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Jan 30, 2020
Instead of having you transferred to another world begin your adventure of survival, how about just do it from real life? That is exactly what this anime is about.

The story begins when the main protagonist downloads an app that happens to turn a whole society into a battle zone. The app or organization can somehow manipulate people’s thinking, turn an in-game coin into a real-world functional currency system, and it can somehow maintain order to a society when you are literally been put into a deathmatch. Unless the later episodes explain these rules that it has been set up, for all those people that read more
Jan 6, 2020
Vinland Saga is not about Vikings savagely hammering at each other. It’s a story about what life is really like living in an era of Vikings. We get to explore these aspects through characters such as Thorfinn and Askeladd. Though, you still get some good old bloody battles.

The story of this show can be about Revenge, Survival, or conflict between different states. But, the main storyline is about Thorfinn travel to this land called Vinland and establish that land where there will be no war, slavery, or constant violence.

Story: 7/10

I’m going to focus on two characters this season. The most complex and arguably read more
Dec 26, 2019
Everyone’s expectations for this movie were high, my self-included. That is to be expected after Kimi no Na wa’s success. I believe this movie is a great film to watch if people would just watch as a movie without comparing it to a universally beloved Kimi no Na wa. It’s certainly not as great as Kimi no Na wa, but it’s not bad either. The story and its characters are what dragged this movie down, but the movie makes it up with sequences that provided the emotional weight that was needed.

The story pretty damn slow-paced at the read more
Dec 21, 2019
Boku no Hero Academia is a simple and predictable shonen anime. Boku no Hero Academia for the fourth season in a role brings the same plot points from the previous three seasons. It’s pointless. In this season, Midoriya encounters a villain that uses a child for benefits. Apparently, that child has some special quirks that can be used to create a “bullet” that temporarily messes with another Hero’s quirks. So, you guessed it, the plot is now to rescue the child because they are HEROS. The same thing happens in season 3. Villains capture Bakugou and their intention is to have him join read more
Nov 22, 2019
Fire Force is a disappointment. This show had the potential to achieve greater in Story, Characters, and world-building. Instead, this show went for the lazy route. Due to poor writing in dialogues, confusing plotlines, and blend characters tanked this show.

The story, I honestly don’t know where to start because this show crammed so many storylines in a single shot. I believe the main storyline is about a plague that has caused people to turn into these destructive creatures called Infernals. These infernals are supposed to be a threat to society and bring death and blah blah blah. But, read more
Oct 9, 2019
- The story is average like your generall action/monster hunting anime with a theme about family bonding and etc. Nothing outstanding.

- The art style is fine. Except for episode 19's Epic fight scene.

-The sound is again fine.

-Characters. In my opinion, the main characters are boring. None of them stand out to me. Tanjiro is just another average protagonist that wants to protect everyone, and get his sister to turn back into a human. Inosuke is a hot-headed person that tries to be cool and all but can be genuine to people around him. Zenitsu is one of those annoying protagonists that happens to be read more