripper.
Also that James Bonde appearing out of nowhere was also something unexpected. I kind of miss that we won't see Irene anymore.
Vesemix May 6, 7:55 AM
Haha, I'm na expert when it comes to writing a wall of text, so you're welcome.

Yeah, I finished the first two games and now I'm in the neverending loop of saying "I'm going to play the third game soon". I actually bought it on my iphone many years ago, but... now I have an android phone and the game ins't available here. I also don't want to buy the 3 games pack, so... maybe DS emulator.
Japanifornia... My god.
Actually, that's quite an odd decision to change the name of one of the characters to Herlock Sholmes... Wtf.

That sounds like a nightmare for an european. We get 20 days of PTO each year, and 26 when you've worked for at least 10 years (but it also includes university, so i had like 8 years of working experience from the start, lol).
Remind me, because I forgot it. Have you played Great Ace Attorney in the past?

In the near future we're going to have some autonomous cars, so maybe then you'll change your mind, haha.

That's neat! I actually got my shot yesterday, so I also feel more secure right now.
Speaking of Smash related things. There's this whole fight between Apple and Epic, so some documents are made public. Apparently there's going to be Samus in Fortnite, so it kind of fueled the whole theory about Fortnite character in Smash.

Not really into Vtubers. I used to look at some videos on YT, but it didn't last longer than a week. Most of them feel too artificial for me (they all are, but some of them don't have annoying voices and sound like normal people lol) so I try to avoid them as much as I can.
About 2 weeks ago I opened one of the vids and now I have soooo many Vtubers in my recommended feed (even some that seem quite interesting tbh).

Well... Aren't all of the Korean webtoons colored? Manhua and manga are mostly black/white, so they are still the lazy ones.
John. xD
Does unOrdinary have something like a 'super hero academy' type of thing, or is it just some battle royal school environment?

"What do you think of Vivy?"
"Well... it's definitely O.O"
Reminds me a bit of Planetarian, but I assume the darker tone comes from something different than what I think.

For me it's the other way. I've been playing games and 'playing' VNs recently, so my watching/reading is now lacking.
If you start Ryza 2, then you'll have more reasons to go back to the first game, haha.
I got 'some' progress in YS 8 recently. I don't remember much from Memories of Celceta, but 8 feels so much better. I also like the whole idea of plot progression connected strictly to finding castaways on the island you're trapped on.
Spy x Family, nice! The last time I read it, I believe 40 chapters were released, so I have to catch up with it. Anya is the best. O_O

I see. When you wrote that reply, I looked at the pic and I was like... "wtf is going on here?!". :D
Vesemix May 1, 12:59 PM
Sorry for the late reply. I was taking part in a game jam so I was pretty busy in the last few days.

Another reason to catch up with all those other Attorney games.
So they actually made Phoenix's ancestor a real Japanese person... I think. That's quite a plot twist.

I see. So how many days of paid vacations do you have in a year?
Haha, that was more than obvious. But if you're going to speedrun it, you won't need so many free days to finish it. ;)
Well, so far there is no need for any planning so I'm just doing my thing and not thinking about unnecessary stuff. Nothing good came out of that.

Having a car with automatic transmission makes it... even easier, I guess. When I get into the car, I just turn it on and go, without thinking about anything else. Well, maybe I'll check out if the lights are working, haha.

This week Monolith announced that they're looking for 40 more people... Hmmm... Sounds promising!

I just hope to get an announcement in Q2. The more characters in the game, the less I want to wait for new ones longer, haha.
Have you played any other fighting games?

Most of the times you get some competent players, but sometimes there are some dorks who go straight at the monster and die from some obvious, powerful attack... Sigh.
Going for a more variety content can be go in a longer span of time. You need to attract some new audiences and fill the gaps that opened after the core audience got bored.
I mean, how long can you keep on making content with just one game. It's going to get repetitive sooner or later.
Speaking of Youtube, have you ever watched any Vtubers or something similar?

That seems very random, but at the same time I actually also had some similar reasons to abandon something.
What's the difference between that unOrdinary and Hero Academia?

