MAL Rewrite

The Problem
Most synopses on MAL are copy/pasted descriptions from other sites and vary dramatically in quality.

The Solution
Our goal is to write original synopses for anime, manga, and novel entries across the entire database.

Joining Requirements
☑ Please complete the Application Form.
☒ Please do not request to join the club.

Upon receipt, we'll review your application and get back to you with further details. For other questions, read the FAQ. The purpose of this is to ensure you have the necessary writing skills to help contribute to the project.

Member Activity
Contributors are not required to do a set amount of synopses a week or anything like that. Feel free to write when you have time. But work claimed must be finished within 1 week. If any admin/officer notices that you have been idle for more than 2 weeks, we might nag you...

Chat with us
All members are welcome in our IRC channel, located at #mal-rewrite on, and in our Discord server.

Send us your feedback
Do you have something to tell us? We are listening, and we really appreciate your feedback, both positive and negative!

If you want to tell what you think about our work or report inaccuracies, factual errors, and other mistakes in our synopses, write to us through this form

Please note that this form is only for reports on synopses with the [Written by MAL Rewrite] signature. Do not report other synopses or site issues through this. Contact a moderator for all other MAL problems.

Rewrite members, if you have any suggestions, feedback, or complaints about some process here at Rewrite, please let us know through this form. This form is specifically for Rewrite members; for anyone else, please direct your queries to the form prior to this one.

Follow us
We have a biweekly newsletter! Subscribe to hear about our progress, milestones, and fun events. You'll find our past issues here.

Feel free to add our MAL Rewrite Banner to your forum signature:

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Club Discussion
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highpriest2500 - Mar 23
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Club Comments
neekoneko | Apr 12, 10:31 AM
Hi everyone, I'll be off the grid from Friday (Apr 13) to Monday (Apr 16). Please contact the other coordinators for anything you need. I'll be back Tuesday morning (bright and early, Indian time!). xoxo

highpriest2500 | Mar 23, 9:39 PM
Contribute to MAL Rewrite's Creative Corner on the newsletter!!

The form is in this post.

We can't wait to share your submissions to everyone!!

highpriest2500 | Mar 7, 8:33 PM
Chime in on your thoughts for a new column in the newsletter! Newsletter Creative Content

Glacialis | Feb 25, 10:17 AM
With recent events uncovering some complaints about some of our processes, as well as an influx of suggestions given by some of the new recruits, we've decided to open up a feedback/suggestions form for our members. Here you can leave feedback, complaints, or suggestions about anything we do here at Rewrite, both anonymously or not.

Link to form:

We'll make sure to keep tabs on this form, so if you ever have something you want to bring up (particularly if you don't feel comfortable confronting a coordinator directly about it), feel free to use it. This also helps us be able to notice any trends that "everybody is thinking but nobody is saying" and let us prioritize any changes we need to make.

This form is for Rewrite members specifically. For non-members, as well as for pointing out mistakes in synopses, use this form here:

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This is a private club. Members must request access and be approved by an Officer before joining.

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