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Shiro Seijo to Kuro Bokushi
Shiro Seijo to Kuro Bokushi
5 hours ago
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Suki na Ko ga Megane wo Wasureta
Suki na Ko ga Megane wo Wasureta
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Sono Bisque Doll wa Koi wo Suru
Sono Bisque Doll wa Koi wo Suru
Sep 23, 2:30 PM
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Sep 23, 12:32 PM
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Aug 16, 9:11 PM
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--Anonymous-- Sep 24, 9:47 PM
I'm in my last year of high school, so I do have less class and school finish earlier. I do have to juggle schoolwork and basketball practice.

I did check out next season anime and there are so many sequels.
Ashhk Sep 20, 12:11 AM
Yes, and I like how their activities are completely different than what people do here, I don't think karaoke even exists outside events.

Indeed it makes sense since it's often obvious when you're already used to the word, don't know if it can be applied to names as well but just from animanga I know that there are many mistakes when it comes to reading them, I don't even know if Japanese surnames are limited like China's ones where it's a list of surnames that can't extend

I almost always did that until now, I was catching up with almost all of the shows that got a sequel announced unless it was way too long, even the ones I wasn't really interested into, now I changed only because I'm tired of seasonals.

I'll definitely try to see that if I manage to visit it next year, but going for different environments is always good for the experience, even when you attempt universities in Europe and that you're confident you'll get used to the language with years. So it's better to go to Montreal for that if they have some good universities but you're not forced to speak French since people know english much better than us there xD

Too bad they don't do the same in Europe or America even though people consume so much as well, it's especially the case for older anime that are often not licensed at all even when they're very famous. Yeah 2 cours ones are annoying for that xD But this is also why I like catching up with 5 to 10 bonus titles I didn't follow and only watch when they're finished, I used to watch 1 cour when the anime is half way and then the 2nd cour when it's finished but waiting 3 months to continue an ongoing anime you already started is probably not the best thing to do.

You'll stay in HK from now or planning to go somewhere else at some point?
--Anonymous-- Sep 3, 9:45 PM
School just started for me and I already have a ton of homework.

Zom100 and season 2 of Jujutsu Kaisen.
KiidCathedrale Aug 31, 3:17 AM
Hello !


I really like your taste in anime :)
Ashhk Aug 21, 12:56 AM
Eh yes, good luck with that, as far as they don't ask for too much at this point, but I still don't understand how kids of that age are supposed to be already grinding that much, no wonder why so many of them are tired from the beginning.

Well if I had to remember all the kanji to use at that time I would 100% make mistakes every time xD But except for the easiest kanji I'm still wondering if people really have their brains so used that they instantly know which one is it or they actually take time to focus on the kanji to see how it is when it comes to difficult ones, this is why I'm wondering if Japanese people actually read manga fast or not

Yeah when you start watching anime you don't even know what's a filler or not I guess xD Eh it's not motivating me to watch Inuyasha if that's the case, there is also Yuu Yuu Hakusho I wanted to watch and this one looks better

Did you visit some chill districts? When I think about them obviously it makes me want to go to Akihabara and stuff but there are probably a lot of underrated sections with more nature in them xD But it doesn't surprise me, I didn't think about Germany but it makes sense, I don't know how France would be for that, but we're probably not really attractive when it comes to science studies.

I know it worked with Netflix when they started doing collaborations to actually produce anime, and I was surprised at the catalog when I checked it by using a Japanese VPN and how anime filled it was compared to here. And even 30 is already too much I would say, even though I used to do the same, but I don't think anyone can watch 60 shows per season unless they dedicate most of their time to it, which would be concerning lol, I think 14-15 is a good amount of shows for me, it means 2 episodes per day which is less than an hour
Ashhk Aug 17, 2:35 AM
Yeah I believe they wouldn't push it that far for non-japanese people, but it's especially when it comes to middle school/high school and all, the simple fact that they have to take exams to apply to a high school is already shocking to me, I don't know about the other countries but here it sounds surreal, you just choose the school you want and that's all, except when it's specific or private ones but it's a different matter.

Not surprising, I mean even here we hate it, this is why people make so many spelling mistakes, like some kids often make several mistakes per word until they enter high school xD

Well, it depends on how used you are to fillers, I watched Bleach whole 1st season, so every episodes and half of them are fillers, so at this point I'm reading for anything lol, at least Inuyasha isn't that long I think.

I believe there are huge differences in prices depending on which district you are in like most big cities, I'm surprised that this kind of job is more limited in HK though, I would imagine the contrary, then I believe the best for this field is the USA?

