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Feb 15, 7:38 PM
Completed 12/12 · Scored 7
Ikebukuro West Gate Park
Ikebukuro West Gate Park
Feb 15, 7:35 PM
Completed 12/12 · Scored 5
4-nin wa Sorezore Uso wo Tsuku
4-nin wa Sorezore Uso wo Tsuku
Feb 15, 7:30 PM
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Futari no Renai Shoka
Futari no Renai Shoka
Feb 18, 10:43 PM
Completed 14/14 · Scored 6
Sensei wa Ore no Mono
Sensei wa Ore no Mono
Feb 15, 7:52 PM
Completed 18/18 · Scored 5
Hidarite no Love Letter
Hidarite no Love Letter
Feb 15, 7:48 PM
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SuperGreenTea Feb 14, 3:59 PM

SuperGreenTea Feb 11, 3:57 PM
Maybe I gave you the wrong idea about the severity or nature of my existential angst. It's not too serious, and I'm sure lots of people have it far worse than me. Perhaps part of it is because I'm getting older, and have started thinking about mortality more often - like it's slowly but surely creeping up on me. So much has changed in the last 10 years, and I'm not as young as I once was. Maybe I have become more pessimistic about everything, and things in general. I don't want give too much personal info away, but let's just say I'm around 15 years older than you are now. Maybe I'm having a midlife reevaluation of everything and the meaning of life. And maybe Gaara and his sayings are not enough to motivate me these days. Naruto (the series and character) gave me a motivation and morale lift 10 years ago, but anime doesn't really have that affect on me these days. It's more like anime has become a source of solace or comfort, or a form of distraction and escapism. And because I've become more of a mature and wise/experienced and learned person (croak!), there's very few anime that are intellectually satisfying for someone like me. Pluto hit some of the right buttons with the maturity of the writing and the technological themes, and Gankatsuou is an older one who's core themes (of love and loss and betrayal) resonated with me, and as I said before, Kamuy and Vinland are two of my fave action anime. Something like Yuru Camp or Sangatsu, I look to for compassion, gentleness, and tenderness, because of a lack of those types of things in my everyday life. I recently rewatched My Dress-Up Darling and I enjoyed that, almost as a remembrance of things past - like how my teenage romance experiences were, and how there was a happy and carefree (and almost blissful) naivete to those times. And I recently enjoyed Buddy Daddies because it was silly and lighthearted (for the most part), and made me smile or laugh. It was a nice way to escape the sometimes depressing confines of reality for 23 mins or 46 mins (2 episodes back-to-back). How has your taste in anime and novels/literature changed or evolved as you've gotten older? Have you noticed any progression or shifts?

Tbh I'm scared to use my bank/debit card details online. I'm using a neighbors wifi and I get the feeling they can see what I'm watching and listening to, so I wouldn't want to take a risk with online purchases. With stuff like shoes/trainers and clothes, I'd rather try them on in the store to see if they fit right and look OK. An option for someone who's careful/cautious like me would be to get one of those top-up debit cards you can put money on, and then only top-up a smallish amount to use online for specific things.

Gold Kingdom and Water Kingdom - would you like to watch it together with me? I don't know too many josei but I'd like to get to know more, and it looks like a nice fantasy romance story - and like you said, it looks like it has some Middle East inspiration in the setting. Shall we arrange a day/night for us to watch it? We can try to synchronize our times the best (as close) as we can.

Any anime-related wish I want to fulfill before I die? Firstly, let me give you a hug for getting upset or emotional talking about that type of thing, and remembering some of the difficulties you've been going through. Maybe my (mortality) worries aren't as close to home as yours are yet, but because I'm getting older, it is increasingly looming in the back of my mind. I think it's 50/50 if I make it another 20 years, and my anime goal in that time is just to rewatch all my favorites one more time (not just those that are currently in my top 10), and to keep up to date with the new and latest things - like watching the best or highest rated anime each season and each year. What are your anime wishes you want to fulfill before the end, other than seeing the end of Detective Conan? Are you interested in One Piece at all? When do you think Conan will finish? Is the ending expected or likely any time soon, or does anyone have any info regarding how long it will go on for?

Yeah, likewise, some of the best or most amazing (REM) dream experiences for me have been where I've been able to fly, and in a way it was reminiscent of a virtual reality experience, like being able to fly like Kirito and Suguha in Alfheim Online (the 2nd half of SAO Season 1). I had an interesting dream last night where I was cycling really fast in picturesque looking countryside, and flying really high coming off the tops of the hills (on the bike), and I was far enough off the ground to get a clear view of the fields and trees all around a quiet narrow country road. And it was a sunny, beautiful, happy, summer holiday-esq day - not a care in the world. And I was with my two best friends from school.

