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Ramayana: The Legend of Prince Rama
Ramayana: The Legend of Prince Rama
3 hours ago
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Toshokan Sensou
Toshokan Sensou
Yesterday, 5:01 PM
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Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Gou
Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Gou
Yesterday, 4:12 PM
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4 hours ago
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Liar Game
Liar Game
4 hours ago
Reading 4/203 · Scored -
Bungou Stray Dogs
Bungou Stray Dogs
4 hours ago
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par_an_oi_a Nov 19, 11:52 AM
Nah I literally just found the concept of the OVA so darn hilarious that I decided it was worth putting on my favourites. I watched it years ago tho so there's a good chance I would think it's trash now but back then it was just so funny and well done to me.
tym0n Nov 10, 8:34 AM
Yo I see you also have a great taste and read azumanga daioh. Did you know that there is a collection of side-stories by Kiyohiko Azuma called "Azumanga Daioh: Hoshuu-hen". Must recommend it as a azumanga fan myself.
Sylicone Oct 21, 10:45 PM
As for the question thread, yeah, better off going to anime/manga discussion boards, so rip that idea.

As for the on-hold problem, I don't think it should be that big of a deal. As a guy with a shit ton of on-hold anime, I kinda find it to be a good thing actually. A lot of anime that I've completed are anime that I've put on-hold in the past. Shinryaku! Ika Musume is one of them, and it's now in my all-time favorites. Heck, now that I remember it, Non Non Biyori was one of them as well, and it's now in my all-time favorites. So I think it's more about whether or not you actually value a show at the right time. Like checking on my on-hold list, some anime that I've recently put on-hold are Sky Girls, Hajime no Ippo, Ranma 1/2, Slam Dunk, Cardcaptor Sakura, and I really have no motivation to watch them right now. However, I know that I'll wanna experience them in the future, so it's more of a time-changes-motivation type of thing. Seeing some even earlier shows that I've put on-hold, like Two Car, Upotte!!, NieA Under 7, Cinderella Girls Gekijou, Urara Meirouchou, Hai to Gensou Grimgar, Dog Days, Koufuku Grafitti, Ao no Kanata no Four Rythm, Hina Logi: From Luck and Logic, Hakumei to Mikochi, Tamako Market, Girly Air Force, Kabukichou Sherlock, Kami-tachi ni Hirowareta Otoko, like, yeah sure, it may be really intimidating to see a shit ton of shows that you've decided to put on-hold in the past, but hey, your taste could change over time and now you see some value in shows that you didn't really wanna complete, which makes you feel even better now that you realize that you find them even more appealing than back then. Hence, getting into an on-hold streak. Not that I actually plan on doing on-hold streaks. I just randomly pick anime lol. Houkago Teibo Nisshi was one that I got reminded of in an interest stack, so seeing it again made me wanna watch it even more, since recently before that, I've watched Slow Loop and liked it a lot. So it's more of like a "Ah, yeah, I definitely wanna watch this show now", instead of like "when will this be in my on-hold forever?". Not unless you really really dislike the anime you've put on-hold. Then again, back then, I really really disliked Chuubyu Gekihatsu Boy, so the fact that I put it in my On-hold Anime That I Wanna Finish stack, so yeah, taste changes over time. Another anime in my on-hold is Radiant, an anime that I definitely boar some hatred against back when I first watch it, and now, I think of it as a cool show that I'm pretty sure is a really enjoyable watch. Then there's Shakugan no Shana, a show which I really really didn't get the point of back when I first watched it, but now that I've recently watched Kaze no Stigma and liked it a lot, I can now give it another chance. Then there's Sora no Method. AHHHHHHH, I wanna watch it!!! XDXD. Wow, I used to hate that show back when I first watched it. I thought of it as a show similar to Anohana, and I really dislike Anohana, but being reminded of Sora no Method again, I can't help but feel so happy that I wanna watch it. Then there's Hitsugi no Chaika, a show I've put on-hold because I've already read the manga and don't wanna experience the same thing again, even if there's more content, but now that it's been a while, I can feel like watching it. Then there's Saekano, a show which I heavily found to be boring, but now that it's been a long while, plus a friend recently expressed their fondness of it, now I feel like watching it again. Ohhhhh!!! Haruchika!!! XD. I put this on-hold because I thought gay stuff wasn't my thing, but now that I've experienced shows like Fabiniku and Tantei Opera Milky Holmes, I now feel comfortable in planning to continue watching Kabukichou Sherlock and Haruchika. Yeah, really really looking forward to Haruchika now. Then there's Tsugomomo, which is a show that I'd never ever hear from again, yet I see it popping on multiple interest stacks, which makes me even more curious on its appeal. Plus I forgot what its about, so even more points added to curiosity. Then there's Gosick as well. Having seen it in one of my friends' favorites, I can now feel even more comfortable seeing that show. Then there's Ahiru no Sora, which was a show I never ever took seriously back then, even going as far as to skip character episodes, but now that I've enjoyed character motivation arcs from Slam Dunk, seeing a much smaller show with 50 episodes makes me feel like I can enjoy it. And the list goes on and on and on. I haven't had much motivation to continue this on-hold shows back then, but through time and having more experiences, I feel more excited about them than when I did back then, heck, even having a really really big contrast in opinions. Like... lol. And to add even more, here are shows that I used to put on-hold in the past, and continued recently, Natsume Yuujinchou, Princess Principal, Priconne, Taiho Shichau zo, Nourin, Kanamemo, A-Channel, Haibane Renmei, Anne Happy, Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryouko, Net-juu no Susume, Hachigatsu no Cinderella 9, Barakamon, and Sakura Quest. Wow... didn't realize there were that many lmao. Plus I really really like almost all of them, which is just... wow. I'm glad to have continued many shows that I've put on-hold. It feels really really great to know that. So yeah, on-hold galores are actually blessings, not curses. As long as you have the same mindset as I do.

