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Ookami Kodomo no Ame to Yuki
Ookami Kodomo no Ame to Yuki
Jul 18, 2020 12:30 PM
Completed 16/16 · Scored 8
Medaka Box
Medaka Box
Feb 26, 2020 10:34 PM
Reading 6/194 · Scored -
Fumetsu no Anata e
Fumetsu no Anata e
Feb 17, 2020 3:46 PM
Reading 116/? · Scored 10


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laslodj Jul 22, 12:28 PM
Anti-vaxxer idiot. We'll see who will have the last laugh when your children die from tetanus because you didn't let them get vaccinated.
LOLYOU Jul 11, 10:58 PM
โค๏ธlove your profile^^
NekoArc666 Jul 1, 10:18 AM
Thanks for accepting my FR!
SemillaMinoria May 13, 9:21 AM
Where've you been lately? Not gracing the forums with your wonderful posts and forum set.

It seems a lot of people still just call me Akko. Semilla would be better if you want to shorten my current name only because Semilla is the name of the protagonist of Minoria. She is a nun who fights witches so it represents me well considered my religious beliefs and struggles.

I like the train visual on that last track that you shared.

Well things are going much better for me this past week. I don't really have any desire anymore to do all that other wild stuff that I was doing before. I guess being away from it all for some time and away from porn has detoxed me or something lol.

Did you colour many eggs? Usually I just eat chocolate eggs I never would have thought to do anything artsy like that.

IceySongstress Apr 22, 6:58 AM
I will if I want to. On a basic level, yes, the motivation seems similar but I have nothing positive to say about most people here.

I'm pretty sure I did mention a little what happened on the discord, though, not exactly everything. Any of such discussion will have to be private.
akatarou Apr 21, 10:28 PM
hello hello, your set is very cute :) also i am interested in linguistics/foreign culture as you are. i don't know that much about either topic though. do you mind if i ask what about these topics interests you? and which cultures/languages catch your attention? :)
IceySongstress Apr 21, 7:43 PM
I certainly haven't broken our promise, but this is just life. Frustrations and the likes.
Ah, mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the one behind it all~

I don't know if you still consider me your friend, but I still remember you as the first person I have an extended conversation with, and I definitely enjoy your company. I have to say that, at least.
IceySongstress Apr 21, 5:17 PM
Wow, there's an interesting thread right there.
How may I assist you, perhaps by writing another forum thread of the same nature, hehe?
IceySongstress Apr 21, 3:46 PM
Yes, it's been a while. Thanks for the concern. I wonder really, the reasons for your statement, hehe.
SemillaMinoria Apr 18, 3:26 AM
I think it is easy for people to misinterpret each other and get the wrong idea online.

Yes have definitely reached a crossroads now where my life can go in two very different directions. On one hand is the hardworking loyal and committed family man. On the other is the reckless party lifestyle playboy who can have sex any time he likes. The former is more rewarding long term but can feel restrictive. The latter is an empty life with fleeting pleasure and risk of an early demise and catching STDs lol.

Well my father didn't know any of my bad side. He was our strongest supporter. He always referred to my girl as my wife lol. I know that he wants us to marry and have children.

This Merkel lofi reminds me of Boris Johnson's campaign. Check this out.

So how was your Easter? Its taken me about two weeks to get back to replies on my profile lol.

Meusnier Apr 11, 3:20 PM
Not sure if that was clear enough in my reply, but thank you for your kind reply in the poetry thread! It was really helpful :-).
SemillaMinoria Apr 5, 4:32 AM
Ah glad you like it. Yeah it most likely is one of those waves. I'm glad to have a good friend like you on here. Things are up and down for me right now. Generally I'm feeling really blue. I'm sure my recent activity is really showing that. But you always seem to be optimistic even if you do get burned out with the comments. I think most of us do that's why we are introverts lol.

Scented_Candles Apr 3, 10:57 AM


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SemillaMinoria Mar 27, 12:59 PM
Sharing this song with my friends.


SemillaMinoria Mar 26, 4:43 AM
Deleting those accounts was really hard. I have done it in the past too. And irl I've had to cut out so many people that were dear to me. Usually because I was in a relationship with somebody else. But I even had to cut off some ex girlfriends and friends that were close to me since I was in school. I even had to cut off my first love who I lost my virginity to. I cut off all those people for the sake of someone else and then I only went and cheated on that someone else anyway. So what was the point of it all? This is why I get so down on myself. I can't even trust myself. I always mess things up because of my own selfish desires.

I walk here and there, I go from workplace to workplace, from online community to online community, from relationship to relationship, I have traveled to a few places. I have met a bunch of people, I have bedded a bunch of people, I've tried my hand at a few things. So I feel like a nomad in some ways. I noticed that in LOTR Gandalf was always going here and there doing his own thing yet trying to help people and find the answers to things along the way. I've been doing the same except I'm not wise and I'm not white and I'm not old and I'm not a wizard. I can make music though. I can share the things that I like with people. That's what I've been doing here on MAL. I'm always sharing video clips, songs and art that mean something to me.

How are things with you? It seemed you were inactive for a while until recently.