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Princess Principal
Princess Principal
Sep 6, 6:38 PM
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Kawaikereba Hentai demo Suki ni Natte Kuremasu ka?
Kawaikereba Hentai demo Suki ni Natte Kuremasu ka?
Aug 25, 8:41 AM
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Natsume Yuujinchou
Natsume Yuujinchou
Aug 16, 2:09 AM
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Bastard!!: Ankoku no Hakaishin
Bastard!!: Ankoku no Hakaishin
Apr 9, 1:11 AM
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Mar 3, 1:51 PM
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Mar 3, 1:51 PM
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Short_Circut Aug 8, 9:44 AM
wow that's a big botch lmao, does seem weird how they managed to make that big of an error (like getting the entire province wrong)

Cause there's no tyre wear in TT, most setups tend to have extremes like super soft anti-roll bars and whatnot, which would kill in a race. Tbf though tyre wear isn't as massive of an issue in Codemaster games, so you can really get away from using those setups I guess. I only finally managed to switch to wheel about a month ago, so I know there's still some getting used to required, but for me at least I found other ones like Assestto Corsa or PC2 to be much quicker to get used to.

Yea the exclusion of ballast really did mess with setups, I used the top rated Steam Workshop ones cause I'm too lazy to plot my own, but so far the only ones I found to be good were Spain and China setups lol.

I think the funny thing is, before the patch update rolled out, the in game cars were lapping much slower than the real-life ones lol. Physics do suck indeed, I think they patched it, but for some unexplained reason hitting the upper revs in 4th gear causes the car to insta spin, even if it's a smooth exit off the corner. The one thing I do like about 2019's ai though, is that I think they're much more fun to race against than previous years. That being said though, they still try to yeet it through, even if you clearly closed the gap
One thing I did notice from switching from pad to wheel, is that you can really adjust the brake bias a lot more forward. In Spa, I used to run low 50% BB with the pad, but on a wheel I switched to like 61% and it really did make a huge difference in some corners like T1
Oh damn I'm probably OOTL with that, have to check again lel
Short_Circut Aug 7, 2:36 PM
Yea that's really the downside of sim racing (and motorsports in general), lots of money needed lmao. I mean, cheapest wheels (with ffb) are around the ~$350 CAD range, which is cheaper than your kit but still expensive nonetheless

Damn, that seemed like a pretty shitty situation lol. I think it is luck then lmao I don't think I've ever experienced a case as drastic as yours was. How'd they manage to missend it that far though, did you mistakenly give a wrong shipping address?

Naw I've been playing since F1 2015, so this ain't my first rodeo. 2017's handling model was some good fun, 2018 with the new one was fun on the controller, but switching to wheel it was a bit so-so. 2019 though not enjoying it that much so far, the aforementioned error plus the AI seems to have the godly 1000bhp engines Renault are bragging about, they're way too OP down the straights.
I don't really rely on TT setup's all that much, cause they usually go to the extremes in a lot of the cases since there is no tyre wear in TT, so most of the setups won't really prove useful for race trim. I did use to use TRL Limitless setups (which funnily enough were TT setups) with my own adjustments to them, but this year idk he doesn't seem to post them anymore. Tyre wear I don't really think is the issue, if those said corners are being a pain to do with fresh softs, it ain't really the wears fault lol
I get they got rid of the ballast option which is the reason behind the massive understeer this game, but I never thought I'd actually want to see it return. I'm thinking more of adjusting the FW downforce levels, but the problem with the straight-line speed advantage that the AI has kinda shies me away from doing it.

