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0arche Yesterday, 3:51 PM
Hope I didn’t go too far with my joke in the “good partner” thread. Would never actually wish such a fate upon you!
0arche Yesterday, 1:31 PM
I'm back! Things haven't been going my way lately, been working like a dog instead of basking in the meadows:
How have you been?

He looks a bit like Joyce, is it a real news headline, or a parodic one?
Just a funny meme(?) found on reddit. Google says the guy is T. S. Eliot, "considered to be one of the 20th century's greatest poets, as well as a central figure in English-language Modernist poetry." Impressive, right? Never heard of him before.

Although Spring is not very far behind this season, I think that I prefer Autumn over it since it feels like a liberation from the Summer curse (while Winter is a very enjoyable season for me).
Couldn't agree more on summer, it's beautiful but absolutely unlivable. Unless one has AC (which I don't). Winter is lovely and has all of my favorite holidays (New year's, Christmas, Old New Year's) but also my least favorite month, February [the limbo month].

However, I remember that Onegin's Stendhalian character is the one that had left the biggest impression on me.
Can't stand Onegin, Dostoevsky was so right about him. And yet, I also can't help but love him for whatever reason. Have the exact same feelings for Chatsky (Woe from Wit by Griboyedov), he's a textbook mudak [asshole] but he's constantly on my mind! Life wouldn't be as fun without those iconic jerks.

and Pierre Bezukhov was my favourite male character in War and Peace
Same, absolutely love Pierre. Nikolay Rostov and (to my dismay, feel so shallow) Andrey Bolkonsky are my favorite as well.
By the way, watched 1,5 episodes of the BBC W&P (have you seen it?), it was dreadful and so unnecessarily sexual (and there's incest for some reason?). Paul Dano was very handsome and likable as Pierre though, maybe even a bit too much.
Have you read War and Peace in French? Was Tolstoy's (or should I say, his characters') French good?

It is incredible that you have kept it to this day!
Coincidentally, it was used as a bookmark in my War and Peace copy, that's probably why I still have it. Can't believe I used to know how to solve this, makes no sense to me now.

Thanks for the recommendation, I had in fact started to watch it last year when I was really depressed, and it had surprisingly helped me to get better, but I had not finished watching it after the time skip. I should do it now, since I feel that I have taken enough distance from the unpleasant episodes of last year not to associate this anime with them.
Really glad you're better now! Used to be depressed for years, the most terrifying experience.
Fune wo Amu is very life-affirming, went into it a bit skeptical but fell in love with it in the end. And Micchan became one of my favorite anime characters.

Wanted to share some art I found recently, hope you like it (and please share your finds too!):
Lightskynight Yesterday, 4:27 AM
Hey there.
I anticipate responding to you on forums.
Though, I came across your profile and had to say I love your layout. ^^
Happy to see Chihayafuru on the faves list too.
Have you seen Rakugo’s season 2? I anticipate watching it as I catch up on some shows.
GODESS-OF-ICE Apr 15, 11:06 PM
Don't be sad sir.
-Sonal- Apr 15, 10:47 PM
Today's mods are far better than the older ones, who were the true dictators. They'd ban people left and right just because they broke some vague rules of forum posting, and even the bans were completely random. One mod would simply give you a warning while the other would ban you for a week for the same mistake. They also conveniently never banned their friends because obviously, they never broke the rules. The database mods were even worse. I still remember how barely 5 BL manga entries were being updated every year and while my initial complaints were ignored (and I even volunteered to become a mod myself to improve their asswipe database), one of the mods finally came forward and went on a publicly homophobic rant, which explained his aversion to adding any gay content to the database.

The newer mods are thankfully, better.

GODESS-OF-ICE Apr 14, 3:26 PM
Would you do me the honorable Time to answer me??!
-Sonal- Apr 13, 8:31 PM
Yeah, you know, this is what happens when upper management has a clear disconnect with its userbase. You can tell that none of these assholes have ever used MAL for even a day.

> I agree, but the developers are clearly too busy adding useless features and downgrades to think about improving the basic functioning of this website.

-Sonal- Apr 12, 12:01 AM
Yeah, you know, the People section has been hidden for long bc of MAL's new design that I myself had forgotten that I'd added 10 people to my list.
Who knows why MAL does what it does, but it's improved a lolt in the past few years. Before that, it was just a pile of shit with its mods being even shittier.

