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Welcome fellow believers! I made this group to worship our goddess, Emilia-tan! She is perfect in every way. She is elegant, beautiful, honest, caring, kind, and everything good in this world that exists or should have existed. In essence, Emilia is the ideal girl- existing only in the imagination; desirable or perfect but not likely to become a reality. Join this group and show your love to our goddess, the elven beauty and the best girl, Emilia! EMT!

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Poll: Which Emilia has best character design?
swirlydragon - Nov 30
12 replies by PandoraAlter »»
Dec 2, 6:12 PM
Emilia and Subaru's first date
swirlydragon - Oct 8
5 replies by Ether_Real »»
Oct 8, 10:57 AM
Review of re zero season 2 cour 1?
swirlydragon - Sep 30
10 replies by HanashiD4 »»
Sep 30, 7:02 PM
Happy Birthday Emilia!
swirlydragon - Sep 22
26 replies by Swirx »»
Sep 23, 3:59 PM
Emillia never did anything for Subaru?
SirLezard - Sep 13
2 replies by swirlydragon »»
Sep 20, 3:40 AM

Club Comments
sooshie_ | Nov 21, 9:35 PM
Best angel ever in the history of the universe

ApacheSnow69 | Oct 30, 2:31 PM

Bad Ending vibe.

rakp333 | Oct 7, 6:19 PM
Get ready to bawl your eyes out during Cour2 then đŸ™‚

Asuramaruuu | Sep 15, 3:17 PM
i saw emilia and puck's re: zero movie and cried a lot, from half to end, my god how did they manage to do that?

PandoraAlter | Jul 23, 8:51 PM
Honestly not a bad idea.
Would be quite cool and a good tribute to Emilia-tan

Luclaft | Jul 23, 4:41 AM
That sounds really good, I'll take it !

White_Iris | Jul 22, 9:41 PM
@rakp333 Yeah I think that's a good idea, an 'Emilia Birthday Edition' card claim where members can pick their favourite card that they'd like with the club name and their username on it. And they can use it anywhere they like, maybe on their forum signature or profile.

Something like that idk it was just an idea cause who doesn't lovee more Emilia-tan~

Emillian | Jul 21, 9:48 PM
Hmm it sounds interesting and i m really curious whats this about. I m for it :)

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