A love/hate anime character? Maybe Sasuke from Naruto. He would often irritate me with his petulance/sulkiness and arrogance - but in some ways he reminds me of how I can be myself sometimes, or how others might perceive me. And of course there are reasons in my backstory (just like his) to why I turned out like that. Maybe I will tell you more about my tragic backstory as we get to know each other better. Maybe I will have to send it through private message, because it will be for your eyes only. We'll see how things go from here!
VanniePon Feb 11, 3:03 AM
Hey, how are you?
It's been a while :D
SuperGreenTea Feb 9, 4:24 PM
Yeah, I've been doing a slow rewatch of Sangatsu. Whenever I'm in the mood for some compassion and tenderness, I'll stick it on for a couple of episodes. I have to say, the artwork in places is just beautiful beyond words - and more beautiful than anything you'd see in real life. Like something out of a blissfully happy and truly magical (REM) dream experience. I was just reading up about Othello (also known as Reversi). How are you getting on with it?

It's interesting that you should name-check Kamuy and Vinland because those are two of my favorite and most respected gloomy/grim action series. The writing is more mature than shounen (they're both categorized as seinen), the drama is more emotionally affecting and involving, and there's a gritty realism and historical context to them both, that I like. And Kamuy is sprinkled with a generous dose of random or outrageous humor, to distract us from the grimness.

Solo Leveling started well, and there was this scene with creepy giant moving statues, which coupled together with a dramatic and intense Sawano OST, gave me AOT vibes (probably my fave shounen action anime) - but then it seemed to go downhill after that. Like it lost a lot of its menace and tension because some of the adversaries the main guy is fighting against have become very predictable and run-of-the-mill - like very uninspired looking wolves and goblins. I've see that kind of setup, and the way he dispatches the adversaries, in Grimgar, SAO, Log Horizon, Overlord, and Reincarnated as a Slime - and tbh Grimgar and Overlord do goblins better, and Slime and Overlord do wolves better. Better, meaning better art/designs and more dynamic or exciting action sequences - or something more interesting or unique in the way those creatures are utilized or individualized.

OMIA - otaku missing in action. I've had a few dozen of those on my books collecting dust, until I recently had a clear out of anyone who's been missing/inactive for more than two years. I gave special dispensation to a few cases. Like to users I've had lots of conversations with or remember fondly.

Ah, it is nice that you consider me your MAL BFF. It's almost like the wholesome and heartwarming 'feels' of Sangatsu. Like we're grown-up versions of Rei and Hinata. From the repeat viewing, I noticed Akari and Hinata love treating themselves to sweets/deserts and often go overboard and overindulge. Are you much of a sweet-tooth/sweet-craving person, and what are your favorites (if you have any)?

It would be fair to say that Naruto and ATLA are two of the things that connect us most, and with Naruto and Shippuden combined being so long, there's a vast amount of characters, references, backstory, and lore that we both have knowledge of - and insights and opinions about. Talking of ATLA, have you seen any of the new live-action adaptation? Also, I can't remember if we've talked about your views/opinions regarding the sequel, Legend of Korra. For me, Korra is almost equal to ATLA writing-wise - there's just fundamental stylistic differences because it's set in a different culture and epoch - like a more modern steampunk era. The Korra visuals are better, but ATLA has a better cast of memorable and endearing characters. Overall, I'd say Korra continues the Avatar legacy rather nicely and with a unique twist, and I look forward to the forthcoming animated sequel - and the next animated incarnation/reincarnation of the 'Avatar'.
SuperGreenTea Feb 7, 7:09 PM
Yeah, the main characters in March Comes in Like a Lion (which I just so happen to be rewatching) are lovable and memorable - Rei, Akari, Momo, and Hinata. I've only seen 4 episodes of JJK season 1, but I wasn't overly impressed. I did sort of seem like the battle shounen version of painting by numbers, or drawing by joining the dots. And like it was created with the primary aim of being commercially successful, and taking the place of Bleach, Naruto, and My Hero Academia - or like a revamped/restyled/re-imagined, and darker, edgier, gorier version of the previous 3 aforementioned series. I mean, the silver/grey haired dude as the mentor of a 3 person team (including 2 guys and a girl) clearly reminds me of Naruto Team 7, with Kakashi as their mentor. And another MAL friend told me they do their own (JJK) version of the chunin exams later on in the series. I don't want to be overly cynical, but I just don't think it has the right vibe for me - too grim/gloomy and gory. I will try to give most new popular anime a fair try though - like I'm doing with Solo Leveling.