However, I see that even now, MAL experiences its typical Error 500 once every few weeks. Which is extremely shameful, seeing how the website boasts of being the #1 anime website in the world.

-Sonal- Apr 9, 8:05 PM
You understood me correctly.

> moderators had enough of the "This guy has done nothing wrong!" on Hitler's page..
I don't think they'd closed thousands of pages because of trolling one on of them.
-Sonal- Apr 8, 6:06 AM
No, I meant that I didn't know Favourite People was a category as well. Must be something new.
Congrats on contributing to MAL! I'm to lazy and tired to give a shit, honestly.

Yeah, the comment section used to be quite entertaining. First, they limited it to 10 comments and then they removed the section entirely. IDK why.

-Sonal- Apr 7, 7:21 PM
Interesting list of favourite People. I didn't even know we had that option on MAL

0arche Apr 7, 11:08 AM
Spring is my favorite season! What's yours? Based on your profile design, could it be autumn?

It's from Eugene Onegin by Alexander Pushkin. Have you read it? And if you have, who's your favorite character? Mine is Lensky, one of my biggest literary crushes.

This picture might be one of the best double portrait of a writer with a cat (for a portrait of a cat with a writer, nothing can beat this picture of Paul Morand).
That is one majestic cat! She(?) looks happy, annoyed and surprised all at the same time.

Sadly, it might take a few years before I start learning this language, and I guess that you will not be around any more when that happens.
In any case, my offer stands!
People pretend that you can read mathematics in any language with minimal training, but I wonder if it is really true for such complicated languages...
I actually still have my old geometry test printout, can you understand anything?

Do you dislike Solzhenitsyn from a literary viewpoint?
Not at all, I don't dislike him. It's more that I don't really have any opinion on him.

Looking at his declarations, would you classify him as Slavophile?
Yes, probably; but with a little twist. The essay I've previously linked quotes him (from his article "Folk Art of the Russian North"): "Just like America, ancient, artistic Russia [Rus'] has recently been discovered, . . . covered with dust and mildew. But beneath the dust she was so beautiful that the cry of those discovering her makes perfect sense: Return! Return!" It's a bit misleading out of context. Although he was undoubtedly interested in the old traditional art styles, he also rejected the idea of blindly copying them. The artists, in his opinion, should learn and take inspiration from the past but also [and more importantly] look forward and try to create a new Russian style.
I found his article slightly self-contradictory at times but guess it's like that with artists. They have a vague idea in their head and when they try to put it into words - it's all over the place.

Thanks again! This is really interesting, and this idea of sending an offensive bouquet to your ennemies sounds very literary—so literary that I would be surprised if it had never happened in real life! I had never heard about this saying, and although I read French literature of the last five centuries, I cannot recall coming across this expression a single time. It might have been popular in the past, but I would not be able to say when, and you would definitely raise eyebrows if you used it today.
Thank you for clarifying this, I had a suspicion it wasn't a common phrase at all. Sometimes it feels like the internet "experts" are conspiring to see me embarrass myself big time. Well, not today!
I hope that you have a nice week-end; this conversation has been truly interesting and pleasant for me so far.
Likewise! And thank you for the wishes, hope you also have a great rest of the weekend. And a very productive week ahead!
By the way, surprised you don't have Fune wo Amu on your list. You might like it, considering your favorites.
Sakoori Apr 6, 7:45 PM
meus 😭😭😭😭😭😭
0arche Apr 3, 10:46 AM
It's April, finally!

A smile from slumbering nature clear
Did seem to greet the youthful year;
The heavens shone in deeper blue,
The woods, still naked to the view,
Seemed in a haze of green embowered.

I would also be fine to turn into a "boring" European cat à la Bébert (Céline's famous cat who even has an entire book dedicated to him!).
Read several articles on Bébert, "the arch-survivor" title really suits him. "But the Montmartre tom had been around the block. He withstood the trauma and made a speedy recovery, with the slower and wiser serenity of aging cats, faithful, silent, and enigmatic."
And there's a picture of him on a leash! He doesn't look amused.

