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Hitagi__Furude Yesterday, 9:23 AM
At first when i read the first part of your msg,
I was like,
"ofc youll have a hard time understanding that."
At the same time, i was like,
"I dont understand what you are saying & pls read THAT part again."

I dunno how you figure out why below 4 is a 3 by pure elimination(& by our 1st assumption) & eye test but if you actually solved it, its actually a 3 so u did great on figuring that out yourself!!!

That naked pair formed from our first assumption was just there to eliminate the 89 in the upper left box though & not trying to figure out where 89 is on there specific spots.

The first strategy we used is what we called XY chain where it has 2 objectives depending on what we want to achieve, first being eliminating the other candidates[in a spot with 2 candidates left] in our assumption in where it intersects[align] or in the box where its based at, like what we do here, we eliminate the other candidates of the other number on the box its based at with our assumption.
The 2nd objective which are somehow not mentioned in most tutor websites for some reason is proving our first assumption is wrong bcoz if its wrong, then the other candidate must be the right answer.(I already mention this to you, twice.)
Now that i think about it, i found a 3rd objective bcoz of you saying if we assumed that we start with our assumption of 2 instead of 7.
The 3rd objective being finding a same answer on a spot regardless of what assumption you started with.<<<OFC, this is the hardest of all of em compared to the previous 2 objectives, bcoz you need to recall 2 assumptions/chains/sequences.

& yes you are right, the problem with this technique is the longer the chain, the harder it is to recall & therefore you make mistakes or you dunno if you are right/wrong with your chaining.
In these scenarios, you need to have good retention skills & you should have a clear idea/objective on why you made that assumption in the first place.

With that said, what if we assumed that right middle of the middle box is 2 instead of 7???
We actually get an interesting result if we based it in our first example/assumption of 7.
If right middle of the middle box is 2,
Then the lower right of the lower middle box is 9.
If the lower right of the lower middle box is 9,
Then the lower left of the lower middle box is 2.
If the lower left of the lower middle box is 2,
Then the middle left of the upper middle box is 8.
If the middle left of the upper middle box is 8,
Then the lower left of the middle box is 9,
Then basing on our last 3 assumptions which are vertically aligned,(289)
Then the upper left of the middle box is 4.

So we have proven that regardless of what our assumption on the middle right of the middle box is(2 or 7),
The upper left of the middle box is always gonna be 4.

You actually understand what im babbling about!!!
Thats great!!!
Im impressed!!!
You where able to grasp my power!!!

Since we finally figure this out,
i actually want to display my OPness to you with another example basing on the 2nd objective of XY chains to prove my point, if you dont mind.


Hitagi__Furude Aug 14, 11:21 PM
Its my hidden power that only you that are fully aware of!!!
let me share you my secrets:

^^Very strong arent i???

Trying to be negative/realistic without experience is actually good but still very naive at the same time.

So again, its dependent on each other.
How can we find someone like that again???
You want to find one but at the same time really tired.

^^actually these happened a few miles away recently from where i lived.(Its basically the next city on where i live.)

You are lucky, their labelling/bullying still affect me & how they treat me(Childhood classmates to HS classmates) to this day.

Is this like Fate all over again???
Where there are many universes of the same characters???

So i tried to search some articles & theres something that caught my eye.
Process individuation.
Considering you said im an ambivert, now im curious on that article.
& by the way, i still have a hard time understanding most of the articles associated with it.

There is a final time you will see or speak to any person in your life. The question is rather whether you have had enough fulfilling interactions before that time comes.

^^& again, thanks for stabbing me!!!
Using the word my favorite word "time" at that.
Its damn painful!!!
& yet they still bully us for being a weeb yet they have many similarities on us!!!

Time heals & kills wounds.
But it also kills things, people, & relationships.

Im trying to get my mind off on my depression by doing alot of things besides work,
(Anime, manga, Sudoku, Yugioh, Chatting with users here, etc.)
Oh yeah!!!
Maid Cafes!!!
How could i forget that!!!(I love my Maids!!!)
I want to visit such a place atleast once!!!
The place or city specifically where in Tokyo he is gonna go is on the cities where you can see the Tokyo Skytree!!!
Not a people person i see.
Many people said that Tokyo is not a good place to live in due to its expenses & work culture.
lisa184 Aug 13, 8:27 AM
Das freut mich. Viele können es nicht nachvollziehen, wenn man sagt, dass man das Interesse verliert, sobald man Sachen zu schnell angeht 😅
Hitagi__Furude Aug 11, 9:04 PM

Dont share my TM10 to the world!!!
Im used to solo mode on that anyway!!!
I know that it is mentally tiring for someone who is not trained on it.(Eventhough for the longest time, i have a hard time understanding that feeling.)
& as what you say, no matter how great a teacher is,
They cant beat an unwilling student.
Hitagi__Furude Aug 11, 6:18 AM
Its either you feel way too much or you dont feel anything at all when you are in a dire situation.
Theres no in-between.
No matter how much you think you are realistic or hate being optimistic, your belief will be challenged once your thrown into the frying pan.
Easier to judge or think you are correct about your beliefs when nothing basically happened to you yet.

