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Tales of the Unusual
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MrColumbo May 30, 2:34 PM
Ah, yes, I see. I’ve been playing piano since my childhood and it was also a part of school for a long time, so I had to participate in some competitions (it’s not like I wanted to, musical competitions really suck tbh). When it comes to Arima’s inability to hear the tones he’s playing, I’m honestly not really fond of it. I don’t think that entire aspect of the show is realistic at all, but even if it’s just meant to be some kind of metaphor, I don’t really know what to think about that. Simply having it the way that Arima loses his spirit and purpose to play piano after his mother’s death would have been absolutely enough in my opinion. I get the point that his trauma is supposed to also affect his performances on stage even after he regains motivation to play piano, but I really think it could have been done in a more realistic and subtle way.
As for the emotions Kaori is going through when playing, I honestly don’t remember too much about that so it’d be difficult for me to compare my experiences to what’s shown in Shigatsu, but the moments I’ve gone through really strong emotions in my life when it comes to piano-playing … Hm, there was one moment I had to play a short piece on stage where making severe mistakes could have happened very easily at lots of points, so I was extremely nervous before playing. But everything went surprisingly well, I didn’t really know how I did it, I just was really glad to be over with it and that the audience liked it. That really was some special moment to me, but otherwise it’s really difficult for me to remember any moments comparable to something like this. Generally, as much passionate I am about music and love playing piano, to me that really is a fundamentally different thing than going through super strong emotions all the time. It’s not any less important because of that, but yeah … different. ^^
I really know that comparison-thing. A good friend of mine has been a way better pianist than me from the point I’d met him, so that always had been a thing for me. But even without all that, there are some things that bother me about my own abilities, like that it mostly takes an eternity for me to learn a piece.

It has been a long time ago since I watched Shigatsu; as far as I remember, there were some things I disliked a lot about it, but overall I thought it was still okay. The main part of the series is still about to come, so I’m really interested in what you’ll think about the rest of the episodes. :D

Matsyy May 22, 1:53 PM
Yeah as soon as I get an idea what to put on my profile I'll get started, but for now I don't really have anything interesting to write about. I'm sure I'll get an idea soon enough tho!

Ty for accepting my friend request :)
MrColumbo May 18, 2:10 PM
I'm sorry if this is kinda random, but what do you hate about Shigatsu? ^^ Just curious because I make music myself a lot.

As for your response, I'll respond to it later because I don't have much time currently. ^^"
Matsyy May 18, 1:12 PM
Aah I see. I've been watching some tutorials about BBcode but I only haven't used it that much yet.

Btw It's no problem that you responded late. I'm usually pretty slow with responding myself so don't worry about it :)
Ashhk May 18, 12:02 PM
Hi ! :) Nice to meet you ! :D
LordDEBUNKED May 17, 1:26 PM
heyy friend ,you’ve been on here quite a bit lately :)
Matsyy May 8, 4:00 AM
Your profile looks clean AF I really like it :)
MrColumbo Apr 16, 1:27 PM
Ah, I see what you mean. Can’t say too much about tsunderes since my amount of watched shows involving them is extremely low (as far as I remember), but, say, Asuka from Evangelion is written a lot better than standard ones because she’s not just a tsundere for the sake of being one, but that trait is coherently embedded into an authentic personality (she’s very annoying though). Also, I actually frequently notice patterns in how different anime try to explore certain themes or invoke certain emotions. Like, the way Shield Hero creates an unfair situation for the main character and wants the viewer to feel compassion for him. Things you’ve already seen lots of times before, and it’s all done in the most simple way possible (plus, the whole show is stupid af lol). Or how complex themes like moral issues or having to deal with a difficult past are handled. I think the way many anime try to explore them is very superficial and they often just end up giving generic and basic „answers“, so every time I watch a show that brings up original/interesting ideas or has actual substance behind its theme exploration is very refreshing.
I haven’t watched a real shit show in ages since my motivation to watch anime had been very low for a long time, but generally, yeah, it can be a lot of fun. Big Order might be the most stupid show I’ve ever seen and I really enjoyed it. On the other hand, shows like the 1st Tokyo Ghoul season felt just like unwatchable to me. Still, I think it’s valuable to be experienced when it comes to both „types“ of shows.

I know that feeling of getting numb after reading/watching a lot of a series in one sitting. After some time, the amount of information getting into my head is so high I just feel not able to be fully immersed anymore. Generally, I think it really depends on the show itself. Watching like 10 HxH episodes in a row was no problem at all, but when it comes to, say, Revolutionary Girl Utena, I already had enough after 2 episodes everyday I watched it because the density of substance is extremely high in each episode (plus, it’s mostly episodic).
Yeah, feeling the need to go back a few minutes while watching an anime because of missing details really sucks, I hate that. Watching/reading several series at one time actually has been always difficult for me for some reason, I probably just find it more comfortable to concentrate myself at one work.

