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InuYasha (TV)
InuYasha (TV)
2 hours ago
Watching 36/167 · Scored 6
Koukaku Kidoutai: Stand Alone Complex
Koukaku Kidoutai: Stand Alone Complex
Yesterday, 11:12 AM
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Houkago Teibou Nisshi
Houkago Teibou Nisshi
Yesterday, 9:03 AM
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Mairimashita, Senpai
Mairimashita, Senpai
Aug 3, 4:05 AM
Reading 5/? · Scored -
Half & Half
Half & Half
Jul 30, 11:51 AM
Completed 14/14 · Scored 8
Jumyou wo Kaitotte Moratta. Ichinen ni Tsuki, Ichimanen de.
Jumyou wo Kaitotte Moratta. Ichinen ni Tsuki, Ichimanen de.
Jul 30, 1:05 AM
Plan to Read · Scored -


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Niansuh Yesterday, 12:39 PM
Thanks a lot!! Appreciate it :)
Liddo-kun Aug 3, 4:23 AM
Kanon 2006

it's too early for me to have a fav character. Ayu became my fav character because of the EFZ game, not the anime, so it does not count.

hmm, so far everyone is ok. I don't dislike anyone in this show. :)



so far we've played two versions of the game.

not sure what version it is, but first one we got our hands on years ago has Kanna as the final boss, but you fight UNKNOWN before you get to Kanna.

the one I'm playing right now is the Memorial version. Here it's random who the final boss is. Usually it's Kanna, but sometimes it's UNKNOWN there.

oh, and the game has 4 levels of difficulty. They are easy, normal, hard, expert. At easy and normal the ai is dumb - it wastes supers and does not block much. At hard and expert, the ai becomes like an intelligent human opponent.. it blocks so much, and pretty much it would do a super move only when you are gonna be hit by it. uguu @_@


I heard you have a test of some sort to take?

goodluck on that.
Liddo-kun Aug 1, 3:32 AM

Tasofro was literally making money, selling EFZ cd's.

And up to this day, it's a mystery to me how they managed to avoid getting sued by the license holders. xD


to answer you on versions of the game. :)

Eternal Fighter ZERO

Eternal Fighter ZERO –Blue Sky Edition– (EFZ:BSE)

Eternal Fighter ZERO –Bad Moon Edition– (EFZ:BME)

Eternal Fighter ZERO –Memorial– (EFZ:M)

Liddo-kun Aug 1, 2:55 AM

nice, so you also watch this anime. ^^

saw you post at the Kanon 2006 episode 7 thread.

I'm only on episode 7, but watching it almost daily, so will finish soon.

hmm, do you have a favorite character? :)



hmm, hard to explain, but I do play against people here in my area. Although just casually.
know a few basic combos that do 4-5 hits.. and also a bit more complicated combo that can do around 7-13 hits. When playing against beginners, I only use the 5 hitters, as the longer one could intimidate people.

In case you are interested to see how Ayu is played competitively. ^^

Here is a video from a large tournament done in Nagoya, Japan. Many players so it's split into 3 groups, this video is from group C.

it's a team battle 3 vs. 3 The team that runs out of players lose.

I saw many videos from this tourney, and had a good laugh at some of the team names.. there's one team named "our character is too strong". another team named "can beat all of you even alone", and there's even one named "Ayu eradication committee" -- some people hate her?! >< lol
Honda-Tohru-kun Jul 30, 7:06 AM
I know I'm kinda late, but your welcome!
In your profile you mention that you might appear for caies in may june 20, if you did then best of luck to you for your result(and best of luck to me tooxD). Hopefully we'll both get good grades
Liddo-kun Jul 29, 7:49 AM
and just a little bit more.

most professional players tend to stick to just one character.

for example, this guy Keizin who reached top 8 in Eternal Memory tournament in 2007..

saw him upload a casual video on 2015, and he still plays the same character. ^^

I follow this method as well. It's easier to know a character this way, Ayu is the only one I use.

know a bit already, but not yet really confident to join a tournament. ><

Liddo-kun Jul 29, 7:31 AM
Eternal Fighter Zero is a game created by Tasofro, a group famous for Touhou shooting games. Well, it's not an official game by Key as you can see. However, it exploded in popularity when Netplay feature was introduced, allowing people to play competitively against other players.

the game has went through many iterations as well. The final version 4.02 has Ayu Tsukimiya fully voiced - she was mostly silent in the first release.

note, the voices in the game are not fan-made. They are sourced from the visual novel games.. which eventually got Tasofro in trouble, since those voice are licensed! Adding voices was halted, and game development stopped. However, the game was already hugely popular at this point, so it didn't really matter. People kept on playing. And the license holders even allow tasofro to keep the voice in EFZ -- so we have famous seiyuu like Horie Yui (Ayu) in this fighting game. xD

voiced characters, from Kanon

Ayu - Yui Horie
Mai - Yukari Tamura
Makoto - Iizuka Mayumi
Shiori - Sato Akemi
Nayuki (asleep version) - Kouda Mariko
Sayuri - by the late Kawakami Tomoko, Sayuri says her "ahaha" when slamming people to the wall. ^^

partially voiced characters, from ONE


characters from AIR have no voice. But they are among the most unique characters in the game. Misuzu has seven supers, some of them summons Yukito or Potato (the dog), Kano fights like a mage from Ragnarok Online, and Minagi has Michiru following her across the screen - hitting the opponent every now and then - so it feels like you have two characters.

all background music from this game are remixes of bgm taken from their anime. For example, "Tree of Beginnings" which is Ayu Tsukimiya's theme in Arcade mode is based on "Hidamari no Machi" from Kanon.


And lastly, about the name of the recent tournament. Quarantined Rapport.. they're doing it for charity, they're asking donations to help corona victims. :3
Liddo-kun Jul 29, 6:26 AM
ah, sorry about that. What I mean is reply to your comment a week ago. Said "pm" by mistake, because I was in a hurry, the person I borrowed a phone from needs to use it.



have managed to secure a phone for internet. Replaced it's battery + had it's broken antenna fixed + acquired a sim card that is compatible to the phone. 50-80kbps isn't much, but better than nothing. :)
Liddo-kun Jul 28, 1:47 AM
will reply to your pm once my connection problem is solved.

Liddo-kun Jul 28, 1:45 AM

good evening friend. My dsl provider is having problems. I called for a repair team, but so far none has come yet. Only borrowed a cellphone to be able to connect right now.

will be trying to fix this problem on the next days. Either by going to the office of the provider. Or acquiring a cellphone to access the net. In that regard, I might not be able to reply right away if you would reply to this message.

keep safe. :)
RobertBobert Jul 25, 10:38 PM
Well, it all depends on the mood and motivation, I guess. Sometimes I can spend a whole day on a couple of episodes, while my working friend sometimes watches 2-3 TV shows in one day.
RobertBobert Jul 25, 9:41 AM
Well, for all the time when I was at school and university, I was able to complete only about 200 titles. When I started having problems at work, I gradually got to 1000 titles in 4 years. Draw conclusions :D.
RobertBobert Jul 25, 7:28 AM
It is truth too. Plus, I physically don't have time to watch every interesting show in every season, so every year only adds to the amount of potential goodness.
RobertBobert Jul 25, 6:47 AM
The only downsides are, the more anime you complete, the fewer there are left and the harder it is to remember them all.
RobertBobert Jul 25, 4:33 AM
Yeah, the chance of getting overdose with rabbits has never been this real.

Tense at best. After all, anime is not limited to ongoings.