You are actually right about that.
Thats a good way of convincing me huh!!!
It actually depends on person to person.
Back then, im interested in knowing a person more in order for me to understand them but due to bad experiences of landmines & hesitation from the other party, yeah!!!
My mindset changed on that.
Now, i mostly hesitate on asking/knowing the person better unless if i trust or want to be with that person.

There was quite a number of conventions on the universities on the nearby city here way before the pandemic.
I wanted to go to those but unfortunately, i dont want to enter on a university that i have no connections at.
You are lucky that you didnt have a backstory of your typical anime protagonist.(in this case, im referring to bullying.)

Another hidden VN that i didnt know.
I like her black colored clothes though!!!
Gives her like a strong badass vibe!!!

I just simplified it according to how i understand it.
Ok, there are so much stuff here by just doing a simple google search.
I need time to study & understand those.
Thanks for the sources!!!

Im sorry, i made a mistake there.
It's the natural course that it eventually comes to the point where your paths diverge

^^I actually referred to this statement.
& i thought thats just most people stereotyped us bcoz of us being a weeb.
Its either we are bad socially or life is just shit for most of us here.
It will take time for me to recover.
^^Thats ironic to say the least which i will not expound further.

You could say that.
Ive been kinda a highly sensitive person lately due to the number of BS ive gone through.
You people had it easy on that end of the spectrum if you ask me.
But yes,
Time heals all wounds as they say or in my own words,
Time puts things into obscurity.
^^My obsession about the word "time" is at it again!!!

Its fixed hence the late reply of this message.
Been catching up on manga & online games(specifically, Master Duel & im also busy grinding on my monthly grind from lvl 1 to 100 on my killer sudoku app by beating other players in a match.)lately due to that & hence was not able to find more free time to send you a message.
After congratulating him, my first reaction was simply,
As a weeb who doesnt live nor never went to Weeb-land, its a lifelong goal to go to Tokyo for atleast once in your lifetime!!!
lisa184 Aug 10, 2:20 PM
Da hast du schon recht, MBTI ist irgendwie schon wie ein Horoskop. Aber es interessiert sich nicht jeder dafür sich weiter mit beiden Themen zu befassen. Ich persönlich behaupte von mir, dass ich mehr weiß als eine Person, die grade erst von den 16 Persönlichkeiten erfahren hat. Aber ich weiß auch, wie schnell ich das Interesse an Themen verliere, wenn ich diese zu schnell behandle, weshalb ich mich momentan nicht viel mehr mit der Materie befassen möchte, als ich es ohnehin schon tue. Das klingt sehr dämlich, aber dadurch bleibe ich eher interessiert daran. Ich hoffe, dass das irgendwie verständlich ist 😅
lisa184 Aug 9, 2:27 PM
Die Funktionen, die zu INFP passen, treffen tatsächlich sehr gut auf mich zu. Als ich den 16 personalities Test gemacht habe, hab ich mich beim Lesen der Ergebnisse einfach so verstanden wie nur selten zu vor verstanden. Die Ergebnisse haben mich halt perfekt zusammengefasst, auch nachdem ich die anderen durchgelesen habe. Ich weiß natürlich, dass grade INFP zu den Typen gehört, die am meisten falsch zugewiesen werden, aber so wie ich es einschätze, eigentlich trifft der Typ perfekt auf mich zu 😅
lisa184 Aug 8, 2:04 PM
Ja, MBTI sind nicht so genau, deswegen habe ich mir die Eigenschaften der einzelnen Typen nochmal angesehen um zu schauen, wozu ich jetzt gehöre.
Von den Big 5 habe ich schon gehört, kam aber noch nicht dazu den Test zu machen. Vielleicht schaffe ich es ja jetzt 😅
lisa184 Aug 8, 12:44 AM
Ich denke, dass man das allgemein nicht sagen kann, weil auch Personen mit dem gleichen MBTI irgendwie unterschiedlich sind. Eine Freundin von mir ist auch eine Heilerin und trotzdem würde ich nicht sagen, dass wir beide Seelenverwandte sind. Es gibt sicher Leute, auf die das zutrifft, aber allgemein kann man das glaube ich nicht sagen
Hitagi__Furude Aug 7, 8:03 PM
Calling the last few months "bad" for me is an understatement.
Either it being family life, financially, relationships, future wise, emotionally, you name it!!!
Its fucking rough & i dunno why should i go through all that shit.
Did it build my character for the better???
Im sure it didnt.
Reality check after reality check after reality check after....
Shit is never ending for some reason.
You know, back then i thought lying to yourself is bad due to sheer dishonesty & ignorance.
But if you are in a dire situation where you have no choice but to think that way,
Youll do just that just to make yourself feel better.

Can you expound more on that???
Im sorry if im forceful.
Maybe ill discover myself more on how you describe me.
I dont get why im introspective when i mostly focus on my connections.