It’s all right! I noticed you haven’t been watching anime lately so I was wondering what’s up, but if it’s simply playing Animal Crossing, I’m glad. :D Btw., how do you like it? :)
MrColumbo Apr 5, 9:24 PM
*waving* owo
MrColumbo Apr 2, 11:35 AM
I think one of the main reasons I’m into anime and manga is that I simply have a huge favor for animated/drawn stuff, mainly because of its possibilities to create certain aesthetics or a really absorbing atmosphere. As for patterns in the medium, I definitely notice them too, but never really thought about how that might contribute to higher appreciation of good works. On the other hand, I absolutely think that experience with lots of good and bad works does have a huge influence on that matter because it really improves your ability to evaluate something. I never really could appreciate my favourite works as much as I do if I’d only watch good shows, because there wouldn’t be anything I could compare them to. That’s also one of the reasons I never understood that „Watching shows you don’t like is a waste of time“-thing (and who says watching a bad show isn’t enjoyable in any way?).

Ah, I know what you mean. The pure reading time of Umineko is generally said to be around 120-160 hours, but the time I spent reading it is probably a lot higher. Not just because of my slow reading speed (which really annoys me), but also because there were lots of moments I just sat there and thought a bit about what’s happening, for example. Taking that time is a very reasonable thing to do when reading or watching something you’re really interested in.

No problem, I’m glad it helped! :D
MrColumbo Apr 2, 5:07 AM
The most important part of a story … When I look at why I like my favourite works so much, I notice that mostly it’s their storytelling that fascinates me especially, along with the characters. Although I definitely wouldn’t break it down to that. The more I look at how they manage to impress me as much as they do, the more I see how elaborate they are and much thought has been put into all aspects. Thinking about such things is really interesting and a very important part of enjoying anime, manga etc. to me. ^^

„and I prefer taking my time with it“ That’s a good condition when it comes to reading Umineko. :D Btw., how long would you estimate the Higurashi VNs to be?

Ah, thanks. ^^ Danganronpa … There are plenty of reasons to recommend them. They’re tons of fun, have great music and the murder mysteries/riddles are really intriguing, especially in DR 2 and V3 (I also know the 1st one, but haven’t played it myself yet). It’s just that … I never really could get to like the way Kodaka writes the characters. There are some I really like, but there just is something that makes most of them feel sort of „contrived“ and not really natural for me. Also, that whole „hope vs. despair“ thing really became annoying at some point (which fortunately wasn’t the case in V3 anymore. Generally, I think V3 is the best game out of them. ^^). So overall, they’re really enjoyable and worth playing, but it’s difficult for me to like them as stories.

And thanks for accepting! :)
MrColumbo Apr 1, 5:40 AM
Oh, yes, I even think people should avoid watching the anime if they’re interested in Umineko. Trying to adapt a story ~60 hours long within 24 episodes, especially when all of the text is relevant, just doesn’t work. Umineko does have a lot of characters, but while the VN introduces them in a way you memorize their personalities and connections very conveniently, the anime just overwhelms you by showing one character after another. Well, most people I know who watched the anime without reading anything of the novel say it’s terribly rushed and hardly understandable anyway, but I think the most important aspect about that matter is that watching the anime first makes reading the novel feel extremely stretched. And yeah, Umineko does take a lot of time considering that the „general“ plot actually isn’t that complicated, but how it presents the characters or plays with the reader (it’s a mystery novel after all) is so much more important imo.

Can’t say too much about Higurashi’s atmosphere so far, but I really like Ryukishi’s old backgrounds because the atmosphere created by them feels very dense and eerie to me, in a subtle way (btw., which version do you read? ^^). And yeah, Umineko is pretty much the only VN I’ve thoroughly read so far (aside from Danganronpa 2 & V3, but these feel more like games to me in the first place) and has only a tiny bit of player interaction in ep. 8, so I’m absolutely okay with that. Btw., where did you get the version of Higurashi you’re reading?

Have fun with both of them! :D
TohkaShidou Apr 1, 12:10 AM
If you ship you're friends does it sail?
MrColumbo Mar 31, 1:56 PM
Hello! I see you’re a big fan of Higurashi. Have you heard of Umineko as well? ^^
Also, how do you like the Higurashi VNs so far? I’m interested in them a lot since I absolutely loved Umineko.
LordDEBUNKED Mar 31, 11:59 AM
exactlyy ,lol good minds think alike

yea i had a nice b day at home ,and yesss definitely when this stuff clears up i’m going ahead with my plans...a party and out to eat with some friends

what’d you do for you’re b day ?