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Dance Dance Danseur
Dance Dance Danseur
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Aharen-san wa Hakarenai
Aharen-san wa Hakarenai
3 hours ago
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Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai: Ultra Romantic
Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai: Ultra Romantic
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Youkoso Jitsuryoku Shijou Shugi no Kyoushitsu e
Youkoso Jitsuryoku Shijou Shugi no Kyoushitsu e
23 minutes ago
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Aku no Hana
Aku no Hana
1 hour ago
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c51nge Yesterday, 9:45 PM
you are lordsozin
NickNK Yesterday, 9:36 PM
Damn that's some really nice bgm
TheJohns Yesterday, 7:30 AM
Retarded Micropenis
Adronem May 15, 10:09 PM
LordSozin said:
i need your extended favs

I keep changing my favourites. So the anime in my current favourites are not my actual top 10.
You will be disappointed to see my extended favourites because I like shounen and I'm generous towards my old favourites. It's seems like you hate shounen. All I can say is Dragon Ball is in my top 3 and have given 7/10 to Guilty Crown and Elfen Lied.
JYX May 14, 3:02 PM
LordSozin said:
It's a matter of opinion of course. Still, you say Rose of Versailles is hardly a historical fiction misses the entire point of the series deeper advocation regarding the essence of oneself, love, class, sexuality, and defying societal expectations. You simply view the series as noble A vs noble B disregarding the characterizations that were tied to the aforementioned essence of the show.

It is true that I disregarded certain aspects of the series when I was giving my criticism. I did so precisely because they are the series' strong points. Now, do the series' strong points justify the flaws? no, they don't. What I was hoping for was for you to address the clear flaws that I pointed out with Rose Of Versailles.

LordSozin said:
In regard to revolution and characters, you simply looked at the process for which why those events took place, not seeing it represented in the grand scheme of things while creating drama.

By disregarding the process for why certain events occur and only looking at it in the grand scheme of things, you are making the same mistake that you accused me of making, that is, simplifying the series as a whole.
JYX May 14, 2:02 PM
LordSozin said:
The problem is you simplified what I watched and summarized long ago to an absurd degree.

Ohh really? Why don't you substantiate your claim then? What was it exactly that I simplified?

JYX May 14, 1:43 PM
I want you to defend one of your favourite anime. If you can't even do that then I question whether you thought it was good in the first place.
JYX May 14, 1:17 PM
LordSozin said:
Simply unforgettable. A tragic historical retelling with multi-dimensional written characters that have perfect executions and collusions. Its themes of classism, revolution, social reforms were near perfection.

LordSozin said:
A tragic historical retelling

Rose of versailles can hardly even be called historical fiction. I can forgive it for vaguely resembling the reality but even then I have to squint a lot and use magnifying lenses to find the similarities. The issue is with the kinds of liberties it takes. Speaking in the very broadest of strokes, there are two basic types of alterations. The first are changes made to simplify things. This series doesn't seem to be cognisant of grey morality. Instead, it boils things down to the “right” and the “wrong.” The nobles, save a select few, are portrayed as outright evil people who shoot children and run people over without caring in the slightest. The ultimate consequence of this is that the characters come across more like they belong in a simple work for children than in a drama we're supposed to be taking seriously. Which is even worse when you factor in that these are based on real people.

LordSozin said:
with multi-dimensional written characters that have perfect executions and collusions.

The protagonist is a very one-note “noble” protagonist. She always does the right thing and stays on the right side of history. It gets to the point where she comes across as an incompetent moron because there are scenes where her work requires her to deal with someone causing trouble but she'll let them go because “well, they're doing good” or she'll try to talk them down without anyone to watch her back and she'll get taken by surprise. It really comes across as the writer being afraid to have her do anything that someone might find objectionable. After all, if she went in and used her authority as the captain to do her job, she might seem like a bit of an authoritarian.

LordSozin said:
Its theme of revolution was near perfection.

Revolution? What revolution? when it finally gets to the revolution, which should be the interesting bit, we get a very small bit about the start and then it skips right to the end.

Mapi_28 May 13, 8:35 PM
Hahaha thank you very much, really, what do you think about this season?
Those subplots hinder the plot?, not that I hate romance, personally I don't like it when they could implement it in other more interesting scenes.
I was going to watch Ao Ashi, but I was told it's a copy of Blue Lock, although Ao Ashi came out first.
Paripi Koumei that one I definitely want to watch, I saw a trailer, and it was really good, and the music in the trailer really catches your attention, I will definitely watch that one, is the humor innovative, or is it like Komi-san?
Mapi_28 May 12, 4:38 PM
Hi, I need you to recommend me which anime of this season I should start watching, I'm only watching Komi-san, Kaguya-sama, Kawaii dake ja Nai Shikimori-san, Spy x Family and boruto mostly I watch it for naruto and sasuke I feel like I'm watching it as homework, which anime of this season are good to watch, I like your different opinions, sorry if it bothers you.
Preferably from this season and unfinished, because I'm sure I would finish it in a day.
Gligo May 8, 6:28 PM
Oh, let me rectify then. Just the fact that shikimori is even close to kaguya is interesting
Gligo May 8, 3:53 PM
So Shikimori as good as Kaguya... thats interesting.
DOSS216 Apr 30, 4:19 PM
Don't mention bro, thanks for accepting. I made my 5x5 template on my own on Kapwing, its basically like a collage.
g1l Apr 23, 2:16 AM
I had a character arc
Well I was originally planning to track on Anilist but then I realised I didn't like the UI and came back here.
Unfortunately I had to cut ties with Gillette due to the negative backlash they received from this ad. From this point on I am now g1l
Angielicious Apr 21, 6:33 AM
Thank you so much! I actually have it in my sights as one of the next few animes I want to watch with the girlfriend! But once again thanks I'll probably bump it up.