Anyways, for the anime and manga that you've picked, yeah, really really interesting list. No objections lol.
Sylicone Oct 21, 8:58 AM
Sorry for the late reply. Didn't know that I turned off my profile comments notification, so rip. But hey, better late than never.

Anyways, yeah, I'd like it if my Interest Stacks thread is linked in the "This Week's Pools" thread. Thank you for suggesting that. I should go make an interest stack every week in order to expose more anime out there.

As for your new watchalong idea, yeah, it's definitely way better to have try-out-1st-episode watchalongs than complete-the-anime watchalongs. Not everybody has the same taste afterall. Plus Paniponi Dash! is huge on references and otaku culture, and not many people are familiar with those, so it's definitely quite a bad idea to have it as a complete-the-anime watchalong. Ah, but I appreciate it being shared. It makes me wonder if there'll be another anime which gives references to the many shows I've watched, instead of shows from the far past. So it wasn't a bad anime to share.

Anyways, as for alternating between anime and manga every week, I think we should instead have both every week. Like we get to watchalong 1 anime, and at the same time, readalong 1 anime. Seems way too restrictive to simply have only-anime and only-manga weeks. Not everyone likes to read manga, and there are even some people I know who don't feel like watching anime anymore and just read instead, so in order to avoid either's lack of involvement, we definitely should have both every week.

On another note, it feels like there's not that much chat involvement in the club, so I'd like to suggest the answer-this-one-question-every-week idea. Basically a thread which asks one question every week, and people may find likable to answer. Like for example; "what anime has made you laugh way too much?", and people will reply in the thread. Oh, to specify, I don't think we need to make multiple threads for every single question, but rather, have everything in a single thread. That way, everyone can easily see previous questions and answers easily, while getting to answer the new questions, or, maybe they can even feel like answering the previous questions as well, making for a multiple answer reply. XD.

To add on to the previous idea, we can also have another thread which asks questions like "name one character that does x". So it's a "Name one x" thread, where we have to name one anime, or manga, or character that fits the description. That can be done weekly as well I think.

XD, I'm having fun like how the characters in Houkago Saikoro Club did. The idea that "games aren't made alone, but with others", just makes me realize the fun with brainstorming with other people.

Anyways, I'm pretty sure there are many more ways to improve the club. It's just a matter of how or when we discover those improvements.
Klefki_of_Awsome Oct 15, 12:34 PM
Oh but I do get that, I mean, I'm the same, I'll only score an anime once I've seen it all since you can't give a good score imo if you score it before finishing it. Sending out a poll at the end of a season for the one cours shows and any two+ cours shows that ended that season might work better imo, unless you want data on the scores people give to anime originally or while it airs since that's different..^^'>3
JNNKO Oct 9, 12:47 AM
damn bonkers taste my guy
xthewarwithinx Sep 22, 8:56 PM
Hey, I've noticed this happening as well. It's kind of a bummer. It always kind of seems like there isn't actually much 'discussion' in our discussions. I'm not really sure what would make that better at the moment, but I think that it would be cool to find a way to get more people to actually engage in some way. I personally don't think we should stop the watchalong, at least not yet. I've enjoyed it so far. That being said, I've been really busy this week and I haven't actually had a chance to watch this week's episode yet, but I'll do that soon..
emoweeb2005 Sep 22, 7:07 PM
Ah, sorry that I haven't watched the 3rd episode, I've been kinda busy with classes since then but I'll do it this weekend. I personally am enjoying the watch along thing and I'm sure other people are interested too; even so, some people can be busy at times, just wait a bit and maybe other people will comment also. Its a great idea of a club activity so do what you think is best.
GreyStoneFlinger Sep 10, 1:19 PM
Princess Connect Re:Dive is literally just Madoka Magica in a fantasy disguise. Highly recommend.
lErzaScarletUWU2 Sep 4, 5:52 AM
I'm so sorry I didn't see your message yes I love love live a lot also Aikatsu and Uta no Prince sama the best idol Animes to me
littlehappybug Sep 4, 3:52 AM
I doing good thanks for asking
lErzaScarletUWU2 Sep 3, 3:19 PM
I'd say 2013 because I liked of Anime in 2013
lErzaScarletUWU2 Sep 3, 3:09 PM
I mean I don't always watch Anime but I do watch it sometimes or sometimes I'd watch an 13 episode Anime in 1 day but I do watch Animes every season
lErzaScarletUWU2 Sep 3, 2:44 PM
Yes well Ive been watching and reading Anime since 2010
Alzkem Sep 3, 2:42 PM
You're welcome