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Akudama Drive
Akudama Drive
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Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Gou
Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Gou
40 minutes ago
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Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear
Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear
Yesterday, 7:59 PM
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One Piece
One Piece
Oct 14, 8:24 PM
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Ayakashi Triangle
Ayakashi Triangle
Oct 5, 6:48 AM
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Burn the Witch
Burn the Witch
Sep 15, 6:49 AM
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weltmano 2 hours ago
Great choice, I myself am more of an umu(Nero) guy myself, but traditional Artoria is great. She really is a top tier waifu. On the topic of the visual novel, what is your favorite route?

Happy to hear. How is the dlc? Doing college work and playing destiny 2, trying to get some of the weapons that will be gone by the end of the season of arrivals.

its a shorter arc that gives way to the longest, most complex emotional rollercoaster in the series.
Vi- Today, 7:09 AM
It´s okay! Don´t worry! I understand. I am usually always on, so most of the times I will reply quickly, but feel free to answer whenever you are free.

As you are playing Pokemon I am here playing Genshin. Hahaha we are both very hooked on 'our' games xD By the way, I have been wondering... why they haven´t made a Pokemon game with the play style of a MMORPG/Gacha where you can freely move and use skills? That would be cool, I think. You moving the Pokemon freely and attacking and using their skills whenever you want.

Genshin, at least so far, it has 7 elements (pyro, ameno - which is air, ice and so on), and each element is related to a main city.
The first city you will come across is Monds, it´s the ameno(air) city.
Each city has an Archon (which is like... the God that protects the city; they are creatures, dragons).
It´s curious as well, that each city represents an in real life country. Monds represents Germany.
Liyue is the second city you´ll come across, represents China and its element is Geo (earth).
And by 'represent' I also mean: the structures of the buildings, how people dress and a few other things.

I am anxious to know what will be the next city. Which element and in real life country it will represent < 3
I think that in the next big patch, they will add this next 3rd city, and I think it will be very soon.


Oh~ I didn´t know Railgun is originally a manga, I thought it was originally a LN. Though I remember you said me that Railgun came as a manga first.
And indeed! Probably being a manga is way easier to express what you are thinking, due to the drawnings.

I do really like athletic/sports girls! Though I chose Ai last not due to that in specific, but because she was the one that moved me less. Probably due to her arc being the one that I found most boring - I mean, not actually boring, but compared to the others. And/or because her personality itself was the one that I found most 'okish'... not bold as Morishima nor very shy as Sae, for example. If you understand what I want to mean.

About your hair~ I got it now! I confess I had something else in mind, but not very different from what I had imagined. Thank you for sending. By the way, sorry asking you this but, the correct sentence is "FROM WHAT I HAD IMAGINED" or "FROM WHAT I HAVE IMAGINED" ? - I am always in doubt when it comes to that lol

Samurai Girls was a good ecchi anime. I rated it 7/10. Nothing out of ordinary but a pretty solid good ecchi+harem.
And yep! The art was what quickly caught my attention! It´s a very peculiar art! I enjoyed that art a lot! Although I had a feeling that in the second season they went more for a 'normal' art? or what just my impression?
Anyway, good ecchi+harem anime. I wish the fighting scenes were less rushed specially in the second season. By the way, there is this special in which Maeda Keiji (the pink-haired onee-san) let her girl (that pretty archer) to be with the MC - I confess that episode ticked me off specially because it felt like a netorare fetish coming from Maeda lol hahaha

Anyway~ have you watched DRIFTERS? When I was watching Samurai Girls, its art reminded me of Drifter´s art.
xXxmelodyxXx Yesterday, 5:37 PM
ohh that does suck. I don't think I have any allergy.
alicexwvnderland Yesterday, 5:33 PM
I feel like he really enjoying playing the crazy character like that one chara from Zombieland.
xXxmelodyxXx Yesterday, 5:21 PM
Like Tim Tam which is one of the more well known one. And they have other kind of chips and chocolate.
xXxmelodyxXx Yesterday, 5:01 PM
oohhh that sound yummy. My bf parent from Australia sent him some Aussie snacks and he gave me some.
shisha_no_sekai Oct 25, 3:53 AM
Hi hiii! I dont know i just saw poster and show's name lol.

Oh it's separate.

I rewatched fate/zero, I understand once again why I love this series. I especially like the soundtracks in this anime. And everyone says there's so many missing scenes in the anime like lancelot's past. It would be nice if they could show Lancelot's past in the anime.

BTW Kaguya Sama S3 Confirmed!!!
Dr_Guts Oct 24, 3:45 AM
Sakura had quite the impact on me while I was playing F S/N when I was like 14 I think? I remember taking 3 weeks to complete Fate and Unlimited bladeworks but just 3 days for Heavens feel lol. And nice top 5, Illya needs more love!
weltmano Oct 23, 1:17 PM
I see you are a woman of culture, but I have to ask, which artoria do you prefer: Saber, Alter, Lily, Lancer?
The food sounds delicious.
I'm sorry to hear, but how did things turn out? You feeling better?
Playing piano/keyboard is pretty fun, I would definitely recommend trying.