6! languages, that is insane! What language do you think in? I've studied German for 7 years, it was a chore. Ich kann kein Deutsch anymore. If you decide to start Russian, I'd be happy to help! And thank you for the article, it was a very interesting read. Made me realize I need to focus on studying Russian linguistics, seriously lacking in that regard.
By the way, have you watched the The Dialogues with Solzhenitsyn by Alexander Sokurov (I always find the English transliterations of Russian names impossible to remember; isn't the French one "Soljenitsyne" more phonetically accurate by the way?)?
Haven't watched this documentary as I'm not particularly interested in both Solzhenitsyn and Sokurov. The English transliteration seems fine, the French one makes me want to stress the last syllable, thanks to the -e at the end.
I really liked the movie, but I am asking since Solzhenitsyn made an interesting point about Platonov's literature that stands out by its "syntax." Although it was not apparent in the translations that I have read of him, do you have an idea what he meant? You can simply reply that I need to study the language to understand it!
Can't really speak on all of Platonov's work as I've only read The Foundation Pit. But to use it as an example, it's not only syntax but also morphology and semantics that stand out. Platonov basically created his own version of Russian language; it's deliberately excessive, weird, "wrong" and matches the world it exists in perfectly. If someone spoke that way in real life, I'd assume they are either mentally unwell or pretending to be human.
A lot of native speakers have trouble understanding Platonov's language, myself included. The Foundation Pit is relatively short [4-5 hours to read, in theory] but it might take weeks to decipher. The English translation is far less confusing, at least the one I checked. The translator, Mirra Ginsburg, explained it best:
"If the reader finds much of the text un-English, it is because the original is un-Russian. Indeed, if I have sinned occasionally, it was in the opposite direction - reverting some of the "un-meaning" to meaning, especially where the verbal and formal distortions reflect specific Russian conditions of the time [...]"
To give you some examples:
Sorry for my surface level explanation, I'm not exactly well versed in literary analysis.

If you plan to read it in English, I think that the Penguin translation The Way by Swann's is the best one (the translation of the title is indeed more accurate, so it shows a lot of care from the translator).
The Penguin version is almost 5 times the price of the Russian one, $27 vs $6. There's no way I'm paying that much for a paperback! Made a little research [read the reviews, hehe] and apparently the edition I got (translated by Elena Baevskaya) is really good.

I did not know about the first two painters, is Bilibin a prominent figure of art nouveau?
Bilibin is best known as a folk- and fairy tale illustrator. "Art Nouveau" isn't the term most people use to describe his work, "the Bilibin style" is more common. He was a member of the Mir iskusstva/World of Art group that promoted Art Nouveau, known in Russia as Stil Modern/Style Moderne/Modern style:

Lady Agnew of Lochnaw is hypnotic, would love to see it in person one day. And isn't it funny such a beautiful portrait is connected to another, less elegant, painting - of the gremlin-looking Callum the terrier:

That is so lovely of you, thank you very much for the little friendship bouquet! I would be well unable to assemble bouquets on a computer, but I like to take pictures of nature when I go running outside; once, I have discovered a flowery cemetery lost in the middle of a forest. Reading the wonderful nature descriptions of Paul Morand, I have realised that I was unable to name most flowers and birds, and I plan to fix that some day—although it will likely take much more than a day. But your knowledge is next level if you even know about the meaning of flowers! Does it differ from country to country by the way? I think that it does, and it would be interesting to make a chart of meanings by country for a single flower. How it changed over the years would be something else worth investigating.
Glad you liked it! It's all thanks to the book (Floriography), I couldn't possibly keep all that information in my head. And you're right, flowers have different meanings depending on the country and time period. I was a bit reluctant to include sweet pea flowers because, according to some sources, "In France, sweet pea flowers are traditionally given to brides on their wedding day, as a way to ward off spitefulness and negativity, to protect her innocence and to wish her good luck."
There are also flowers with negative meanings! Imagine sending a bouquet to your enemies, how very elegant. Passive-aggressive too. Lavender (distrust), petunia (anger, resentment), tansy (I declare war against you), common basil (hatred). Speaking of basil, is this true? Do you actually use this phrase? “The Greeks, and later the Romans, believed that one had to shout curses and abuse at the plant to make it grow; an idea which remains in the French saying “semer le basilic” as a euphemism for ranting.
And thank you so much for sharing those pictures! Really brightened my mood. All the flowers seem to be rhododendrons (maybe some are azaleas?). I like the pink ones the most, so dreamy.
DigiCat Apr 2, 2:57 PM
Slow, really? I found it to be paced perfectly, save for a couple eps in the middle

Yeah it has more of a comedic tone than a serios one even though it does tackle some more serious topics

Btw i started watching Aiyou de Mishi :3 so far really like the style, will let you know my thoughts when i complete it
It’s time to ditch the text file.
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