That's just like they always did back then, but it doesn't seem to change xD Though I have no idea how the legal streaming distributions do in Japan, since in other parts of the world it's obviously ones like Crunchyroll that carry it. But yeah, seasonals are much easier to watch, though I just felt overwhelmed with the number of seasonals I used to pick and now I just want to chill and watch something when I want, I don't like having days where I need to watch episodes of something because otherwise there will be an accumulation
Liddo-kun Aug 12, 11:48 PM
yeah, it has been awhile. Doing just fine, and I hope you're having fun with some new anime as well.

I'm currently following Atelier Ryza and Genjitsu Yohane. :>
ItzMushy Aug 8, 12:06 PM
ItzMushy Aug 7, 8:46 PM
Oh hey man, you know exactly why I friended you, and you even guessed it from my username, I also hope we can get along well too
Ashhk Aug 4, 3:23 AM
Oh okay, I see, these kinds of exchanges are common in most courses I believe, as far as it's in an English-speaking country that's fine, I know a lot of people here that had to do international stages but then decide to do it in a more exotic way and end up struggling, so many people end up working in South Korea because they thought it would be so cool but it's different when you face how strict they are when it comes to working, especially anything school-related.

This is how you understand how easy English is for the letters combinations, I mean even here it's kind of a mess compared to English with the accents and silent letters, since silent letters are only here to keep the Latin roots and distinguish the homonyms, just like "their, they're, there" in english but you add random letters you don't pronounce in the middle of it, and by random I mean really random sometimes it's a "d" a "z" a "t" or whatever

I don't really understand how you can complain about fillers in Pokemon, I mean most of it have been fillers since the very beginning you can't even call them fillers in this case it's part of the show, Pokemon has always been a bit of a plot from time to time and the majority of it are comedy episodes or just small stories to introduce the different pokemon

Ahahah these things are mainly why I would like to visit Tokyo, but as you said you need to be financially ready xD But I assume working in Tokyo also has its difficulties, even though I'm not sure if it's really different than Hong Kong

I just don't understand why shows air so late in Japan, like wtf, it is often after midnight or most people in Japan only watch them after they air (?). Watashi no Shiawase no Kekkon sounds good, that's something I'll watch when it will be finished I guess, I don't really pick seasonals during summer except sequels since I'm often just busy to be up to date with them xD
Kingsman117 Jul 20, 6:08 PM
Thank you for the awesome birthday wish, sorry I'm so late to respond!
Ashhk Jul 15, 6:29 AM
No problem ahah, what's an Ambassadorship program exactly?

I believe this is the kind of script system where you need to keep practicing and using it otherwise it's very easy to forget, but I'm not surprised after comparing them I can clearly see the differences. I see that the Bengali alphabet is around 50 letters, Thai as well, it's already much harder when the amount of letters is twice the one we have here

Beyblade Metal Fusion was still pretty fun when I rewatched the beginning even though it's obviously stupid by nature because who thinks it's credible to use spinning tops like that xD Right now I'm rewatching Pokemon since the beginning and it's as fun as before, old Ash was so much better...

Yes, I don't really know how used they are to earthquakes in Japan but since you learn how to deal with it since the beginning of school and how most buildings are equipped it must just be natural. So you are enjoying your time in Tokyo? xD

Definitely, as far as you don't let yourself go full burnout or get gloomy because of that
Kougeru Jul 9, 10:59 AM
hope you're doing well!!
--Anonymous-- Jun 8, 8:51 PM
I was busy with finals, but now I'm on Summer vacay.
I would say I'm liking Mashle the most. It is like a mixture of Harry Potter and One Punch Man.
Ashhk Jun 2, 3:59 AM
Yes they obviously can't get rid of the tradition and as far as people manage to handle that system it's fine I believe but it feels like latin is revolutionary for that xD Bengali is hard too? I have no idea how the alphabet work or the writing system as a whole, that's the same when it comes to languages that look similar for the writing script like Thai

Well yes and I believe that the reason most people keep going with One Piece anime is because they grow with it, the same way people are still keeping up with Boruto even though they rarely like the episodes, but for some reason I never watched One Piece as a kid neither Naruto, I was only watching Dragon Ball.

It's hard to know with how much the weather feels random nowadays, and here it suddenly became much hotter, almost 30° which is quite a lot here for this month. Are there some earthquake issues in HK like it is in Japan etc?

That's the main reason why people often like doing "stupid" things after coming back from work, I mean for shows for example the most bottom ones that end up being popular are often due to that xD
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