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Kimetsu no Yaiba: Hashira Geiko-hen
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Tensei shitara Slime Datta Ken Movie: Guren no Kizuna-hen
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RobertBobert Yesterday, 5:10 AM
Lol, I haven't been there for over 5 years after its first stopped being active and then some dude just started flooding sub with pointless yuri fan art instead of meaningful posts.
RobertBobert Yesterday, 5:00 AM
Well, while I can understand some of the technical reasons behind Yamada's decisions, the way she first noticeably downgraded his role by simply handing over many of his scenes to Reina and then used it for the yuri bait of promoting the franchise leaves me very salty in the end. Hell, the guy didn't even get a couple of seconds of appearance in the Season 3 opening. As a result, the character was not only hated by millions of shippers, but she also gave a lot of people a very misguided idea of ​​the original work.
RobertBobert Yesterday, 4:41 AM
Do you mean situations where people are so obsessively looking for romance that when there is none, they begin to sexualize relationships between people of the same sex or even relatives? By the way, as another friend told me, people supposedly continue to argue about this even after the second film and the beginning of the third season, although it would seem that no one should have any illusions.
RobertBobert Yesterday, 4:28 AM
I was particularly drawn to her line when describing her work on the second volume, when she said that the theme of their relationship was "misunderstanding due to the inability to know what the other person is thinking, which is often a problem between lovers or friends." That is, if I understand it correctly, their relationship was more likely to demonstrate such things as a whole than in any particular situation.

Interestingly, despite her saying that she liked the anime version of her work, in the spin-off she already added a quasi-breaking of the fourth wall, where the characters say that they do not have love interests and that they do not have time for this. However, people still continued to look for hints in this, as in the song YOASOBI, based on her story about Pokemon.
RobertBobert Yesterday, 4:23 AM
Well, the problem is that people often confuse Yamada the author with Yamada the person, constantly seizing on any opportunity to use this as a convenient interpretation for her work. I mean, she can say a hundred times that this is not romance and only once hint at her personal shipping and people will only take the second one because it fulfills their desire. A couple of years ago, Moriarty was so notorious for this that the author of the manga even had to separately officially state that despite the BL bait, she never intended the story to be a homosexual love story. The same thing with Symhogear or LWA, when the staff says something about personal impressions or intentions and people run with it.

After Koe no Katachi, she seemed to say that she had already mastered this and judging by Heike, she is already quite good at writing male characters. Although at some points I can tell that her writing of male characters has the same consequences as writing of female characters, lmao.
RobertBobert Yesterday, 4:15 AM
You remind me of Natsume's author, who often talks about how she openly denies any romantic intentions in the show, as she believes that shipping and speculation about it distracts from the main ideas in the show, since people are more busy creating pairings and focusing on ( potential) romantic feelings of the characters than on the story itself. As Takeda once said, people devalue platonic connections between characters, valuing only romantic ones. Which, as far as I understand, she doesn’t like, although in the interview she implied that Mizore and Nozomi’s relationship is somehow blurred in the LN.
RobertBobert Yesterday, 4:10 AM
So, if I understand you correctly, you are suggesting that Yamada POSSIBLY can ship them, but at the same time keeps repeating that this was not the intention and the film is about complex teenage feelings, and not about romance as such? Well, at one time I, like many people, thought that that character in Tamako was a lesbian and many points in the show seemed more than obvious about it. But Yamada also goes on to claim that this was not the intention and that it is also more about difficult teenage experiences.

But what is characteristic is that beyond this quote about “marriage”, she did not talk about it anywhere else and continued to defend the “difficult experience” position. Maybe because she decided that these words were too misleading?
RobertBobert Yesterday, 3:35 AM
From what I heard, Takeda initially tried to avoid any kind of female - female romance, or even male - female exept several pairings, focusing more on special platonic connections between people, denying that only romance could be important and meaningful. But many were confused by Yamada's wish to "be married forever" to them. But someone told me that this is something like a metaphorical wish for best friends in Japan.
RobertBobert Yesterday, 2:35 AM
"When you were in GLASGOW in 2017, you said that A Silent Voice involved romantic love, but the love story was not the most important element. Would you say that Liz and the Blue Bird is more of a love story, and would you be happy to describe it as a gay love story where at least one of the girls, Mizore, is gay?

Yamada: On Liz and the Blue Bird, as well as Tamako Love Story, a lot of people read into that as a gay love story, as you have mentioned. But that wasn't so much the intention. Just to explain a bit more, it wasn't so much the representation of one sexual orientation, but it was a representation of adolescence, what the characters tend to go through at that time. During those years of our lives, everything seems intensified, whether it be friendships, or the reliance on a certain person, or the dependency…. Because of the limitations of the worlds that the characters live in as well. I just wanted to describe how complex living your teenage years could be, and what they tend to go through.

So it wasn't a simple depiction of, “Yes, they're gay and this is their love story,” because I can't comment on what kind of person they would fall in love with in the future, or who they will become. It's a portrayal of what they were at the time. The answer is, it is quite complicated."

Here's the quote I was talking about. Am I correct in understanding that she refuses to see Liz and blue bird as a "gay love story" because it's a story about a more complex teenage experience that can't be read as simply "it's a story about two lesbians"? I think she implies several times that it's up to the viewer to draw their own conclusions about the story, but the quote is so confusing that I'm afraid I'll be wrong.

RobertBobert May 17, 3:09 PM
By the way, you love Hibike, right? Can I ask you to clarify a quote from Naoko Yamada for me so that I can understand how correctly I understand it?
RobertBobert May 12, 10:26 AM
Well, it's no surprise that he is considered one of the best LN authors of his time. Or even now. I hope that Tappei Nagatsuki can be compared to him, he also likes to remember things after 10-15 volumes that were originally simple bases before.
RobertBobert May 12, 6:30 AM
Is Kamachi so meticulous about the connections between the different titles in his franchise? This is impressive and good to hear.
RobertBobert May 12, 5:04 AM
I won't ruin anything if I try this after the third season/movie of Index and maybe the Accelerator series?
RobertBobert May 12, 4:32 AM
So I should just always keep Railgun in mind as part of Raildex history, ignoring people who are just interested in it because of bishoujo?
RobertBobert May 12, 4:25 AM
I like Touma and protagonists like him in general, as well as Index and Misaka. Otherwise I simply would not be interested in this story. But in the past I sometimes felt uncomfortable because Railgun's audience was like typical moe girls' fanboys and I felt out of place.
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