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TheDoggoneGirl Jan 18, 11:14 PM
I'm watching quite a lot this season. Too many to mention. Hahaha.
TheDoggoneGirl Jan 18, 4:36 PM
I dropped Ramen Daisuki Koizumi-san, though. I thought it will repetitive every episode and it ain't worth my time. Huhu.
Annyx Jan 17, 9:22 AM
Oh, Thats good!
Annyx Jan 16, 12:32 PM
Nothing! Hi, how are you?
LunyRed Jan 15, 10:16 PM
I remember you mentioned it to me sometime in the past. ;) Atm, I'm having a vague recollection of imoutos that I liked who were not a tsundere and not abusive to their onii-chan. I do like the kind and supportive ones. It's still bizarre as to how the siblings were born because I strongly believe that Gennosuke and Oboro weren't the type of lovers who would have an intercourse that early as I remember Oboro has always been sheltered in the Iga Clan. Uhh, what was I thinking anyways? xD Well, whatever! Looks like the second episode has been managing to reveal more details and how the first series has a concrete connection with the second. I also just found out recently that Basilisk: Ouka Ninpochou is going to be 2-cour, just like its prequel. I guess, with the slow pacing it's been having, the series will probably have enough room to explain everything and improve?

Maybe the "romantic" dynamics for Saori Hayami will go with Yuka Iguchi? :D I wanted this anime to be a 2-cour though. Would be really great and more episodes to "explore" Antarctica as well as reminiscence of their trip to Antarctica after arriving back home to Japan. Speaking of 2-cour.... Two of the anime that Inori-chan works on from this season are both going to be 2-cour. They're Toji no Miko and Basilisk. I just hope that this won't lower her chances of getting new roles for Spring 2018. I remember she already has one for next season, and she'll be an imouto for Yuuichi Nakamura there! :D I just would love it if she earns more main roles for next season.
LunyRed Jan 12, 5:48 AM
What do you think of the new Basilsk anime so far? For me, the first episode didn't give a strong lasting impression like how the first episode of the first Basilisk series did. I can see that the resemblance of the art style and character design is there, but the animation has been a bit sloppy somewhere in the first half. Also, the 2 main characters have made a very brief appearance so there's not much I could say about them yet, but I'm still happy to hear Rem's voice in it. <3 I hope it picks up the pace somewhere in the upcoming episodes so that it becomes interesting already. Curious to see how many episodes it'll have.

As for Inori-chan's roles, her role as Mari Tamaki in Sora Yori mo Tooi Basho is currently my favorite this season. :D She perfectly depicts the average ambitious female teenager. Her character, Mari, is very enthusiastic, very easygoing, and very eager! The three E's?? Now, if that was Rem who was enthusiastically eager to go on a trip to Antarctica with her friends, then that alone puts a wide smile on my face and makes me feel cozy inside. xD It's like Rem is freely having the time of her youth! x) Like I said before, I've always wanted Inori-chan to earn a role of a main character in a "cute girls doing cute things" anime, and somehow, my wish has been granted, haha! I consider this anime a blessing, in all honesty! :D
Wasshio Jan 11, 10:15 PM
Yeah I meant that she loves the manager as a person, rather than a sexual object. Because if it was the case then that would imply that she's terrible as a person for only being interested in someone for that alone. Personality are really the biggest key point when it comes to affection. I may not have actual relationships with anyone, but from a lot of stuff I've seen back then personality is the actual point. And that's actually what matters in the end.

Well the series does give a sort of feeling that is from another place, MahoYome is the type of show that feels rather real but not really. It's an different world with creatures etc, but yet somehow it feels something nostalgic for some reason. I'm not even European but I just feel nostalgia from it.

I'll say this at least, in the first season of Noragami it focuses on the main cast but they do focus on giving proper character and as well as varying comedy and action, which is a thing I love in the series. Not only that the second season, mainly like the two arcs or so that were adapted, establishes more on the past. Which I REALLY loved honestly. If you ask me.

Oh trust me that you'll probably like her. Actually, no. I think you'll like Yato if you like very funny and sarcastic, quirky characters.
Wasshio Jan 11, 8:56 PM
Yep, and the way the show manages these stuff they do it in an adequate manner etc. I think people misinterpret her character, if you ask me. She isn't the type to like the manager for sexual matter, its more of something she figures out in the long-run, since thats part of the aspect of the series. Even without telling you directly, you can kind of see it based how the manager acts towards others and her included. Which makes things clear.

No wonder when it comes to Magus Bride I got some European or Spain-like feel combined with the tone. Hmm, interesting.

I really liked Noragami, but yeah. I would say this series is a bit like Soul Eater but yep, the series is told from the perspective of the female protagonist. I think she is not the best character but the dynamic between her, Yato etc are pretty neat to watch.
Wasshio Jan 11, 8:24 PM
Yeah the type that are more socially awkward but has a more kuudere type in combination too. Well, Tachibana isn't the type that you see in normal romance shows and quite honestly, in the manga she grows more as an character. If the series does well you'll probably see what I mean xP

I would say that the chemistry between her and the manager is more of an understanding yet genuine look to it, as the series does touch the taboo subject matter (the age gap) but treats it with easy and not overdoing it, making it look at least mature in a way? Because not gonna lie the way this was handled in the manga was really neat. The series is rather atmospheric and relaxing especially given their growth at the same time so. So I'm excited for the adaption.

Funny enough, and this is just me though: But I think they gave much care to Koi wa Ameagari than Mahoutsukai no Yome. And I don't think the series is bad (I love it) but Koi wa took much more care in its style and has its touch to it. MahoYome has its style to it but content wise. This has both for me, content and its own... touch in terms of directing style xP compared to the two. If we compare to others then yeah not amazing but still good.
Wasshio Jan 11, 12:48 PM
I loved Tachibana from the beginning when I've read the manga Lol, but yeah you guessed it right :3
Zaykun Jan 10, 5:23 PM
Yes, really impressive! :)
You follow some anime of this season?
TheDoggoneGirl Jan 8, 7:11 AM
So far, I like Yuru Camp the most. Hehe. And Citrus because homo romance. Hihihi.
Mineha-chan Jan 7, 5:04 AM
Hello! You're welcome + Thank you for accepting my friend request :-)
TheDoggoneGirl Jan 3, 4:36 AM
Gaaah. I hope you'll enjoy Noragami. Enjoy! Enjoy! Enjoy! :D
Womiej Jan 2, 1:53 PM
Hey! Thanks for accepting! Happy New Year aswell o/