What are your thoughts on HxH thus far? Any characters, nen abilities, or story arcs that stood out as something you liked?
Vi- Oct 23, 1:06 PM
Oho~ I didn´t know you could play on a console or computer using the same account you were using on the cellphone. Though it shouldn´t be a surprise since you can play together (co-op) with people from other platforms.
I understand you. On Genshin you don´t need to have the stronger characters to progress in your game. You can always upgrade artifacts, weapons and constellations (passive skills of each character) to make them stronger. Also, I like how there is no PVP in Genshin. I really hope they do not add PvP. So you don´t need to worry about getting stronger or being weaker than others. It´s not pay to win. Sure, you can buy a stronger or cooler weapons and a few other things here and there, but you don´t need them for you progress.

Yes, though I have a feeling that he/she might know scientific fact and theory but it´s not knowing how to smoothly put into words in the Light Novels, making it a bit confusing. Though I am not sure, because how can Railgun be so nice and not messy and Index be so messy? as if it were a bunch of random things happening without beginning nor end? I really wish I could ask author-san hahahaha
I also thought about the studio messing up with Index, but the same studio that did Railgun did Index, so I don´t think it´s the studion that messed up with Index (and all the 3 seasons were messy). I starting to think that in the end, Index is bad because it´s bad and there is no one to blame hahahaha Index was author-san miss and Railgun was a hit.

Yes xD I understand! Does your hair is silky despite growing outwards? Is your hair very curly? Could you send me a picture from google images that does resembles your hair? (If it does not bother you. Otherwise you can ignore, I will understand!).
I came to know about mydramalist after 2 or 3 years I joined MAL. On mydramalist you can rate 7.5 or 8.0 or 8.5 and so on! It´s so good~ being able to add .5 to te scores < 3 despite its name, I don´t know whether myanimelist and mydramalist are related or not to each other.

Yes, I think so. Ended with the Ayatsuji Tsukasa.
I loved all the girls, but if I were to order them in decrescent order (liked most to least):
1- Kaoru
2- Morishima (she is the one with most favorites)
3- Rihoko
4- Sae
5- Ayatsuji (third one with most favorites)
6- Nanasaki (second one with most favorites)

Haha it´s curious how for some reason I feel bad for saying which I liked most or least because I liked them all; it was as if 'who is me to say who should be the first and the last?' lol

I quickly checked out Peter´s manga, and for some reason it didnt catch much my attention. I guess it´s one of those mangas that the anime made it way better than the original work.

Good question! Though it´s a hard one! It´s always hard for me questions like that hahahaha I am such a harem-like guy because it was as if I could choose any of them to be my favorite hahaha but if I were to choose only one that would be.... the orc as well hahaha
Followed by Lisa.
Although I really did enjoy elf-chan loli body and her tight ass.
Though, considering perosnality, body and everything else, yep~ Orc-chan < 3

By the way, I am almost finishing the animes from the past season, actually there is just one there in which each episode has 3 min (that chinese one with a brother and her sister - Ani something else); there are also the movies and a few specials. Ah! and this one here called Dokyuu Hentai HxEros - I started it but then I realized that it´s censored, and I checked out the BDs and there is no censorship. I decided to wait for the BD... an ecchi anime like that watching with censorship is a waste >.<

So, I decided to watch this anime called SAMURAI GIRLS as I wait for those BDs and movies subs. SAMURAI GIRLS is your usual harem + ecchi, though the ART is very peculiar and very pretty, I liked it!

CeddyyBearr Oct 22, 3:10 PM
It's due for a rewatch indeed, to think that Keijo is already 4 years old! Good old times where I probably only watched like 5 seasonal shows, compared to the 23 now lol.

Best girl in this season's Love Live, that's a hard question, but right now it would have to be Setsuna (when she isn't acting as the student council president). Perhaps later when all these other girls get some proper screentime, my opinion might change. Oh I most likely will watch some of the older seasons as well, especially since I keep seeing this redhead called Maki around and I do love me my tsunderes. It's always been something of "not sure if I am into Idol Anime" and now that I have seen some, it's time to tackle the big one!

Oh yeah, I know what you mean. Teased us so many damn times, that I was like get it over with and KISS!

Hisoka is really interesting and I couldn't get over the fact that he's voiced by the same VA as Jellal from Fairy Tail lol. He's the most weird and wackey character in Hunter x Hunter, but at the same time a brilliant and cunning fighter.

I actually hadn't planned on watching Akudama drive, the synopsis didn't really give me that feeling of "wow, this might interest me" eventho the visual did appeal to me. So after reading this comment I have watched 2 episodes and the only thing I can say is... Thanks for pointing it out ^^
Remuuu Oct 22, 8:03 AM
Oh, I liked that arc, it was great, maybe after it would come the game of greed island arc. It's not much fun, but it's good,wish you get fun!
xXxmelodyxXx Oct 21, 6:30 PM
it taste really great. It look easy to make, but it can be easy to mess up also
alicexwvnderland Oct 21, 6:04 PM
Oh yes I also Rin from Free is one of my favorite. He also do good play the crazy role like Shuu from Tokyo Ghoul.
Diamant Oct 21, 5:28 PM
You are most welcome! Also as a Saber fan I must say I really enjoy your Profile picture :)
I see you are currently watching Hunter x Hunter, what do you think of it so far?