Because you said you prefer typical protagonists.
& i have 2 main assumptions from there.
Either your typical protagonists in a sense that they have all the positive adjectives you could ever imagine in a person.
Or the typical protagonists where they lack personality bcoz that character is supposed to be a self insert character.
& since the latter lacks traits then i assume that its the former.
Actual heroic noble character huh!!!
So are you saying that people in conventions are as many as back then???
In your case, everyone around you know about it & many are into it???
I remember i get bullied a lot when i was a kid coz i was an OP fan growing up.

Animalistic side, you, & your beliefs.
Teach me more Sensei!!!
I wonder what happens if one is over the other???
Yup, most of those shows focuses more on their atmosphere/setting than their characters/story.
Still shots on the setting or places complete with calming music or just pure background sounds of their respective setting.

That first statement, thanks for stabbing me!!!
I assume that most male weebs want to be in a relationship especially if they have waifus.
Its just that they try their best to deny it or unaware of it themselves.
Also, i assumed that most MAL users are depressed in one way or another.
Yeah, geographically close is more like an obvious must have,
But considering we live in a world where online relationships can happen,
I can understand why you mentioned it.
As an extrovert, i prefer again to go on the first move.(Just not now, im emotionally drained as of now.)
Nothing happens when you dont do anything anyway.
You sound like an older version of me who gave up on people.
Well, that explains why you are kinda passive.

But again, you should be careful about your words.
Youll hurt people unintentionally with that & might overreact.
Yeah, i understand that.
We have our own TOTGA's in the past.
Be it being a close friend or one of your EX'es, etc.

Im supposed to send you a message last night but instead i couldnt.
& theres a story behind that.
We currently dont have Wifi here since last night bcoz the wire that connects on our house's landline was cut off due to intense wind/rain.
So instead i just used my younger bro's hotspot.
So i was busy typing this msg.
& my younger bro suddenly told me out of nowhere.
He received/invited to a exchange student program from his department of his university.
& guess what where???
You can probably imagine my reaction at that point.
lisa184 Aug 7, 2:18 PM
Vielleicht bin ich auch einfach in den falschen Seiten des Internets unterwegs und finde deshalb nur so wenige, aber wahrscheinlich hast du recht. Ein großer Teil ist online wahrscheinlich einfach gesprächiger😂
lisa184 Aug 7, 6:05 AM
Man sagt immer, dass INFP oft falsch zugeordnet werden und es einige geben sollte, aber so viele von uns findet man gar nicht😂
Aber bin auch froh, wieder auf Deutsch schreiben zu können, bin zwar eigentlich ganz gut in Englisch, aber irgendwann wird das anstrengend
lisa184 Aug 7, 5:27 AM
Freut mich mal einen anderen INFP zu treffen😂 Danke fürs Akzeptieren
Hitagi__Furude Aug 6, 8:51 AM
I literally have alot of wake up calls the last few months.
& i keep on hanging on the ideal coz it just damn hurts.
Does lying to yourself a good thing in some circumstances???

Ok, if i may ask.
Why label me as an ambivert???
Im just curious.

A goody two shoe you mean???
Im kinda tired with those since theres no such thing as a perfect character.(unless if thats a waifu.)
& yeah, i kinda get why some edgy anti hero protagonist can be annoying.
Popular or fan favorite side characters that have a decent following in its fandom deserves a spinoff for ez money for the studio/creator.
I know at that time, anime was decently popular but not as it is now.
Mostly we just watched it on sites & not in Netflix.
Probably thats the only difference.
Ok, lets turn back the clock further.
Around mid 2000's.
How was the anime community at that time if i may ask???

Wait, you have psychology class in HS???
Thats so cool!!!
I dunno what are those 3.
Is that supposed to be the balance of your mind & instinct???
Feel good shows!!!
Where the objective of the show is to give you a calming experience.
Something like this:

For now, im not interested due to being busy in life & still kinda depressed.
Ngl, i want one.
Its just im tired emotionally currently.

Yep, thats what i meant.
Dont tell yourself that you dont cut off people bcoz in reality you cant balance all the connections in your life & hence inadvertedly cut off people.
& yes, be open to contact.
The problem with people these days is that they dont do the first move.

Thats a dangerous weapon you got there!!!
A useful & a lethal weapon.
I cant help but assume that you experienced something similar like the one i have gone through.
Yarub Aug 5, 4:46 PM
There's also "war" which is "was" and "was" which is "what". I can discern it in text but when its being spoken it can be very confusing to relate, translate, and get it fully correct.

Do you know any good sites for German translated scanlations of manga? Ik EU is big on copyright or something but there has to be a site for it.

Lmao. The situation is even more comical here. Saudi Arabia buys cheap Russian oil for national use to save its own oil to sell officially in the oil market to USA and co. I've read that even though the Arabian Gulf can theoretically supply Europe directly, there's no initiative to do anything with increasing the current production capacity.

Btw, are you guys still going with the COVID thing or is it over? Here, they don't even publish statistics anymore. Lmao, talking to you shows how different parts of the world really are different. Here, there's no such thing as "energy saving" nor "energy transition". There's no carbon tax and you're welcome to buy an environment destroying 4x4 V8 if you can afford the fuel costs. Economic depression already happening tho? The dollar is the lowest its ever been and the economic advantage is starting to shift from the west to the east.