A creepy wholesome series... Okay. I checked the score, so I assume it's still going the right way.
That vivy has some interesting tags. Looks interesting. Anything in particular you like about it?

Oh yeah, I also reduced my gaming sessions due to some sporting events, so I know the 'pain', haha. I finished Monster Hunter, but some new free dlc came out. I'm not in the mood for more atm, so I'll probably switch to something... Maybe YS8 or Ryza 2, we shall see. I have 10 days of holidays right now so a lot of time to start something.
The last week was also rubbish for me, when it comes to watching/reading stuff. I barely finished Ghost Stories (very good comedy!) and finished The Climber (also a good sports drama manga). Now I'm wondering what to do next. I'll probably try to catch up with Moriarty.
There's also a visual novel i've been playing, but it's getting worse and worse (Subarashiki Hibi), so I'm quite reluctant to get back to it. But knowing me, I'm going to be stubborn and finish it.

I see some new avatar. Quite a different tone from the last one. Who's that?
Vesemix Apr 21, 11:15 AM
Oh yeah, I forgot about one thing...

Vesemix Apr 21, 6:57 AM
Actually, due to all the 'working from home' stuff, I actually was ordered to use my last years free days, because I wasn't planning to use them. So I have 37 days still left, haha.
It's not bad. As long as we're not being controlled by anyone else, then it's going pretty smoothly. Our producer's child is sick so she has to take some days off, so even more creative planning happens. :D

Yeah, it's very compact, but very flexible and stylish. I love the overall design (one of the main reasons I decided to get it). I'm actually a bit lazy, because when i was doing my driving license, I hated the fact that it was a manual transmision. Also the driving school Toyota Yaris worked so horrible, that it felt like a nightmare. Now I only have to worry about gears when I start the engine and change the parking mode.

I read today about Monolith Soft having 272 employees right now. That's almost 2 times more than the number during the release of XC2.
I'm looking forward to some news about their future projects. I assume (hope) that they're working on XC3, maybe XCX from Switch and BotW 2.
Maybe some announcements later this year?

I see. Well... I hope it's not the case this time and we get something better than a simple costume.
But actually, why would they give a costume? I mean, there's one already added to the character pack 2, so giving another one would be a bit silly.
Also, who is even excited about Mii costumes in general?! Yeah, Sans was something, but still... Even though I love Smash, I'm not using Miis and I don't have any costume sold separately.
Any bets when the next character is going to be announced?

A single, high rank hunt goes usually around 10-20 minutes. Depends on how annoying is the monster, how foten he changes sites and if the team is good or not.So I'd say 15 minutes on average.
I used to watch Alpharad when he was playing Smash, but I got bored with that after a while. How funny, that now he's doing a completely different content.
Now i have around 70 hours but I've run out of content. The last 20 hours were armor farming and finishing some missing quests, so nothing much to do for now.

Is there any particular reason why you stopped Hero Academia? Did it get worse?

And I'm still lagging behind. I finally finished The Climber manga after reading it for like 3 weeks. I'll try to finish Ghost Stories this week and maybe catch up with Moriarty.
Higehiro has some interesting synopsis, but I'll probably won't go for it right now.
So is Sentouin like Konosuba? I don't like to rely on MAL horrible ratings but I think the score is getting lower and lower after each episode.

I think you said that you're going to play Danganronpa soon. Any progress in that?
I started playing Subarashiki Hibi and that VN is... quite convoluted. Or I just don't like works that involve lots of philosophical jargon. Maybe that's only me, but I have problems with motivation, when I listen to characters that talk in riddles, talk about some very 'high level' topics like economy, nihilism and other stuff related to human existance.
I'd rather have some complex murder mystery, rather than talking about everything and nothing.
It's been only like 5 hours into the game, so it's just the beginning, but... It's hard to find any motivation right now. :P
Vesemix Apr 16, 11:43 AM
Ouch. Does that happen often at your work?
I on the other had some hectic time at work, mainly due to planning mayhem. I'm working in a 2 man team that deals with adding content for one of our games and for the past 3 weeks we're working without any pipeline, just yoloing. ;D

Oh yeah, no one should complain about gifts. :D
I have a 2011 Mini Cooper with automatic transmission. Bought it around 3 years ago, few months after starting my current work. Now I don't use it much because home office... But it looks nice in the garage!