3/4 hours to finish reading all our conversations? Wowza. Me and Dave wrote a lot to each other, but I think with Dave being preoccupied, and with the way we've been going, and with how things seem likely to go between us (we both have the desire to continue talking, as you alluded to), I think you could become the person I've written the most to - if you aren't already. So we're like the MAL version of BFF's ;)

I had no idea that we talked about xxxHOLiC at the start of February last year. I can't imagine that my subconscious had recorded that topic somehow, and chose to bring it up again, exactly one year later. It seems more like a pure coincidence, but a slightly mysterious one. It's almost like the type of meaningful synchronicity that Yuuko talks about right at the start of the series. Like there's more to it than just random coincidence. Like there was a magical thread or chain of events that lead me to you (it was because you put me right about the Zuko imitating Iroh quote), and that we were fated to meet!
SuperGreenTea Feb 7, 11:37 AM
A 6 score from you (for HOLiC) is not so bad, because I get the impression (from our previous conversations) that you're generally harsher with your scoring than I am, and I see you have a 5.51 mean score - compared to my 7.33. I think Yuuko is perhaps more iconic and renowned/esteemed than the xxxHOLiC series, and I'll probably have a look at Tsubasa Chronicle myself.

It's still nice that you remembered to greet me and I can imagine you getting completely absorbed in your own world, and perhaps more so than the average person or MAL user. Sometimes this happens to me as well, and I can lose track of things like MAL replies. Which reminds me, that I still owe you a reply. I'll try to get it done within the next week. I can't really use lazy Santa excuses anymore, and it's still too early to blame the Easter Bunny :)

I've noticed our mutual friend Dave (dhb) has been absent from MAL for successive long spells. He says he's had some things going on IRL so I told him to let me know whenever he feels ready for the 3-way Shirobako simul-watch, we talked about before.

I see you gave the latest JJK a 6 in the end. Did it not live up to the hype/current high rating for you?
RyanFelixHell Feb 7, 1:48 AM
Woah, glad to meet a fellow comrade that appreciates c-drama here! Another matter that really made me smile was that you happened to like historical ones too. Since most people I know just happen to prefer the modern settings. Anyways, I really liked watching Love Like the Galaxy too. However, I haven’t watched either of the anime you mentioned yet. Although, I have watched the Drama adaptation of Liang Bu Yi. Not Fox spirit matchmaker though. The last C-drama I watched was Nirvana In Fire. Currently, on a break from c-drama since I'm watching a K-drama. But definitely will return to it since I find them as a means of healing and de-stressing. Or, I'm addicted in other words haha.
Kineta Feb 5, 9:57 AM
Hello, nice to meet you! Always happy to hear from new otome game players :) What have you played so far?

Ah, are you using mobile? The links will play inside the browser on desktop but I think mobile browsers usually just take you straight to download. Sorry for scaring you!

I also really liked Yamashita Seiichirou here <3
t3ssi Jan 29, 6:36 AM
Yes, I do love the soundtrack too. It triggers something inside of me. Having to cry here and there too whenever I hear it somewhere! I feel like this "deep" stuff gives me much more. Those stories can change my mind or at least the way I think about specific stuff and that is probably the reason why I prefer them over comedy. (for example)

Today, almost 3 years after the ending of Attack on Titan - I am still thinking about it all and I will sure keep on doing so!
SpRayquaza11 Jan 27, 11:27 PM
nah i dont think whatever you said is naive , it takes a strong mind to be positive in any and all cases , those who get offended by that definitely did not get thorofins's transformation in VSaga s2 xD. yes i still do watch the seasonals , but i just dont make it in time to write the reviews , simply cz in MAL the first one to write or the one with an established audience wins!
t3ssi Jan 27, 1:59 PM
I watched Banana Fish back in 2020. And I fell so hard for it. Cried every episode, it destroyed me! What an anime can do... and since I enjoyed feeling depressive (LOL) I always wanted to read the manga. Now I got the opportunity to get my hands on it!!! :D
To be honest - I think the anime is DEFINITELY sadder. So yes, I do enjoy reading it but I do prefer the anime over the manga! :)
SpRayquaza11 Jan 27, 10:10 AM
Its comments like this that kept me motivated back then , these days with the rule changes and simply cz life got busy i couldn't write at all but maybe ill get around to writing some more!
qweaenr Jan 14, 2:22 PM
That’s very true, I only looked for it because I was in my Shinsengumi phase. After Gintama I looked everywhere for more edo / bakumatsu period stuff with Katsura & takasugi + shinsengumi.

Ahah that too. I first notice characters by the hair, especially white or red, but end up falling for their personality or backstory or just their aura ✨
Kazama, I loved him, his voice 😍. But then yess that exactly! How can a character be so evil but also sweet?
lol we aren’t at all XD He’s in the middle for me, cool but not that interesting. Like Hajime was also super great!

٩( ᐛ )و
Me manga, I keep up with new chapters every week / month. While anime I just follow a couple every season. Manhwa & manhua I forget every time but once in a while a binge the new chapters! Exactly there are so many I would like to add. AniList has much more thankfully.
Woah that’s a lot! I think I still not at 100, but I do like a lot of them :D
Suka-7777-Suka Jan 13, 8:30 PM
Haaaii it's so cute. I love cats, mostly white cats.
Suka-7777-Suka Jan 13, 8:23 PM
Thanks for accepting, nice to meet you..
The cat in your pfp made me to send the friend request.
It’s time to ditch the text file.
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