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effy_ | 2 hours ago
kinda reacting to Soverign´s post about Russia recognizing Ukrainian´s territory: Russia seeks to rejoin UN´s human rights council.

In the document seen by the BBC, Russia promises to find "adequate solutions for human rights issues" and seeks to stop the council becoming an "instrument which serves political wills of one group of countries", understood to be a reference to the West.

Diplomats said Russia was hoping to regain some international credibility after being accused of human rights abuses in Ukraine and within its own borders.

either they are naive or they might be seriously re-thinking their politics but April is far away.

Soverign | Yesterday, 2:39 AM
Key Takeaways
A first-of-its-kind scientific experiment finds that people mistrust generative AI in areas where it can contribute tremendous value and trust it too much where the technology isn’t competent.
Around 90% of participants improved their performance when using GenAI for creative ideation. People did best when they did not attempt to edit GPT-4’s output.
When working on business problem solving, a task outside the tool’s current competence, many participants took GPT-4's misleading output at face value. Their performance was 23% worse than those who didn’t use the tool at all.
Adopting generative AI is a massive change management effort. The job of the leader is to help people use the new technology in the right way, for the right tasks and to continually adjust and adapt in the face of GenAI’s ever-expanding frontier.

Soverign | Yesterday, 2:18 AM
Speaking at the 78th session of the United Nations General Assembly, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said that Russia recognizes the territorial integrity of Ukraine within the framework of the Declaration of State Sovereignty of July 16, 1990

deg | Sep 24, 9:09 AM
@Meusnier maybe that asteroid example can fully explain abiogenesis

Meusnier | Sep 24, 7:48 AM
Another live: 7 minutes before landing.

Parachute just deployed!

Meusnier | Sep 24, 7:18 AM
@asura Besides asteroid Bennu today, the biggest news of the week is without doubts the Trudeau VS India drama:

Charles III and the Pope visited France this week otherwise, so it must have been hell in this country...

Meusnier | Sep 24, 7:11 AM
@deg I think that you like following this kind of scientific news:

"Sample of Solar System's most dangerous asteroid streaks back to Earth"

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