That was actually my initial approach. I wasn't looking at any guide until I realised that the fights are taking longer than I would like them to be. Usually you have this gamer moment when you feel that something isn't going as smoothly as it should. I think I started looking at guides when I got Melia into my team.

It's more like: Main mission > academy free time > events in academy > side missions > main mission.

Piranha Plant was imo the best troll reveal ever. :D
I don't think a Mii costume counts as a separate entity. None of the leaks mentioned them. There was Travis Touchdown but people thought he's going to be a character. We know how that ended.
I wonder if they will do some reveal/announcement when Switch Pro will be showcased.

Hmm, that reminds me that I haven't watched the 2nd episode yet and it was already released. My resolve doesn't look good already after the first episode, haha.

Yeah, you can only die 2 times. After the 3rd death you lose the whole mission. It doesn't happen quite often, but there were instances when some dork died like 3 times in 5 minutes and we lost the hunt instantly.
Who's your favorite youtuber? -.^
Well, I have around 50 hours already, beat all of the bosses, now I'm farming for gear, haha. Very addicting game, not going to lie. Even randos are quite competent so I can't blame them much for any failures.

I see. My last season was also S3, so sooner or later I'm going to catch up with the rest. However... All Might is no more so I'm a little sad...

No wonder you think so, because there aren't as many sequels as in the last season. So, any favorites so far?
How's the Konosuba's author series?

Okay, that first opening was a little too far from me. The ending only felt like something that was taken out of a completely different series.
I don't mind any of them as a standalone songs, but I just feel that something's not right whenever I finish the episode.
Vesemix Apr 8, 4:03 PM
That's what happens when you spend too much time on Reddit. ;)
What car do you have?

I'm the lazy type and after a while I check out what's the recommended team and see their pros and cons. However, in case of Xeno 1, I was only interested in knowing if Sharla was worth keeping because I was veeeery lacking when it came to pure damage. She had some good synergies but nothing apart from that...
Not really, because you swap them with a button press and use them to perform some sick combos. It may sound intimidating, but it's not. ;)

My only redeeming value when it comes to specs is RTX 2070 Super, everything else is pretty meh.

Before the main battle you have a decision to make whether you want to progress or go for some generic mission and get some exp and loot. Basically, there are like 3 maps that repeat pretty frequently, but sometimes have some different enemies. At some point there are even some rare/hard mobs that you shouldn't fight but... You know. If there's a walking army in your team, then it's a great opportunity to use that 10% of power to finish the monster, haha.

Have you heard of the new rumour, datamine? Apparently there's some data indicating that the there may be a hidden 7th character in the pass. I wonder...

I like Splatoon 2. It can get tedious very fast, but if you play it rarely, then it's a lot of fun.

Yeah, I was so ready for some 'grand clash' preparations and THIS sudden ownage happened. xD

Sigh... It was worth a try.

Trolling doesn't benefit anyone, because the rewards from the hunt are given after finishing the quest.
I played a bit today and there was a run where a flying boss killed one guy 4 times, so the hunt was a failure (your team can only faint a limited amount of times). There's no way of being a douche and getting something out of it. The only way someone can make others life miserable is by getting himself killed and forfeiting the mission which is counterproductive.

I must say, the whole aspect of grinding and killing/capturing is very enjoyable in Monster Hunter. Compared to the previous part they deleted quite a few field activities connected to tracking monster and... that's actually good. In Monster Hunter World it was a chore to go on a boring survey mission and scan some traces in order to identify a monster. In Rise you just go to the monster and your diary is updated after getting close to him.

Nice, I'm glad you liked it. The OP/ED song build the mood quite well, so that you're already immersed the moment the episode starts.
Are you going to watch something new, now that you've finished Monster?

So, how are the new shows?

Also, I was wondering one thing. Am I the only one who thinks that even though the OP/ED of Moriarty (be it S1 and S2) are cool and nice to hear but... they COMPLETELY don't suit the series? :D