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A family of cats find a homeless kitten and take him in to their home. But one of the siblings becomes jealous about the attention the new cat gets from her mother and runs away from home. The new member of the family goes looking for her. Can he bring her back home safely and get her to accept him as part of the family?


Movie - Sep 25, 1947
1,292 5.76
Short movie from 1934 about a war between monkeys and bears.


Movie - Mar 24, 1934
1,063 4.65
One of the first films of Kenzou Masaoka about a baby raised by monkeys on an island.
Movie - Feb 10, 1931
808 5.31
(No synopsis yet.)
Movie - Jul 1, 1956
661 6.09
When a samurai witnesses a dancing maiden being kidnapped by ruffians, he rescues the poor damsel and takes her to the spring flower dance. (Source: AniDB)
Movie - Jun 23, 1934
622 4.95
Short film about a princess being kidnapped.
Movie - ??? ??, 1937
540 5.28
The story of a gluttonous whale and the other aquatic creatures.
Movie - Nov 17, 1933
517 5.03
Crabs ban together to get right of an ape in their peach tree after it keeps stealing their food and hitting them with the fruits to the point where one gets severely injured.
Movie - ??? ??, 1939
500 5.33
(No synopsis yet.)


Movie - ??? ??, 1935
350 5.61
A kappa village is devastated by a large storm during festival preparations. With no fish in the river, the village is weakened. Kawatarou and his girlfriend head the mountains to find anything to bring back.


Movie - Apr ??, 1954
344 5.63
(No synopsis yet.)


Movie - ??? ??, 1935
335 5.34
A wandering swordsman arrives in a village and saves the citizens from bandits' attack.


Movie - ??? ??, 1938
316 5.45