Short_Circut Aug 7, 8:31 AM
I would definitely recommend at least checking out Germany, that was the best race out of the 4 recent

Yeah that makes sense lol, higher-end wheels really skyrocket in prices. Is yours direct-drive ffb? Is Canada Post really that bad? I've had to use it for quite a lot of my shipments and so far no problems really, maybe I'm just getting lucky lul

Also have you tried out F1 2019 yet? Game is so shit for me right now it's literally impossible to turn into slow corners like Monza T1 or Spa Bustop chicane. Maybe it's setup related idk but in all the sims I've played I've never had a more annoying experience
Short_Circut Aug 6, 7:19 PM
Also nice setup you got there, all that rgb alone screams expensive and a club sport as well lol

Short_Circut Aug 6, 9:56 AM
Damn that must suck lol, I had to move a lot as well it does take a lot of time xd

The 1st victory in Austria, Verstappen managed to extend his 1st stint by some distance and then towards the end he surprisingly caught up to Leclerc, and then close to the last lap he kinda just yeeted it down the inside and managed to get passed by forcing him wide

The 2nd victory in Germany it was shit wet conditions, and all the main competitors ended up screwing themselves, Leclerc and Bottas both crashed out and Hamilton crashed and lost his front wing under the safety car, but he had to come in immediately so Merc wasn't as ready and te pitstop lasted like 50 secs. Plus he did a repeat of the IN IN IN IN IN from last year which is now illegal so he got a time penalty for that as well. By the end the only competitor was Vettel who had to start from last since he couldn't do qualy due to reliability, but by then there weren't enough laps for him to attack the lead (still finished 2nd though)

Kinda sucks that you had to miss the last 4 races lol, they were all pretty darn great in comparison to the beginning of the season
Vorpality Jun 6, 6:58 PM
The 914 was actually sold as a Volkswagen in some places, the 914/6 was the Porsche version. The only difference was the 914 had a stroked up 1800cc flat four and the 914/6 had a flat 6, which is what i'm running.
Vorpality Jun 5, 1:26 AM
Heh. I run a 1970 Beetle with a Porsche 914 motor swap as a drift and autocross car myself. I'm in the process of rebuilding a 1995 Camaro RS with a turbocharged 383 roller cam motor that was in my last car into a Wangan style time trial car. I also have one of the oddball AE92's that made it over here as a Chevy as a daily, it's fun trolling people with a Trueno badge on a Chevy.
Short_Circut May 4, 3:42 PM
Honestly, I think it's good Leclerc is actually able to be up there compared to how slow Kimi was pretty much the whole last season (at least relative to Vettel). That being said though Vettel said so himself that he is not comfortable in the car so here's hoping that changes. Is Leclerc ready for Ferrari idk, I mean tbf Max was only at TR for a season before he moved to RB as well so.

But yeah the constant team orders aren't really helping Ferrari, especially since atm Vettel and Leclerc seem to be really closed matched in pace (at least in the beginning stages of the races) so they always end up together lel
princessakura Nov 22, 2018 1:22 PM
also why is erza in your favs when it shoud be orihime lucy nagisa
princessakura Nov 22, 2018 12:20 PM
orihime is awesome shes more useful then rukia also zelda is awesome zelda is a action girl shes a strong female shes way better then erza stronger to who is it whos a god reborn that alone proofs zelda is stronger then erza also ichihime and zelink forever
princessakura Nov 22, 2018 11:52 AM
everywhere I go I see someone who hates a non-action or girly character what's so wrong with being girly I mean I hear if a girl is not an action girl there useless

like Orihime stop bashing her she is not useless she heals people everyone loves Rukia shes so overrated I don't see what's so great about her

and lucy and erza everyone loves erza and hate lucy is not useless erza is one of the most overrated characters ever she's not that great

and the classic Disney princesses snow white cinderella and aurora everyone loves the modern ones the classics are not useless

and Haruhi and Yuki get more love then Mikuru because of it

and Tomoyo and Kyou fans what there is a lot of hate Nagisa

also, whats with the tsundere love abuse is not funny tsunderes suck mainly Louise

just because a character gets captured or needs help does not mean they are useless

also peach gets a lot of hate shes not useless at all i mean when shes captured she sneaks around and finds useful stuff she gets captured because nintendo is not known for great stories so they need a basic plot

AdoSama Nov 20, 2018 11:49 AM
I collect all Sabers from MAL, you belong to me now
SadMadoka Oct 31, 2018 11:39 AM
anime789 Oct 19, 2018 9:18 PM
SadMadoka Aug 28, 2018 11:26 AM
lol. If you haven't, you should play Driver on PS1. (The original; not any sequels.)