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This group is for dedicated Emilia fans. Remfags are not allowed. Feel free to share photos of our glorious waifu in this group ;)

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how does subaru's return by death ability works ?
IREM-the-KNIGHT - Jun 18
1 replies by swirlydragon »»
Jul 8, 6:28 AM
What's your opinion on Memory Snow?
swirlydragon - Jun 10
8 replies by Emillian »»
Jul 2, 7:11 AM
How does Emilia get tan?
LampSynthesis21 - May 21
1 replies by swirlydragon »»
May 30, 3:25 PM
Best girl finally gets an OVA ^^
swirlydragon - Apr 6
4 replies by God_Only_Knows »»
Apr 7, 6:11 AM

Club Comments
Yuki_Nonaka | Jul 12, 2:24 PM
bow down to the sexy goddess 👌👌👌👌👌

swirlydragon | Jun 10, 10:15 AM

^Meh, another user started a waifu war between Emilia and Rem.
Vote for our waifu Emilia, guys!

swirlydragon | Jun 10, 9:59 AM
Which pic you want to delete?

IREM-the-KNIGHT | Jun 9, 3:52 PM
hey guys...how do I delete a wrong picture which I accidentally uploaded?

IREM-the-KNIGHT | Jun 9, 3:51 PM
yo zampo!

zamployer | Jun 8, 3:30 PM

swirlydragon | Jun 8, 9:10 AM
You've made a good choice. Now embrace the divine aura of our goddess, Emilia-tan!

IREM-the-KNIGHT | Jun 8, 5:20 AM
hey fellow Emilia-tan followers! just joined between y'all today

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